tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 031

Three Square Meals Ch. 031


John and his crew of beautiful young women were up on the bridge of the Invictus. They had watched quietly as Alyssa had taken off from the docking bay, and then skilfully guided the huge spacecraft through the canyons underneath the vast shipyard, until finally she had them soaring away into the upper atmosphere of Ashana.

"I got kind of used to having Ashana as our base of our operations," Dana said wistfully as the arid reddish-orange planet's surface grew small behind them on the holographic display in the bridge. As they left orbit, the planetary map was replaced by the system map, casting a soothing yellow glow over the bridge from the representation of the Ashana star.

"You seemed to be very popular amongst the Ashanath engineers," Jade observed, glancing at the redhead and offering her a friendly wink.

"I think Dana just got used to being followed around by adoring minions," Calara joked good naturedly.

"What's that like John?" Alyssa asked innocently.

The girls erupted into laughter as they looked up at him, sitting in his command chair overlooking the bridge. "I enjoy it immensely," he noted archly, before his face lit up with a grin.

"I'm sure you do," Alyssa smiled at him affectionately.

"So XO, how long until we reach Epsilon-Eridani?" John asked, adeptly changing the subject. "I'm curious to meet the potential in-laws," he added looking at Calara and smiling.

"Potential?!" the Latina exclaimed. "So I've given you my virtue and you don't have immediate plans for us to wed?" she gasped in mock horror.

"You loved every minute of it!" Alyssa laughed gaily, the wonderful sound echoing around the bridge.

"Ok, that much is true," the brunette confessed, with a lovely smile on her face.

"To answer your question, John, we should be there in just over two days time. We'll reach Jericho at around three in the afternoon in the timezone where Calara's family live," Alyssa clarified, looking up at the holographic quadrant map that displayed their flight path out of Grey Space, and back to Terran Federation territory.

"How do you know that?" Calara asked curiously.

"I reviewed your service records before I recruited you to the team. Your parents were listed as your next of kin, complete with contact details," the blonde explained, before activating the Tachyon drive and sending the Invictus leaping into hyper warp.

"Ah I see, well remembered," the brunette replied, surprised at the extent of Alyssa's excellent memory.

"Well, we have a few hours to kill before dinner," John began, "Do you want a rematch?" he asked Calara eagerly.

"Still smarting from losing the last round?" Jade teased him gently.

"Oh yes, I need to re-establish who's the top dog once again." he grinned with anticipation.

Calara shivered with excitement and nodded at him enthusiastically.

"Any plans, Jade?" he asked, turning to the Nymph.

"I'd like to borrow you, if that's ok Jade?" Alyssa interrupted, before the green skinned girl could reply. "I've got a little experiment I'd like to try." she added, her eyes twinkling.

"Sounds intriguing," the Nymph grinned, "I'm all yours,"

"Let's go then!" John said exuberantly.

"Hey, aren't you going to ask about my plans?" Dana asked him indignantly.

"No, because I have something in mind for you already," John replied cryptically.

"Well as long as it doesn't involve the pool, I'm up for anything," she purred seductively.

"Wonderful!" he answered back, not elaborating further.

Laughing, they all left the bridge, and then returned to their quarters to get changed out of the formal outfits they had been wearing for the statue unveiling ceremony. John got dressed in his sparring gear and left the walk-in-wardrobe to meet up with Calara, who was waiting for him in the corridor outside his room. He paused before he left, as Alyssa and Jade waved him goodbye from where they lay in the bed. They had stripped off, and were cuddled up together naked under the covers.

"What kind of experiment involves you being nude in bed together?" John asked curiously.

"Important training, that's what," Alyssa said airily.

"Ok, have fun..." John laughed as he left.

"We intend to!" she called out to him, as he went out of the door.

John strolled down the corridor, meeting up with the Latina who was standing waiting for him impatiently. She bounced lightly from one foot to the other, her eyes flashing with excitement as she watched him approach.

"You look like you're going to be a handful today!" John exclaimed, seeing her practically buzzing with energy.

"If you want your prize, you're going to have to earn it!" she challenged him, with fire in her eyes.

