tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 038

Three Square Meals Ch. 038


John woke the next morning feeling refreshed and happy. He'd slept through the night, undisturbed by any more terrifying dreams, so he trusted the hypothesis that Alyssa had suggested was correct.

"At least if we add any more crew, I can be prepared next time," he thought to himself, relieved that the next nightmare might not come as a surprise.

The girls had abandoned their normal sleeping arrangements after the Sapphic orgy last night, with Calara and Alyssa curled up together, and Dana wrapped around Rachel. John had Jade snuggled up next to him, and he stroked her dark green hair affectionately where she slumbered against his chest. It felt strange to just have an arm wrapped around one girl this morning, instead of being flanked by two lovely young beauties, and he marvelled at how truly spoilt he'd become for it to be an oddity to wake up next to just one beautiful woman.

Alyssa's eyes fluttered open and she winked at him over Calara's tousled brown hair.

*Don't worry, this was just an anomaly. I'll make sure you're always surrounded by doting girls when you wake up,* she promised him with a telepathic giggle.

*Ah, don't mind me. It was sexy as hell seeing you girls enjoying one another last night,* he said, grinning at the memories.

*You're just too good to us,* Alyssa said appreciatively, as she stared into his eyes, and leaned over to kiss Calara's cheek lovingly.

John smiled and suppressed his laughter, but the vibrations in his chest disturbed Jade, and she sat up before stretching languidly. The lights in the room began to brighten, as the sensors around the room detected faster heart beats, as well as the increased movement in the bed at this time in the morning. The warm glow of the lights seemed to highlight the viridian swirls that emphasised Jade's curves, and he drank in the sight of her ravishing form appreciatively.

"You really spoiled me last night, John," she said as she looked down at him with her cat-like emerald eyes. "I don't think I've ever climaxed that hard before," she added with a contented sigh.

"Think of last night as a prelude to the main event," he told her with a confident grin. "Your Master still owes you a good ravishing. I'm looking forward to showing you what it's like, being mated with a powerful man."

He stroked her thigh as he spoke to her, feeling the strong muscles beneath her smooth skin. She felt cool to the touch when he began to speak to her, but as she grew more aroused, her body temperature increased dramatically. Her pupils dilated widely, and her breathing began to grow more laboured, as she panted with lust.

"You know just the right things to say to me," she said excitedly, as she stared into his eyes.

"Of course. A man should know what stimulates his mates," he told her boldly. "But for now, my balls are full, and I'd like to feel your wonderful mouth at work."

Jade grinned with delight and moved lithely between his legs, before she paused for a moment, glancing over at the tawny haired brunette to the left of the bed. "Rachel...?" she asked him tentatively.

"Is eager to see what you can do. Why don't you show her one of your skills this morning?" he prompted her with a lewd wink.

The Nymph nodded eagerly, and then leaned forward, maintaining unblinking eye contact with him as she enveloped his cock with her mouth. She sank his whole length down her throat, then began to purr happily, and the intense vibrations felt incredible as they stimulated his shaft.

"Good girl," John groaned, as he stroked her head, "That feels amazing."

Jade blinked at him once, long and slow, as though wordlessly thanking him for his compliment, and he gazed down at her with a look of pure pleasure on his face.

"Morning everyone," Rachel said perkily, as she woke up and stretched.

Her body had absorbed the heavy load of cum that he had pumped into her stomach the night before, and like every morning since she had begun the change, she felt electrified and surged with energy. Rachel had got used to be encircled in John's arms when she woke up, so it felt odd to be cuddled with only Dana. She rolled over to see where he was, just as she heard the familiar sounds of a cock being sucked by an enthusiastic young woman. Her eyes opened wide as she watched Jade go to work on John, the exotic beauty obviously using all the skills at her disposal. She knew this, because he was writhing with pleasure, his hips thrusting urgently at the alien girl's plush green lips.

The brunette felt a momentary pang of disappointment, as she'd been looking forward to being on her knees, sucking eagerly to get her breakfast. That was quickly overcome by her happiness for Jade, and how pleased she felt for her sister, that she would be able to swallow down some of John's cum. She was so entranced as she watched the Nymph's neck seem to ripple as it massaged John's cock, that she jumped with surprise when Dana hugged her from behind.

