tagFirst TimeThree Times a Lady - Her Chastity

Three Times a Lady - Her Chastity

byAn Awful Cad©


I hardly knew her. We hadn't spent more than a few hours together in our whole lives. And yet three times she gave me a gift you can only give one person in your whole life.


Her Chastity

I noticed the disruption in the pattern as soon as I entered the room. There was a knot of men clustered around one woman. Enough of them, in fact, to obscure who she was. Usually at these things the ratio was, believe it or not, the opposite. Even with two different groups performing, there were still ten times as many women to men in the room. It was an unspoken rule -- as well as just plain smart -- not to compete head to head, but rather to fan out among the herd and divide and conquer.

I had the same game plan as always. Circle the room once, quickly. Thirty seconds tops. Select a gazelle to cull from the herd. Head to the punch bowl for a cup. Pray that it's spiked. Commence my hunt of said gazelle. Unlike on the Serengeti, I selected not the weak, old or infirm. No, I selected the prime stock, the sleek and swift, best in herd.

My theater background had translated into a spot on the University's a cappella choir. It seems kind of dorky to me now, but at the time it felt like performing, plus it had other benefits as well. I like coffee and I like tea, and I liked going to all the women's colleges in a four state area (and there were more then) and performing in front of the man-starved coeds.

It was the first time I consciously made the connection that performing can make a woman's panties wet. After each show the groups performing that night would gather at a "reception" in the dorm occupied by two hundred and fifty of our seemingly most avid fans. We made the freshmen man the merchandise table while the rest of us fanned out among the crowd like sharks set loose in a pack of seals. If sharks could sip punch and make witty banter.

Best of all, the group was run as a club, which meant that I could be part of it even though I had graduated and was studying for my Masters at the same University. The graduate school did not have the same kind of "social life" as the undergrads and I was grateful for the opportunity to partake in the collegiate scene and concomitant pussy.

I decided to walk by and see what all the commotion across the room was about. If it could pull away an entire pack of pussy-hounds from their prey, it had to be interesting. I was determined not to stop. I knew that it was creating opportunities for me elsewhere. I would just cruise by and see what was causing the crowd to form.

I recognized her immediately. It was Janine. A lot had changed from that young girl to this young woman. In many ways this was a whole new woman. No longer awkward and developing, she was now assured and graceful, feline even. Filled out. Sleek. So at home in her body that she practically glowed. Glossy hair, perfect teeth, skin like butter.

It was four years since I had last seen Janine. She was the younger sister of a friend of my younger sister. I had seen her around, but didn't know her when I bumped into her at a party when home from college. While exploring the basement of the church Rectory where the party was happening, we had stumbled across a blow job contest. Janine was fascinated by the sight of her cock sucking classmates and I took the opportunity to introduce her to the oral arts in the basement sewing room. She blew me twice in the span of about ten minutes. I made sure the introduction was a memorable one, and I still remember the intense look in her eyes as I drained my balls down her throat the second time. Despite having the good fortune to be in that position a few times in the intervening years, I had never seen a look that intense on the face of a girl with a cock in her mouth.

Facing the throng of eager admirers, Janine was in her element. She wasn't performing, but she also wasn't uncomfortable surrounded by the braying hounds. I watched her parry the attentions of the gathered pack for a while, more and more dazzled with every flash of her brilliant smile. I wondered if she would recognize me. Then I saw it. Her eyes scanned quickly over the crowed and passed over my location. She didn't miss a beat. I saw just a blink. A dainty bat of the lashes. But within seconds, her gaze swept back across my part of the room. This time our eyes met, for the briefest of moments. It was enough. She looked away but I knew. She had connected me with that night four years ago.

I shouldered my way through the throng. Upon reaching the front, I ignored the disgruntled posers to my left and right and fixed Janine with a naked gaze. This time she couldn't look away. Her expression changed and then something happened. She was still smiling, but her eyes looked different. I can't explain it, but there was a sudden physical connection, literally an attraction that was so strong I couldn't tear my eyes from her.

"Jed? Is that you?"

"Hi Janine."

"Oh my god! Hello!" She was restrained and polite, but obviously excited.

