tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 047

Three Square Meals Ch. 047


John sat on one of the sofas in the Officers' Lounge, with his feet up on the coffee table, and Alyssa and Calara cuddled up beside him. The other girls were spread out on the adjacent sofas, and they watched the colourful expanse of Maliri Space drift by, through the long windows that flanked the room.

"John..." Dana said tentatively, looking over at him from the other sofa, her beautiful face burning with curiosity. "It's nearly time for bed, have you got something planned for tonight?"

"And what makes you ask that?" he replied to her with a teasing smile.

She squirmed, looking antsy, and said, "Because you haven't fucked any of us all day!"

The girls all giggled in amusement, but the air was thick with sexual tension as they looked across at him, awaiting his reply with breathless anticipation.

His lips twitched into a smile, as he said, "As a matter of fact I have got something in mind. I thought that as we were busy exploring new territory," which he accentuated with a nod towards the spectacular nebulae outside, "that I'd like to explore some other new territory. As long as Rachel likes that idea?"

All eyes turned to the tawny haired brunette, and she gasped as she suddenly realised what he was implying. "You mean you want to..." she trailed off, her eyes going wide with arousal.

"Very much," he replied, smiling as he watched her reaction.

Dana sprang to her feet, her face transformed with an expression of lusty excitement. "I'll help get her ready for you," she exclaimed, and held out her hand for her friend.

Rachel took it, as she rose gracefully, and let the exuberant redhead lead her from the room. She glanced back once over her shoulder before she left, and she flushed with arousal when she saw where his eyes were riveted.

Jade grinned, and as she got up she said, "We better go and help."

Calara laughed and unfolded her lithe legs where she sat, nodding her agreement as she said, "Considering how turned on Dana is right now, if we don't, they probably won't make it out of the shower."

Alyssa watched the Latina and the Nymph saunter out of the room, and smiled at John playfully, when she turned to face him. She bit her lip coyly, and then slowly snaked out her right hand to brush across his rock hard cock where it throbbed in his trousers.

"You're so big right now," she purred to him. "Is it exciting to think that you'll be putting this somewhere new for the first time?"

John's eyes were hooded as he gazed at her beautiful face, and he could see just how aroused and excited Alyssa was becoming. "You love this, don't you?" he asked her perceptively.

"Watching you breaking in a girl?" she replied, and shivered with excitement. "One of life's great pleasures."

He grinned at her and said, "I better go and get a shower too. I wouldn't want to keep Rachel waiting."

Alyssa placed her left hand on his shoulder as if to prevent him from rising, while her fingers on the other hand moved deftly, unzipping his trousers. "One moment, I'd like to check something first," she said flirtatiously.

When she had opened up his trousers, she slid her hand inside, and then moved down to gently caress his quad. She gasped as she carefully stroked the taut skin, and said sympathetically, "Your poor balls are full to the brim!"

He shuddered as he nodded, and she carefully withdrew her hand, then zipped him up with meticulous precision. "You're right," she agreed. "We better get you ready."

They stood together, with John rising awkwardly due to the huge erection tenting his trousers. Alyssa didn't wait for him, but strode ahead instead, swaying her hips enticingly as she glided over to the door. He couldn't help but watch transfixed as he walked briskly to catch up, admiring her spectacularly long legs and pert bottom. She led him through to their bedroom, and then slowly stripped off her clothes, until she was wonderfully nude before him. With a teasing smile, she glided up to his side, and then started to remove his clothes too.

She dropped smoothly, kneeling before him, and helped him out of his trousers. He could feel her hot breath against his cock, as she leaned in until she was millimetres away from him. "Don't worry," she crooned to his shaft. "You'll be inside a tight little girl very soon."

John groaned as he watched her lick her lips, making them glisten alluringly in the warm glow of the bedroom lighting. "You're very naughty, did you know that?" he said to her in a strained voice.

Alyssa rose elegantly to stand beside him, and she had an artfully confused expression on her stunningly beautiful face. "But you always tell me I'm a good girl, when you're pushing your hard cock inside me..." she said, sounding perplexed.

He laughed heartily, and exclaimed, "Enough teasing you vixen! I'm ready to explode as it is!"

