tagIncest/TabooThree Sums It Up Ch. 1-3

Three Sums It Up Ch. 1-3

byThe Enchanter©

As I sit here and go over the last few months I can only shake my head and smile. I have it made in the shade. I have a good job, three squares a day and a nice clean bed to sleep in. My laundry is taken care of, and all I need to do is pay room and board and do the fix it type things that need to be done. This would be enough for most guys, but I have an added bonus. I have two lovely sexy and almost always horny ladies that want me to satisfy them as often as I can. So does this sound like a dilemma to you?

The two are women who are genuinely close to me in more ways than one.

One is twenty two the other is thirty nine. Me? I'm twenty one. The youngest of the three. Julie is the next and Ashley is the oldest. Oh Yeah! There is one more thing.

Julie is my older sister and Ashley is my mom.

The father does not matter as he has long since departed. We don't hear from him and to be frank, we do not really care to.

The way it started was a strange set of circumstances. My sister and I attended the same college and were only a year apart. She was graduating this next month and I had one more year to go. I did have the whole summer to bask and relax as I had a full scholarship. My sister on the other hand was not quite as fortunate. She was doing OK in most of her studies but one. It seems she was not doing well in political science. Her professor was the root cause to my being in this happy situation I was now in. Julie had to find a way to boost her marks and she went to see her professor after classes one day. I had said I would meet her and we could drive home together for the weekend, as we were about fifty miles from home.

For some reason I was detained and did not meet her in the main lobby at the appointed time, so I went to the study hall where she was suppose to meet her professor. As I turned the corner I stopped dead in my tracks. I could see through the small window in the door. There was a clear path to the profs desk and what I saw made my eyes bug out. There was my sister holding and kissing her professor. I mean this was a real lip lock, not a "thank you" kiss. This may not seem so far fetched to most, but what is the real kicker is that her professor is a she. Not a he!

They held their embrace for a long enough time for me to realize this was not going to end there. I stood there and watched as they finally did break apart. Her Prof, Helen was a very stunning lady about my mom's age and had a killer set of tits! She was dark black hair, almost blue-black and it was cut short, which made me think she was the aggressor. Up until then I had no idea that my sister was Bi. In fact I thought, like most brothers do of their older sisters, she was still a virgin.

What I saw next made me really stand up and take notice! Helen reached up and cupped Julie's tits. And spoke something which I could not make out. Julie did not back away, but she did look a little confused. She nodded as if in concurrence with Helen and both ladies walked to the door. I slipped around the corner and out of sight. I waited until they were far enough ahead of me and followed. They walked out of the building and towards the faculty parking area. I assumed they were going to Helen's car so I high tailed it to my Mustang and sped around to the exit of the Professors parking lot. They exited the parking lot and headed away from me. I had guessed correctly. They were headed for the outskirts of town towards Helen's small bungalow in the burbs. I followed a safe distance behind, not wanting to give myself away. I knew where Helen lived as I had followed her one day a few months back.

They pulled in her driveway and into the garage. I went on past her house and parked in the next block. After locking up I walked in the alley towards the College instructors residence. I made sure the coast was clear and snuck in the high-fenced back yard. It was a ballsy move in the daytime, but I was certain the fence would keep me hidden from neighbors. I scoped out the rear windows and they were all open letting in Mother nature, as it was a nice day. The curtains were also open just enough to allow me a good view of the inside.

With the added breeze they would billow out and give even a greater view. What I didn't know was, which room was which. Quietly I moved from window to window, and after a few minutes I was fairly certain of the layout of the house. The Family room was at the back of the house and that is where I saw my sister. Sitting on a couch facing the big screen TV. Julie looked excited, and I could tell she was nervous as her right hand was twisting strands of her hair. Helen returned and was caring what looked like mixed drinks. Julie was not a drinker, so I knew she would be using the alcohol as a crutch. She would be tipsy after a few sips. Helen sat next to Julie and toasted. I was able to hear her say.

"To a new friendship Julie"

"Yesss Miss Bankc..."

"Oh Stop that! Helen... Julie, Helen please! Call me Helen when we are not in class."

"OK then Helen it is! To a new friend!

