tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 054

Three Square Meals Ch. 054


*We did it!* Alyssa cried out jubilantly to the girls.

The answering surge of joyful relief from all of them was wonderfully uplifting, and Alyssa's face lit up with a spectacular sparkling smile. She filled them in on everything that had happened, as John rose unsteadily to his feet and offered her his hand, helping her to stand too.

He stretched his weary muscles, and happened to glance across the room, spotting Edraele Valaden comatose on the bed. Her enormously swollen belly was fairly convincing proof that their relationship with the Valaden Matriarch was never going to be the same again.

"Any idea what happened?" Alyssa asked him, as she saw where he was looking.

He shook his head, as he replied, "The last thing I remember was Irillith going down on me, back on the Invictus."

Alyssa couldn't help but giggle as she said, "Well, you finally got some mother/daughter action."

John frowned and said, "This is serious. What on Terra do I say to Irillith?"

She leaned up to kiss his cheek and said, "Don't worry, I think she'll be able to handle it. She's actually been really great since you were out of action. She apologised to Dana and Rachel for the way she's behaved, and I wouldn't have been able to rescue you without her help. Progenitor-John ordered us to stay on the Invictus, but she managed to break out through force of will alone."

John looked startled and said, "Irillith must have extremely strong willpower to have pulled that off."

"Yeah she's got some real spirit to her. Once she was out, she goaded me into breaking free too," Alyssa told him with a grin on her face.

John pondered this for a moment, while looking down at the unconscious Maliri Matriarch, and eventually said, "I still think we should keep them apart, just until her mother wakes up. Then we can try to find out what happened between Edraele and Progenitor-John."

"Sure, you're the boss," Alyssa agreed, still jubilant that he was back to normal.

John smiled at her and said wryly, "Not any more."

She laughed and said, "Don't be silly, of course you still rule the roost."

John sat down on the bed, and explained carefully, "That's not quite what I meant. After what happened with Progenitor-John, I didn't want you girls to be trapped, completely powerless like that again. Before we reconnected, I suddenly began to understand a bit more about the way we were linked, and I changed the nature of our bond. I removed the compulsion you girls had to obey me, so you're all completely free from any control I had over you before."

She followed his lead, sitting beside him, and crossed her legs as she gazed at him adoringly. Her bright blue eyes sparkled as she replied eagerly, "I felt you change it! That's how I was able to double-up our connection."

She leaned in for a kiss, and when he responded, their lips brushed against each other. It felt like there was a tingle of electricity between them, and both their eyes opened wide at the sensation.

"If kissing's like that, I can't wait until you fuck me!" she said enthusiastically.

John looked equally eager, and he pulled her in for another kiss. They kissed more passionately this time, and he grinned at her when they finally separated, his lips still tingling.

"I didn't know that was going to happen," he said with a smile.

She stared into his eyes, and said earnestly, "Thank you for changing the bond. That was really sweet."

He studied her face intently, and asked, "Does it change the way you feel about me?"

She shook her head fiercely and said, "Of course not! I still love you with all my heart." Then she winked at him playfully and added, "And I'll still be a good obedient girl for you."

He chuckled, and sagged back on the bed, feeling exhausted. Alyssa crawled over to lie by his side, and as she cuddled up next to him, their eyes were both drawn to Edraele as she slumbered peacefully.

"What a mess," John said with a sigh.

Alyssa arched an eyebrow and said, "I think everything actually worked out fantastically well! With the huge load you just fed Edraele, it looks like she's going to get her brain tumour healed, and I doubt she'll be thinking about double crossing us on the Maliri laser deal after that. We also got top-of-the-range Trankaran engines installed in the Invictus, so your ship's going to be one unholy beast when we've finished all the upgrades.

We made friends with the Trankaran Government, and Dana made the deal of a century, so you're even richer now than when we started this whole Maliri saga. We accidentally gained Faye, so now we've got a really helpful AI as a handy research assistant for Dana and Rachel. Then finally, you've acquired a smoking hot Maliri girl for the team, and you haven't even screwed her yet. Think how much fun that's going to be!"

He smiled and said, "Alright 'Miss silver lining', I get your point." His expression turned sombre as he said guiltily, "But you girls have been through hell. Thinking that you were going to be enslaved to that monster must have been terrifying."

