Three Square Meals Ch. 055


She was watching his fingers tracing a gentle line over the well defined muscles on her stomach when she suddenly gasped, "Look, we aren't imagining it!"

John turned to watch his fingers as they traced over her tummy, and he saw the same bright flash of electricity arcing between them that she had seen. He pulled his fingers away quickly, and asked in alarm, "Did that hurt you?"

Alyssa shook her head, and replied in excitement, "Are you kidding? That felt amazing! It's like my skin is tingling wherever you touch me!"

John placed his palm over her belly, and she gasped as her skin responded to his touch. He could feel what seemed like little pulses in his fingertips, and he gazed down at her as he moved his hand lower. Alyssa's eyes widened, her mouth opening as she realised what he planned, but she parted her thighs for him obediently. When his charged fingertips brushed over her clit, she arched her back and let out a shocked cry at the intense stimulation. John began to stroke her with insistent movements of his hand, and she clung to him tightly as he brought her off to a shuddering climax within moments.

"Holy fuck!" she gasped, as she panted for breath. "I've never felt anything like it!"

"You liked that, baby?" he asked her softly, as she writhed in his arms.

Alyssa's eyes were hooded with lust as she growled, "I want you in me, now!"

He grinned at her, as he repositioned himself between her thighs, but his confident grin was wiped from his face as she reached out to grasp his throbbing cock in her slender hand. As her fingers wrapped around him, he could feel intense surges of pleasure from their contact, and his quad lurched in excitement. He had to grit his teeth to stop himself from hosing her down like some hair-trigger teenager, and when he glanced up at her face, she was grinning at him wickedly.

"Feels pretty fucking amazing, right?" she asked him excitedly.

He nodded, and she quickly guided him into position. She was already wet and ready for him, so when she placed her hands on his ass to pull him deeper, he obliged her immediately. They both cried out in shocked amazement as he fully impaled her in one long, exquisite thrust, their bodies tingling where they were joined. With a herculean act of willpower, he managed to hold off from immediately filling her womb with cum, and they both stared at each other in awe when he was fully sheathed inside her.

"God, that feels incredible!" he marvelled, "What's going on?"

"Who cares!" Alyssa gasped as she trembled beneath him, "Just fuck me!"

Being the accommodating gentleman that he was, John pulled back a little then drove into her. Alyssa clung to him tightly, wrapping her arms and legs around him, and whimpering in ecstasy as he began to thrust up to the balls inside her. They stared into each other's eyes, both of them totally enraptured with each other, as they moved together in perfect harmony. Finally John couldn't hold back any longer, and he buried himself up to the balls with a mighty thrust, and began to pump his cum directly into her womb.

Alyssa cried out as he climaxed, joining him in her own release, rhythmically gripping and massaging him with her snug young pussy. John was in a daze by the time he'd finished emptying his quad inside her, and he collapsed on her heaving breasts as she clung to him, while panting for breath. He moved to lift himself off her, but she pulled him down, murmuring, "Stay a while, this feels lovely."

John lay on her pliant young body, keeping his weight off her with his arms tucked behind her. Alyssa nibbled one of his ears, whispering loving endearments to him, and he let out a long contented sigh. They rested like that for a while, until echoing footsteps in the corridor alerted them to someone's impending arrival.

Calara was the first to arrive, with the others following close behind her, and she grinned at her lovers as John pulled out of Alyssa and reclined beside her. The girls began stripping immediately in a flurry of clothes, with each one joining them on the bed when they were fully undressed. Soon it was just Irillith left, who was feeling a little self-conscious.

Alyssa smiled at the Maliri girl, then beckoned her over with a friendly wave. "There's no need to be shy," she said encouragingly. "We all saw you nude before, remember?"

Irillith nodded hesitantly, then straightened her shoulders and quickly pulled off her dress and underwear. The girls welcomed her on to the bed, while admiring her lovely azure skin, and when she joined them her fears seemed to fall away as she gazed down at Alyssa's swollen belly. She licked her lips, knowing full well what had rounded out the blonde girl's abdomen, and Alyssa gave her a knowing look.

"Would you like to go first?" she asked in a kind voice.