Her melodic laughter filled the room, and she held his hand, then walked through to the bathroom with him. They stood together in the shower and the warm water sluiced over them as she washed him carefully and methodically. She paid special attention to his cock and four balls, and smiled mischievously as she could feel him restraining himself from just pinning her against the wall, and using her phenomenal body to get some blessed relief.

"You have really impressive self-control," she told him, as she slowly stroked his shaft. "If the roles were reversed, I'm not sure I would have been able to hold back."

John laughed, but it sounded forced as he tried to withstand her sweet torture.

"All teasing aside, you really are carrying a massive load," she observed curiously, as she delicately cupped two of his four balls in her soft hands. "I don't think we've ever let you get this backed up before."

She suddenly looked away distantly for a moment, and then a wicked smile spread on her face.

"What now?" he said with a grin, wondering what was going on in Alyssa's devilish mind.

She looked up at him eagerly and said, "Rachel's ready for you now."

They left the shower and dried off quickly, before walking out into the bedroom. John was surprised to see that it was empty, but Alyssa took his hand, and guided him out the door. She glided beside him silently, not giving him any clues, but his eyebrows went up when she stopped outside the Officers' Quarters that she had previously designated 'The Playroom'. She hit the button to open the door, and John immediately saw why they needed the preparation time.

The room was lit by candles, that flickered as though alive, sending darting shadows around the room. The soft illumination reflected off the shiny covered mattresses that were spread across the floor, and the girls were standing on them, waiting expectantly. Their skin was made slick with a liberal coating of oil, that made their spectacular bodies seem to glow, as they glistened in the candlelight. They stared at him intently as he walked into the room, their normal jovial banter silenced as he entered, making him pause for a moment.

Alyssa walked over to join the other girls, while Rachel glided over to stand before him. She did a slow and graceful pirouette so that he could admire her glorious athletic figure, as the coating of oil over her unblemished skin caught the light.

John nodded appreciatively at their efforts and said, "You look absolutely perfect."

Rachel smiled at him coyly, and then took his hand as she led him over to the mattress. She stopped a short distance away from a big mirror, and glanced at it before looking up at him to meet his gaze.

"That's so you can watch my face, as you stretch me for the first time," she said softly, then let go of his hand, and sank gracefully to her knees.

He watched with wide eyes as Rachel knelt facing away from him, her back arched as she sat upright, while leaning forward slightly. She repositioned her legs slightly, parting them, and tilted her hips up so that she exposed herself to his hungry gaze.

John was just about to kneel behind her, when the other four girls moved to his sides. Calara and Jade lowered themselves to the mattress, then lay on their back with their heads towards him, while Alyssa and Dana waited until they were ready. They then lowered themselves so that the prone girls could lap away at their pussies as they positioned themselves over their eager mouths. The blonde and redhead stared at him with wild eyes, and his cock throbbed at the looks of unadulterated lust that they shot his way.

Alyssa was glistening with oil now as well, and she panted with lust as Jade licked her clit. *Dana wants to watch Rachel get buggered by you for the first time, and I want to see you skewer her gorgeous little ass too. Jade and Calara offered to help us cum whenever you do. Wasn't that nice of them?*

He smiled at her colourful language, knowing full well how Alyssa got when she was turned on. *Whose idea was all this?* he thought to her, as he turned his focus to Rachel. She was facing the mirror, but staring up at him, carefully watching his face in the reflection.

He could sense Alyssa's amusement as she replied, *Dana's actually. She wants Rachel to love taking it in the ass as much as she does. She said she offered to go down on her for the first time, but our newest recruit wants to experience being taking by you, without the distraction of a mind-shattering orgasm.*

John dropped carefully to his knees behind the tawny haired brunette, and he smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Rachel dropped her sultry demeanour for a moment, smiling a warm sparkling smile his way, before readopting the seductive, smouldering expression she had previously been wearing. With a joyful grin, he reached out with both hands to start exploring her incredible body, presented as it was, to showcase her magnificent, athletic physique.