John paused and took his time, openly admiring her luscious athletic body, her limber muscles flexing as she shifted her weight from one toned leg to another. "I want my prize alright, and I have every intention of claiming it," he said confidently.

"We'll see," she said in a low, throaty voice.

John gestured for her to proceed down the corridor and Dana strolled out of her room to join them as they departed. The redhead watched John and Calara darting smouldering looks at one another as they walked, and she quivered as a thrill went down her spine. "You could cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife!" she exclaimed, biting her lower lip with lust.

"Calara thinks she has what it takes to challenge me; I'm planning to remind her of her place," he promised in a deep voice.

"Well, damn..." Dana grinned, rubbing her hands with glee. "I'm glad you insisted I come along to watch this."

"I have plans for you too, remember," he said dangerously.

The auburn haired girl nearly tripped over her feet, and just looked up at him with wide eyes as they entered the grav-tube.


Alyssa shivered excitedly as she listened in to John's conversation with Dana and Calara. This new authoritative side to him was proving to be quite exhilarating! She turned back to face Jade who was lying in bed beside her, the Nymph's bewitching emerald eyes seemingly watching the blonde's every move.

"Do you think it's wise to encourage John's dominant side?" Jade asked her curiously. "After everything we just found out about the Progenitors, we could be heading down a path that might not be much fun for any of us."

Alyssa paused for a long moment before she spoke. "He needs this," she said with certainty. "He's denied his true nature for so long, I think if we let him indulge himself a little, it will stop him from suddenly snapping and going off the deep end."

"I believe you're doing the right thing, I just wanted to understand your reasoning," Jade said calmly. "Like you, I've seen what he's like during his rages... there's a raw power there that was frightening to witness."

"I know what you mean, but I trust him unreservedly," Alyssa replied earnestly. "Both of those times he was just trying to protect me, and I know what he's like, how he thinks... I just can't see him even thinking about hurting any of us."

Jade nodded, looking thoughtful, before her lips curved up in a teasing smile. "So, back to why you wanted me here in bed with you," she said coyly, glancing at the other girl with a raised eyebrow. "Not that I object in the slightest," she purred, brushing the back of her hand gently down Alyssa's arm.

"I'd actually like to try something out," Alyssa replied, holding her arms open for the Nymph.

Jade smiled brightly and then moved astride her, carefully lowering herself so that as their breasts pressed together, their erect nipples were aligned. "I thought we tried out quite a few things when we played at being twins," she murmured in a sultry voice.

Alyssa sighed happily at the raunchy memories, and then reached up to cup Jade's beautiful face to tilt her down for a kiss. They locked lips sensually for a while, just enjoying each other's soft, luscious bodies, before they finally pulled apart.

*That was lovely, but I actually wanted to test this,* Alyssa's thoughts echoed clearly in Jade's mind.

"Well we already know I can hear your thoughts," Jade replied, "It worked brilliantly for keeping us in sync with John," she grinned, remembering how Alyssa had prompted her with dialogue and guidance on how to keep him fooled.

"Very true, and that was extremely hot, but I wanted to test the other direction," the psychic blonde girl explained.

"How do you propose we do that exactly?" Jade asked curiously.

"Well reading your thoughts is slightly easier than with Calara and Dana, which I'm guessing might be because you're latently psychic as well. I can just tap into John's thoughts without even thinking about it, though, and I'd like to try that with you too," Alyssa clarified, tentatively.

"So you want completely unhindered access to my most personal thoughts?" Jade asked with a frown.

"I'm sorry, we don't have to do this," Alyssa said falteringly, suddenly uncertain.

"I'm just joking," Jade laughed, "I have no secrets from you, of course we can try it!"

"You had me worried there for a minute!" Alyssa laughed, feeling greatly relieved, and hugged her friend tightly.

"So how do you want to do this?" the Nymph asked her curiously.

"I was thinking that the closest I feel to you, is when we're in bed together. I thought that it might make it easier to create that connection when we're... like this," she said with an alluring smile.

"You have my permission to penetrate my mind," Jade said breathily as she leaned in for another kiss. Their lips brushed against each other once more, but the Nymph kept her shining emerald eyes open, staring into Alyssa's bright blue orbs as though peering into her soul.