Three Sums It Up!

Part II Mom 2?

I made my way back to my car and drove home. I pulled up and parked behind mom's convertible. I strolled past it and touching the hood, realized she just got home. I made my way around to the rear door and let myself in. I went to the fridge and got a soda on my way to my room. Mom obviously didn't know I was home, cause at the moment when I turned into the hall leading to my room she stepped out of the bathroom naked, still dripping from her shower. Her hair was pasted to her head and her wondrous flesh was exposed to my hungry eyes. She was cursing, using words I have never heard her say...

"FUCK! Now I am going to have a fucking mess to clean up! Fucking water all over my clean fucking floors! Cocksucker!"

"MOM? You need a towel."

She was so wrapped up in the fact that she was dripping all over, that she forgot where she was.

"I know! I forgot it on the fucking bed!" Then lights must have gone off in her head.

"Jeremy!! What! What are you doing home? "

"Mom... I live here and I usually come home after classes. By the way. You look pretty good standing there dripping wet." I said with a broad smile on my face.

"OH SHIT!" She said as her hands came up to hide her soft billowy breasts. I would have to estimate at least a 40C. Then she moved one to her sparsely covered pussy and realized she was fighting a losing battle.

"Jeremy! Shame on you for scaring me like that! Turn around will you? Can't you see I am naked? "

"I sure can mom. Sorry!"

I turned around so I could give her a second she needed to make her way to her room. I did sneak a look at her ass, as she opened the door and closed it tight. This was a bonus day indeed for me! First I see my sister get her gash muffed then I see my sexy mom exposed and looking every bit as succulent as her daughter. My cock started to climb and I figured it was time for me to take a shower. A cold one should have been the order, but I was a young man full of piss and vinegar and decided to forgo the cold and just shower. I finished up and made my way to my room with a towel wrapped around my waist. As I came out of the bathroom, I bumped into my mom who had since dressed into shorts and a halter top. It was pay back time cause as she bummed into me the towel gave way and fell to the hardwood floor. Now I was bare and she was staring. Her eyes went right to my cock. Even though I had cum just a short while ago, the vision of her naked came back to me in the shower and resulted in a semi hard on that had not dwindled a bit. I did however turn red and managed to squeak out.

"I guess we are even as I bent over to retrieve my towel. Mom just smiled and said with a chuckle, slapping my ass with a resounding smack.

"Yeah I guess we are at that son. Paybacks can be a Bitch Huh? " She then added

"Being a little naughty aren't we? Shame on you Jeremy! What were you doing in the shower? You baaaaad boy, you!" I heard her chuckle more as I made a mad dash for my door. Once in the safety of my room I saw my refection in the mirror and my face was beet red. My cock was still semi hard and made a tent that preceded me as I walked to my bed where I flopped down and groaned out my embarrassment into my pillow.

It was about an hour later that I woke from a cat nap and put on some jogging pants and a T-shirt and made my way to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed another soda and went outside, where mom was sitting talking to Jen. They were giggling and making out like school girls and I wondered if they were talking about mom seeing me naked and half hard. Paranoid and red faced I made my way outside and pulled up another chair and sat down. They both looked at me and smiled. Their conversation had ceased the moment I came into listening range.

"OK. Ladies! What's so funny? "?

"Why nothing son. Jen and I were just sharing some girl talk. That's all. Come sit with us and tell us about your day Honey."

I pulled up a chair and sat across from the two women. I smiled a shit eating grin for it was I who had managed to see both of them naked earlier that day. I crossed my legs, just in case my libido were to take over.

"Aw...Just the usual stuff. Classes and more classes. Soon it will be summer and no more fuckin...Ooops Sorry. I mean no more school."

Both ladies just smiled at my slip of the tongue. Besides why should I worry I heard mom use the same words only an hour earlier.

I looked at Jen and I decided to see how far I could go. I wanted to see her turn red.

"Say Jen! Where were you after classes today? I waited and waited and you didn't show up."

Immediately, her face turned a bit red and she looked down, avoiding her mother's and my eyes.

"I...I had to talk to one of my Professors after class. I need to get a better grade in her class, or else I may not pass."