Alyssa laughed, waving her hand dismissively as she said, "He didn't like us in the end, and cut off our connection. I think you made us too feisty for his tastes."

He chuckled, but she saw that he wasn't convinced by her facetious jesting. She turned, and swung her lithe leg over his waist so that she could straddle him, settling her lissom young body over his. Her silky blonde hair fanned down like a golden curtain around their faces, shutting out the world so that it was just the two of them, and she leaned in and kissed him tenderly. They were both entranced when they parted, the exciting electricity passing between them making them feel like they were kissing each other for the first time.

Alyssa gazed at him with her piercing cerulean eyes, and said, "Don't worry about us. Honestly, all the girls are just ecstatic you're back to normal. Besides, it wasn't your fault. How were you to know you'd inadvertently created an evil tyrannical alter-ego, hell bent on galactic conquest and destruction?"

He laughed heartily at that, and she grinned at him as she felt the rumbling laughter in his chest. Encircling her in his arms, he held her tightly and said, "I don't know what I did to deserve someone as awesome as you, but I'm incredibly grateful I did."

She sighed at him happily, and snuggled down against his chest. "You're starting to sound like Dana," she murmured with a giggle.

"What can I say? You girls all seem to have left your mark on me," he said to her affectionately as he stroked her back.

They lay there for a while, and John started thinking about how best to go about upgrading the Invictus. He glanced at Edraele, then thought about the vast shipyard House Valaden owned, and he decided to ask her if they could use it for a comprehensive refit when she woke up. He felt like he was being watched, and he glanced down curiously. Alyssa had her chin on her hands, as she rested on his broad chest, and was staring at him with an expression of pure delight on her face.

"You look exceptionally happy," he said to her, with a sense of relief.

She nodded and replied telepathically, *It's just so wonderful to be able to hear your inner voice again. After being shut out for weeks on end, I missed it so much.*

*I won't keep you out ever again,* he promised. *No matter what.*

Alyssa hugged him fiercely, and said, *I feel so happy, my heart feels like it's going to burst!*

He hugged her back and said, *I know exactly what you mean.*


Back on the Invictus, there were happy tears of relief as the girls hugged each other fiercely. They could scarcely believe that Alyssa had done it. Not only had she managed to defeat John's Progenitor-half, but more importantly, she'd rescued their John as well. They had all felt that otherworldly surge when Alyssa had re-bonded with him, and the connections linking them with their lovely blonde Matriarch had all throbbed with power.

"I feel like I could do anything!" Dana said with excitement, and she leapt off the bed, bubbling with energy. "I can't waste this. I'm going to get stuck into my research!"

Rachel nodded eagerly, and said, "I know just what you mean!" She bounded over to join the redhead, and they grinned at the other two girls, waving them goodbye as they dashed out of the room.

Calara and Jade had sat up on the bed, and they smiled as they watched the brunette and redhead run out the door. When they looked back at each other, they grinned, both sharing the same feeling of overwhelming confidence, and their senses tingled as though suddenly brought to life for the first time.

Jade looked at the Latina curiously and asked, "How are you going to tap into this sudden burst of energy?"

Calara grinned at her excitedly and said, "I feel like I've been missing something with the Dragon March traitors. I'll go and see what I can dig up!"

Looking pleased for her friend, Jade nodded encouragingly, but she felt a pang of sadness that she wasn't able to contribute in the same way as the other girls.

Calara's eyes suddenly widened as she looked at the Nymph and said, "Jade! Look at your arms!"

Gazing at her lustrous dark-green skin, Jade looked closer at the lighter viridian lines highlighting the contours of her muscles, and saw that they had started to pulse with an eerie ethereal light. She stood up quickly, and peeling off her dress, she stepped clear of it when it pooled at her feet. She stared down at her nude body in amazement, as she was now shrouded in a throbbing verdant glow.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on one of her favourite forms, and pushed herself into it effortlessly. Crouching down as her body shimmered in a dark-green haze, she grew much larger, her body sprouting soft, dark-green fur, as she became the Jade Tiger.

Calara had climbed off the bed, and watched the Nymph as she shifted shape, the green haze solidifying into her tiger form. She gaped at her, and said in a hushed voice, "Look at your body!"