"She's amazing, isn't she?" the redhead whispered in Rachel's ear.

Rachel nodded as she stared, enjoying the show. "She's just so beautiful, like all of you," she said sincerely.

"Like all of 'us'," Dana corrected her, as she leaned over to plant a tender kiss on Rachel's cheek.

"Don't worry about missing out on breakfast though, you're about to experience something fantastically sexy," the redhead said gently to the brunette.

Rachel turned her attention back to John, just as he began to cum. He held Jade's head in his lap as he bucked, crying out in ecstasy as he began to pump the contents of his quad down the Nymph's throat. Jade moaned gratefully as he shot his spunk inside her eagerly sucking mouth, and swallowed down one long spurt after another.

Rachel looked down, expecting to see Jade's belly filling out, but she was surprised to see that it still remained toned and trim. It took her only a moment to realise why, when Jade's dark green breasts began to swell rapidly, and the young doctor watched in open mouthed amazement as John's cum seemed to inflate the girl's tits, blowing them up to a huge size.

With a groan, John collapsed back on the bed, and Jade slowly eased his long hard shaft from her throat, kissing the end as it left her lips. The Nymph sat up straight, and Rachel stared in awe at the hugely swollen breasts that sat taut and enormously rounded on Jade's chest. She turned to look at Rachel, then smiled at her warmly, and beckoned her over.

"Go on," Dana whispered to her encouragingly, "It's time for breakfast."

Rachel got up and crawled over to Jade, eyeing her huge breasts with wonder.

"Can I touch them?" she asked the green skinned girl eagerly.

"Of course," Jade replied, smiling at her invitingly. "But please be gentle. If you're too rough, you might end up wasting John's cum, and it's important that it all ends up in your stomach."

Rachel nodded, then reached out tentatively with her hands. Jade's breasts felt cool to the touch, and her soft skin was stretched taut to carry the heavy load on her chest. The titanic tits were highlighted with viridian lines, that highlighted the contours of her voluptuous figure, and Rachel lightly traced those lines with her finger.

"You look breathtaking," Rachel said to Jade, and the Nymph smiled at her appreciatively.

"You must be ready for a full tummy," Jade said to her soothingly and opened up her arms invitingly.

Rachel smiled, then approached the alien girl tentatively, and accepted her hug, being careful not to put pressure against her verdant chest. Jade was surprisingly strong, and she manoeuvred Rachel effortlessly, so that the brunette was lying with her back against the Nymph's left arm. Jade supported Rachel's head with that arm, and then guided her swollen breast down with her right hand, so that the erect nipple brushed against Rachel's lips.

"There's a good girl, are you going to latch on for me?" Jade asked her in a soft maternal voice, and Rachel opened her mouth obediently, her lips enveloping the nipple.

Rachel sucked experimentally, and when the first splash of John's cum covered her tongue, she immediately recognised the familiar taste. Rachel began to suckle hungrily, staring up into Jade's emerald eyes as she drank, and she could feel her stomach starting to fill with the sweet tasting liquid as she swallowed down each mouthful.

"That's good, we want you to grow big and strong," Jade told her lovingly, as she reached down with her right hand and began to stroke Rachel's expanding belly.

The Nymph's touch was cool and soothing as her fingers gently massaged Rachel's growing stomach, and the brunette let out a little sigh of contentment. Dana appeared at her side, and she gently brushed the curls of light brown hair to the side, and away from Rachel's face, as she continued to suck insistently.

"This is how we got healed when we were badly injured," Dana explained, darting a grateful smile up at the Nymph. "She literally nursed us back to health."

Rachel nodded her understanding as she continued to suckle greedily, her grey eyes hooded as she fed, while John and the rest of the girls looked on approvingly. She eventually drained one breast, then shifted so that Jade could cradle her with the other arm, and she began to empty the other one too. Finally she was done, and over four pints of John's cum were now settling in her belly.

"That was... unexpected," Rachel said in a quiet voice, smiling shyly as she daintily licked her lips. She sat upright with Jade's assistance, and looked flushed as she spoke to the Nymph, "How did you manage to do that?"

"I can readily manipulate my body," Jade explained carefully. "I'm able to temporarily hollow out parts of myself, which has proven to be very useful in the cases Dana just mentioned."

