tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 051

Three Square Meals Ch. 051


John woke around midday, stretching languidly as he felt a couple of very familiar, soft, and warm, female figures cuddling up next to him. He glanced down and smiled fondly at the blonde and brunette, who were hugging him tightly in their sleep, as though not wanting to let him out of their grasp. Relaxing back in bed, he thought back to the rather uncomfortable debrief he'd had with Vice Admiral Charles Harris, after they'd returned from New Eden in the early hours of the morning.

Although the evidence against the Armoured Cobras had been damning, Charles had been catching some flak from senior officers in High Command, who had previously sanctioned the use of the mercenary group. Worried about possible bad press, when there was already a tense public mood due to the Dragon March conflict, the Terran Federation military were desperate to avoid news of the rogue merc group's criminal origins from getting out. Charles had therefore had some choice things to say about John's spontaneous bit of summary justice.

"Why not just own the story?" John had eventually suggested in exasperation, growing weary of being chastised for vigilantism. "Say that Terran Federation High Command suspected something was amiss with the Armoured Cobras, and they sent me, 'the Lion of the Federation', to get to the bottom of it. Then they look like they're rooting out any bad elements, and can claim the moral high ground. Besides, we rescued half a dozen kidnap victims, and a few interviews with them reunited with their families will sell whatever story you want."

Charles had been taken aback by this, and he studied John suspiciously as he asked, "Have you been taking Public Relations training since you retired?"

John shrugged and said dismissively, "People will accept any story you tell them, as long as you put in the effort to make it convincing. In any case, the Terran Federation legitimately seized the assets of that Merc group, so you've now gained a modern cruiser to replace your losses in the Dragon March, and reclaimed a partially terraformed planet for free. High Command should be falling over themselves to thank me, not giving me grief."

Charles looked startled at his tone, but then looked thoughtful, and said, "I'm sorry John, you're right. I'll discuss this with Admiral Devereux, and see how we can spin the story for some positive PR."

They said their farewells, and once the call ended, John had strolled onto the Bridge to confirm that a course had been set for the Trankaran Republic. Satisfied that they were well on their way, he then joined the girls in bed. His irritation with the debriefing had fallen away as he'd lain in bed with them, and they'd all drifted off to sleep almost straight away, everyone exhausted after the long and arduous day.

John waited patiently for the girls to awaken on their own, not wanting to disturb them. He glanced over to his right, looking past Alyssa and Dana, and saw Rachel's beautiful face looking serene as she lay asleep on the pillow. He studied her for a while, and she seemed to have found a sense of peace, which had previously alluded her the entire time he'd known her. He smiled in satisfaction, glad he'd been able to help the tawny haired girl deal with some of the ghosts from her past.

Alyssa's tousled blonde hair suddenly blocked his view and she smiled at him, then leaned in for a kiss. *Good morning, handsome,* she thought to him, as her soft lips brushed his own.

*Good morning to you too, beautiful,* he replied, feeling in a jovial mood that morning.

The other girls all started to wake up as well, gently nudged into consciousness by Alyssa's telepathic wake up call. They sat up and stretched, glancing at John flirtatiously, which soon had him thinking of interesting ways to start their day.

*Uh, uh. Not so fast mister,* Alyssa told him sternly. *We need to talk about what happened yesterday first.*

The girls fanned out in a semi-circle on the bed, with Alyssa sitting opposite him. John looked at each of them in turn, then said proudly, "You girls were all incredible yesterday. You performed perfectly in the battle, reacting calmly and sensibly to all the surprises that were thrown at us. The fact we all came out of it unscathed is a testimony to your outstanding efforts."

They all smiled broad, sparkling smiles to receive such praise, but Alyssa's fell away, and she frowned as she said, "Yes, the girls were amazing, but you just went missing for about twenty minutes, and left Dana and Rachel to fend for themselves! It was also my first time in command on the Invictus, and If I'd made a bad call, everything could have gone horribly wrong. I couldn't contact you or anything!" There was a hushed silence for a moment, and when she continued, they could all hear how worried she was as she added, "We were all very lucky it didn't turn into a real disaster. What happened to you?"