Irillith nodded eagerly, and moved between Alyssa's bronzed thighs as she spread them for her invitingly. *Good girl,* Alyssa thought to her warmly. *Come and fill your tummy with his cum.*

Not wasting any time, Irillith back to lap away at Alyssa, sucking hungrily to get her first sweet taste. Her eyes glazed over as she filled her mouth with John's load, and she let out a euphoric moan as she swallowed down the first gulp. The other girls stroked her light blue body while they waited patiently for their turn, enjoying the contrast in their skin colour with the exotically beautiful Maliri girl. Dana couldn't wait however, so she knelt down in front of John, and winked at him impishly as she took his cock in her mouth, cleaning him eagerly with her tongue.

Each girl took their turn, making sure to share the final mouthful with Alyssa, and soon all of them were smiling contentedly with a stomach full of his cum.

"That ought to give you all a little boost to last you through the day," Alyssa said considerately, and the girls giggled happily, broad smiles of contentment on their lovely faces.

"We better go and get a shower," John said, glancing at the clock. "I'll need to go and speak to Edraele and brief her on what to say to the Maliri engineers."

They nodded, and everyone got off the bed, then headed into the bathroom to get clean. Alyssa was the last to follow everyone inside, and she shot a lingering glance behind her, a frown appearing on her beautiful face.

*Remind me to talk to you about the bed,* she said to Irillith as she glided into the bathroom after them.

The girls paired off to soap each other down, while John "helped out" each pair in turn. He took particular delight in running his hands over the silky smooth skin on their slim stomachs, knowing that they were all carrying his sperm inside them. They smiled at him coyly as he caressed them, enjoying his touch, while knowing exactly what he was thinking about.


They went their separate ways after the shower, and while the girls got ready, John headed over to Edraele's private shuttle. Makaela, the Shipyard Commander, had arranged for a two-metre-high podium to be set up in the broad space between the two ships, and it was topped by a lectern that overlooked the assembly point. He strode past it, giving Makaela a friendly smile as she spoke to two of her assistants, making last minute preparations. She smiled back tentatively, watching him with curiosity as he strolled away.

The airlock door lifted upwards before he had reached the hull of the Maliri shuttle, and he recognised Luna waiting just inside the airlock. She stepped aside, and said, "Welcome back, Sir. Edraele is waiting for you up in her state rooms."

"Thanks, Luna," he said to her gratefully, then added, "but you can call me John if you want."

Falling into step beside him, the Maliri assassin glanced up at him, and smiled at him warmly as she said in her quiet voice, "I'd like that, thank you, John."

They reached the elevator, and she pressed the button, then fidgeted while waiting for it to arrive. He watched her curiously, surprised at her lack of composure, as she was normally so reserved and controlled. When the crystal door rose upwards admitting them into the elevator, he gestured for her to go first, and she gave him a grateful smile, darting a furtive glance at him with her angular yellow eyes. He watched her openly, as they ascended the floors to Edraele's state rooms, and she blushed at his attention, seemingly wanting to say something but holding back. The door finally opened, and Luna gestured for him to proceed.

"Thanks," he said to her politely, strolling through the portal and into the corridor beyond.

Luna stayed in the elevator, and he glanced back at her once before heading through the door at the end of the hall, and caught her staring at him in fascination. She blushed furiously, then quickly hit the button to close the door, hiding her from view.

John strode into the audience room beyond, and found Edraele sitting imperiously on her throne. "Where have you been, my Lord?" she asked him haughtily.

He was stunned at her tone, and she rose off her chair, gliding over to him looking very displeased. She stopped in front of him, and her beautiful face suddenly lit up with a sparkling smile, as she said teasingly, "Because I really missed you!"

Leaning forward she gave him a loving kiss, and he blinked in shock at her dramatic shift in mood. Edraele saw his look of surprise, and said apologetically, "Sorry, it was just meant to be a joke. I hope I haven't offended you, my Lord?

Blinking rapidly he shook his head, then chuckled, and said, "You just caught me by surprise, that's all. I like this playful new you."

Edraele looked relieved, and smiled at him, as she said, "I overheard your thoughts, while you were planning out the refit of the Invictus. I hope you don't mind, but I contacted Makaela, and demanded she have all the weapons you require delivered to this drydock. I also ordered enough electronics to completely refit all of your computer subsystems."