I pressed close and leaned in to kiss her cheek, as if we were sophisticated friends meeting after an evening of erudite entertainment. This despite the fact that the last time I had seen her, she had had my cock down her throat. She leaned forward to reciprocate. I put my hand on her shoulder and prepared to brush her cheek with mine. With a flash of her shimmering curtain of hair I was suddenly conscious of being enveloped in her aura. She had tiny, delicate ears, like the freshest sashimi. She had an incredible neck. A ripple of disappointment shook through the crowd as we embraced. It was a silent ripple, but I could feel it like energy receding from the room. I was hungry.

Although many of the onlookers and pretenders took the opportunity to seek greener pastures, a few of the self-styled 'stronger' competitors remained.

I decided to end the contest.

"Janine, is there somewhere I could get a glass of water? There's only wine and punch at the bar."

"Of course. Let me show you to the kitchen." She dismissed the remaining suitors with a smile and a wave, and then nodded to me. "This way."

The kitchen was bustling as well, and after pouring ice and water into a glass for each of us, we stood outside in the relatively quiet hallway and watched the couples streaming back and forth from the kitchen to the great hall.

"Is there somewhere quieter we can talk?" I inquired politely.

She flushed but said "Yes, that's a great idea." She looked around for a moment and then led me down the hallway and through a door tucked in a corner. Judging from the stacks of outerwear everywhere, I assumed it was some sort of coatroom.

It was suddenly very quiet. Not even the murmur of the crowd could penetrate the wall of coats.

She turned to me and said, "So, how have you been? Cathy told me you had graduated ... I'm glad to see you though."

She was obviously nervous.

"Yes I graduated, but I'm getting my Masters now, so I get to continue with the group."

"You guys were great!" she responded quickly. I watched her nostrils flare as she continued the nervous prattle. "I really liked the part whe--"

I put her out of her misery and bent down and kissed her, and instantly her tongue was in my mouth and groping for my tonsils. She kissed me hungrily, and soon our tongues were entwined like a pair of mating minks. She put her arm around my neck and pulled my face against hers as if she was trying to swallow me whole. I placed my hands on the slick curve of her hips and wasted no time sliding my hands over the smooth fabric to her cup her spectacular breasts and butt.

I mauled her butt cheeks and tits, verifying first-hand how she had matured into a prime piece of ass. I crushed her against me, letting her feel my encircling arms, but also the strength of my excitement. I started to reach under her shirt to remove her bra, when suddenly she pushed me away.

"You know," she said breathlessly, "I think about that night all the time."

"You do?" I replied, dumbfounded, before recovering. "Yeah, me too. That was something special."

We started to kiss furiously again, before I suddenly realized what she was saying.

"You want to try it again?"

She looked at me with those big doe eyes. Her eyes said yes, but she couldn't bring herself to say the words.

"Um, not here though." She nodded shyly.

I remembered how exciting it had been having her suck me in the sewing room with the crowd of people just outside. Particularly the second time, when I had skull fucked her while we could hear her sister calling her name because their mom had arrived to pick them up from the party. I looked around at the coatroom and thought that perhaps it would do just fine. I held my ground as Janine eyed the door.

"I think we'd be more comfortable upstairs," she said, sensing my reluctance. I scanned the swelling crest of her blouse as well as the silky hint of thigh which peeked out from under her pleated skirt and thought that it might be better to take time to enjoy my prize.

"Lead the way," I agreed, graciously.

We snuck off there furtively. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of our underclassmen, a sophomore alto, being towed by a nubile young woman in a cocktail dress, slipping through the doorway to a side hall. Janine pulled me through a doorway and into a twisting hallway. Luckily her room was in the same house.

Janine took my hand as well, and together we sped through the maze of halls and stairways until we reached her room. We slipped inside and Janine locked the door behind us. She turned on a single bulb on a gooseneck floor lamp.

"Should I put on some music?" she asked

"If it will make you more comfortable," I replied. '... and cover the sounds of our fucking,' I thought.

I took in the small room as Janine worked the CD player. When she turned around she saw me eying the two small beds.

"I have a roommate," she admitted. "But she's out tonight. She won't be back until late, so we won't be disturbed for a little while."

Alright! Showtime! This time I wasn't going to get carried away and miss out on half the fun. "I want you to undress for me," I said, turning the lamp so the bulb shone directly on her like a spotlight.

She stared back at me, dazed by the light and the force of my glare. "You want me to strip?" she asked nervously. "Here?"

