tagIncest/TabooThree Sums It Up Ch. 4

Three Sums It Up Ch. 4

byThe Enchanter©

Well It did not happen as I hoped. I did awake early in the morning Nature was calling. I had to pee so I made my way in the darkness to bathroom and fumbled in the black to open the lid. I am one of those considerate males I guess. Living with two women I have learned to lift the seat and lower it when I am done. About midway through my piss parade I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. I jumped a little and it was so dark I could not make out who it was. Then I felt a pair of lips on my shoulder and a whisper saying

"hurry up! I have to go too!"

It was mom. I had awaken her when I got out of bed and she followed me as she had a full bladder too. I turned my head and said.

"I will be just a minute my love. "

I felt her hands come up and caress me about my chest and her head rested on my shoulder She continued to whisper so as not to wake Jen, but would it really have mattered I wondered? I was to find out....

'I feel a little guilty about this Honey. " she said . " We should not be doing this. Then I remember feeling you as we made love and I get all warm and bubbly and it makes me want to just climb all over you and do it all again."

" I can honestly say that it did bother me too, for about ten seconds. Then my hormones took over and I was a stiff dick waiting to be consumed. I hope your not mad mom."

" Of course not Jeremy. I am just as much at fault."

"Tell me something mom."

"What Honey?"

"If your not upset about us doing it and your rubbing your hands all over my chest and kissing my neck between words, then why the fuck are we whispering?"

She chuckled softly do stay oblivious to She then reached over and turned on the night light, and I saw her soft warm naked flesh as she went around to my side. She looked my in the eyes and said.

"So I can have my soon all alone and fuck his brains out. Is that a good enough reason stud?"

All I could do was smile from ear to ear. My stream had stopped and she reached down and took hold of my cock, wanting to fill it with life so she could drain it from me.

"God Mother you are such a hot sexy lady. I only hope I can make you as happy as you have made me. Why don't you sit down on the seat and let your stud eat your pussy?

"Ouuuuue That sounds simply divine Jeremy. I think I would like that very much." Saying that she bent forward and kissed me with passion. I felt her tongue invade my mouth and her saliva mix with mine. She sucked on my tongue as if it were my cock. I felt her breasts as they crushed against my torso. My cock pressing against her nest. She had to lift a leg to straddle the toilet and it allowed my shaft to slip between her legs. I could feel her wetness as her pussy came down on top of my rampant cock. Mother moaned out an approval and Her moist pussy rubbed on my staff. I broke away from our kiss and with my arms under her armpits I picked her off of me and eased her down on the seat. Her hands were quick and she reached behind her and lowered the seat silently and then her cheeks hit the plastic top. I felt her stop, but I continued downward until I was kneeling between her thighs like a humble servant kneels before his Queen.

I spread her thighs and in the soft glow of the night light I could see the smile on her face. I was going to make love to her with my tongue, and love every second of it.

I looked down at her love grotto and I could smell her scent. Musty and sexy. Lust inhibiting for certain. My stiff cock attested to that. I spread her thighs and went at my task of love. I inhaled her aroma and I then moaned out my passion. I kissed the top of her moans and all around it. I then Kissed each thigh, down to her knees then back up. My hands massaged her soft pillow like breasts, rolling the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Her head went back and she sighed deeply. I continued my oral assault by licking the hot flesh as I moved my head about her groin area. I kept away from her slit, wanting that for the last. I also knew I was teasing the fuck out of her and I guess that made me feel more like an experienced lover. It took all I could do not to dive into her pussy and swallow her up completely!

" Oh Jeremy. That feels so good. Your teasing Mommy though you naughty boy. Mother wants you to eat her wet pussy baby! Please Jeremy. Make mother feel soooogood. Eat mother's pussy baby! Please?"

The teasing was getting me just as worked up, so I decided to taste what we both graved. I slipped my tongue into her soft folds of flesh and we both groaned. It was better than I had hoped. I could taste her juices and there was plenty of it too. I licked and sucked the flowing nectar and as much and as hard as I did, I was not able to lick it dry. Mother was cumming almost constantly. Her hands went to the back of my head and she pulled me into her quaking body.

Her chest heaved as she sucked volumes of air into her lungs. It was hard to hold onto her breasts and eat her at the same time., so reluctantly I let go of her upper body and concentrated on the task at hand. Or should I say mouth? I tried to sink my tongue as far inside her cunt as I could. My nose was pressed up against her and my hands went under her ass to lift her up to give me better access. I was in heaven. I was eating the sweetest pussy in the world. Her labia were full and blood engorged. Her cum was flowing like a river into my mouth. I was drinking her and loving it.