Alyssa felt her body burning with desire, as well as experiencing a surging of emotion her friend was triggering in her. They stared into each other's eyes as they kissed softly, revelling in the close bond between them, when suddenly Alyssa began to hear Jade's gentle voice in her mind.

*I hope this works, I'd love to be able to share myself with Alyssa,* The nymph thought longingly.

*It's working, I hear you!* Alyssa exclaimed, excitedly. The mosaic of small stones that represented Jade in her mind, began to slowly change. The darkened background started to brighten with a soft light, just as thoughts and feelings began pouring out of the image.

*Oh, this is wonderful!* Jade gasped. *Your voice is so much clearer, and I can feel your emotions too!*

They continued to stare into one another's eyes, no longer kissing, but just communicating with one another silently and more profoundly than they ever had before. It was as though all barriers had come down between them, and their souls were now speaking to one another unhindered.


John narrowly dodged a spinning kick that was aimed at his head, before stepping in to attempt a counter punch with his right fist. Calara let the momentum of her kick carry her around and she blocked the punch skilfully, before dancing back out of reach. They had been sparring without pause for an hour now and they were both covered in a light sheen of perspiration from the exertion.

"Not bad, not bad at all," John said, before darting forward and trying to sweep her leg out from under her.

Calara leapt in the air and kicked out, causing him to have to deflect her attack, which prevented him from carrying out his planned follow up punch. She landed nimbly to the side and darted backwards, to avoid leaving herself open to attack. "Maybe I'll be able to teach you a thing or two," she said sassily, her lips forming a beaming grin.

John laughed at her fiery spirit, thoroughly enjoying the match. In truth she had improved quite remarkably over their training sessions, learning everything he could teach her very rapidly. He still had one major advantage over her however.

He glided forward, blocking and deflecting a number of well aimed precise strikes, before taking a wild swing at her upper body, telegraphing the move and then overextending. Calara dodged easily and then took the bait, stepping in to twist and perform a throw that would send him crashing to the mat. Unfortunately for her, he had quickly repositioned his weight so that he was still perfectly balanced, and when the brunette moved in to grapple him, he broke the hold with his vastly superior strength, and then caught her in his arms. He gently but firmly brought her down to the mat, pinning her underneath his weight.

He watched Calara's face as it ran through a rapid series of emotions at lightning speed. She firstly registered shock and surprise when she realised she had been duped, then resignation when he used his mighty strength to overpower her to win the match. Finally her eyes blazed with excitement, as she realised the consequences of losing.

"To the victor, the spoils," she said breathily, as he hovered over her, still keeping her pinned in place.

John leaned down and kissed her fiercely, his lips pressing firmly against hers, causing her to moan lustily. He pulled back and stared at her face as her chest heaved up and down, her breathing heavy with passion. "You better strip, before I tear those clothes off you," he advised her, releasing her and removing his own top.

Calara panted with lust and grabbed the bottom of her sports bra, arching her back so that she could pull it straight over her head and freeing her proud breasts. She watched his face as he stared lustily at her body, and she quivered with anticipation, knowing exactly what was about to happen mere moments from now. She raised both legs straight in the air, daintily pointing her toes upwards as she lifted up her bottom, and then pulled off her figure hugging leggings.

John ripped off his shorts, tearing the material in his haste, which elicited an excited gasp from the gorgeous brunette who was offering herself up to him so wantonly. He knelt by her raised, closed thighs, his rampantly throbbing cock aching to be embedded inside her. He held her knees in his hands and gently pushed to spread them apart, only for Calara to flex her strong leg muscles, challenging him silently with her lusty brown eyes. He used his massive strength to gently but firmly prise her thighs apart, and the Latina moaned with arousal as he overcame her playful resistance.

"You've beaten me," she said, flashing him a heated look. "I'm yours to do with as you please,"

John leaned over her, his pulsing cock only inches above her parted pussy lips, and he reached up to gather her wrists and pin them above her head, holding her down against the ground mat. Calara let out an excited gasp, and stared into his eyes where he hovered only inches above her face. He tilted his hips back so that the rounded tip of his cock was nudging at her moist entrance and he gradually began to push inside, causing the brunette to sigh and moan, as she was steadily skewered by his massive length.