John faltered and shook his head in confusion as he said, "I've no idea... I was jogging along with Dana and Rachel, then I just blacked out. When I came to again, I was in the south east corner of the base near the outer wall. I ran over to rejoin them at the backup generator, and we continued on from there."

Dana thought back to when he'd made his sudden reappearance, and said in a quiet voice, "When you finally turned up, the paint on your sword was all chipped, so you'd obviously been in a fight."

Rachel nodded as she said, "And you weren't injured, but you were drenched in blood."

Alyssa reached out and took John's hand as she asked with concern, "Why would you lose control to Progenitor-John like that?" She then looked around and added, "I think we're all agreed that's what probably happened, right?"

The girls all nodded quietly as they looked to John for an explanation. After a long moment, he shrugged helplessly, and looked troubled as he replied, "I'm sorry, I haven't got any answers for you. After we discussed this previously, I'd just assumed I'd only lose control like that when I, or one of you, was seriously injured."

Alyssa crawled over the bed to join him, giving him a hug and saying gently, "Maybe we should try and avoid letting you be in combat situations on your own, at least until we can get some answers."

John nodded. Hugging her back tightly, he looked around at the girls as he said, "I'm sorry that what happened put you in danger. I swear I had no control over it."

Alyssa leaned in and gave him a kiss, then said with a smile, "It's alright, we aren't blaming you. It would be good to know why that happened though."

He smiled at her ruefully and said, "One more for the list of progenitor mysteries I guess."

They sat for a moment wondering about that, before Rachel cleared her throat, drawing their attention to her. She paused for a moment, before saying in a voice thick with emotion, "Can I just say thanks to all of you, for putting your lives on the line for me like that. Now that I've finally got justice for my mother, it feels like she can rest in peace. I'll never forget what you've all done for me."

There was a chorus of soft sighs as the girls were touched by Rachel's heartfelt words. Alyssa moved aside, and John opened his arms for the tawny haired girl. She immediately responded to his invitation, and hugged him tightly as he encircled her in his muscular arms. The other girls joined them, surrounding Rachel in a loving group hug. When they finally parted, Rachel smiled at them all gratefully.

Alyssa looked hesitant for a moment, as though she wanted to raise some other topic of conversation, but didn't want to bring down the mood. Rachel could feel her indecision over their bond, and smiled at her as she said encouragingly, "It's alright, go ahead."

The blonde girl smiled at her gratefully, then said, "Sorry to bring this up, but while everyone's here, I think we need to discuss Irillith. I'm getting worried about her pet AI."

This had all their attention on her immediately, as she said, "Yeah, she confirmed it was an AI before she unleashed it on the mercenary cruiser. That's not the only worrying part though. She summoned it from her vambrace just like she did on New Eden, but the first time the AI appeared, it turned on her. It threatened to turn the oxygen off in the ship, and If Irillith hadn't killed it off, I'm sure it would have tried!"

Calara nodded and said with a frown, "The sound of the AI's death cries were awful. It sounded like it was in agony." She glanced at Dana and asked, "Can an AI actually feel pain?"

Dana shrugged helplessly and said, "I'm sorry, I've got no idea. I haven't had any kind of experience dealing with an AI before. I guess if the programming was sophisticated enough, it might be able to feel simulated pain responses, but why you would build such a thing into a digital construct in the first place is beyond me."

John looked concerned and asked, "How worried should we be about the AI taking over the ship?"

The girls all exchanged glances, no one knowing for sure, and Alyssa said tentatively, "Her kill switch will probably keep it from getting loose on its own, but we might need to be more worried about Irillith ordering it to attack."

Dana laughed and said sarcastically, "I guess we'll have to try and be bestest friends with her, to make sure that doesn't happen."

Calara looked thoughtful and said tentatively, "I know we've had a chequered history with Irillith up till now, but she really came through in the fight against the Cobras defensive fleet. We were in really big trouble, and heavily outnumbered, until her hacking one of the cruisers tipped the battle in our favour. She turned it from a three-against-one slugfest to a one-on-one turkey shoot. The Red Hornets deserted the battle after the Cobras started firing on each other, so we have her to thank for that too."

Alyssa nodded, and said, "As much as it pains me to admit it, our gorgeous Tactical Officer is right about Irillith. Her attack on the Cobra cruiser turned that whole battle from a really close run thing, to a complete cakewalk. We should definitely make the effort to thank her."