Jade turned her heavy feline head, twisting with the flexibility of a great cat to examine herself to see what had drawn her friend's attention. The viridian stripes were pulsing brightly, as though Jade was throbbing with power, but she was more distracted by a tingling in her claws. Raising a hefty paw, she turned it over and flexed the tendons, exposing her lethal natural weapons. The six-inch-long razor-sharp claws were now glowing with an inner green radiance, and she stared at them in fascination. Suddenly, before her eyes, arcing ethereal lightning erupted from each claw, dancing along the curved edges, as though alive.

"Wow! That's incredible!" Calara gasped in awe.

Jade gave her a wide feline grin, then bounded off down the corridor heading for the Cargo Bay, eager to see what other new tricks she might have developed.


John and Alyssa had sat up, and were just about to climb off the bed when John heard tentative footsteps heading down the corridor towards them. He concentrated, straining to hear, then glanced at Alyssa in alarm.

"It's Irillith, she's heading this way," he said to Alyssa, and they both sprang off the bed, and rushed over to the door.

John got there first, and saw Irillith looking perplexed, as she walked briskly towards him. Three wary Maliri women prowled along behind her, glancing around cautiously as though expecting trouble.

*Quick, cover Edraele!* he thought to Alyssa.

She dashed over to the bed, rolled the Maliri Matriarch on her side, then swiftly pulled the covers over her rounded stomach. John shot a quick glance her way, and satisfied with her efforts, stepped into the corridor with a smile on his face. The three Maliri girls behind Irillith hissed when they saw him, instantly drawing their blades and getting ready to pounce.

"Whoa!" he said, raising his hands, palms up placatingly, "I'm a friend, there's no need for a fight!"

Irillith rushed forward, and stood in front of him, turning to look at the lead Maliri as she said, "You see, Luna! I told you everything was alright!" She twisted to glance over her shoulder at him, and added, "The shadow barrier suddenly disappeared, and I tried to convince them to stay back at the entrance, but they insisted on seeing for themselves."

Two of the Maliri girls looked to the third, and Luna stepped forward, speaking in a quiet, solemn voice, "No disrespect intended Irillith, but we still work for Edraele. I must check to make sure my Matriarch is safe."

John nodded, and said, "That's very commendable, Luna. Come and take a look for yourself, she's just resting."

The other two Maliri assassins watched him cautiously as Luna glided forward, then looked into the bedroom. When she saw Edraele sleeping serenely, the tension left Luna's body, and she sheathed her sword in a smooth motion. The other two girls saw their leader relax, and they followed her example, putting away their weapons. Luna turned to walk away, but paused to stare at John for a moment. He saw her yellow eyes brighten with curiosity as she studied him, before she turned abruptly, and walked away. The other two girls fell into step behind her, and stole inquisitive glances at him as they left.

Relieved that they had avoided a fight with the extremely dangerous Maliri women, John glanced to his left, and saw that Irillith was staring into the bedroom. Her angular violet eyes were fixated on her mother, and she stepped hesitantly into the room. He followed behind her, and Alyssa moved out of her way, letting Irillith approach uncontested.

"I've dreamt of a moment like this," Irillith murmured, her voice distant, and full of longing.

John walked to her side and asked, "What do you mean? Like what?"

Irillith turned her head slightly in his direction, but she couldn't pull her eyes away from Edraele. "Her, vulnerable like this. Cutting her throat would be the easiest thing in the world," she said wistfully.

Alyssa's eyes widened in alarm, but John glanced at her, and shook his head. He stepped closer to Irillith and asked, "What's stopping you? You must have felt the change in our bond. Even if I order you not to, you won't have to obey me."

She closed her eyes and let out a sigh. When she opened them again, she was now looking in his direction, staring at him intently as she said, "I won't do it, because you wouldn't want me to."

John smiled at her, gathering her in his arms, and pulling her close. "You are a good girl," he told her approvingly.

Irillith's lovely violet eyes flared as he praised her, and she drew a sharp intake of breath. They were only inches apart, and she stared at him with longing, her full blue lips parting slightly in open invitation. Leaning in, he brushed his lips against hers, as he encircled her with his arms. She moaned with desire, moulding herself against him, her full breasts pressing against his chest. Their kissing grew more passionate until Irillith suddenly let out a startled gasp, pulling away from him and turning her head to look over her shoulder. Alyssa had leaned against her from behind, and was planting tender kisses on her neck.

