tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 039

Three Square Meals Ch. 039


Dawn at their island on Oceanus was a spectacular affair. The golden sun slowly crept up above the horizon and sent out bright spears of light, illuminating the rapidly brightening sky. John and the girls felt the warm glow of the sun's rays, and they woke up at the same time, stretching languidly in the extremely comfortable bed. Jade was on the western edge, and when she rolled on to her other side, so that she was facing the sun, she sat up abruptly with a startled gasp.

"Oh, John, this place is breathtaking!" she said in a hushed whisper.

Immediately curious as to what had triggered this reaction in the Nymph, they all sat up and a series of shocked gasps echoed around the room.

Their bedroom jutted out over the ocean, at least sixty feet above sea-level, which offered them incredible views of the palm tree lined beach that spread out along the western coast and around the island. To the eastern side, the coast and rocky walls of the cliff behind them abruptly disappeared into the cove they had walked around the night before.

"It's endless," Dana said softly, looking out in shock at the miles of uninterrupted ocean spread out before them.

"Are you alright there, Dana?" John asked her with concern, wary in case she reacted badly to the sight of such a vast volume of water.

"It's beautiful, but there's so much of it. It doesn't seem real," she replied in a hushed voice.

John glanced at Alyssa, and she and the girls got up silently, padding from the room on bare feet. When they had left the room, he moved to kneel behind the redhead, and wrapped her in his arms. This broke her from her reverie, and she turned her head to look up at him with a smile.

"Sorry about the shock. I know this kind of vacation isn't ideal for you," John said apologetically.

"I know. You chose this place because of Jade," she replied, and then tilted up her head so she could plant a tender kiss on his jawline.

"I still want you to have a good time too," he told her sincerely. "Is there anything I can do to make your stay here more enjoyable?"

Dana's face took on an impish cast, and she grinned up at him. "I haven't fed Rachel yet..." she told him coyly.

John laughed, and hugged her tightly. "Your wish is my command," he said with a chuckle.

He moved back a little bit to make room for her, and she moved with him eagerly, lying on her back as he leaned on his side.

"I saw you groping Alyssa's ass on the bridge the other day. I'd love you to take me like that really hard, but we'll have to save that for a few weeks I guess," she said with regret.

John looked at her suspiciously. "Are you sure you aren't becoming psychic too?" he asked her playfully.

Dana giggled, then rolled over on her tummy, and wiggled her compact bottom enticingly, while looking at him over her shoulder. She shivered as he stared transfixed at her, growing increasingly aroused.

"I love the way you stare at me like that," she said, biting her lip with lust.

"There's something quite enchanting about the sight," he agreed, as he reached out and gently squeezed one of her cheeks.

Her skin felt supple and smooth under his fingertips, and he massaged her while watching her muscles yield to his strong hands. Each cheek was a perfect round sphere, bronzed with her tan, yet not showing a single blemish, freckle or wrinkle. He reached out with his other hand to grasp her other cheek as well, and he eased them apart, so that her tight little anus was exposed to his hungry eyes.

"Oh fuck!" she hissed as she felt him spread her wide, and stared back at him with excitement.

"I can't believe you can stretch to take me back there," John said, shaking his head in amazement as he stared at the tiny knot of muscle. "Does it ever hurt?"

"Never. I just feel stretched and stuffed full. It's like you've wrapped me around you, and then you're using my tight little ass to bring yourself off," she said heatedly.

John grinned and moved to cover her, placing his arms to either side of her body to support his weight, and resting his throbbing cock in the velvety soft channel between her cheeks.

"That feels so good," Dana purred as he ground himself into her, making her feel his heat against her ass.

She stared back at him over her shoulder, and he could tell she was torn between wanting to feed her friend, and yearning the naughty feeling of having her ass stuffed full of his rock hard cock. He watched the play of emotions across her lovely face, before she finally looked resigned, which let him know which decision she had made.

"You're such a lovely girl, so selfless," he praised her, as he lifted his weight off her and tilted his hips a little.

Dana smiled warmly and was about to respond, when he pushed forward and sank deep into her body in one long, pussy-stuffing thrust.

"Holy fuck!" she screeched, as her slick pussy was suddenly and shockingly stretched wide by his girth.

