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Three Stoner Chix - Purple Wreck



This is the FIFTH and FINAL part of a five part series called SUMMER SINS. But you don't need to read the earlier chapters to enjoy this one. The story is very self-contained.

So here's what's happened so far: Three athletic pot-smoking high school hotties and BFF's have just come home from separate orgies, which they can't tell each-other about. Amy Gleason, a petite, blonde cheerleader, has been having a wildly sexual relationship with her own mother. Dana Lee Pruitt, her skinny blonde friend, also has an incestuous secret (she's been fucking her own brother), but her bigger secret is that she's pregnant. And Alyson Ferrie, a love-lorn, big breasted redhead Is a secret lesbian, who has been nursing a long-standing crush on Dana Lee.

Now it's Sunday morning, and the three little stoner chix have an appointment to spend the last day of summer together before school begins. There can't possibly be enough time for them to get into any more mischief.... can there?

Warning: Summer Sins features sexual situations of every type: this chapter has teens making foolish decisions, which leads to unprotected sex, and non-consensual molestation, but all in a good cause. Please remember, it's just a fantasy. We don't endorse the decisions our characters make.




By Laurie and C.B. Summers

©Laurie and C.B. Summers






Alyson held the washcloth full of ice against her forehead as long as she could stand it. Then she wiped it all around her cheeks before tossing it into her sink and scurrying downstairs to her mother's home-office shivering in her pajamas. She crept meekly into the room. She'd always found it intimidating in here, because that's just what Mother had in mind when she designed it. The furnishings were heavy and dark, and huge bookcases lined the west wall, crammed full of law books and religious texts. The east wall had a huge fireplace, surrounded with framed photos of Mother posing with various conservative luminaries, including two former presidents, and every major Christian leader in the south. There was even a Catholic or two, in spite of the fact that Mother didn't consider Catholics to be true Christians. "Any port in a storm," Mother liked to say.

The moment Alyson entered she saw that Mother was watching the television over the fireplace. Mother was sharply dressed as always, in a dark blue dress-suit, and a high-collared shirt. She'd also sprayed her curly red hair into the stiff, spherical bouffant she considered her trademark. Carrie, Mother's associate, put her index finger to her sharp little lips to indicate that Mother was on the phone, as well as watching the TV.

Alyson looked at the screen. One of mother's clients, the televangelist Reverend Atherton, was giving a sermon on his show Sunrise With God. She smiled. She'd always liked the Reverend, particularly because he was 'soft on homosexuals' as Mother liked to say. He preached tolerance and, 'hate the sin, but love the sinner'. Plus, he was always nice to her whenever he came over for dinner, and didn't leer at her tits, like most old guys.

Right now the Reverend was talking directly to the camera, speaking with soulful compassion. "... truly heartbreaking to live in a day and age in which we are forced to bear witness to this genocide of the innocent, of the blameless, of the unwanted. Our opponents think we are powerless to stop them. They think we are so content in the comforting arms of our churches that we won't lift a hand to defend the lives of our unborn brothers and sisters. Well, my friends? Is that true? Look into your hearts and ask yourselves. Are you willing to fight for life? Well, today you have an opportunity to answer Heavenly Father's call. Most so called 'family planning' clinics are closed on the Lord's day, perhaps for fear of incurring the wrath of God, but today... two hours from now as a matter of fact, Doctor Abram Indrani is reopening his abortion factory in midtown Jacksonville. If that weren't shocking enough, to 'celebrate', he will be offering his services free of charge to any deluded lamb who might wander his way. But if 'Infant Killer' Indrani thinks I'm going to let him commit murder on the Lord's day, he is sadly mistaken! Will you help me to stop him? Yes you will! I command all good Christians within the sound of my voice, within the reach of my network, to join me. We're going to form a cordon around this satanic facility. And with God as my witness, none of our children will be sacrificed today! Amen!" The screen faded to a printed address, with full directions where to find the protest.

Mother turned down the volume on the TV and said into her phone, "Perfect, Barry! Absolutely perfect! I couldn't have asked for more. I know you're not all that thrilled with protests like this, but I hope you realize how good this is going to be for your case. With God's blessing, you'll never see a courtroom, but... just to be on the safe side, you need high-profile appearances like this, standing up for your beliefs, demonstrating your compassion for life, and looking people in the eye so they can see that you're not a monster. By the end of the day, there won't be anyone in the Duval county willing to believe you molested those girls."

