tagIncest/TabooThree Sums It Up Ch. 5

Three Sums It Up Ch. 5

byThe Enchanter©

When I woke up I looked around and the only thing I saw through sleepy eyes was the clock. It had big red numbers that seemed to say "It is 10:25 Get out of bed you lazy good for nothing!" I groaned and let my head hit the pillow wishing it was an eight, instead of a ten. The girls were already up and no doubt busy doing morning things like dishes and coffee and making themselves beautiful. I smiled and thought "They are gorgeous enough as they are..."

I pulled back the sheets and my semi hard cock was looking right back at me. A quick trip to the can and he would be looking at the floor. I made my way to the toilet and then took a shower. It felt good as the hot water cascaded over my skin washing away the evidence of last night and yesterday. It would all flow away with the water to the sanitary sewers, but the memories are burned deep into my mind where they will stay for many years to come... I lathered myself up real good and was tempted to choke my chicken but... I thought better of it. I had two lovely women to help me relieve any pent up desires I would have, and I did not want to waste any gift I may have for them. I washed and rinsed my hair and then grabbed a towel from the hook outside the shower stall door. After drying myself I took my razor and shaving cream and did a close number on my face. I squeezed out a dollop of after shave balm and massaged it into my pores soothing the skin. I did a close inspection making sure I was done up proper then I headed for the kitchen I went into the kitchen and there was mom sipping her coffee, her eyes have closed and a dreamy expression on her face..

"Well hello sleepy head!" she said through slatted eyes. "It's about time...you rolled out of bed. Want some breakfast?"

"Sure! But I think a coffee is first. Where is Jennifer?"

"She is eating baby."


" I said she is eating."

There was a smirk on mom's face and Then it cleared up. I bent over and could see my sister's feet under the table. She was eating alright. She was eating pussy. Moms' pussy.

"Mom! You nothing but a common fucking slut. So are you Jennifer!. A slut and a cunt eating dyke." I said it all with a huge grin on my face.

This got Jen and she was out from under the table in a flash. She stood up and took off after me. She was naked and her face was covered in pussy cream. I was laughing , keeping a good three steps in front of her when I made the corner. There I bumped into an equally naked mom, arms folded across her breasts..

We collided and landed in a heap on the floor. Jen just jumped on top of us and we rolled all over the living room rug. They were pitted against me and I didn't stand a chance. They had me down in a matter of minutes and soon I was looking up between my sisters thighs at her pussy. Mom was seated at my head, looking down at me over her ripe melons

"Well Jen I think we should teach this little loud mouth chauvinist a lesson. What do you think Hon?"

"Yeah Mom. Lets show this smart ass son of yours that he should not call us names."

Saying that Jen grabbed me by the crotch and held my scrotum in a vice like grip.

"Brother of mine. If you so much as move a muscle I will squeeze till you pass out."

I froze in place and then watched as Mom got up and went into the kitchen. She returned and was carrying some cotton rope and some tea towels. She wrapped the towels around each wrist and then each foot. I was then spread eagled and secured to the sofa and the two big Wing back chairs. A chair for each arm and the legs of the matching sofa held my legs in place.

Now that I was tied and they were certain I was not going anywhere they stood and looked down at me and the smiles on their faces told me I was in for it.

What "it" was I do not know.

"Well Mom! Now that we have Jeremy where we want him what shall we do first? Why don't we shave his groin for him? He wants us too. I think it only fair don't you?"

As she spoke Jen reached up and groped mothers tits. Rolling the nipple with her finger and thumb. Then she bent and sucked the tasty bud into her mouth. This brought a gasp from mom and she cradled Jennifer's head in her hands and mewed out her pleasure. Mom then got into the act and she took Jen's smaller breasts and began manipulating them. The women then turned facing each other and kissed. It was a passionate tongue probing kiss. Their breasts mashing against each other threatening to flatten them completely. You could not fit a piece of paper between their pelvis's. They were that close. Then Mom started to grind her pussy against Jen. Jen looked back and looked at mom saying.

"Oh God! That sounds like fun. But I think if we were to do that. Jeremy would be scratching his balls every five minutes and we wouldn't get him for any fun. I have a better idea honey. Why don't we just tease the little fuck for a while? Do you like mother's pussy rubbing yours Jen. You feel so wet Baby!"

Ooooohhh Yes Ashley! Let me feel your pussy against mine. Let me feel you Baby! Moe mother! MORE! Eat me? Get on your knees and eat me cunt. Just Like I did you in the kitchen. Get on your fucking knees you cunt eating cocksucking slut and eat your daughters cunt. Make me cum bitch! Eat my fuck hole motherrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Mom was ga ga and stood there open mouthed not believing what was spewing from her flesh and bloods mouth. She was flabbergasted.