"Jade was our ship's doctor until you came along," John said, smiling at the Nymph fondly.

"I hope you didn't mind being fed that way this morning?" Jade asked Rachel considerately.

Rachel smiled at the green skinned girl gratefully, and she sounded emotional as she spoke, "Not at all. It felt so intimate, and you were so loving and maternal. Thank you, that felt very special."

Jade smiled at her warmly, and reached out with her hand, to gently stroke the girl's face. "It was my pleasure. I just hope we never have to do that because you've been injured."

Rachel let out a big happy sigh. "I keep thinking that being with you guys can't get any better, then you spring surprises like this on me!" she said appreciatively as she looked around the group.

"You're just so adorable," Alyssa said with a grin, and all the girls moved in for a girlie group hug.

Rachel was tearing up as the girls embraced her warmly. She knew there was no ulterior motive, just an eagerness to show how happy they were, now that she was part of their sisterhood.

"Hey, you get in here too!" Alyssa said to John with a frown.

He laughed and moved over to join them, kneeling directly behind Rachel so that her pert bottom was in his lap, and he attempted to encircle them all in his hug. He just about managed it, and he chuckled as he poked his head out around Rachel's head.

"If we recruit anyone else, I'm going to have to grow bigger arms," he joked.

The girls descended into fits of giggles, and when they eventually recovered, Alyssa, Calara, Dana and Jade then broke apart from the group hug. The moved to sit in a semi-circle in perfect synchronisation, as though instinctively sensing John wanted to speak to them all. They were after a fashion, but it was not by simply reading his body language. Alyssa read his thoughts, and with silent, almost instant telepathy she simultaneously contacted the girls, and asked them to fan out. John had long grown accustomed to the girls' uncanny ability to respond to his unspoken desires, but for a newcomer like Rachel it was unnerving to watch.

Alyssa spotted the girl's wide eyed look, and sensed the feelings of astonishment from the nascent bundle of emotions in her mind. She turned to Rachel and smiled at her.

"Don't worry, it won't be long until we're linked telepathically too. I can sense your emotions, but it'll take a little time until we're fully attuned," she said soothingly.

"Doesn't that feel weird, being able to read each other's thoughts?" Rachel asked, sounding disquieted.

"No, it's amazing!" the four telepathically linked girls said at the same time, and then giggled as they glanced at each other in amusement.

John raised an eyebrow. "I'm not sure you're making her feel any better," he said doubtfully,

"No, it's okay, I'm alright, honestly," Rachel said, but didn't sound particularly convincing.

John moved around to Rachel's side so that she could look at him as he spoke to her. "I've had Alyssa in my mind for a few months now, and she's a... reassuring, if mischievous presence. I'm the only one she really teases though, so I'd imagine she's far more kind and loving with the girls," he said as he looked at the assembled young women for confirmation.

They had been hanging on his every word, and they nodded eagerly when he looked up at them, while Alyssa smiled at him enigmatically.

"Don't worry, it's a wonderful thing to experience, I promise," Dana said earnestly.

"Okay, I trust you all," Rachel said as she smiled back at them, her eyes lingering on Alyssa for a moment.

"All I want to do is look after all of you, so please don't be afraid, you have nothing to be worried about," the blonde said kindly.

Rachel smiled back at her more strongly, then sat up straight, turning towards John to look at him attentively, as she had just seen the other girl's do. Alyssa reached out and took the girl's hand, and squeezed it affectionately, causing Rachel to glance down at her hand in surprise. She grinned, and gently squeezed the blonde girl's hand in reply.

John sensed everything was now fine, so he sat back, leaning against the headboard. "I've booked our stay at Oceanus," he said with a grin, as the girls squealed happily. He waited a moment for the noise to die down before he continued. "How long will it take us to get to Oceanus from here, Alyssa?"

The blonde closed her eyes for a moment as she envisaged plotting a course from here at the Olympus Shipyard, to the resort world of Oceanus. She had memorised most of the systems in the Terran Federation, starting with those along the most likely travel routes that she anticipated John might choose for them. The various systems they would have to navigate immediately sprang to mind, and she calculated the effect her warp tunnelling techniques would have, increasing the already staggering Hyper-warp speed of the Tachyon drive.

"It'll take us about half a day to get there," she replied nonchalantly a few moments later, figuring he probably didn't need to know her calculations down to the minute.