John was startled, but impressed by her initiative, and he said, "Great thinking, well done!" He frowned a moment later and asked with concern, "Did she suspect anything was amiss?"

The Maliri Matriarch shook her head, and adopted a cold, frosty look, as she said, "Makaela, you will supply the following list of weapons to be fitted on the Terran ship. Any word of objection, and we shall need to discuss this in person. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yeah, I can see that would have had the desired results," John nodded in admiration. "Impressive work, Edraele, thank you."

She smiled at him looking delighted, and he was amazed at how quickly this new personality of hers was developing.

Alyssa's voice suddenly echoed through his mind, as she said, *It actually makes sense, as much as any of this psychic stuff does. You aren't trying to physically change her, which seems to take a lot longer, going by the two weeks for us girls and the Gift. I also think it's probably a bit different with Irillith, as you've been trying to heal her mind of trauma, without wiping it out completely. Edraele was a blank slate, so I'm guessing it's much faster to give her a new core personality. I'll spirit walk into her mind again when we have a free moment, as I'd be fascinated to see if my hunch is correct.*

John nodded as he thought it over, and replied to Alyssa, *That sounds like a reasonable theory to me.*

He smiled at Edraele, and asked, "Are you ready to address the engineers? Do you want to go over what you're going to say?"

She smiled at him confidently, and replied, "I still have access to all my old memories. I'm sure I can think of something appropriate, my Lord." She faltered for a moment, before adding, "But if you're worried I might not say the right thing, you can tell me what you want me to say instead?"

John shook his head, and said encouragingly, "That's not necessary. I trust you, Edraele, and if you feel confident that you know what to say, then I think you'll do a great job."

The regal Maliri woman sighed happily, and leaned in to give him a tender kiss.

He kissed her back, pulling her into his arms, then smiled as he asked, "What was that for?"

Edraele stared into his eyes, and said wistfully, "I can't remember ever feeling this happy before." She suddenly looked down for a moment, not wanting to meet his gaze, and added quietly, "But I've done so many terrible things to so many people, I don't think I deserve to feel this way."

John raised his hand to her chin, and lifted it gently so that he could study her troubled face. "Remember that it was a different person who did those things," he told her solemnly. "I don't want you to feel guilty about the old Edraele's actions, but you are in a unique position to be able to do something about them. I'll let you decide if and how you want to address them, OK?"

She stared off into the distance for a moment, looking thoughtful, then met his gaze once more, and nodded decisively. He could see a steely determination in her purple eyes, and was intrigued as to what she had in mind.

"Good girl," he told her, proud of her decision.

Edraele laughed gaily, and said, "I'm one-hundred-and-sixty-two years old. It's been nearly a century-and-a-half since anyone called me 'girl'!"

"Do you mind?" he asked her with a teasing smile on his lips.

Glancing at him flirtatiously, she murmured, "No, I quite like it actually." She paused and gave him a quizzical look as she asked, "How old are you, my Lord? If you don't mind my asking."

John grinned and said, "I turned forty a few months ago."

Edraele looked genuinely shocked as she gasped, "You're younger than my daughters!"

"If you object to having a toy-boy, we can keep things purely platonic between us," John teased her gently.

She immediately shook her head, and said with a coy smile, "I think I'll be able to get used to the idea."

John smiled at her, but after a pause, he said with some hesitation, "Now that you mention your daughters, you no doubt heard about our plan to go and rescue Tashana. Is there anything you can tell me to help with our search?"

Edraele's face was immediately filled with sadness and regret, and John felt bad for reminding her of something this new personality had no involvement with.

"I'll give you a copy of the tracking device," she said with a sigh. "Tashana spent nearly a decade around the Unclaimed Wastes, which are a lawless region on the far border of Maliri Space. A few years ago, she moved to a location known as 'The Underworld', which is an ancient refinery taken over by mercenaries, pirates and other outlaws. It's just outside the borders of Terran and Maliri Space, and not under anyone's jurisdiction. I've contemplated having it eliminated, but it's on the far edge of House Ghilwen territory, and thus not easily accessible for my forces."