"Jennifer Ann! Really You sound like a common whore."

"Thanks slut!! I was hoping you liked it. Not get on your fucking knees and make me cum with your tongue, or I will tie you up and fuck my big cocked brother!"

"Yes Mistress! As you wish." She said, bowing with submissiveness.

Mom gave me a little wink and dropped to her knees in front of my big sis and placed her manicured fingers at the opening of Jennifer's pussy. She craned her neck in a manner that allowed her to let me see her do Jen. I watched wide eyed as mom snaked her tongue out and lapped around Jenny's pussy. I could see the moisture glistening on the pussy that was no more than two feet from me. Mom looked at me and made a face that told me.

"Look at me son. I am eating your sisters cunt. I bet you wish you could fuck me while I did this don't you?"

It was those eyes as "blue as the sky" also telling me I had to wait here and watch. I peeked at moms tits and they were rising and falling with her rapid breathing. Her nipples looked like two pink fleshy bullets, ready to shoot me. I would gladly accept them. It would be the nicest way to get shot that I could imagine...

Mom continued to attack Jen. Her hands were mauling her ass cheeks and she slipped a finger up into Jens asshole. This made sis jump a bit, but her eyes stayed closed as she concentrated on cumming. Sis positioned her hands at the back of moms head and pulled her firmly into her cunt.

"Eat me you fucking cunt! Eat my hot, wet, juicy pussy mother. Eat me while my little punk brother lays there with a big hard cock that he can't even touch! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yes! Brother dear! Watch as our mommy submits to my hot cunt. Watch me as I fuck her face, and then I am going to drown this son fucking bitch with my cunt cream. Ohhhhhhhhhh Mother! You munch pussy sooooooo fucking good. Yes my lovely Ashley. Eat Jenny's plump juicy snatch. Yes! Yes! Yes cunt... Oh Fuck I am cummmming mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I watched amazed as mom slurped and sucked Jenny pussy. Swallowing all her cum. Mother's face was awash with feminine oils and she held onto Jennifer's thighs for support and to keep her from breaking contact with her daughters spasaming cunt.

My cock was like a steel pipe and as sis said, I could not even touch it. It felt like I was going to blow apart at the loins. I wanted relief and could not get it.

As my dear sweet captor slowed to a gentle lapping. Mother looked up at Jen and said something I was not expecting to hear from her.

"Well Cunt! I fuckin ate your little quim, now it is your fucking turn to devour mine! So Daughter of mine... Get on your fucking knees and feast on mother's cunt. Do you fucking hear me you little slut!!"

Jennifer smiled from ear to hear. Mom had come over to her way of expression and Jen was delighted. In fact she was cooing and gurgling as she fell to her knees and gently pushed mom back until her shoulders touched the carpet next to me. Her left arm reached up and fondled my rock hard cock and then mom said.

"Well son. If you’re a good boy. I may jack your cock and let you cum all over your belly. Then I will get your slut sister to suck you clean.. But first things first. Watch as the little fucking tramp eats my cunt and makes ME cum..."

Mother's eyes were overflowing with lust and passion. Her chest rose and fell as she tried to get the oxygen she needed. Her pulse raced as we both watched Jen bend over and lick mother all over her belly and thighs.

"My cunt you fucking dyke bitch. Gobble my fucking cunt NOW!!" Mom was getting right into it!!! I was astounded and... was ready to cum too.

"Mother your talking like this is going to make me spurt my load. Let me drench your face mom. Let me fire my cum on your face and then make Jenny lick it all off. Please mom. I have to cum."

"Jeremy my stiff cocked stud. That sounds like a fantastic idea. But instead I think I will get you to discharge your fuck sauce all over Jen's face so I... can lick it off. How does that strike you son?"

" I love it mom. Your hand feels so good on my cock."

"Mmm Your cock feels good in my hand honey. Oh my! Look at your sister. She knows how to eat pussy. Her tongue is like a butterfly on my clit. She is licking me like a cat licks milk. I can feel her on my clit. Just the right spot baby! Yess that's it girl eat that pussy. Suck mothers clit baby! Ooooouuu Jeremy she is rubbing my little man in the boat Baby. Yes right there....Flicking it with her tongue Jeremy. Her two fingers crossed and fucking me. Oh Jennifer! You wicked girl you! Jeremy! Your sister just put a finger in my ass! What a scrumptious feeling Hon! Oh Yeah... Deeper! That's it Jen darling make momma cum againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Fucking cunnnnnnnnnnnt! Yes I am there! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

I watched as mom elevate her hips off the carpet and held Jens face tight to her nest. Her leg muscles were taut and she looked like a marathon runner. I swear she was going to crush Jens head!