"We fought too, remember?" Alyssa whispered coyly, as Irillith turned to look at her.

Irillith blushed, then staring into the blonde girl's bright blue eyes, murmured, "We better kiss and make up then."

John watched in fascination as he released Irillith from his embrace, and the two girls moved together. They stared into each other's eyes as they held each other, and Irillith was amazed at the difference she saw in Alyssa's piercing cerulean gaze. She had once found gazing into those bright blue eyes to be terrifying, but now she saw only warmth and love there, and wanted to lose herself in their enchanting depths. Irillith held her breath as they leaned in ever so slowly, her eyes sparkling with anticipation.

When their lips finally touched, they closed their eyes and just focused on the soft tender kisses, exploring each other for the first time. He reached up, and ran his hands through their hair; golden-blonde on the left, and white-blonde on the right. Both of them moaned appreciatively as he caressed them, and their kissing intensified. When they eventually parted, Irillith was panting with lust, and she darted a wanton glance John's way.

Alyssa grinned at him and said, "You were right, she really is a good girl. Why don't you go and give her the fucking she deserves?"

Irillith flashed her a grateful smile, then held out her hand to John, her eyes smouldering with desire. He took her hand, then followed after her as she led him out of Edraele's bedroom, and down another corridor before guiding him into her own room. She sashayed elegantly over to the bed, and smiled at him as he moved to join her. He leaned down to kiss her again, and she raised a hand for a moment, causing him to pause.

"All those times when we were together, back on the ship," she began in a quiet voice. "That was you, wasn't it? The real you I mean, not your Progenitor-half?"

John nodded, and said, "You and I have had our differences in the past, but what he planned for you was horrible, and I had to intervene. I managed to work with Alyssa to protect your mind from him, keeping you safe from his influence. When he couldn't turn you into a mindless puppet, he lost interest, and I was able to take control for brief moments."

She listened to him spellbound, and said in a breathless whisper, "I could tell. Staring into your eyes while I was on my knees, I could feel you protecting me."

He smiled at her, and she flung her arms around him, giving him a fierce hug in gratitude. John held her comfortingly, rubbing her back as she clung to him. When she finally drew back, she smiled up at him gratefully, and said, "I think you deserve a reward."

Releasing her from his arms, he watched her with interest as she glided over to one of the walls and pressed a hidden button. Panels opened out, revealing a wide variety of jewellery, and after searching through the pieces, she found what she was looking for. Her hands lifted to her neck, and she fastened a metal choker around her throat, which looked vaguely reminiscent of the collar that Dana had fashioned for her back on the Invictus. She had an excited sparkle in her eyes when she prowled over to join him, moving into his open arms.

His curiosity piqued, he raised his hand and gently brushed her throat and the metal choker encircling it, and asked, "What's this about?"

"I've watched days of video footage of you in bed with all the girls, and I know exactly how you'd be for our first time. You'd make love to me, being very tender and gentle," she said with a knowing smile.

John ran his fingers along the exposed azure skin on her shoulders, and asked, "Wouldn't you like that?"

Irillith stared into his eyes, and nodded solemnly as she replied, "I'd love it. But we have some unfinished business between us first, and we need this out the way before we can move on to being like that with each other."

He was intrigued by this unpredictable woman, and had no idea what she had in mind. Her eyes suddenly narrowed, glinting dangerously, and she said, "Just because you've collared me, doesn't mean I'll submit to you willingly."

With sudden understanding, he knew exactly what she was talking about. She tilted her head up proudly and stubbornly, a defiant challenge in her expression, and he stepped closer, looming over her. Irillith glared at him, staring into his eyes, and when she saw that he understood, her mouth twitched into a smile. After that momentary lapse, she sneered at him, back in character again.

"Of course you will," John replied confidently. He began to walk around her, nodding with appreciation at her stunning athletic figure. He raised his hand and flicked her long white-blonde hair off her shoulders and added, "I know exactly what long hair means on a Maliri. I'll take you, and you'll love it."

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