tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 063

Three Square Meals Ch. 063


The first thing Admiral Lynton did when John agreed to destroy the Kintark base was to supply him with the location of his target. As his exceptionally gifted Tactical Officer had already deduced, they were tasked with travelling to the Mar'Katrach Nebula to seek out and eliminate the hidden resupply station. John had bid Admiral Gabrielle Lynton farewell, and with her assurances ringing in his ears that they weren't going to be facing significant defences, they were now on their way.

The Nymph turned the Invictus towards the Nav Beacon, flying the ship at one-quarter speed to conceal the power of their Trankaran engines. As they approached the Nav Beacon, she carefully plotted a course to their destination, then entered it into the Nav computer to check her calculations. When they cleared the system's local gravity wells she engaged the Tachyon Drive, and the ship was shrouded in a field of blue particles before it surged into hyper-warp a few seconds later.

John had remained quiet, staring at the Sector Map while Jade guided the Invictus out of the Iota-Leonis system. Calara and Alyssa stopped what they were doing, and turned their chairs to face him, waiting for him to break the silence that had descended on the Bridge.

"So, they've finally declared war," he finally said, sounding subdued as the enormity of that announcement sank in.

Alyssa had been listening to his thoughts, hearing him relive some of the brutal battles he'd experienced during his time as a marine. The large scale battles had been bloody, and the flashbacks were hard for her to follow, with John recalling chaotic scenes full of frantic combat, explosions, and the loss of his comrades.

Studying his pained expression, she said soothingly, "The situation's different now. You've retired remember? The Military can't force you into their wars any more. You're a good man, and you fight when it's the right thing to do, like rescuing us damsels in distress."

He was coaxed from his troubled introspection by her well-meaning words, and he smiled at her in gratitude as he asked, "Still keeping me from dwelling in the past, honey?"

"Always," she replied, giving him a loving smile.

He looked down at Calara where she sat at the Tactical Station, and saw that her face was furrowed with worry. When she realised his attention was focused on her, she met his gaze, and said in a sombre voice, "The situation with the Traitor just got a whole lot worse."

With a firm nod, John replied, "We've got to take Norwood out before that bastard can do any serious damage. The conflict with the Kintark is going to escalate rapidly now, so the stakes are much higher."

Calara's pensive expression told him that she was thinking the exact same thing. Her voice was taut with stress as she said, "We've got to stop him as soon as we can, John. This invasion could easily turn into a disaster with a traitor in High Command, and my Dad and Mateo are both caught up in it."

"Don't worry," John replied, sounding confident. "We'll be meeting Buckingham in a matter of hours, and I doubt Norwood will have a chance to betray the Terran Federation forces this quickly. Trust me, we're going to bring that traitor to justice before he can cause any more harm."

Alyssa also sought to reassure the Latina, and said enthusiastically, "We've been in far worse situations in the past and pulled a miracle out of the bag. We'll sail in there and really fuck up Norwood's day. Don't worry, it'll be fine!"

The brunette's spirits were buoyed up by the absolute conviction in John's voice, and Alyssa's unflagging optimism. She gave them both a lovely smile as she said, "You're right, we can do this." Letting out a small sigh of relief, Calara turned back to her Tactical Console.

Alyssa gave him a grateful smile, then turned her chair to face him fully, and asked, "What are your thoughts about Admiral Lynton? She seemed to know a lot about you, and the 'broken' video comm seemed a bit suspicious. Could she be working for Norwood? Is she sending us into a trap?"

He rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and replied, "Edraele pointed out that we've not made any real effort to conceal our hyper-warp speed. Anyone looking into our exploits in the Iota-Leonis system could have traced our route back to Olympus, and would realise exactly how fast we can go."

Calara spoke up and said, "I spent a lot of time studying Admiral Lynton, and she's a cautious woman, reluctant to over-commit her forces. She's in charge of defending the Dragon March, so keeping her ships in reserve, and sending us off to assault this base does fit with her strategic thinking." She paused, then hit a couple of buttons on her console that recalled the holographic image of the dreadnought. Studying it again, she continued, "It looks like her ship took a couple of hits from plasma torpedoes, and it has sustained minor damage near the comms relay."

John frowned as he asked, "There definitely wasn't anything incriminating on her in all the comms traffic you studied?"