Her orgasm ebbed and her thighs touched the thick carpeting. Her chest was heaving gently and she looked at me, then Jen.

"Jen I want you to untie Jeremy and let him squat over your face and then I want you suck him until he is ready to cum baby! You are going to show mommy when he shoots all over your face, so I can lick it all up and share it with you baby! Please for mommy?"

"Consider it done mom!"

Jen rose quickly and loosened the ropes and them helped me up so I could sit astride her head. Then she took my cock in her mouth and looking straight at me started to suck me like her life depended on it. I could feel her tongue and it coursed it's way around the diameter of my cock. Soft like velvet... yet stimulating... My head thrown back, mouth hung open, eyes closed. I was gloriously close to cumming. Mom took up her place at my side and I felt her tits press against my back her words encouraging me to shoot in Jens face.

"Yes Son That's it Feel her lips and mouth lavish your cock babe! You sister is imploring you to shoot your sizzling cum on her face. Drench the little slut Jeremy. Plaster your fuck allover her pretty face and then... mother will lick it all off honey. Do you like to hear mother talk like this son. Does it make your huge cock harder? Would you like to fire it in my face too baby! Would my little boy like to splash his cum in mommies face too? Yeah That would be so fucking hot wouldn't it son. Mommy is going to go help Jen suck your cock and you can spurt your fucking cream all over us baby!"

I just had to open my eyes so I could see mother join Jenny at my cock. It was mind boggling to see her push Jenny's face away, allowing her equal cock to lavish. Both women fought over who was going to get the top. It was not a vicious fight it was more like trying to outshine the other, with me getting nothing but lip service. I looked at my lovers and told them of the impending blast.

"Get ready my hot sluts I am going to shoot my fuck all over your slut faces. Get it Ladies Her it fucking cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

One!... Two!... Three!!... Four shots well placed.

The first one hit mother above the lips and streaked across her open mouth where she was able to catch a bit. The second erupted along Jennifer's cheek and a big glob fell in her open mouth The third struck her above her nose and she had to close her eyes as the creamy goo covered her left eye. The last volley struck mom in her right eye and she grabbed the bobbing shaft and sucked it in her mouth claiming the final drops. It almost made me cum again seeing their faces covered in my cum. I was totally done in. I fell back and plopped out of my mothers mouth. Both women looked at each other and mother was first to lick. She swiped out and a thick string of cooling cum disappeared into her mouth. She then closed her mouth over Jens eye and sucked it until it was free of any sperm. Then, like a kitten starving for milk she licked her daughters' face spotless. Jen just laid there and took it all in. knowing her turn was cuming. After she was satisfied she got all the gooey cum mother fell back and allowed her young offspring repay the deed. I watched as my sister made a show out of licking my seed from the face of the lady we both knew and loved dearly. Lick after slow lust filled lick over my moms face until it was sparkling. Then they kissed as if to say thank you for the pleasure. I looked down and could feel the stirrings in my loins. I could see my mother ass starring back at me and I got a very erotic idea. I bent down and I stuck my face right in her ass and I started to lick her ass. Her pussy juice coated her skin and I was filled with the desire to please her as she did me. I ran my tongue over her ass. Up to the dimple above the tow hillocks then down I went. Tracing a line of spit until I felt her tight puckered hole stop me. I then did something I had never even considered before. I pushed my tongue against her asshole and she screamed out in sheer lust.

" Oh My GOD JEREMY BABY! What are you doing to me! Don't stop baby! Oh fuck! Your tongue feels so good baby!"

I pushed and poked about until I broke the elasticity and penetrated her with the tip of my tongue. It was not unpleasant at all. It was naughty and erotic. She loved it and that was enough for me. I knew the next part was going to be even better. I planned on sticking my rising cock right where my tongue was. Deep in her ass!!!!!!!

* * * * *

I have had a lot of positive remarks on 3Sums It Up. I am going to add more. I will include some of your ideas in the next chapter(s). Lots of Kinky people out there!!!!

I have had a lot of good responses on Double Trouble, so I will write more on that. Again, some kinky ideas from you all... Thank you! Special Thanks to all the ladies who have written and given me their comments. Keep them cuming!

I will try to answer all who write and leave an email address...

I have a special Story I am working on with someone special...A His and Hers if you will...

The Enchanter...

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