Her skin was smooth and soft, and the slick coating of oil allowed his fingers to glide over her with ease. He massaged her body with a firm hand, running his hands down her back and watching the toned muscles respond to his touch. He circled the dimples of Venus in the small of her back, before moving further down and taking a pert asscheek in each hand. Looking up, he locked eyes with her, and watched them widen as he spread her cheeks apart. When he glanced down, he saw that her anus was glistening with lube, so he carefully nuzzled the weighty head of his cock against the tight knot of muscle. Once he was carefully in position, he leaned over her body, covering her smaller frame as she knelt submissively in front of him.

"Are you going to take me hard, like you do with Calara?" she asked him with a mix of arousal and trepidation, as she panted with lust.

John smiled and shook his head as he watched her expression in the mirror. "No, my bold little lioness. I'm going to be gentle with you, so you can savour every moment."

He had placed his hands next to hers, and she covered his hands with her own, while interlacing fingers with him. "So you can hold me in place, until you've emptied your balls," she explained considerately.

Her grey eyes sparkled with excitement, and she smiled at him playfully until he began to move forward with his hips. Her mouth dropped open as she felt the huge intruder nudging against her, and she let out a low cry as her lubed asshole began to yield against the pressure. John pushed more firmly, and her cry turned into a groan as her pliant ring stretched wide to accommodate him.

"You're fucking huge!" she gasped, as she wriggled beneath him, as though trying to escape.

Their interlaced fingers held her in place, and there was nowhere for her to go as her incredibly tight passage yielded to his throbbing cock. "That's a good girl. You've nearly taken the head," he told her proudly as he kept up the pressure.

"Oh fuck," she whimpered, as her body stretched around him like a second skin.

With a snap, the broad head of his cock was enveloped by the tight ring of her anus, which suddenly clamped down on his shaft. John paused and let her get used to the enormous invader, and eventually asked, "Are you ready to take more?"

She looked up at him, and he could see the fierce, stormy look in her grey eyes as she nodded. He smiled at her and then began to slowly drive forward with his hips. His cock made steady progress inside her snug body, the way eased by all the lube that Dana had used on her. Rachel let out one long, disbelieving cry as she felt her body stretching to adapt to that enormous penetration. He pushed his whole length inside her, and she quivered and trembled beneath him as he did.

She panted for breath, her chest heaving as she got used to the intrusion. John held still and just enjoyed the constricting tightness of her back passage, as it grasped and clenched him with her strong internal muscles.

"No-one's ever been that deep inside me," Rachel said at last, as she lifted her head to stare into his eyes.

He smiled at her and asked, "Do you like it?"

She nodded insistently and said, "You can take me like this whenever you want!"

Dana let out a low moan, which drew both John and Rachel's attention. The redhead was writhing on Jade's tongue, and she stared at them passionately, with a wide smile of satisfaction on her lovely face.

John grinned and began to gently rock back and forth inside the brunette impaled on his cock, not moving too much, to let her adjust to being taken this way.

"I'm ready," she finally said. "Use me and empty those four big balls of yours."

"Are you sure?" he teased her. "They're very full, so your poor belly is going to have to really stretch when I'm done."

Her eyes flashed with excitement, and she urged him, "Give it to me! I want all of it."

His excitement matched her own as he carefully pulled back about half-way, and then paused to let her adjust to being voided. He then thrust all the way up to quad inside her, drawing a grunt from her when he hit bottom. She wriggled a little, repositioning herself a bit lower, so that it would be easier for him to fuck her.

"You're a natural at this," he praised her, as he pulled back and shoved deep inside her again.

She nodded excitedly as she said, "We're built to take a good pounding from a strong man like you."

John locked eyes with her and began to steadily pick up the pace. Being able to see the reactions on her face to every body-stuffing thrust was turning him on no end, and he couldn't wait to see how she'd look when he started cumming inside her. Moaning and whimpering from his sides made him glance at Dana and Alyssa, as they writhed on their partners' tongues, gasping as they got closer to a big climax.

He began to build up a steady, unrelenting rhythm, and Rachel gasped as his broad cock ploughed into her. He wasn't as savagely rough as he was with Calara, but Rachel was still taking a robust fucking, and loving every moment of it.

"Make me carry your load!" she begged him, as he powered into her.