Jade grinned and said, "I can go and ask her if she wants to join our victory celebrations if you want?"

The girls all turned to look at John with teasing smiles on their faces, and he knew that if he said the word, Jade would do exactly that. Part of him was sorely tempted, despite knowing the acerbic reply the invitation would receive. He had seen the teasing looks the Maliri girl had been giving him over the last few days, despite her otherwise cold and haughty demeanour. He could just imagine the indignant look on her face, as her angry pursed lips were forced to spread around the broad throbbing head of his cock, and the thought had him hard as a rock almost instantly.

Alyssa grinned at him and reached down to take his pulsating shaft in her hand. She stroked him lazily as she noted, "I think little John likes that idea."

Calara's olive toned hand snaked out to grasp him as well, and she bit her lower lip coyly as she said appreciatively, "I don't think you can call this beast 'little'!"

Rachel crawled over to join them, and cupped two of his swollen balls in her soft hands, then gasped, "You poor man, you're so full!"

Dana had moved lithely onto her stomach, and she shimmied closer so that she could begin to lap lovingly at another of his engorged orbs. She paused her languorous licks to say, "That's because he didn't use us to empty them yesterday." She glanced up at him, her sky blue eyes flashing with lust as she said, "You know I belong to you, and you can take me whenever you want. You should have just bent me over a console, and got yourself off using one of my tight holes."

John groaned as the four Terran girls worked on him in tandem. They were right, his quad was packed to the brim, having got quite accustomed to having a different lusty young lady empty them at least three times a day.

Jade knelt in front of him, being careful not to get in the other girls way, and leaned in for a tender kiss. She then stared at him intently with her emerald, vertically slitted eyes, and purred seductively, "So, who do you want first?"

He found himself getting drawn in by her hypnotic verdant gaze, but he pulled back a little, and glanced down at the eager young faces staring back up at him. They were all so beautiful, and he wanted to be with all of them so badly, choosing was an impossibility.

The Nymph could see the indecision on his face, and gave him an enigmatic smile as she sat upright. "Don't worry, you don't have to choose," she said sympathetically, and reached up to begin plaiting her hair.

John watched the green-skinned girl curiously, wondering what she was up to. Alyssa giggled with excitement as she darted off the bed, and he knew that if the adventurous blonde girl was that enthusiastic, he was going to be in for a wild time. The other girls all glanced at each other, sharing some kind of in-depth telepathic conversation, and with broad grins on their faces, they all changed position on the bed.

Calara knelt in front of him, and after kissing the head of his cock lovingly, she smoothly took him down her throat. He was soon fully encased inside her, and her velvety soft tongue slathered up and down his length, making sure he was nice and wet. Dana and Rachel moved to his left side, with the tawny haired brunette lying on her back, and the redhead lying astride her. Dana brushed her thick auburn tresses away from the side of her face to give him a better view, and the two girls began to kiss each other tenderly.

Meanwhile Alyssa was back, and she knelt behind Jade, slipping a familiar looking tube into position. The Nymph was studying John's face intently, and she smiled at the inquisitive look he was giving her. Jade paused her plaiting for a moment, and her look grew even more hooded with lust as Alyssa squeezed, and filled her with lubricant.

"Thank you," Jade said in a low, throaty voice as Alyssa finished, and the two of them kissed lovingly.

When they parted, Calara carefully eased his saliva coated length out of her throat, then moved to his right on the bed, and rolled lithely onto her back. Alyssa looked like a stalking cat as she prowled towards Calara, her bright blue eyes sparkling with excitement. She straddled her lover's coffee coloured belly gracefully, and once she had made sure their full breasts were perfectly aligned, leaned down to press their chests together. The taut young flesh swelled out to the side, and Alyssa copied Dana's movement, brushing her hair to one side, so that John could see the teens kiss.

Calara let out a contented sigh as she whispered, "I love you, my beautiful blonde goddess."

Alyssa smiled at her adoringly, and replied, "And I love you, my gorgeous Latina temptress."