Her hands clawed at the bed, and she grabbed at the sheets, twisting them in her fists as he pulled back and then lunged forward again. She could only groan helplessly as he eased back and then rammed forward, making her yielding body stretch elastically around him, until he was eventually driving into her womb. When he was buried inside her up to the balls, he held still and leaned down to kiss her shoulder gently.

"Too rough?" he asked her playfully, already knowing the answer.

"No, that was perfect," she sighed with delight as she wriggled underneath him. "You know we're all built to take a good pounding," she added encouragingly.

"Not yet," he told her soothingly, and just rested against her, covering her smaller body with his own. "I'd like to chat first."

"Chat with me skewered on your cock?" Dana asked with a giggle. "I can't imagine any better way to do it!"

"First I wanted to say how impressed I've been, with you caring for Rachel, and helping her settle in. She seems to have really warmed to you, and it's lovely to see you growing to be friends," he said between kisses planted on her cheek.

Dana looked over her shoulder at him and stared up into his eyes lovingly. He could see the golden corona around her pupils now they were so close to each other, and he saw that her pupils were heavily dilated with her arousal.

"I'm wise to you! You're hoping we'll pair off like Alyssa and Calara, so we can put on a loving performance for you, just like they do," she panted lustily.

"Would that be so bad?" he asked her mischievously. "Her licking your pussy until I get so turned on, I ram my cock up your ass?"

Dana quivered underneath him, and he could feel her pussy clench around his shaft.

"I think you like that idea," he said teasingly, as he slipped his hand under her slim stomach to find her swollen clit. He began to stroke it gently as he began to move inside her once again.

"You're so bad..." she whimpered, as her body immediately responded to his touch. "I fucking love it!" she added with a groan.

John grinned, enjoying hearing her getting increasingly profane, the more he turned her on. "I've got plenty more ideas. Most of them involve the two of you making love to each other, while I ravish your gorgeous body," he whispered in her ear as he rubbed her more insistently in time with his shafting.

Dana had arched her back as he rode her, and looking over her shoulder, he could see her firm breasts trembling with the impact every time he thrust up to the balls inside her. Her buttocks were so firm and round beneath him, and felt delightful as he ground himself against her cheeks.

"I never thought I'd love getting fucked so much," Dana moaned. "You feel like a beast, mounting me like this, but I feel so protected when I'm covered by you. And the things you say, they drive me crazy!"

"You like me telling you how much I enjoy using your smoking hot body?" he asked her eagerly.

She groaned as she thrashed underneath him, getting very close to her climax. "Are you going to fuck Rachel this way too?" she panted.

"No. I want you there to lick her clit for me when I break her in for the first time, make sure she loves it," he told her as his thrusting got more insistent.

"Keep talking to me, I'm so close!" she yelped as he pounded her, her pussy stretched tightly around his girth. "I love hearing what you're going to do to us!"

John grinned as he kissed her ear, then spoke to her in a low voice, "Just wait until you hear how I plan to impregnate you both..."

Dana let out a long wail as she crashed through her climax, her pussy rapidly gripping his shaft as he plunged in and out of her. Hearing her explode into orgasm was the trigger for him to come too, and he thrust up to the balls inside her and began to fill her womb full of his sperm.

"Put a baby in me..." she urged him as she trembled through one massive, long climax.

Her eagerness made his own release even more intense, and he saw stars as he shot his load into her compliant young body. His balls lurched, eager to fulfil her request, and he filled her womb with so many long spurts of his spunk that it had to expand to house even more. He gradually eased his weight off her as he stuffed her belly full of cum, until his balls finally stopped flexing, and he pulled out of her gently.

"You rock my world every time," Dana told him in wonder, as he slumped to her side.

"Likewise, beautiful," he replied as he panted from exertion.

She grinned at him happily, and then snuggled up against him, running her hand lovingly over her swollen belly. "God, I love being filled up like this. It just makes me feel complete somehow, it's amazing!"

John rolled to his side, and he joined her in stroking her bloated abdomen, as they stared into each other's eyes. He grinned suddenly and chuckled to himself.

"What?" she asked him curiously, enjoying seeing him laugh.

