tagFirst TimeThree Stoner Chix - Blue Dream

Three Stoner Chix - Blue Dream


This is the FIRST PART of a three part series.

If this story seems familiar to you, then you may have already read our novel-length submission on Laurie's page, which was entitled IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER. Laurie and I decided to break that novel into three easier to digest chunks, while rewriting parts, adding scenes, and in some cases, entire sequences. (yes, that means NEW SEX SCENES!)


By Laurie and C.B. Summers

©Laurie and C.B. Summers




It was the beginning of summer and the afternoon sun was high and bright in the cloudless, Florida sky. Amy Gleason was sitting with her two best friends, Alyson Ferrie and Dana Lee Pruitt on the edge of Dana Lee's pool, dangling their feet together in the cool clear water. Amy giggled as she coughed and released the smoke she'd been keeping deep in her lungs. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the fog that was beginning to set in around her brain. That slow, heavy, everything-is-far-away feel you got when you've smoked really good weed. Then she passed the bong to Alyson, who wrapped her freckly lips around its mouth while Dana Lee held the lighter flame to the bowl.

Alyson sucked the cool smoke deeply into her lungs and tried to hold it as long as Amy had, but within seconds she was coughing. "Damn. That's harsh. What did you say this shit was called?"

Dana Lee batted her sky-blue eyes, saying, "Blue Dream." Alyson coughed a few more times, so Dana Lee flipped her long blonde hair behind her shoulders, saying, "You're such a lightweight, Alyson."

Alyson snorted, "Lightweight? We'll see about that." The feisty redhead put the bong to her lips again to take another hit. As soon as she was done Dana Lee leaned over Alyson's lap and took her own hit, and then they began to stare at each other, holding their breaths with comical intensity. Amy laughed, seeing the fierce fire in their eyes. After about a minute, Dana Lee started to crack; little spurts of smoke spiffing out of her lush lips. Finally she coughed, blasting Alyson's freckly face with a cloud of smoke.

Alyson held out for a few more seconds before expelling her own lung full of smoke as she pulled her feet out of the water and did a summersault backward onto the concrete deck. Then she hopped to her feet, shouting, "I win! I win! Hooray for me!" She grabbed her beloved baton from a table and started spinning it as she marched about in a victory celebration.

Amy laughed. Pot tended to mellow her out, but it had the opposite effect on Alyson. She was so tightly wound that she never really let loose unless she was stoned or drunk.

Dana Lee said, "Hey is someone's phone ringing?"

Amy leaned toward her purse. "I think it's mine." She fished her phone out and smiled when she saw Rashawne Williams' number on the display. She immediately pressed the talk button and said, "Hey, handsome."

"What you doing?" Rashawne asked.

"Getting high with Alyson and Dana Lee."

"Who are they again?"

Amy rolled her eyes and said, "You know who they are."

"No," he said. "Seriously. Which ones are they?"

She looked over at Alyson, who was kicking her feet now as she tossed her baton skyward.

"Alyson's the redhead who's always twirling her baton everywhere she goes."

"Oh yeah, the chick with the nice rack."

"That's her," said Amy, her eyes riveted to Alyson's bouncing boobs. Damn, she's yummy.

"Who's the other one?"

"Come on. You know who Dana Lee is. She's a flag twirler in the Colorguard with Alyson... ringing any bells?" While he was thinking about it, Amy used her shoulder to secure the phone to her ear and leaned over Dana Lee's lap and wrapped her lips around the mouth of the bong and slowly sucked in another lungful of smoke. Amy flashed on an exciting image. It's almost like I'm sucking her cock... her shiny glass cock. Then she sat up again and held Dana Lee's jaw as she exhaled slowly, right into Dana Lee's open mouth from a few inches away. Dana Lee inhaled, getting double duty out of the smoke.

Rashawne said, "Hmmm... nope. No bells are ringing. Oh, wait... does she also play for the girl's volleyball team? Tall, blonde chick with ghetto lips? Real skinny? Looks like she's anorexic?"

Amy giggled. "She's not that skinny. She's just got zero body-fat. She's fucking ripped, as a matter of fact. If you saw the little yellow bikini she has on right now, you'd be drooling over her sweet little ass."

Dana Lee giggled.

Rashawne said, "She's got no tits at all."

Amy giggled. "That's true."

"Yellow bikini though?"



"No, just regular bikini panties."

"What's the other one wearing?"


"Yeah, the one with the tits."

"She's got a green bikini. Same style. Matches her eyes."

"You ever see her naked?"