John was touched at the sincerity of their words, and he watched entranced as the two ravishing young women kissed each other passionately. He glanced to his other side and saw that same look of wonder in Dana and Rachel's eyes, as they lost themselves in each other's loving kisses. When he looked back at Jade, she was gazing at her friends, with a wide, beatific smile on her lovely verdant face. She noticed him watching her, and her smile turned inviting as she held out her hand for him.

He crawled over the bed to her, and she grinned at him impishly as she whispered, "It looks like your crew have paired off, and fallen head over heels in love with each other. I'm here to give you some backup if you want to straighten them out."

John chuckled at her mischievous look and said playfully, "But I'm so outnumbered, how can I keep them all satisfied?"

Jade winked, then repositioned herself to kneel submissively in front of him, facing both sets of girls. She watched her friends kissing sensually, and she sounded eager as she said, "Mount up, and let's see what I can do to help!"

John didn't need to be told twice, and when Jade reached back to pull apart her firm, rounded cheeks, he nuzzled the head of his cock against her ass. Her dark-green skin looked entrancing in the brightly illuminated room, and the viridian lines that highlighted her curves, accentuated her spectacular figure.

The Nymph glanced over her shoulder at him, and the look she gave him was wild and uninhibited as she gasped, "I'm slick and prepared for you, Master! Just force your way in, I promise it will feel amazing!"

Unable to turn down such an enticing offer, John took a firm hold of her waist, and prepared to push into the wonderfully exotic girl in front of him. Jade surprised him when she shook her head, saying, "I braided my hair into reins for you. Use them to ride me."

John looked startled as he stared at her, and her eyes shone with excitement when she saw an enthusiastic grin spread across his face. He wrapped a braid in each hand, and then pulled her head back towards his chest, making the Nymph arch her back. At the same time, he pushed forward with his hips, sinking his entire cock up to the balls inside the intense heat of her snugly gripping ass. He paused for a moment, relishing being buried deep inside her body, and he felt her shift smoothly around him.

Jade turned her head as much as she could, restrained as she was by her hair, and she winked at him as it felt like a hot wet tongue glided up the entire length of his cock. When it had finished, her passage gripped him tightly, and began to ripple along his shaft.

"Fuck! That feels so good," he groaned appreciatively, closing his eyes as he revelled in the sensations. "All that shapeshifting practice has paid off!"

Jade smiled at him adoringly and purred, "I live to serve you, Master."

He opened his eyes, and transferred both braids to his right hand, so that he could turn her head to look at him. He was about to tell her that he wanted her to be free and independent, but when he saw the yearning look in her emerald eyes, he knew what she really needed to hear.

He slipped his left hand down to lovingly caress her slender belly, as he whispered in her ear, "You serve me so well, little Nymph. I'm going to feed you, and make you grow strong for me. Then I'll use your gorgeous body to breed a whole new race of beautiful green-skinned girls, just like you."

Jade's eyes flared, her cat-like irises widening with arousal, and he could feel her dark-green skin heating up as she leant back against his chest. "I'm so lucky you found me, Master," she told him reverently.

John leaned down and held her head firmly in place as he kissed her fiercely. Jade revelled in feeling his mighty strength pinning her against him, and she sighed with delight when their lips parted. "So powerful..." she purred ecstatically.

John began to ease his hips back before sinking forward into her depths, unable to stop himself from moving inside her any longer. Jade was brought back to the situation at hand, and she gazed up at him as he slowly sawed in and out of her tightly gripping ass.

"Hold still a moment, Master," she urged him in a reassuring voice. "I promise I will make it worth your while."

He stopped moving when he was fully sheathed inside her, and watched her curiously as she closed her eyes. Jade took a deep breath, and then four dark-green appendages began to slowly snake out from her verdant torso. The tentacles grew in length, getting longer and longer as they undulated towards the four teenage girls, who were still lost in their gentle feminine kisses. John watched their progress in amazement, astounded at Jade's ability to shape her body like this. His eyes threatened to roll out of his head, when he watched the end of each tentacle form into a throbbing, dark-green replica of his cock.

The girls were still lying chest to chest, and all four of them eased apart their tender thighs, allowing the probing tentacles to approach them purposefully. He lurched in shock when it suddenly felt like the head of his cock had just nudged up against four tight young pussies all at the same time.

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