"I was supposed to be having a chat with you, but you turned me on so much I got a bit carried away," he confessed with a grin.

Dana giggled and looked up at him adorably. "That was really hot, thank you. With that finale, it made it even better than when you stretch my ass," she told him confidentially.

"Oh I don't know, your ass is something special," he countered with a smile.

"It's still yours to take whenever you feel like, don't worry," she told him reassuringly. "I better let Rachel know that breakfast is ready though," she added with a rueful smile.

"You can wait a little while," John said generously, as he massaged her taut skin soothingly.

Dana sighed with delight, and smiled up at him gratefully before she spoke, "So what did you want to talk to me about anyway?"

"I really meant it when I thanked you for being a good friend to Rachel, and helping her settle in. It must be more than a little intimidating getting used to life on the ship, but she seems to be coping really well, and I think you've been a large part of that," he said, his voice filled with gratitude.

"She's a lovely girl, very warm and friendly. I'm just overjoyed that Alyssa found someone so great to join us," the redhead said happily. "So what else?" she asked him impishly.

"I also wanted to tell you how lucky I feel that you're on the ship with us," he told her sincerely. "I love having you around regardless, but beyond that, you've probably done more to aid our success than anyone else aboard, what with all the upgrades to the Invictus and our gear."

"I think we're all lucky to have found each other," Dana told him, as she stared into his eyes. "Living apart, we were small, little things, But now we're together, we've grown to become powerful."

"I like that thought," he told her approvingly.

John leaned down to kiss her lovingly, and they only separated when the soft padding of bare feet drew their attention to the other person who had just entered the bedroom. It was Rachel, and she glided over to the bed, before climbing on to join them.

"Sorry to interrupt, you guys looked amazing together. Alyssa told me I should join you, and that it was time for breakfast?" Rachel asked them tentatively.

"You aren't interrupting, it's fine," John told her soothingly.

He moved back a little to give Dana room, and she spread her toned thighs lewdly, as she beckoned the other girl over. Rachel smiled impishly at the redhead, and then lay down with her head next to Dana's heavily swollen tummy.

"Is this for me?" Rachel asked her friend teasingly, before planting a tender kiss on the smooth rounded sphere.

"I saved it for you especially," Dana replied with a grin, before her smile dissolved, and she arched her back with a moan as Rachel got to work.

John leant back against the pillows to watch the show. "What a fantastic start to the holiday!" he thought to himself happily.


The three of them got changed into swimwear and descended in the elevator to join the others who were relaxing in the lounge. The view from this room through the huge windows was incredible, showing the beach around the island from one side, and the cove through the windows on the other. A glance at a clock on the wall told John that it was just past eight in the morning, so he knew they had an hour to wait before Rupert the robot butler would have their breakfast ready.

"Morning girls!" he said to Alyssa, Calara, and Jade who were sitting together and chatting.

They looked up at them and grinned at John's buoyant mood. One glance was all it took to tell them why, with Rachel cradling a rounded tummy, and Dana looking dishevelled, but deliriously happy. They flashed each other grins, and then stood up and glided over to greet them. Alyssa was wearing her red bikini, and Calara had borrowed the white one. When they saw him eyeing them appraisingly, they stood up straighter and arched their backs slightly to improve the view.

John grinned at them, shaking his head in wonder at how stunning they looked, and strode up to greet them. He reached out an eager hand to each girl and brushed the back of his fingers over their slim toned midriffs. They maintained eye contact with him when he looked from one girl to another, and the raw lust he saw in their eyes made him start to get hard once again.

"If bikinis are the new dress code for you girls, I think I'm going to need to drink a lot of fluids!" he said, as he walked around behind them, and let his fingers trail from one supple cheek to the next.

The girls giggled at his brazen appreciation of their stunning figures, and preened for him all the more. Once he'd finished inspecting them, he moved on to Jade who was wearing a yellow bikini that revealed an indecent amount of her dark green skin. She caught his eye as he approached her, and posed for him, awaiting his touch. He smiled at her teasingly, and then let one of his fingers glide up her arm, and down over her chest, taking a few playful detours on the way down to her belly button. Her skin was cool to the touch, but he saw goose bumps appear on her flesh in the wake of his exploring hand. By the time he reached her lower belly, her cat-like eyes were staring at him intently and he could sense how aroused she was.