"Oh Baby! Mother wants you inside her now! Please Jeremy. Give me your cock baby! Fuck me Jeremy. Fuck me son. Fuck your mommy's wet hot cunt baby!"

I arose and stood in front of her. My cock was at face level. She took it in her mouth and sucked it deep and moaned all around it. Then she stood and took me in hand and guided me to her secret cave. Mom lifted her leg up to the sat and she held my cock at her entrance and looked me in the face saying.

"Fuck me Jeremy. Fuck my aching cunt you sweet wonderful man."

Wow! I thought to myself. Mom just called me her man. Well I guess I was going to have to show her I was. I pushed forward and felt her pussy suck the head of my cock. Her arms went about my shoulders to steady herself. I felt her globes flatten against my chest. Her lips reattached to mine and her tongue pressed it's way into my mouth. We kissed as lover, filled with passion and desire. I could feel my cock making it's way into her wet pussy. In less than a minute I was buried completely in her soft pussy. Her labia were stretched around my cock and I could feel the wetness against my short pubic hair. I was balls deep for sure.

I reached around to hold her waist steady and I started to slide in and out of her velvet grip. My cock was ready to erupt in less than a dozen strokes. Don't ask me how, but I held back. I wanted to try my best to make this wonderful loving woman cum a million times before I spewed my seed in her belly. My cock was slapping in and out and the noise was getting louder. Our hips slammed against each other and it was near the point of not caring at all. I felt mom's arms rubbing my back and scrapping her nails along my spine. Her hard nipples against my chest rubbing there hard rubbery ends all over. Her lips were kissing all over my face and chest. Kissing me softly and quickly. Little words of passion between kisses.

"Yes Baby Mother is so hot baby! Fuck me Jeremy. Fill me with that hard cock baby! Oh fuck yes . Fuck my wet pussy baby! Fuck mommy hard baby Make me cum all over that big hard fuck pole you big hard cock. Yes I am cuming again son. Cummmmmmmiiiiinnngggggggggg!! I felt her pussy contract and release around my cock. I was pistoning in and out of her as fast as my balance would allow. I was near release and I could hold out no longer. With one hard final plunge I sunk my cock deep inside mother and erupted. Shot after hot creamy shot spewed from my cock. Filling her pussy with my seed. My mind went dizzy with delight. I saw the shooting stars and fireworks went off in my mind. I crushed her body to mine and felt her heartbeat pounding in her chest as we came together as one

. One hot passion, lust driven couple. She continued to whisper in my ear telling me to shoot my load and fill her cunt with my hot cum. Telling me she wanted all my gooey fuck inside her. It triggered my senses and I shook from head to toe hearing her talk to me with such vulgar words. The flow eased up and Mom lowered her leg. This caused my cock to slip from her pussy and she immediately went to her knees and sucked my dribbling rod into her mouth. I could feel her suck me in deeply. Sucking the juices from the outer flesh.

Drawing the cum remaining g in my deflating cock. Her mouth traveled up and down my cock as if trying to suck more life back into it. Her lips were all over my cock and balls licking and drinking in the perspiration and cum. Her hands supporting me as she did. It was almost as erotic as the sex we had just finished. Finally my cock was back down to it's regular small size. She relinquished it and stood to kiss me once again She then looked and me and in that same whisper said.

"Baby! I do not want this to end. I don't care what happens I want you and Jennifer and I want to make love to you both. I want to suck you and eat her and have you give me all your love. I do not want to stop baby! I want this cock in me al the time. Promise me Jeremy? Say I can. Please son?"

"Of course mother. I want this as much as you. I want to fuck you and Jennifer and I want to feel you suck my cock and cum in your mouth too. I want to experience all kinds of things and I want so much to please both my women. I may need some help as I could never outlast you both. I do know I am sure gonna fucking try though! Come on. Lets go back to bed. If Jen wakes up I am not sure I could get it up again for her."

We smiled and walked back to the bed, arms about each others waist. I could see her tits juggle as we walked and I knew I was like a kid in a candy store with a million dollars to spend. I was going to spend it all on my mother and sister too!. They had all the candy I wanted!

I am amazed at all the nice responses. Only very few who think I have my head up my butt and can't write. Well... Can't please everyone I guess I like to use my imagination It fuels my writing. I am not perfect but I am trying. Thanks again for the kind words. I can take the criticism. It is so easy when there are so many kind and appreciative writers.

Hey! If you don't like! Don't read! Simple Isn't it!

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