"Just wondered if she had a red bush. Bet she's got freckles on her tits too."

"Did you just call me to be an asshole? Or did you have something in mind?"

"You working tonight?"


"Shit," he said. "I'm working. I was hoping you'd be there. Make the shift pass by faster."

"Sorry," Amy said. "I'm off tonight and all weekend too. Ericka is doing everything she can to cut my hours."

"Why would she do that?"

"Don't play stupid, Rashawne."

"I don't have to play. Seriously... I've told you a dozen times, there's nothing going on between me and Erika. She's the boss! And she's... what? In her thirties at least! I mean, give me some credit. She's just playing mind games with you."

Amy giggled and took another hit off the bong in Dana Lee's lap. But the weed was nothing but ash now, so she said, "Hey, DL, pack it with more of your brother's shit."

Dana Lee shook her head. "He'll be pissed if we smoke it all."

"He'll never know. When he wakes up he'll think he finished it off."

Dana Lee giggled and began packing the bowl again.

Rashawne said, "Wish I was there. It'd be fun to see three little stoner chicks getting baked."

"Why'd you call, Rashawne?"

"You didn't tell me what you're wearing yet."

"That's right. I didn't"

"Come on."

Partly from the effects of the weed and partly from being a little embarrassed to describe how naked she was, Amy giggled again. "I have this teeny tiny bikini I bought at the Town Center."

"Go on."

"Well... it's tan-through material, covered with tiny little metallic gold spots. And it barely covers anything at all. Just some sparkly material over my privates held together by gold strings the size of really thick dental floss."

"Mmmm. Sounds yummy."

Amy giggled. "Yeah. I was nervous putting it on. Dana Lee's brother David is here, but he's in his room asleep. Stoned off his ass actually. Dana Lee went and stole his bong and his stash and he didn't even move."

"Damn. I bet you look hot in that. Gold material huh? Shiny?"

"Yeah. It's shiny. And sparkly. Kina looks like it's covered with sequins."

"Sweet. I'm closing my eyes and imagining you right now... mmmm. Short, curly blonde hair, deep blue eyes, tan and just a little glitter to cover up with."

"Rashawne," Amy said. "I know you didn't call just to see what we were wearing."

He laughed hearty laugh. "Let's get together and kick it some tomorrow. Since you're off all day."

"Okay," Amy said. "What do you want to do?"

"I'm playing a pick-up game at the gym at 9am, but I'll be through by 10. Maybe we can work out together and have lunch after. You coming by to get your check tonight?"


"Sweet. I'll see you at the store then."

"Yeah. See you," Amy said right before she clicked off the phone and dropped it back into her purse, smiling happily.

Alyson took the freshly packed bong from Dana Lee and sucked in another deep hit. Then said as she exhaled, "So... what did Rashawne want? Or was he just returning one of your calls again?"

Amy grinned. "Nope. He called me first this time. It's not a date exactly, but he wants to hang out tomorrow."

Dana Lee chuckled. "What that really means is that he wants his cock to hang in front of your face for a few seconds before you... Glork! Glork! Glork!" Dana Lee was mimicking a blowjob in the most ostentatious way. Her mouth was open and she was bobbing her neck forward and back while distorting her cheek with her tongue.

Amy laughed, but Alyson pursed her lips and handed the bong to her. "Here. If you wanna suck on something, suck on this."

Minus the distraction of the phone call, the three friends sat in their bikinis in the shallow end of Dana Lee's pool, passing and relighting her brother's bong until there was no weed left in the bowl and none in the bag to re-pack it with. Then Dana Lee stood to her full 5' 11" and walked the bong back into her house so she could sneak it back into her brother's room before he woke up. Amy watched Alyson admire Dana Lee's slim, firm ass as she walked to the house. Alyson even stopped her incessant twirling for a minute, she was so transfixed. Amy smiled. Alyson was so hopelessly in love with their friend that it was amazing that no one seemed to recognize it except for Amy.

Amy had known Alyson for as long as she could remember. They virtually grew up together because their mothers were partners at the same law firm, and they lived on the same street in the Queen's Harbor Yacht and Country Club. When they were eight, Alyson's mother Morgana started entering her in beauty pageants all over Florida and Georgia. She was a gorgeous little girl, who loved spinning her baton, but she didn't have any dancing skills, so Morgana signed her up for a gymnastics-slash-dance class, which Amy also joined, just to spend more time with her.