"Nothing," Calara confirmed for him with a shake of her head. "She spoke to Norwood and Santini fairly frequently, but you'd expect that, with the three of them running the Dragon March campaign. There was nothing suspicious in any of her communications with either of the Admirals."

John shrugged, and said, "I guess we'll have to give her the benefit of the doubt until we see what's waiting in the nebula. If it's a trap we'll know for sure." Looking at the Nymph sitting in the Pilot's Chair, he asked, "Jade, how long until we reach the Kintark base?"

Jade twisted in her chair to look up at the Command Podium and replied earnestly, "We'll arrive at the Mar'Katrach Nebula in five hours, fourteen minutes."

Alyssa plotted the course out in her head, running through dozens of incredibly complex calculations, and applying her warp-tunnelling technique to further increase their hyper-warp velocity. She compared her final journey time with Jade's, and was justifiably proud of her capable student when the figures were nearly identical. Smiling at the green-skinned alien girl, she said, "Nice one, Jade, I couldn't have done it better myself."

John was smiling too, but more at the Nymph's raw enthusiasm, and eager professionalism. "Impressive work," he said to her encouragingly. "It looks like you're both better Navigators than me now."

Jade looked delighted to receive the warm praise from both of them, and she flashed him a lovely beaming grin, as her emerald eyes glittered in the glow from the Sector Map. He gave her a warm smile in return, then suddenly stifled a yawn, as he felt the persistent pull of psychic energy being drained from him to heal Sakura.

Alyssa looked at him with concern, and asked, "Why don't you go back to bed?"

He frowned as he replied, "I think I'd struggle to get any sleep. I'm not mentally tired, and I've slept a lot these past twenty four hours." Rising to his feet, he added, "I'll relax in my Ready Room for a while instead. Care to join me?"

The blonde girl gave him a sparkling smile that match the gleam in her eyes, and replied, "I'd love to."

Turning to look at Calara, Jade, and Faye, he asked, "Do any of you want to join us?"

Calara was flicking through what appeared to be old news archives, and when John saw the title; 'The New Eden Chronicle', he realised what she was searching for. The Latina turned in her chair, and replied, "If it's okay with you, I'll keep looking for more information on Sakura's family."

"Of course, what you're doing is important," he said encouragingly.

Jade had waited until he looked her way, and she replied, "I'll keep Calara company for a while, but I'll join you later. We'll need to top Sakura up again in a few hours."

He winked at her, making her giggle as he said, "I'll look forward to it, catgirl."

Faye was flitting around his shoulders excitedly, and when he looked at her for her answer, she said, "I'll keep you company!"

"Let's go then, ladies," John said with a smile, gesturing for them to proceed.

Faye winked out of sight as she changed locations, while Alyssa rose elegantly from her chair, then glided down the illuminated steps from the Command Podium as she made her way to the Ready Room. He spun his chair so he could watch her graceful exit, and knowing exactly what he was doing, she put more sass in her stride, rolling her hips as she glided away. The high heels she was growing fond of did wonders for her alluring gait, and turned her walk into a lethal weapon, absolutely devastating to the male sex.

Her ass looked positively delicious, and he couldn't help but fondly recall taking her roughly in the shower, only the day before. Shaking his head to rouse himself from his lecherous thoughts, John waved Jade and Calara goodbye, then jogged down the steps to catch up to his stunningly beautiful Executive Officer. She gave him a flirtatious glance over her shoulder, the heels clicking in synch with the sway of her hips. Satisfied that she had his unwavering attention, she prowled into the Ready Room, temporarily disappearing from sight.

He found her standing by the sofas, waiting for him with an alluring smile on her face, while Faye was sitting cross-legged on the coffee table in the centre of the cluster of comfortable chairs. "What's with the big seduction routine?" he asked the devastatingly sexy girl with a broad grin on his face. "Irillith drained me dry less than thirty minutes ago."

Alyssa broke character, relaxing from her teasing temptress persona, and laughed with the free spirit of an eighteen year old as she replied, "A girl likes to know she can still hold her man's attention. Besides, I love hearing all the lewd things you'd like to do to me when you stare at me like that."

He walked past her, giving her bottom an affectionate squeeze as he did so, then flopped down on the sofa. He was still feeling tired, so it was nice to just relax in the comfortable chair.

"How's it going, Faye?" he asked the tiny sprite as he stretched out, resting his feet on the coffee table, while carefully avoiding putting them through her holographic figure.