"Thanks, honey, you worked that out quickly!" John said, smiling at her gratefully, and Alyssa felt her heart soar with his praise.

John turned to the rest of the group. "Okay then, that gives us just over a day left to play with, before we're expected at Oceanus. Is there anything you want to do here before we leave?"

"Fit the new heat sinks on the Invictus," Dana said immediately. "If we can use the maintenance gantries and the refitting equipment here at the shipyard, we should be able to get them all switched out within a few hours, if a few of you help out too."

Everyone except Rachel immediately volunteered to assist, and the redhead grinned at them gratefully.

"I've got a number of tests to run, if I'm going to maintain my time-points," Rachel said apologetically.

"I've got more than enough helpers now, don't worry about it," Dana said, when she saw Rachel's look of chagrin. "Besides, what you're doing is far more important. Plus, you're not really in any condition to be running around over the outside of the ship," she added with a grin, as she reached over to gently rub the brunette's engorged tummy.

Rachel smiled back, relieved that the redhead wasn't upset with her.

"Are you done with the Kintark dropship?" John asked Dana curiously. "You haven't mentioned any other exciting tech apart from the heatsinks, and you're normally all over anything new."

"Yeah, I've looked it over already. It was armed with heavy plasma guns, but other than the heatsinks in them being a bit larger, they didn't tell me anything I hadn't already figured out. I've already reverse engineered and enhanced that tech, from looking at the plasma rifles," she said, with a dismissive wave of the hand. "Everything else on the dropship, from the engines to the armour was comparable or inferior to our own equipment."

"Talking of armour, we should be able to replate the Invictus when we land on Oceanus," John said, glancing at Alyssa.

"You're not worried about snooping cameras?" she asked him, thinking about sensible precautions they might need to take, if they were to keep her psychic abilities a secret.

"The idle rich value their privacy more than heads of state. The contract I signed with the Oceanus Corporation promises absolute secrecy and discretion, or they'll have to forfeit their entire fee. Which is a hell of a lot," John replied confidently.

"I can still sweep the site for cameras and bugs when we get there," Dana offered enthusiastically. "I should be able to detect anything like that pretty easily, especially if they upload their data to a remote source."

"It's probably wise to be cautious," John agreed. "The entire planet is supposed to be on a complete secure-net lockdown, so I'm not unduly worried. We'll have to notify the Oceanus Corporation of any contacts to allow through the comms dampening field around the planet."

"I'll add my family to the list if that's alright?" Calara asked him hesitantly.

"Of course, gorgeous, no problem at all. Anyone else?" John asked the other girls happily, but was met with shakes of their heads. "Let's get showered then, and make a start on the refit," he added eagerly.

They all got off the bed, and showered quickly, with only a minimal amount of flirtatious teasing under the splashing warm water. While the girls were getting ready, John sat down in the chair by the bed and called Charles, opening a comm channel from the communications interface set up in his quarters.

A few moments later, the older man's moustachioed face filled the viewscreen. "Morning John," he said with a smile. "What can I do for you?"

"We need to do a quick refit, and wanted to use the shipyard facilities in the docking bay. I just thought I'd check if that was alright with you?" John asked him courteously.

"Sure, go ahead. Our maintenance teams are busy at the moment though, so I'm not sure I can spare any to assist," Charles said apologetically.

"Ah, don't worry about that," John replied with an indifferent shrug. "We'll be able to handle the refit ourselves, the crew's very capable."

At precisely that time, Alyssa chose to flounce into the room in an extremely revealing red bikini, showing acres of nubile young flesh. "Which would you prefer to peel me out of first, handsome? The red, or the white?" she asked him, brandishing a white bikini top in her hand, as she leaned in for a kiss.

Choking sounds from the holographic viewscreen drew Alyssa's attention that way, and she waved brazenly at Charles, when she saw who John was speaking to. "Oh, hey Charles! It's nice to see you. What do you think? The red, or the white?" she asked with an innocent expression on her face, as she arched her back to emphasise the mouth-watering view.

Charles spluttered, and fumbled his words, rendered completely incoherent.

"That sounds like a vote for the red," she said cheekily, and strutted off into the walk-in wardrobe again.

"Like I said, they're very capable," John smirked, and winked at Charles.

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