"I just want to see how beautiful you are." I replied. "It doesn't have to be a big deal, just take off your blouse and show me how fucking sexy you are."

She blushed pink, but began to fumble with her buttons. Soon her shoulder emerged from its folds, a burnished knurl of golden flesh, roped off by a white satin bra strap. Next to emerge was the business end of that same garment, a glistening swale of shimmering female curvature.

Four years ago she had been the essence of naïve innocence. Now she was different. Refined. Distilled. Pure pulchritude. Utter perfection of form, like a brand new Bentley Coupé, right off the line, oozing pheromonic new car smell. Sleek, shiny and the very definition of nubile.

She reached behind her with both hands and suddenly the taught satin sagged away from its cargo. She shrugged one, then the other shoulder out from those wispy straps and then her magnificent mounds were fully exposed to my hungry gaze.

The bra had been decoration. Certainly it served no structural purpose. Janine's chest rose and fell with breathless excitement, her breasts jutting out in parabolic perfection. My cock spasmed and my mouth literally flooded with saliva at the sight of her bullet hard nipples standing rigidly above her delectable mounds and I recalled my thwarted desire to taste those splendid nubs the last time we had been together. Her breasts had matured as well. Whereas before they had been scarcely more than half a dinner roll, now they were at least a Frappuchino lid -- venti of course, with extra whipped cream.

My thirst for her teat overwhelmed me and I lurched forward and fastened my mouth on her stiff nipple. I heard her gasp as I tasted the sweetness of her skin and the hardness of her swollen nubs. In addition to the sensation of her flesh filling my mouth with primal satisfaction, I was also treated to the joy of Janine twitching and writhing in pleasure with every suck of my lips and grind of my teeth on the sensitive buds.

"Oh my god ..." she hissed, tossing her head back. "That's incredible."

She pulled her luscious teat away from me with a shiver, and sank delicately to her knees facing my pulsing, though fully clothed groin. As she fumbled with my pants, I noticed that behind the swaying curtain of hair she wore a look of intense determination on her face.

She wrestled my pants and shorts down my legs and exposed my rapidly hardening cock. I let her reach out and grab my stiffening shaft and point it towards her mouth. I watched her lick her lips and bend to her task with enthusiasm. It took an almost inhuman act of willpower, but before she could take me in her mouth I stopped her.


I pulled her up and kissed her right on her slutty mouth.

"There'll be time for that later." I growled. "Now I want to see the rest of you."

Janine looked momentarily surprised, but then she smiled. "You want to see the rest of me?" she asked.

"You'd better fucking believe it." I stated flatly.

Janine twirled coyly, the spin throwing her skirt out and bringing her backside into view. Looking back over her glossy shoulder, she gave me a huge grin as she fumbled with her belt. It wasn't quite a striptease, but it got the job done.

Suddenly the pleated waist sagged and then dropped to the ground. She wore sheer pink panties with butterflies. Nothing racy. Nothing that concealed her incredible body, either. Sheer architectural perfection. She lifted one leg to step out of the cast-off skirt, and I was distracted by the flash of her long, smooth legs. I looked up to see if she had any idea how incredible she was. Her grin was even bigger now.

Janine hitched her thumbs in the side of her panties and shimmied. She wriggled like a human sine wave and the edge of the panties declined an inch each time. When they at last slid down the burnished banisters of her legs to reveal her naked ass, I was confronted by her two perfect orbs. Two pristine pillows without so much as a crease. Pillows that I longed to bury my face in.

Abruptly the magnificent moons spun away from my vision. Janine twisted to show me her profile. Although her ideal callipygian geometry was apparent in profile, it was not as delectable as the rear view. Or what I expected to see next.

I looked up at her face. Janine intended to use that shoulder as a shield. But there was no concealing the coy look of simultaneous fear and hope in her eyes. I gritted my teeth and was about to command her to keep going, when she read my glare and quickly finished her turn on her own. I could not resist a slight sigh at the sight of her bare pussy. The whole area was a riveting shade of coral. Her sweet outer lips and mouthwatering clitoral bud were scarcely concealed behind a demure little blonde barely-there beard.

By this time, my mouth was beyond watering. In fact, I was on the verge of drooling. I decided to put my saliva to good use.

"Lie down," I commanded brusquely.