Alyson noticed Carrie was staring at her. The twenty-six-year-old Thai-American had such steeply slanted eyes that they gave her a weird, otherworldly beauty. In spite of her diminutive stature, Carrie carried herself with an imperturbable poise that was almost robotic. She never got angry. She never got upset. She never raised her voice, panicked or said anything humorous, sarcastic, or dramatic. And she always had a self-satisfied smile on her thin red lips. Carrie never talked about herself. In fact, she was utterly inscrutable. Alyson shifted uncomfortably, unnerved by Carrie's unblinking gaze.

Morgana looked at her watch and said, "I'm sorry Reverend Atherton, but I've got to be running. I want to get there by 7, so I can prevent the employees from going inside. No, you can come a little later. The Media is showing up around 10, so be sure to be there by 9:30 so we can work out our choreography. Oh, and be sure to wear your white suit. It will absolutely gleam in the sunlight! Yes, Praise Jesus!"

After Morgana hung up, she shouted, "Hallelujah!" Then she saw her lovely daughter standing by the door. "Alyson! Why are you still in your jammies? You need to get dressed, baby girl! Chop, chop!"

Alyson coughed into her hand and shivered, trying to look pathetic. "I don't feel so good, Mommy."

Morgana put her hand to Alyson's forehead. "Oh my! You're as clammy as a catfish!"

"I guess I caught a bug at camp. I'm sorry Mommy. But if you need me there, I'll get dressed... ooh... I feel a little dizzy."

"Oh, don't be silly, baby girl! You need to rest!" She snapped her fingers at Carrie, "Fetch my thermometer!"

Alyson put out a hand to stop Carrie, "Oh, I already took my temperature. I'm just a degree or two under normal. I'm sure I just need some Advil and some sleep."

Morgana lovingly petted her daughter's silky red hair. "Okay, baby girl, okay. I hope you didn't catch this from that Peller boy. Deacon Wilton told me you two were smooching each other non-stop the whole time you were at Bible camp."

Alyson smiled, "I told you he was my boyfriend."

Morgana nodded, "And I approve, within reason. But... you didn't have sex with that boy, did you?"

"Mother! Of course not! I'm not that kind of girl! And he's not that kind of boy!"

"Okay, don't get your bloomers in a bunch. You were just acting so strange on the drive home yesterday. Smiling one minute, crying the next. I didn't know what to think."

"I... I just... I just had so much fun this summer. I miss camp."

"Then why on earth did you turn down Pastor Scott's offer to be a counselor next summer?"

Alyson coughed, hoping that would stop this game of twenty-questions. "I don't mean to hold you up, Mommy. What time is it?"

Morgana looked at her watch, "Oops, you're right. I better run." Morgana hustled out into the hallway commanding, "Carrie, bring around the Beemer while I fetch my bullhorn."

But before Carrie left, she paused in front of Alyson and peered up at her with those strange, robotic eyes. "I hope you feel better, Alyson."

Alyson saw a little flash in Carrie's eyes that told her that she wasn't buying her 'sick' routine. Dang. I hope she doesn't tell Mother. "Thanks, Carrie. Uh... have fun."

Carrie stared at her with a totally unreadable expression for several seconds before nodding and floating past her. Wow. What a weird chick.

Five minutes later Alyson watched Mother's sleek gold Beemer crunching down the cobblestone path, and through the big automated security gate. Then she waited half an hour before calling Amy and Dana Lee to tell them the coast was clear. This was a rare treat. The girls almost never visited her house, thanks to Mother's relentless preaching and moralizing. As she dressed, she had a hard time picking out clothes. I wonder what's the appropriate attire for telling your best friend that you've been in love with her since seventh grade?

As she was going through her closet, she discovered the shopping bags she'd brought home after her shopping trip with Christian three weeks earlier. Ooh! I forgot all about these! She put on the underwear and the pretty sun-dress that Christian had helped her pick out. At the bottom of the final bag she found a gift-wrapped package. She laughed. Oh, now I remember! I bought presents for the A, B, C girls. I'll set these aside for Christmas. She put the package in the closet, and just then she heard a car honking.

Looking out the window, she saw Amy's Chevy waiting on the other side of the gate so she ran down the stairs and pushed the security button to let them in. Then she ran out onto the porch, and squealed with delight as Amy and Dana Lee stepped out of the car. The three little stoner chicks ran together and hugged and kissed as if they hadn't seen each other in three years instead of three weeks.