Alyssa raised a hand with one upraised finger, and said, "Excuse me a moment, Faye, let me just perk up Mr Sleepy here." She leant down and gave him a scorching kiss, his lips tingling as she flooded him with more psychic energy, replacing that which he'd used healing Sakura. She pulled back a little when she'd finished, then rubbed noses with him in an adorable gesture.

He blinked in surprise, suddenly feeling all his weariness melting away, and exclaimed, "Wow! That was a hell of a kiss!"

She sat down beside him, turning as she did so, then leant backwards so she could rest her head in his lap. "Do I take good care of my Progenitor?" she asked him with a teasing smile.

He ran his fingers through her silky golden tresses, and said indulgently, "The best Matriarch a Progenitor could ever have."

*No offence of course, Edraele,* he quickly thought to his second Matriarch.

There was no reply, and he immediately began to worry that he might have upset her. He felt a strange itching sensation in his mind, and he felt drawn to the mental compartment that held the metaphysical representation of her in his subconscious. He closed his eyes so he could focus on it more easily, and with a start, he realised that he could tell she was still fast asleep. He felt relieved he hadn't accidentally woken her, so he left her to slumber peacefully.

When he opened his eyes again, both Alyssa and Faye were watching him curiously, and he looked embarrassed as he said, "Sorry about that, just checking on Edraele."

Alyssa smiled, and said, "She's quite smitten with you. I don't think you have to worry about her getting in a huff and giving you the silent treatment."

"The way you can talk to each other just using your mind is amazing," Faye said, resting her elbows on her knees, and then dropping her chin onto her clasped fingers as she stared at them. Her expression grew wistful, and she added, "I wish I could know what that was like."

"It's overrated," John said with a frown and a dismissive wave of his hand. "Two bossy Matriarchs in your mind twenty-four-seven... Who'd want that?"

"Tell me about it!" Alyssa agreed, her eyes widening as she nodded for humorous emphasis. "I've got five horny girls constantly begging me to let them fuck John next, and a lusty Progenitor who fills my head with all the shocking things he wants to do to all of us. What's a shy retiring girl like me supposed to think in the face of such debauchery?"

Faye giggled, then pouted as she joked, "It's not very nice making fun of the poor homicidal AI. Just because I dream of fashioning your filthy organic skin into a jaunty hat, doesn't mean I don't have feelings!"

John laughed heartily at the sprite's quick retort, joined by Alyssa's fit of light hearted giggles. He let out a happy sigh, and said, "I needed a good laugh. We've had to deal with a lot of serious shit recently."

Alyssa nodded, then turned on the sofa, still resting her head on John's thigh as she looked at Faye, and said to her, "Speaking of which, I overheard your conversation with John earlier; about the recurring memory you can't get rid of. I'm sorry that's been troubling you." She frowned as she continued, "I wish I could hear your thoughts as well. It feels strange to have someone on the ship that I care about, but I can't read their mind."

Faye looked touched by Alyssa's heartfelt declaration of affection, and she replied in a quiet voice, "I care about all of you, too." There was a sudden flicker of sadness over her pretty little face, but she masked it well, and continued, "I really love being on the ship with you. Thank you so much for welcoming me into the crew."

John smiled at her, and said, "You're very welcome. Thanks for being so patient and giving me a chance to get over my prejudices about AI. I agree with Alyssa by the way. I love how cheerful and upbeat you are, and you've been diligent and hardworking in your role as Watch Commander, as well as supporting the girls in their research. You've become a fantastic part of the team!"

The diminutive purple sprite bit her lower lip and blushed at receiving his resounding praise. Her wings fluttered rapidly, lifting her off the ground, and she looked deliriously happy. She grinned at them both, then said, "As much as I'd love to stay here all day and be flattered by the pair of you, I'll leave you two to each other's company."

"It's okay, you don't have to go," Alyssa protested, as she had been enjoying Faye's company.

"Yeah, It's been nice chatting to you," John agreed.

Faye shook her head adamantly, and said, "You two don't get enough time together, and I'm feeling super happy now anyway. You've perked me right up!"

She gave them a cheeky wave before disappearing from sight in a purple flash, leaving John and Alyssa laughing in amusement. Alyssa rolled on to her back again so she could stare up at him, and they gazed into each other's eyes for a moment.

