tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 049

Three Square Meals Ch. 049


"When we were back on Irillith's homeworld, you mentioned that you wanted to catch up with Ceraden. I've got through to him," Rachel said to John, as they all sat up on the Bridge. "He's coming through on a secure channel."

They were only an hour away from Geniya Space Station, and John had been about to ask the tawny haired girl to reach out to his old Maliri friend. Impressed with her initiative, John smiled at her and said, "Thank you. Put him through."

Ceraden's handsome blue-skinned face filled the holographic view screen, and he looked relieved when he set eyes on them. "John! My old friend, you really are a sight for sore eyes!" he exclaimed enthusiastically.

John smiled at the Maliri trader and replied, "I was getting worried about you, Ceraden. When we left Geniya just over a week ago, I tried to reach out to you for some advice. I saw your message about being called away on business..."

Ceraden's expression darkened as he said, "It appears I was the victim of a cruel practical joke. I received an update from an automated mining facility in my possession, that has proven quite lucrative over the years. It reported catastrophic damage to the ore storage section, courtesy of a meteor strike. I assembled a repair and maintenance team at no small expense, and mounted an immediate expedition to salvage my property. You can imagine my surprise when it turned out there was nothing wrong, and everything was working perfectly."

John and Alyssa exchanged knowing glances. *Irillith?* she asked him with certainty.

*Sounds just like her M.O.* John replied. *She must have wanted Ceraden out the way, just in case we reached out to him about the Fulmanax.*

John turned to look at Ceraden once more, and said apologetically, "I'm sorry Ceraden, I think that was our fault."

Ceraden frowned and asked jovially, "My friend, how could my recent woes have anything to do with you?"

"Irillith," John replied grimly. "When we couldn't get in contact with you, I was worried she'd done something to you."

The Maliri trader's dark blue eyes narrowed with anger as he swore vehemently, "That fucking bitch! You're right, she must have faked the message. How she got her claws into my private stakeholdings I don't know. I'm going to have to have stern words with my digital security team." He then looked puzzled and asked, "But why? We don't get on, but I operate a trade license for House Valaden. Sending me off on a fool's errand for a week will have hit her House's profits."

John sighed and said ruefully, "She asked us to help her on a little side mission before we could meet with Edraele Valaden. She duped us into going to Quanthos and a run-in with the Fulmanax."

Ceraden's eyes widened with alarm as he exclaimed, "I tried to warn you my friend! You can't trust anything those scheming hellions say!" He then calmed a little when he glanced around the Bridge and saw all of the girls looking fit and well. "I'm relieved to see you seem to have escaped the encounter unscathed. The Fulmanax are extremely dangerous, I'm surprised that you got away so lightly. They've been a vicious hazard of that planet for centuries."

"Not any more," John said regretfully. "We escorted Irillith deep into the nest, and she set off some kind of incendiary device that triggered a volcanic eruption. The mountain range blew, and the Fulmanax were incinerated."

Ceraden looked shocked, and he sat there, stunned into silence for a long moment. He looked up and studied John's drawn expression, before he said gently, "Don't lose any sleep over the Fulmanax, my friend. They were an aggressive, hostile species, which suddenly announced their presence on the planet, by brutally slaughtering a Maliri colony several centuries ago. Thousands were lost, and the Fulmanax spared no one. Women, children, all butchered."

The girls turned to look at John, and he could see their expressions brightening as they glanced at Alyssa, having a telepathic chat with her.

*I don't feel quite so bad now,* the blonde girl thought to him, sounding relieved.

John nodded to her, then said to Ceraden gratefully, "Thank you for that, it's good to know. We actually have Irillith aboard the Invictus if you wanted to have a little chat with her about the mining facility diversion she sent you on."

Ceraden's eyes glinted, and he looked sorely tempted. He sighed with frustration though, and said, "I appreciate the offer, but she's entirely beyond my reach. House Valaden holds enormous power, and as tempting as it would be to have some kind of revenge, my life would be forfeit afterwards."

John nodded understandingly and said, "No problem. Let me know if you change your mind."

The Maliri merchant smiled at him, and said, "Now, enough of this kind of talk. I see from your call signal you are nearly back at Geniya. I do hope you are planning to drop by, and bring me up to speed on your recent adventures?"