They went into the kitchen to toast the bagels Amy had brought. Afterwards, they went up the stairs toward Alyson's bedroom, passing by hundreds of framed photographs of Alyson from her beauty-queen years. Dana Lee slowed down in front of one, saying, "Wow, I don't remember this one. I thought you quit doing this stuff when you were 15. How old are you here?"

Alyson laughed. "That's not me. That's Mother. She was first runner up in the Miss Florida pageant in nineteen-eighty-something."

Amy whistled. "Wow. I never thought you looked much like her, except the hair. But damn, girl. You're her spitting image."

Alyson shrugged. "Not anymore. She had her nose and chin reshaped after she lost the pageant. And she bleaches her freckles too."

Dana Lee frowned, squinting at the photo, "But her nose is perfect. Her chin too. And she looks great with freckles, just like you!"

"What can I say? She hated her face. She thinks it's why she lost. She's not that crazy about my face either. She's actually offered to pay for me to go under the knife too."

Dana Lee looked at Alyson in amazement. "Well, that officially clinches it. Your mom is insane. You have the prettiest face there ever was in the whole history of faces." Then Dana Lee playfully tweaked Alyson's round, perfect little nose, before turning to run up the stairs.

Alyson blushed from head to toe, feeling light-headed at Dana Lee's touch. She caught Amy smiling at her, and whispered, "Shut up."

When they got to Alyson's room, Dana Lee tuned on some music, while Alyson reached into her dresser and brought out a tin of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. "A girl at Bible Camp gave me this as I was leaving. She's from Hawaii. We got pretty close."

Dana Lee smacked her lips, saying, "Mmm, chocolate!"

Alyson smiled, "Nope. Better." She opened the lid and brought out a baggie of weed and a brightly colored glass pipe. Then she started packing the pipe, saying, "She said it's called Purple Wreck."

"No shit," said Dana Lee, "David just bought a bunch of Purple Urkle Trainwreck. I wonder if it's the same thing." She held up the baggie to the light. "No, doesn't look the same. His shit is super purple and full of great big crystals. Plus it was chronic."

Amy whistled. "Wow. You gotta watch out for that chronic shit."

Dana Lee giggled, "Yeah, now you tell me. Shit was laced with coke. You know how much I hate coke. I don't think I've ever been that high in my life."

Amy laughed. "David shared his shit with you?" Dana Lee nodded, so Amy said, "Wow, what did you do for him to get him in such a giving mood?" Dana Lee shrugged, so Amy said, "Would he give me a taste?"

Dana Lee laughed. "Suck his cock and and he'd give you anything."

Alyson glared at Dana Lee. "Oh, please don't start with the cock talk."

Amy waved it off, "She's just joking. You are joking right?"

Dana Lee said, "Of course I'm joking." But she winked at Amy, to tell her that she wasn't really joking. "Doesn't matter anyway, he's leaving for college any minute now. But he gave me half of his stash, and I'll be happy to share with both of you, and neither of you are gonna have to suck my pussy for it."

Alyson turned her head sharply, thrilled to hear Dana Lee's words, even if they were just in jest.

Amy said, "Did you bring it with you?"

Dana Lee laughed, "No, not today. I just want to get regular high on Alyson's shit. I'm not in the mood for another crazy day."

Amy grinned, "Crazy day? Did something interesting happen?"

Dana Lee bit her lip, and realized sadly that she couldn't tell her friends what actually happened. That she'd sucked and fucked a bunch of David's buddies all friday afternoon, then let David fuck her the next morning. Fuck, who am I kidding? I fucked David. I fucked my own brother. And I'll probably do it again. I guess I could tell Amy. She's cool. But what if she told Alyson? She'd never be my friend if she knew the real me. So Dana Lee shrugged and said, "I just meant I didn't get any sleep. You know how coke keeps me up."

Amy looked at her with suspicion. She's hiding something. But no use pressing for details, with Alyson in the room. Alyson started lighting the pipe, so Amy turned to her and said wryly, "I thought you were in training."

Alyson took a deep puff, exhaled it and said, "No more cigarettes or booze. But I need my weed." She giggled giddily then passed the joint, and watched in fascination as Dana Lee's luscious lips sucked in a lungful of smoke. Oh fuck. She's so beautiful. I'd love to feel those lips sucking my nipples. When should I tell her? And how? Should I just blurt it out? With Amy watching? Maybe. Amy would be happy to back me up... but... I gotta wait for the right moment.