"Time for a swim!" he said with a teasing grin, and turned and strolled through the double doors and out to the cove beyond.

Jade groaned with frustration, then grinned as she prowled after him, followed by the other girls who laughed and joined them. The cove was set up to look like it was a completely natural formation, but as they walked down the rough hewn steps to the golden sand below, John realised it was a clever illusion, and that the granite surface was smooth and perfectly level.

The sand felt soft and warm under their toes, having been warmed by the morning sun for a few hours already. With girlish delight, the teenagers began to cavort around on the beach, chasing each other around playfully. The only exception was Jade, who after running around for a little while, stopped and stared out at the sea longingly.

John walked up to stand beside her. "Go ahead, go wild!" he said to her encouragingly. "I chose this place for you, after all."

The Nymph looked up at him, and he could see how deeply touched she was, by the tender expression on her face. She walked up to him and stood on the tips of her toes, her lips brushing softly against his cheek.

"Thank you," she said simply, her voice throbbing with gratitude.

When he turned to smile at her, she grinned back at him with excitement, then sprinted full tilt into the sea. She leapt into the air as she reached the water's edge, and delicate aquamarine fins sprouted from her arms and legs as she dove gracefully into the sea. John laughed, and watched as she resurfaced a few dozen metres out into the cove, arcing out of the water before disappearing beneath the surface once more.

Jade surged through the water, feeling a sense of total freedom that she had never experienced before. She cut through the sea like she was born to it, and she dove deeper, her eyes staring in wonder at the coral formations that surrounded the island. Tropical fish in a huge variety of exotic colours swam lazily around the anemones and sea grasses, that waved gently with the urgings of the tidal currents.

Although her fins were great for the swimming pool aboard the Invictus, she found they were not really efficiently designed for swimming against the currents as she was now. She floated there under the water for a moment, feeling an urge welling up inside her. Remembering John's encouraging words to go wild, she grinned, and then surrendered to the feeling. Her entire body began to shimmer, and a sudden image of the aquatic predator that had been owned by one of her previous masters flashed into her mind. She recalled the 'collector' telling her it was called a tiger shark, and she gleefully moulded her body into that form.

A passing fish watched with unblinking eyes as the strange green mammal that was undulating through the water stopped and seem to blur before its eyes. The fish swam lazily against the current, floating in place, not quite decided whether to flee back to the safety of the anemones on the reef. Suddenly the fish was staring at a massive green striped predator, that turned to look at it with hungry eyes. The fish turned and fled, but the last thing it saw before its life ended, was the gleaming rows of razor sharp teeth.

Jade swallowed the fish down in two big bites, and her shark face smiled wide in a hideous tooth-filled grimace. She surged through the water, enjoying the incredibly efficient design of this new form, and lost herself in the unbridled openness of the ocean.


John and the girls spent nearly an hour on the beach, running around on the sand, and then splashing around in the waves. He and Rachel managed to coax Dana out into the sea, then hovered nearby reassuring her, while she got over her fear of the water. Jumping over the incoming waves had the redhead laughing with delight, and they all had lots of fun, forgetting their cares and worries for a while.

Rupert the robot butler appeared a few minutes before nine, flanked by a couple of cleaning robots that were carrying freshly laundered towels. They rolled down to the beach via a carefully concealed ramp, and then waited nearby for their guests to come out of the water. John strode over and gratefully took the towels, handing them out to the girls as they joined him.

"Breakfast is served, Sir," Rupert told him with an obsequious robotic bow, and then turned around with his automated companions to head back indoors.

John glanced out at the sea, wondering if Jade was alright, and Alyssa walked up and gently shoulder bumped him, making him look down at her.

"She's having the time of her life, don't worry," the blonde girl told him happily.

He grinned, and then led the rest of their group back up to the glass doors. When they opened automatically, delightful smells wafted out to them, and rumbling stomachs reminded them of how hungry they were. Rupert guided them to the back of the lounge on his quiet treads, and they saw that there was a cleverly concealed passageway here that they had missed at first glance. It led out to a dining room, with a table overflowing with food.

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