"Oh Jennifer Honey! I didn't know you were struggling dear! Are you going to be able to pull off a passing grade? "

"I think so Mom. My prof was very understanding."

I thought to myself. Yeah she understood all right. She understood she now had a young tender cunt to eat whenever she wanted...

"Who is your professor Jen? I do not recall you mentioning any of your lady teachers."

"Her name is Helen mom. Helen Bankcrofter. She said she knew you mom."

Mom looked at Jenny and I swear she turned as white as a ghost.

"Helen Bankcrofter? OH MY!" She said in surprise.

"I knew a girl by that name back in college. We were friends. I didn't know she moved here."

"She says she didn't know we were related until a short while ago. She said she was going to look you up in the weeks ahead, once school is out.

"Gosh! I haven't seen her in years. We spent some time together doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Wild parties and boys and..."

Then mom stopped herself in mid sentence and her face once again got that pinkish glow about it. It looked as if she were self-conscious all over again. Thinking quickly I asked her...

"and what mom? "

"Oh nothing! I just did some idiotic college things is all. I am sure it is nothing you guys would be fascinated in..."

She looked at Jen and tried to change the subject, by asking her when she was going to be over and done with her curriculum. I wanted to see mom squirm so I asked her again, only this time I went a little further to see if I could strike a nerve.

"Oh Mom! Don't be such a prude! We are old enough. Did you have orgies or did you have all girls parties or what? "

That last part shook up mom and Jen. The both got red faced.

"Jeremy really!" mom said. "Don't you think your being a little too inquisitive? "

"Oh Mom! Come on! It's the new millennium for cripes sake. There are lots of wild and amazing things happening. I am not ashamed of you because of what you may have done in your youth. I emphasized the may to add some barb to the statement.

"Really! I think that it is cool."

This seemed to ease the tension a bit and Jen even countered.

"Yeah mom. I would like to hear about some of your antics when you were our age. Tell us? "

"I don't think soooo! I don't pry into your lives so I think fair is fair? "

Both Jen and I breathed a collective groan.. got up and went back into the house to change for the evening.

Nothing more happened that day. Tomorrow was Saturday, which meant cleaning the pool and doing the yard work. That is one thing we always did together. I did the lawn, Jen did the pool and mom did the flower beds. Then at noon we all sat by the pool, ordered Pizza and lazed around for the rest of the weekend.

I was the first up and outside the next morning and was into my end of the chores before mother or Jennifer came outside. I did have a lot of grass to cut, and I wanted to be finished at the same time as them. It was a beautiful Sunny day and it was predicted to get into the high eighties by noon. That was another good reason to finish early.

By eleven we were all close to completing our tasks. Mom dressed in her "Grubby shorts" and tube top. Jen in her bright Yellow bikini, walking the perimeter of the in ground pool, and me in shorts and sandals. Since I was going to finish early I would be elected to order the pizza.

I put the mower in the garden shed and called the pizza joint and they said they would have it here in twenty five minutes. That done I went in and was reaching for a cold pop, when mom said.

"HE Jeremy! Bring me out a beer will you? Get one for your sister and grab one yourself. We deserve it after all the work we have done."

I thought to myself... Gee this is a first. Mom does not usually drink. Maybe she was going to party a bit, ands show us some of her more wilder side. Who was I to argue...

I closed the fridge and walked out with six beers. After all I figured the first three would be empty in no time, and we would need something to wash the pizza down with. Both of my family members were sitting in chairs in the shade by the pool. Jen looked hot in her bikini and mom in her shorts and tube top looked sexy. Her knees were dirt covered the valley between her breasts was dark with the moisture from her perspiring. Her nipples poked out from the coolness of the shade. She did not seem to take to much notice, but I sure did. Jennifer was not that much smaller than mom. I would venture to say no more that one cup size. I imagined having those four big mouth watering beauties at my disposal. Titty heaven for sure!

True to their word the delivery guy pulled up and had the hot pie in his hands. I paid him and he didn't even se e if I gave him the right change. He was too busy looking at the women behind me.