Then the three little stoner chicks scarfed their bagels, got high on Purple Wreck and started spinning lies about what they'd been doing since their last meeting three weeks earlier. Amy said that she and Rashawne had been spending a lot of time together, particularly during their leisurely week-long road trip to Vanderbilt. Dana Lee said she'd spent the last week hanging out by the pool, working on her tan and fighting with her dumb brother. Otherwise, nothing special happened except yesterday's annual family trip to Sea World, which she described in giddy detail, clearly still jazzed by the manatees. Then Alyson told them how she didn't win any trophies at the talent show. When the girls found out why, it outraged them to no end, and they railed against all the hypocrites of the world.

But at the same time, each of them felt like hypocrites themselves. Eventually, their forced cheer faded away to an awkward silence. Dana Lee turned up the music, and started dancing with her back to her friends, fighting back the tears. I can't fucking believe I'm pregnant. I should tell them. But... I don't want to ruin our last day together before school starts up again. Tomorrow... I'll deal with this tomorrow. Of course, that's what I told myself on Friday, and I ended going on some kind of crazy sex spree. I still can't believe I fucked my brother. I'm fucking losing it.

Meanwhile, Amy was steaming. She hated having secrets from her best friends. She wanted to tell them that she'd woken up at dawn that very morning to a feeling of pure pleasure. Looking down, she'd seen her mother's face buried deep in her snatch, eating her out with loving gentleness. She luxuriated with the sensation of her mother's tongue lapping her clitoris, and her mother's fingers probing her pussy. Minutes later she was enjoying a screaming, squealing, window-rattling orgasm, which left her twitching in an altered state for five solid minutes. After coming back to her senses, they'd shared a cigarette together, then Amy returned the favor, diving into her mother's sweet pussy, and soon she was feasting on a long, juicy squirt of her mother's warm juices. When that happened Amy knew she couldn't pretend any more. They weren't just fucking around for Rashawne's benefit. They were lovers. Mother and daughter, yes, but lovers nonetheless. But that wasn't all. Rashawne had told her he loved her, and she said she loved him too. That was huge. He promised to come home for a visit at the first opportunity and blatantly said he was looking forward to another 'family fuck'. Amy smiled. He can be so crude sometimes, but I love it. I guess mom and me are a package deal now. For all I know that's what he likes most about me. Oh well. I can live with that. The three of us are great together. How long can it possibly last, though? Oh, fuck it. I'll enjoy it while it lasts. I just wish I could tell the girls. I mean, my whole life has changed, but I can't tell a soul! Fucking secrets.

Meanwhile, Alyson's heart was pounding a mile a minute as she watched the love of her life dancing about. She tried to work up the courage say the things she knew she had to say. Now. You have to tell her now. Come on. Stop procrastinating. Just open your mouth and start talking. I'm in love with you, Dana Lee. I'm in love with you. I've always been in love with you. I want to be your girlfriend. I want to eat your pussy. It want to live with you as wife and wife forever. Come on, Alyson, you can do it! You have to do it!

Alyson took a deep, shaky breath, and opened her mouth, having no idea what was going to come out. "Uh... Dana Lee. There's.... uh... there's something I need to... uh..."

Amy sat up, wide eyed. Oh, shit! Is this it? Is she finally going to tell Dana Lee how she feels?

Dana Lee turned to look at Alyson, who seemed to have suddenly frozen. After a pause Dana Lee said, "What's up, freckle-face? Cat got your tongue?"

Alyson felt faint. Crap. I can't do it. Then Alyson flashed her beauty-queen smile and said, "I, uh, wanted to give you guys a gift!"

Dana Lee clapped happily, "A gift! Where is it! I wanna see!!"

Amy smiled wryly as Alyson fished a wrapped package out of the closet. Fuck. She just couldn't go through with it. Well, it's none of my business. We all have our secrets.

Alyson put the package on the bed, saying, "I bought this for us three weeks ago. But when Dana Lee wrecked her Cobra, I sorta forgot all about it. I was planning to wait till Christmas, but hey, it's almost the end of summer, so why the fuck not?"

Then the three of them ripped open the package together. Inside were three matching sets of shorts and tank tops. They quickly stripped to their underwear and put on the outfits, then stood, arm in arm, staring at their reflection in the big mirror on Alyson's closet.

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