She complied quickly. She sat demurely on the edge of the bed, with her legs together in front of her. She lay back into the pillow, keeping her feet planted on the floor. I noticed that the panties were still dangling incongruously from one calf.

I reached down to grab her slender ankles and lifted her foot into the air. I pulled the panties from her leg and brought them to my face. The soft cotton was sodden with her juices, but I did not spend much time savoring it. The piquant aroma only inflamed my hunger for its source. I reached down for her other leg and lifted it off the ground as well. Using her long lean legs as levers I pivoted her rest of body onto the bed, spreading her legs wide in the process.

Kneeling at the side of the bed, I quickly stripped off my shirt and cast it away. I placed one hand on her leg and the other on her nearest tit, squeezing the rigid nub of her nipple. I slid one hand along the impossibly smooth surface of her leg, up her soft warm thigh and directly onto the leaky furnace of her pussy. I immediately slid two fingers into her wet hole, causing Janine to gasp and moan. She was incredibly tight. I twisted my fingers, churning her molten core and after three quick rotations immediately withdrew my hand, producing a whimper of disappointment. Without touching her clit, I slid my hand up her torso, leaving a faint snail trail on her flawless flesh.

I circled her engorged teat with my greasy fingers, smearing the last of her slick juices on her hard nipple. I fastened my lips around the stiff peg and sucked hard, feeling it swell to bursting inside my mouth. Swiping my tongue around the tender point, I tasted her tart musk. It was delicious. Tangy, sweet and slightly bitter, like unflavored yogurt.

I began to trace the snail's path back down her perfect abdomen. I stopped briefly to circle her tiny navel, producing a noticeable squirm. I continued on, and as I approached her pubic region, I observed her hands clutched tightly in the sheets. She was white-knuckled, like a schoolgirl at the fair as the rollercoaster crested the top of the first hill.

I ran my nose through the light thicket of downy hair. I hovered over her steaming core, feeling the vapors waft across my face, and exhaled slowly onto her dripping hole. But then, just as quickly I passed on, swiping my tongue across her marble-smooth thigh.

Janine let out a sound -- somewhere between a moan and a pant. I went on. I lifted her leg up high in the air, bringing my caressing breath and swirling tongue to the sensitive spot behind her kneecap. I enjoyed the view of Janine splayed out before me. Her head was thrown back against the pillow and one arm lay across her face, filling her mouth but also concealing my view of her face. This did, however, have the effect of thrusting her chest out and making her tits and rigid nipples stand out like little tiny missile silos. With one leg in my hand and pointed at the ceiling, her thighs lay wide, with her sweet pink pussy open and upturned.

I began to nibble my way back down her leg, but this time across the ticklish underside of her thigh. I could taste her excitement and could feel her tension mount as I approached her needy pussy a second time.

I couldn't tease either of us any longer. I plunged in tongue-first. It was heaven. The sweetest, warmest, muskiest, -- softest -- place on earth. She was as slick as a buttered ice cube, and as hot as August. I started lapping away at the luscious river of dew and could see and feel her abdomen clench with every pass across her swollen lips and engorged clit. I set up a steady rhythm: lap, lap, lap, swirl. Lap, lap, lap, swirl. Faster. Harder. Lap, lap, lap, swirl.

Her hands moved to the hair behind both my ears. Her grip was powered by a winch, attached to the rising tension of her pleasure. Lap, lap, lap, swirl. Her abdomen clenched and her grip constricted another notch tighter on my hair.

Suddenly the pain became intense as she yanked my head away from her inflamed pussy.

"I'm ready." She huffed.

"You're ready?" I replied, quizzically.

"I'm ready for you. For you to, um." She paused. "For you to take it to the next level."

"Take it to the next level?" I replied, raising an eyebrow. "Oh, I'm going to take it to the next level alright. That was always the plan. Ready or not, I'll be taking it to the next level, but on my timeline. Until then, you just lie back while I eat your sweet pussy until I'm good and ready."

I pulled her hands off my head, which dropped her torso back on the bed. Still holding her wrists, I told her, "This time, put your hands on your tits and squeeze your nipples while I'm doing it. I don't want any fucking bald spots." I dropped her hands onto her heaving chest, where, I was pleased to see, they stayed. I caught her startled gaze for a second, but she would not hold it and looked away.

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