Calara was expecting to be power fucked into oblivion, so she was surprised when John kept her pinned in place, but only took her slowly and carefully. She shivered as she felt every inch of him pushing inside her a little at a time.

"I thought you were going to take me roughly," she purred seductively, her eyes flashing dangerously as she encouraged him.

"I will, but I'm savouring my prize first," he replied, his hips moving slowly and smoothly back and forth, while she remained tightly restrained.

Calara looked at his incredibly powerful arms above her head, and she shivered with excitement, knowing that she had no way of escaping his implacable grasp, even if she wanted to. She stared into John's eyes and then tilted her head up, so that she could kiss his biceps. Her nimble tongue darted out and she licked the bulging muscles, first one arm and then the other, maintaining eye contact the whole time. It was a simple and primal gesture, but it conveyed her submissiveness far more eloquently that if she had declared it.

John stared at her with excited eyes and then leaned down to kiss her passionately, his hips beginning to pick up the pace as he began to fuck her more insistently. The Latina responded immediately to the more forceful motion of his hips, panting with excitement as he drove into her yielding young body. He looked down at her beautiful coffee coloured flesh, as she writhed and moaned underneath him, finding her darker complexion tremendously arousing. He pushed as deep as he could inside her, drawing a delicious groan from her as she felt his heavy balls slapping against her pert cheeks.

Calara drew back her legs further, opening her pelvis and giving his pounding cock full access to her perfectly sculpted body. He loved the compliant way she cradled him between her thighs, gently rocking with him as though cushioning his thrusts. He released her wrists and then leant up so that his arms rested on his elbows to either side of her head, letting him look down at her beautiful face, and watching her gasp and moan every time he drove into her pussy. She tried to encircle his biceps with her hands, but they were just too big, and she settled for squeezing them and gently raking her nails over his skin as he thrust powerfully into her.

Dana stared at them from the side of the mat with wide eyes. She had watched their lengthy sparring foreplay session completely entranced, and now she was totally enthralled seeing John and Calara fucking with such raw, primitive need.

Calara seemed to find John's strength an overwhelming aphrodisiac, and her athletic body ground up against him, with just as much passion as he was taking her. Eventually she wrapped her legs around him tightly, her olive skinned calves resting on his buttocks as he pounded into her. She cried out as she climaxed, clutching him to her as she screamed out his name, her long nails raking across his back as she convulsed with passion. This was enough to set off his own explosive orgasm, and his hoarse cry joined hers as he shot long streams of cum into her luscious young body. They stayed locked together for what seemed like an eternity, as his quad pumped a huge volume of spunk into her trembling belly, making it fill out and press up against his toned abdomen. With one last shudder his balls were completely spent, and his shoulders sagged slightly, his arms trembling with the adrenalin coursing through him.

"Now that... was incredible," Calara sighed in a daze. She squeezed him tightly with her arms and legs appreciatively, before finally releasing him.

John pulled out of her gently and then rolled to her side, cradling her head on one arm, while running his other hand over her engorged tummy. "It felt so primal taking you like that," he said quietly as he traced her taut young flesh with his fingertips. He leaned down to kiss her softly, and the brunette looked up at him with wonder in her deep brown eyes.

"You were so strong and dominant, it was like my body was just responding naturally to being taken by my powerful mate," she said quietly, looking thoroughly satisfied. "If you'd told me six months ago I'd love been taken roughly, I'd have thought you insane, but that was the hottest thing I've ever experienced," she admitted with a shy smile.

They kissed again, but gently now, as though still reeling from the intensity of their passion, and unwilling to stir up that tempestuous lust once again. Their lips eventually brushed each other one last time and John pulled back, looking at her beautiful face with warm eyes.

"I love you," he said simply and honestly.

"I love you too," she replied, sighing in delight.

John lifted his gaze from hers and his eyes settled on Dana, who was staring at them like a deer in the headlights. He chuckled lightly and stopped caressing Calara's belly for a moment to beckon over the auburn haired girl. "Come here honey, I need your help for something I've got planned for later," he said to her, his voice quiet and reassuring.

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