John pondered this for a minute, and said, "Can we approach it from Terran Federation Space? We were thinking of heading that way after we've resolved some business in Terran territory."

"Yes, you should be able to travel there unimpeded, once you've eliminated the Dragon March traitor," Edraele said, her lip curling in distaste. "I loathe traitors, disgusting vermin the lot of them. I wish you good luck with your hunt, my Lord."

"Thank you," he replied, surprised by the vehemence in her tone. He then smiled wryly, and added, "Perhaps it might be best if you stopped referring to me as 'my Lord', though. I can't imagine the old Edraele being that respectful to anyone."

She nodded obediently, then reached down and gently ran her fingers over his shaft, smiling mischievously as it began to thicken. "I'd still like to address you properly when I'm servicing you, If that's alright with you, my Lord?" she asked him with a twinkle in her eye.

"I think I might be able to accommodate you there," he replied with a smile.

*The engineers are assembled,* Alyssa thought to him, her amusement coming through clearly in her tone. *But don't let me interrupt you, 'my Lord'.*

John laughed, and replied jovially, *I think my new Matriarch might be able to give you a few lessons in respect, young lady.*

Alyssa smirked, sending him a visual image, which was unnecessary, as it came through in her tone as she replied, *I don't know about that, but I am looking forward to eventually having a threesome with both of you.*

John noticed the intrigued look on Edraele's face, and he thought to them both, *That sounds like a fun discussion, but it'll have to wait for some other time. We better get out there and meet the engineers.*

"As you wish, my Lord," Edraele replied, giving him a flirty wink and sauntering past him towards the door.


Dana's fingers moved in a blur across the console as she rapidly reproduced all the schematics she had memorised. She had already prepared all the plans for the refit, and reviewed the Programs that Faye had written for the maintenance bots, satisfying herself that the AI wasn't planning on overthrowing the crew. Now she was busy restoring all the tech schematics that she had previously deleted, in her earlier efforts to keep them from Irillith's clutches. She moved on to the Tachyon Drive schematic, and as she began to quickly fill out all the incredibly complex details, she paused for a moment. Her fingers froze above the console, and she stared at the schematic in surprise.

The Tachyon Drive looked very familiar, which was obviously just because she had studied it intently, when the Ashanath had gifted them the technology. But now that she was staring at it like this, it looked wrong somehow; discordant, like the person who had designed this tech had done so without a full understanding of the physics involved. She shook her head to clear it of such thoughts, and quickly finished her work, before moving on to the next schematic for her Punisher Railguns. She finished the blueprint of the magnetic field deflectors in their armour, as well as reproducing a perfect replica of her original Invictium alloy formula. Finally she moved on to the Power Core schematic, and her fingers stopped mid-keystroke.

There was that feeling again. The Power Core tech looked extremely familiar, again no doubt because she'd spent hours studying it voraciously when the Ashanath had handed over the new Power Core for the Invictus. Still, it just didn't look right, and there was a jarring feeling that something was awfully wrong with the schematic. She frowned as she carefully filled out the rest of the detail, meticulously reproducing it, and she was quite certain that she had made no mistakes with the completed blueprint. Tilting her head to one side, she looked at it askance, and was unable to shake the disconcerting feeling that it was incorrect.

*Hey Sparks,* Alyssa thought to her cheerfully. *As soon as we address the engineers, we can head off to their Fusion Reactor. You probably ought to get down here in a minute or two, if you're ready?*

*Sure! I'm done with the plans and schematics. I'll be down right away,* Dana replied.

She stepped away from the console, and bounded down the steps of the Engineer's Podium, but she couldn't help glancing backwards at the Power Core schematic one last time. She finally left the Engineering Bay with a troubled expression on her beautiful face.


The elevator's crystal door opened upwards, and John walked out with Edraele at his side. Luna was there waiting, with Almari and Ilyana at attention behind her. All three of them immediately looked his way, with Luna smiling at him warmly, and tentative smiles appearing on the faces of the other two assassins.

"The engineering teams are all assembled, John," Luna told him helpfully.

He gave her a grateful smile, and said, "Thank you, Luna. Will all three of you be joining us?"

They nodded eagerly, and fell into step behind John and Edraele, as they walked down the corridor to the airlock leading out of the shuttle.

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