John smiled back and said, "Yes, I was planning to come and have a drink if you're not too busy. We're heading to the Trankaran Republic next, so I'm still interested in electronic goods if you can set up a meeting with your friend, Meruan. We also enjoyed the food we had in Natralis so much, the girls have been asking me to resupply the ship with Maliri cuisine."

Ceraden chuckled and said exuberantly, "Do not worry about a thing, my friend! I will speak to Meruan and invite him to join us. You'll find him a most agreeable fellow, and a pleasure to trade with. I'll also arrange to have you provisioned out of my own pocket. Consider it an apology for the females of my species."

John grinned at the cheerful merchant, and said, "You don't have to do that Ceraden, thanks for the offer though."

"Nonsense, I won't hear another word of objection!" Ceraden smiled. "There is a condition to this offer however..."

John frowned and asked, "Condition? What might that be?"

Ceraden grinned at him and said, "You must bring your delightful companions for a drink! You've met the women of my species... You don't know what a rare treasure it is, to experience pleasant female company!"

The girls laughed and looked pleased at the compliment from the extravert Maliri trader.

"We'll be docking shortly, so we can head over to see you after that," John said with a light hearted laugh.

Ceraden smiled back at them, and gave them a jaunty wave before closing the comm channel.

"I do like him," Alyssa said affectionately, with a warm smile on her face.

Calara laughed and said, "I think you're just into guys with pointy ears!"

Alyssa giggled and glanced at John before nodding enthusiastically.

Dana looked up at them and grinned as she said, "I'm with Alyssa, Ceraden is really hot!"

Rachel smiled as she looked up at him and said playfully, "If I wasn't already taken, I'd seriously consider moving to Geniya Space Station."

Jade tilted her head to one side as though giving the matter some serious thought. "He seems quite pleasant, but I prefer John's muscular physique. I think I'd find all other men quite inadequate after being taken by such a powerful man," she said, gazing up at John adoringly.

John laughed, and said gratefully, "Thanks, Jade. At least one of my girls still likes me."

They all laughed at that, and over the gentle ribbing and joking he asked loudly, "We need someone to guard the ship. Any volunteers?"

The girls all glanced around at each other as they communicated telepathically, with Rachel nodding her agreement to the consensus. Jade grinned and then rose from her chair, and sashayed up the ramp to the grav-tube, while the others watched her in amusement. John turned his chair, following her luscious form as she darted flirtatious looks his way.

When she finally paused, and held out her hand for him, she said, "I'm volunteering to stay and look after the ship. My condition was that you 'power me up' first."

John grinned at her as he stood, and said, "I think we can arrange that. I feel like letting off some steam first though, so I hope you're ready to see what your powerful man can do."

The Nymph's emerald eyes flashed with excitement, and she grinned eagerly as she beckoned him to join her with her index finger.


Irillith had been following the conversation on the Bridge, and she had bristled with anger when they had spoken about her so derisively. Ceraden had stepped out of line one too many times, and she bitterly regretted not sending assassins after him when she sent him on the mining facility diversion. Still, now that they were nearing Geniya Space Station, she could set up a permanent end to the irritating male.

She packed away her belongings in her case, and equipped herself in her full armour, before picking up her laser rifle. She glanced at the data feeds from the cameras in the Commander's Quarters, and watched John roughly fucking the Nymph, mounting her from behind as she knelt before him. Pulling her head back with her hair in his clenched fist, he rode her hard with long, powerful thrusts of his hips, and the green-skinned girl moaned her way through several orgasms. Irillith was disturbed to find herself getting very aroused at the sight, even though she would never dream of allowing a man to demean her in such a way. She couldn't deny the look of sheer ecstasy on Jade's face as he took her so forcefully, and she felt a sudden surge of envy.

Realising she still had enough time, Irillith quickly stripped out of her armour, and then climbed onto her bed, her eyes glued to the video images. She stroked her clit in time to the thrusting the Nymph was receiving, and it didn't take her long to join Jade in an explosive orgasm as she watched with wild eyes. Panting for breath afterwards, she flushed a little with embarrassment at how wet her fingers had become, and she darted into the shower to get cleaned up.