Neither of them expected much, but their first day of class turned out to be truly life altering. Not only did they both discover their lifelong love of rhythmic gymnastics, they also discovered Dana Lee. She was a crazy, skinny blonde with bright blue eyes, who flirted relentlessly with all the boys, did insanely dangerous stunts and loved to laugh. By the time they performed their final recital two months later, the three of them were BFF's. Unfortunately, Dana Lee attended a different elementary school over by Atlantic Beach, so they only ever saw her on the weekends or in gymnastics class.

But as luck would have it, they all ended up attending the same Middle School, though Alyson was one year behind the other two. But when Amy got put back into Alyson's grade after one of her teachers discovered she had dyslexia, Dana Lee felt utterly alone. So even though she was the best student of the three, she intentionally flunked her FCAT test at the end of the school year so she'd be held back, and they could spend the rest of their school years together. Her dad was pissed as hell, but there was nothing he could do about it. That was Florida law.

Although Amy was touched by Dana Lee's crazy gesture of loyalty, Alyson took it even more personally: she fell hopelessly in love with her best friend. But she did such a good job of covering her feelings that Amy didn't discover her dark secret until two years ago. The three of them had been on a summertime camping trip with Amy's Dad, and had to sleep together in the same tent. One night Amy woke to the sound of sad sighs. She saw Alyson holding her illuminated cell phone over Dana Lee's sleeping form, all the while gently stroking Dana Lee's long blonde hair and letting out plaintive, lovelorn sighs.

What a shocker! Amy had always thought Alyson's lack of interest in boys was due to her devout Christianity. But that wasn't it at all. She was a repressed lesbian! Amy didn't say a word after that. She just watched and waited for Alyson to make some kind of move. But she never did, and Amy knew why: Alyson's mother.

If Morgana ever found out that her angelic beauty queen daughter was actually a 'carpet muncher', she would have disowned her in a heartbeat. Imagine Anne Coulter with red hair and breast augmentation and you'd have Morgana Ferrie. Completely 100 percent tea bag conservative, and completely anti-gay. Poor Alyson didn't have a chance in the world to be herself.

Such a shame, Amy thought. Dana Lee really does have a cute butt.

Amy watched Alyson go back to twirling once Dana Lee was gone. Amy's eyes wandered down to Alyson's big breasts. Her nipples were poking out and catching the sunlight just right, and her breasts were jiggling slightly as she swirled the baton around and around, causing the little silver cross dangling in her cleavage to dance about. Amy bit her lip and sighed. She'd been nursing a crush of her own recently, but unlike Alyson, Amy wasn't exclusively into girls, so she'd chosen to concentrate most of her energies over the last few years on guys. Besides, she didn't want to come between Alyson and Dana Lee. But, fuck, I don't know what I'm waiting for. It's obvious Dana Lee's not into girls. She's absolutely boy-crazy. The sooner Alyson realizes that, the sooner I can find out if her bush is as red as her hair. Hee, hee...

Alyson looked over at Amy and said, "What are you giggling at?"

Oops. "I always giggle when I'm stoned. You know that."

"Yeah, right."

Before Amy could think of a reply, Dana Lee emerged from the house with three beers and a pack of cigarettes, her face covered with a weird smile. She handed a beer each to Amy and Alyson before she extracted a cigarette and passed the pack to Alyson who took one and then handed it to Amy. After Amy lit each of their cigarettes with her lighter, Dana Lee finally began to giggle hysterically. She laughed so hard that tears began to flow out of her sky blue eyes and down her cheeks. Amy and Alyson looked at each other in wonder.

Finally, as Dana Lee's laughter began to subside, Amy said, "That was some really good shit we smoked. Really good. But I think you're way more fucked up than me or Alyson."

Amy watched with amusement as Alyson put down her baton, and gave the Dana Lee a big, stoner hug. Dana Lee hugged her back, giggling like a lunatic, while Alyson stroked her secret lover's long, silky, blonde hair. So secret that Dana Lee doesn't even know it. Amy giggled at the thought.

Alyson gave Amy a look of puzzlement before saying, "What the fuck is up with both of you?"

Dana Lee began to chuckle and giggle again but finally was able to say, "When I went upstairs to sneak David's bong back into his room, his sheet had fallen off of him."

Amy and Alyson both shrugged and said almost in unison, "Yeah, so?"

"He sleeps naked."

"Oh Jesus, Dana Lee," Alyson declared. "I know you've seen your brother naked before. Fuck. I've even seen him naked. The jerk gets his kicks out of accidentally walking out of the shower naked when Amy or I are over here."