Paying him and saying thank you twice he turned and walked back to hi scar shaking his head. I turned and sat and handed out our Saturday meal. It was great pizza and the beer was the added thirst topper. Mom and Jen kept right up to me and when the last crust was tossed into the empty square box, Mom asked me t go get some more beer. She was going to change into her suit and jump the pool.

"Why don't you get your suit on and we will all take a dip son? "

"OK! I will be back in a flash with beer and suit. I hope you ladies will be able to contain yourselves when this Adonis comes out in his trunks? "

Both of them laughed and said they would try to control their animal instincts.

It was shaping up to be a fun afternoon...

I followed mom into the house and as I walked behind her I could not help but watch her ass sway back and forth. Man what I wouldn't give to put my face and hands all over those two tight globes of woman flesh. My cock was beginning to grow, just looking and imagining. I opened the door for her and could see her nipples were still poking at her tube top. I also saw her check out my equipment again. That was twice in less than twenty four hours.

I changed and went in the kitchen and pulled another half dozen beers from the fridge, put them in a cooler of ice and then took the Kailua and Baileys and stuck them in along with three shooter glasses. Might as well go for broke and see if I could get some of my sister's, and mother's inhibitions lowered. I was the second one in the pool Jen was already in, as she had her suit on. I could see her headlights were on too. I dove in and the cool water took all the starch out of what was left in my dick. I surfaced and did a few laps. I looked at Jen who was looking towards the house. I turned to see mom in her red bikini, that just barely held her tits in place and what was little more than a bottom hiding her pussy. From where I stood in the pool she had to shave a lot of hair from around her pussy to wear that suit.

She stood at the edge and then stepped down the five steps until her bottom half was submerged. She took a few more steps then dove under, barley making a wave. She came up three feet from me in the same manner. Her Blonde hair flat against her scalp. She looked hot!

I looked at this vision of beauty in front of me and all I could say was.

"Mom. You look hot!"

"Thanks Jeremy. It is nice to know we old ladies still look appealing."

"Mom... You're not old. Your still a young Babe!. I would take you out anytime!"

"Well! What have you been drinking? Speaking of which do you have anything in that cooler over there? "

"Yes Mam! I have some beer and some makings for a shooter. Want one? "

"Sure What the hell. It's Saturday and it is almost summer lets go for it> Hey Jen? Want to join Jeremy and I in a shooter? "

"Sure! What kind? "

"I don't know. Your brother is gonna surprise us."

I climbed up the ladder trying to hide my hard on from their eyes, and I don't think I was too successful. But what's a fella to do? I reached the cooler and was able to bend down to conceal my predicament, for the time being. I took the liquor from the ice and made up three shooters, took the tray and placed them on it, along with three more beers. I then walked carefully back down the ladder into the water and to the shallow end where the near twin ladies stood waiting. I placed the tray in front of them and they picked up their drinks. When we all had them in hand mom said we should have a toast. From the glint in her eyes it looked as if she was feeling good. Jen was feeling no pain cause she had to hold onto the side of the pool to keep her balance. After the shooters were shot, we kidded and joked around. Then Jen out of the blue asked mom something I never expected.

"Mom. Did Helen ever try anything with you? "

There was a deafening silence in the pool. Mom looked at each of us in turn and said.

"Jeremy. Will you go get us another beer? "

I still had half of mine to go as did Jen. I didn't need a block to fall on my head to know she wanted to have a moment with Jen. So being a gentleman I went in the house only to find no beer left. So I hollered out that there was none left, and I was going to hoof it to the store three blocks away to get more. I was not about to drive after three beers. It can cost to much money...

SO I threw a shirt and sandals on, grabbed my wallet and started out for the beer and party store. IT took me ten minutes there and ten minutes back, added to the wait in the store I was gone almost forty minutes. I put the beer in the fridge except for three and headed back out to the pool. I opened the back door and it was like déjà vu. Jennifer and mom were no longer in the pool. Jennifer was sitting on the same lounger as mom and they were kissing. Jen's top was on the deck next to the chair as was mom's. they were welded together and it was a heated exchange lip lock taking place. I figured it was time I got some so I kept on walking until I was beside them.

"Hey you two. Any chance I can get in on this? "

Both women were startled and broke apart screaming out their surprise.

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