John drifted down in the grav-tube, accompanied by the girls. They were all wearing business wear, except for Jade, who had borrowed one of his white shirts which tented over her heavily swollen belly. Slow, soothing pulses of light strobed around the walls of the grav-tube, as ethereal verdant bands travelled down her lithe green legs. She wore a contented, well satisfied smile on her beautiful cute face, and she held his hand tightly in her own. They stepped out into the corridor on Deck Nine, and the girls strolled over to the airlock, leaving John to say goodbye.

"Thanks for staying to guard the ship," he said to Jade gratefully.

She looked up at him rapturously and replied, "Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am."

John smiled at her, and gathered her in his arms, giving her a tender kiss goodbye. They eventually parted, and he strolled down the corridor to join the others. They all turned and waved Jade farewell, then stepped through the airlock out into the Geniya Space Station docking bay. He was surprised when the clean, crisp air in the docking bay actually felt a tiny bit dry, after getting used to Dana's upgrade to the fantastic air quality on the Invictus.

"Wait for me!" came the frantic call from Irillith, as she suddenly emerged from the grav-tube.

She jogged down the corridor towards them looking flustered, and she hurriedly pulled her golden helmet onto her head. Irillith gave Jade a wide berth as the Nymph turned back towards the grav-tube, rubbing her rounded stomach, and purring to herself contentedly.

John waited for Irillith to step through the airlock before closing it behind her. He turned to look at her and said firmly, "This is only going to be a brief stop at Geniya, a few hours at maximum."

She nodded and replied haughtily, "Don't worry, I have no intention of delaying our mission for one minute longer than I have to."

The Maliri woman strode off purposefully, leaving them behind, and John rolled his eyes as he smiled at the girls. They grinned back at him, then as a group, they set off together into the Space Station to meet up with Ceraden.


Jade stepped barefoot out onto the Command Deck, and then strolled dreamily down to the Pilot's Station, humming happily to herself. John had been so dominant and energetic with her earlier, and her body still tingled as she remembered his wonderful touch. She sat back in her chair, and rolling back the sleeves of his shirt that she had borrowed, she pressed a few buttons on the console. A broad panel of images appeared before her, showing footage from all the outer hull cameras around the Invictus, which gave her a sweeping view of every possible approach to their ship.

She sat back in her chair, tucking her legs up so that she sat cross legged, and she began her careful vigil of their home. The Nymph felt honoured that she would be so trusted by John and the girls, and she was determined that she wouldn't let them down. Still, she couldn't help but let a hand drift down to stroke her rounded abdomen, and she felt a thrill of elation knowing that she was packed full of so much of John's cum. Pulses of light made their languid way down her arms and legs, and Jade grinned as she remembered Rachel's wonderful revelations. The thought that her Master was nurturing her, and making her grow strong, made her feel deliriously happy.

Whilst keeping a wary eye out for the slightest sign of movement in the external cameras, she opened up a Holonet browser and began to search for more shapes to practice with. She had exhausted what she could find of old Terran animals, with one or two exceptions that were still outside her capabilities. Between quick glances at the security display, she typed in a search for "big animals", and flicked idly through several pages of images. Most Terran colonies had cloned or imported traditional Terran fauna, and there weren't that many examples of indigenous creatures to be found. At least not on the scale she was looking for.

She typed in a new search criteria, changing it to "large creatures" instead, hoping that might pick up something more exotic. After idly flicking past the images of elephants, giraffes and whales, she saw a picture that made her sit up with excitement. She hurriedly typed in a new set of search criteria, and began to grin eagerly. Oh yes, this was exactly what she was looking for. Way outside her capabilities at the moment, but if she was a good girl for her Master, and fed whenever she could, maybe someday...


Irillith walked back to the Terran ship distractedly, as she fretted over her recent instructions from her mother. To make the call to her homeworld, she had deliberately avoided Ceraden's offices, and gone straight to one of the House Valaden patrol cruisers that was currently in drydock. Edraele had been delighted at her news, and had listened attentively to tales of incredibly fast hyper-warp drives, extreme range sensors, highly advanced heatsinks, and psychokinetic laser-absorbing armour.