Amy pursed her lips together and leaned her head to one side as she said in agreement, "It's true, Dana Lee. Your brother's a fucking perv."

Dana Lee waved them off and said, "Yeah. Yeah. He's a perv. I know. And yeah I've seen his dick before, but this time."

"This time what?"

Dana Lee held her two index fingers about eight inches apart and said, "He had the most massive boner I've ever fucking seen."

"Get the fuck out of here," Amy said.

Alyson sat down with a huff. She hated, literally hated, when Dana Lee talked about cock. Unfortunately, she talks about it more and more since she started going out with that idiot Tanner.

"No. I'm serious. It's fucking huge."

"Did you touch it?"

"Amy!" Alyson screeched. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"What?" Amy said. "It was just a question."

"Of course she didn't touch it," Alyson said with a little more calm. "Tell her Dana Lee."

They both looked back at Dana Lee who was dragging on her cigarette trying to hide her sheepish expression. She slowly let out a long stream of smoke and said, "Wellllll."

Amy began to laugh and said, "You did. You did. You fucking touched it."

"I just wanted to see if I could wrap my fingers around it." She paused, giggled again, and said, "I couldn't."

Amy laughed so hard she nearly dropped her beer and cigarette. Even Alyson laughed a bit reluctantly as she took a deep drag on her cigarette and then took a long pull on her bottle of Bud Lite. At least Alyson outwardly appeared to be laughing even though inwardly she shuddered. No fucking way she did that. She's just fucking with us. I know she didn't do that. No fucking way she did that.

Then Alyson began to rummage through her bag until she found her bottle of sunblock. She sat on a lounger and began to spread the thick cream on her face and arms. It was only the middle of June, but while the Florida sun was already turning Amy and Dana Lee's skin more and more bronze, Alyson's skin was still as milky white as the day she was born. Amy's short, wavy, blonde hair and Dana Lee's long, silky-straight, blonde hair both just got blonder and blonder with each day in the sun. The darker their skin got, the lighter their hair got. But, with Alyson's flaming red hair, emerald green eyes and spattering of freckles, she would clearly never do anything but burn if she did not apply and vigorously reapply her sunblock. She envied both her friend's ability to lay in the sun and tan rather than burn, just as they both envied her big boobs, flaring hips and round ass. She had a flat tummy just like both her friends, but hers was a bit softer, more feminine, not an athletic six pack like both Amy and Dana Lee possessed. Alyson had more of the classic female figure. Trim but still shapely. Amy and Dana Lee were shapely in their own right, but more muscular and jockish than Alyson. Also, seeing them together could at times seem a bit comical. Dana Lee was almost six feet tall, Amy was just barely over five feet tall, and Alyson was right in the middle at five feet six inches.

To that, Alyson suppressed a giggle of her own at the nickname they'd given themselves but never shared with anyone else. The ABC girls. That was Dana Lee's creation, invented to describe their cup sizes. A for Dana Lee, B for Amy and C for Alyson. With her flat chest, narrow hips, and sinewy limbs, all Dana Lee would have needed to pass for a young boy was a short hair, and a dick. Alyson sighed. Thank god she doesn't have one of those.

"Hello. Earth to fucking Alyson."

She broke her trance and looked over at Amy. "Huh?"

"I said," Amy said. "Do you want me to do your back?"

"Do my back?"

"The sunblock, sweetie," Dana Lee said. "Do you want her to put the sunblock on your back?"

"Oh. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah," Alyson said as she held the sunblock out for Amy to take. "Do my back."

Amy accepted the bottle and said, "Are you sure? Maybe you'd rather Dana Lee did it."

Alyson saw the mischievous expression on Amy's face, and a thrill of terror went up her spine. Oh fuck. She can't possibly know... can she? Suppressing her fear, Alyson said, "Don't be a goof, Amy. Just rub it in for me." She turned her back to Amy, and her eyes instantly fell on Dana Lee, whose full, oh-so-kissable lips were sucking on her cigarette.

Amy began to rub the cream deep into Alyson's shoulders and back as Dana Lee crushed out her cigarette and dipped herself under the water to do an impromptu handstand. Amy leaned her lips close to Alyson's ear as she continued to rub and asked her, "Feels good doesn't it?"

"Uh huh," Alyson admitted softly.

They both watched as Dana Lee stood on her hands and turned a circle in the pool. Her lips still close to Alyson's ear, Amy said, "Damn. Her tight little ass looks good in that yellow bikini. Too bad she's not wearing a thong though. We'd see a little more skin."

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