John began stroking her golden hair with his left hand, as he said with a smile, "Faye's isn't just a cute little pixie, she's smart too. She's right, we don't get enough time to chat together."

Alyssa gave him a lovely smile as she said, "I'm listening to your thoughts all day, so it feels like we're chatting constantly."

He caressed her cheek with his right hand, and she nuzzled into it, planting a tender kiss on his palm. Her full lips were wonderfully distracting, but he wanted to take advantage of this quiet moment, and said, "Unfortunately I only hear whatever you project to me telepathically, so you'll have to indulge me."

"What do you want to ask me?" she inquired with a playful smile on her full lips.

"We were just joking around earlier, about you being my Matriarch," he began, staring into her enchanting cerulean eyes. "But we both know things have changed there."

"You're referring to how you turned me into a mighty Progenitor I assume?" she teased him.

He arched an eyebrow, and replied, "You're reading my mind, you know what I'm asking."

She pivoted on the sofa, sitting up and turning towards him in a graceful move. Hitching up her dress a little to reveal her bronzed thighs, she threw her lithe leg over his lap as she straddled him.

Alyssa pushed her breasts against his chest, then stared into his eyes as she linked her long, slender arms behind his neck. "Nothing's changed between us," she said emphatically, her tone serious now, all the playfulness forgotten.

"But what abo-," he tried to say, before she leaned in to kiss him, cutting him off.

He wrapped his arms around her, and enjoyed the kiss, until she gently pulled away, studying his face with her enigmatic gaze. "I love you just as much as before," she finally whispered to him. "I'm still your good little girl, and one day, when all this craziness is over with and we can settle down, I want to have your children. Believe me, nothing's changed."

"You're so caring and considerate with the girls, and they all love you so much. I know you're going to make a wonderful mother," he said with utmost sincerity, ending his sentence with a tender kiss.

She kissed him back gently, her soft lips brushing against his, and her eyes were hooded as she gazed at him under her long eyelashes. Normally these intimate moments were a prelude to some intense lovemaking, but after his earlier activities with the Maliri girl, they were both content to just enjoy being with each other. It came as a surprise when Jade appeared behind the sofa, leaning over to give them each a kiss. They had been so engrossed with each other, they'd lost track of time, and hadn't heard the door to the Bridge sliding open, or the Nymph padding through it.

Jade had shifted into her natural form, and when she knelt on the sofa beside them, her luxurious soft fur felt amazing against Alyssa's bare thigh and John's arm. Turning to look at Jade properly for the first time in her catgirl form, Alyssa's eyes flashed with excitement, and she said, "You look like a furry's wet dream! Stand up so I can get a good look at you."

The Nymph did as the animated teenager asked, pirouetting slowly so they could appreciate her exotic form. There were a number of relatively minor changes, and Jade was smaller now than her normal height, standing at just five-feet-tall. She was slim, and her breasts had dropped a cup size, but with the reduction in her frame, they looked much bigger. Her thick mane of long, dark-green hair, flowed over her shoulders, and down to the small of her back.

The major changes included her ears, which were a lot larger and pointed now, sticking up through her hair on the top of her head. She'd also grown a three-foot-long, fluffy tail, which flicked from side to side playfully as she showed off her new body for them. Finally, she was covered in a short, downy coat of stripy green fur, the colours alternating between dark green and lighter viridian stripes.

Alyssa shifted on John's lap, feeling him grow hard beneath her, and she glanced his way, giving him a mischievous smile. "She looks gorgeous, doesn't she?" she asked him lustily.

John flushed, but he saw no judgement in her gaze, just wild encouragement. "She's very beautiful," he agreed, staring into Jade's emerald eyes.

Those cat-like vertical pupils widened as she stared back at him, and she began to emit a throaty purr. Alyssa climbed off his lap with the limber grace of an exotic dancer, and she moved to stand beside the Nymph. "Her fur's so soft," she gasped as she ran her hands over Jade's body.

Following her lead, he stood as well, flanking Jade as he ran his fingers over her petite frame. Alyssa was right, the green fur was delightfully warm and downy, and he enjoyed brushing through it with his fingertips as he followed the contours of her toned and wiry body. Jade's purring intensified at their touch, and Alyssa leaned in to kiss her, her tongue darting playfully over those pointed canines.

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