Irillith had been thrilled at the response she had received, and had eagerly launched into what she had discovered about the miraculous changes the girls had undergone when they joined John's crew. This bit of news had Edraele's eyes flashing with excitement, and just as Irillith was about to start describing the various other research they had completed on John and the other species, her mother had brought her up short.

"I want you to acquire schematics for all their technology as soon as you can," Edraele had demanded imperiously.

Irillith had carefully pointed out that if they simply waited until they returned to Valaden, they could eliminate John and his crew and take whatever they wanted at their leisure. Edraele had been adamant however, insisting that Irillith secure the technology immediately. When Irillith had tried to point out that doing so was very risky, and might well trigger very unpleasant consequences if she was discovered, Edraele's eyes had gleamed, flickering with amusement.

"Don't get caught then," she had offered unhelpfully, with a sly grin on her face.

Wisely, Irillith had remained silent, not wishing to provoke her mother's ire, especially after receiving such glowing praise for her actions so far. While she had avoided an ugly confrontation with Edraele, it now left her in a very awkward, and potentially dangerous position aboard the Invictus if she were to carry out her mother's orders.

Irillith walked into the docking bay, dragging her feet as she approached the ship, as though taking the long walk to the hangman's noose. John and four of his concubines strolled into the hangar moments after her, with the girls chattering away, giggling and joking like the air-headed sluts that they were. Irillith sneered with contempt, until she suddenly remembered that just like John, these seemingly vacant young women were cleverly hiding their true nature behind a carefully maintained deception. Irillith had seen them in action, and knew they were all lethally efficient killers, possessing talents and gifts that one would never suspect lurked behind their perky facade. Still, she groaned at the thought of having to put up with their insufferable cheerfulness for another few weeks.

John opened the airlock and once it had spiralled open, he waved them all through, including Irillith who moved with leaden footsteps. He closed the door after him and they walked down the corridor to the grav-tube.

When the Maliri woman removed her helmet, Rachel turned to smile warmly at her and said, "With you travelling aboard our ship, I thought it might be a good idea if you come to the Medical Bay, and let me give you a complete physical. I'm afraid I don't know anything about your species' physiology, so if you get hurt, I wouldn't know how to treat you."

Irillith curled her lip in distaste and snapped at her incredulously, "You think I'd let you practice your backwards 'medicine' on me? Are you completely out of your mind?"

Rachel looked hurt and said, "I was just trying to look out for you, there's no need to be ru-."

"Leave me be!" Irillith snarled, and stormed ahead of them and into the grav-tube.

She stepped out onto Deck Four, and marched angrily down the corridor to her quarters. She had activated the unlocking mechanism on the golden star-shaped security device, and was just about to enter her quarters when the sound of footsteps in the corridor behind her made her freeze.

"You owe Rachel an apology," John said to her heatedly. "She was just carrying out her role as Medical Officer. As you're a passenger aboard the Invictus, she's responsible for your care."

Irillith whirled to face him, having had just about enough of being ordered around for one day. "It's bad enough I have to put up with you, and your disgusting harem of whores!" she snarled at him furiously. "I refuse to let any of them paw at me. We'll be done with this damnable mission in three weeks time. Just stay out of my way, and keep your sluts out of my face!"

John was surprised at such a vitriolic reaction, but he recovered quickly, and his eyes narrowed dangerously as he said in a cold voice, "Be careful Irillith. You can rage at me all you like, but I won't tolerate you taking it out on the girls."

Irillith desperately wanted to take him up on his invitation, and swear at him profusely, but something held her back. Whether it was his foreboding tone, or piercing stare, she wasn't sure, but she nodded imperceptibly, and then turned and walked defiantly into her room, her head held high.


John walked away angrily, before he was tempted to do something he might regret.

*Come up to your room,* Alyssa told him soothingly.

He didn't reply, and stepped into the blue glow of the grav-tube, then floated up the two decks to where his quarters were located. He strode down the corridor, then into his room, and found all the girls waiting for him there.

"Thanks for standing up for me," Rachel said, walking over to him and raising herself up on tiptoe to plant a tender kiss on his cheek.

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