With all the teasing from Alyssa, the sensual setup of her offering herself to him, and the tight clenching heat that was wrapped around him so snugly, he eagerly did as she asked. He lunged inside her, roaring out loudly as she cried out in ecstasy, and then began to blast his cum into her gorgeous young body. Long surges of spunk shot up his shaft, packing her to the brim, and making her slim belly curve outwards to take the massive amounts of jism.

Rachel could feel every throbbing jerk of his cock in her tautly stretched passage, and she squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she came. It was a long, earth shattering climax, accentuated by the feelings of having her ass stretched so widely, and her belly growing heavy with the huge amount of cum he was pumping into her. She sobbed with relief as the waves of pleasure crashed over her, riding out her orgasm as she enthusiastically milked his balls.

With one final spurt, his quad was done, and John sagged over her, desperately trying not to collapse on top of her smaller body. He looked up, and when he saw her grinning at him with delight, he returned her happy grin. She carefully lifted her slender hands off his, and then sat upright, settling back in his lap.

"You came so much," she marvelled as she tenderly stroked her hugely bloated abdomen. She giggled when she saw that her belly-button had popped out as she was stuffed so full of spunk.

John laughed, almost overwhelmed with the sense of relief from cumming so hard, and he reached down to gently stroke her engorged tummy. They glanced to the side, and saw that Alyssa and Dana were sprawled on the mattress, both having experienced thunderous climaxes of their own. Calara and Jade sat up and grinned at them, looking well satisfied at their handiwork.

They both crawled over to join them, and Calara sat in front of Rachel, gently placing both hands on her rounded belly. "You won't be able to hold his cum when you take it like that," the Latina said regretfully. Her face brightened as she added, "But the next part is almost as much fun!"

Rachel gingerly dismounted John's cock, and let out a deep groan as the cum shifted around, when he pulled out of her.

"Let us take care of you now," Jade said to her eagerly, and Rachel nodded to her trustingly.

Calara lay on her back again, and Jade helped Rachel carefully straddle the gorgeous Latina's face, resting her bloated belly on Calara's chest, as the brunette began to gently lap at her pussy. Jade slipped around behind the kneeling young woman, and leaned over to nuzzle between her cheeks. John sat in front of Rachel, and enjoyed seeing the look of shock on her face as Jade elongated her tongue, and slid it inside her.

"Oh my God!" Rachel shrieked, and she stared at him with a wild, disbelieving look in her eyes as the girls went to work on her.


They washed each other clean afterwards, in the big shower off the Commander's Quarters. While the oil was extremely sexy, none of them wanted to think about the mess it would make of their lovely soft bedding. Relaxing together in bed afterwards, Jade was cuddled up against his left side, her rounded stomach emitting ethereal pulses of light, while Rachel snuggled into him on the right. John pulled up the covers to cover Jade's glowing form, and she grinned at him contentedly before resting her head against his shoulder, and falling asleep moments later.

Dana was cuddled up behind Rachel and she whispered in her ear, "So what did you think of anal? Hot as hell, right?"

Rachel leaned back to kiss the redhead passionately, then nodded when they finally parted lips. "It was, thank you for setting that up," she said gratefully.

John looked down at her and asked gently, "I hope I wasn't too rough with you. You looked like you were enjoying all of it."

She nodded at him enthusiastically and replied, "It was all fantastic. I'd experimented with doing it that way before, but without lots of preparation, it could be a bit painful sometimes. With the way our bodies are so malleable now, there was no pain at all. Just an intense feeling of being stretched to accept you into my body. It felt incredibly intimate when you were fully inside me, and I was hypersensitive to every throb of your cock."

"Well I thought you were incredible," John told her appreciatively. "Thanks for being brave enough to give that a try."

"Any time!" she promised him with an excited gleam in her eyes.

They shared a happy grin, and then everyone settled down together, getting ready to go to sleep. The girls dropped off one after another, until it was just Alyssa left. He could tell she was still awake from their telepathic bond, and he glanced to his right to see her watching him with a satisfied smile on her face.

Her bright blue eyes sparkled as she thought to him playfully, *Well, you've plundered every hole we have, so it looks like we need to go on another recruitment drive. Get someone shiny and new for you to break in.*

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