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Three Way Surprise


One night during a casual conversation with a friend, she made the mistake of telling me that she had never experienced a threesome. Jordan had been single now for several months and she jokingly teased me that she was reaching her sexual prime. These comments only added fuel to the fire of my quite active imagination. This automatically set my mind in motion and I began to plan a surprise for her.

A few nights later I invited her over to watch some movies and just chill out on a Friday evening. Eagerly she agreed, having no idea what I had planned for her that evening. Jordan arrived at my place about 7pm and we popped in a video and settled in on the couch. There has always been an air of sexual attraction between us even though we had yet to be lovers. As we sat together you could feel the sexual tension rising, both of us squirming on the couch, not really interested in the movie.

I turned sideways next to her and began kissing on her neck, letting my hands roam across her body. When she arrived, Jordan was wearing a t shirt, shorts and tennis shoes which she had kicked off when we started the movie. Jordan laid her head back on the couch and closed her eyes while my lips moved ever slowly up her neck. When my lips reached her chin her eyes opened and I could see they were already alight with desire. With a devilish smile on my face, I leaned forward and began to softly kiss her lips. My hand had found its way under her t shirt and I began to slowly work it up and off her body, leaving her with a sports bra and running shorts as a last line of defense.

Once her shirt was removed I changed positions and straddled her body sitting in her lap facing Jordan. I could see flames dancing in her eyes as I parted her lips and teased her mouth with my tongue. My hands buried themselves in her soft, short hair and I painfully resisted the urge to pull. Jordan has told me many times how much she loves someone playing in her hair and I gratefully oblige, taking large handfuls as I kiss her more passionately. Jordan's hands have found their way under my shirt and have pulled it up to my shoulders and we break the kiss long enough to pull it over my head, taking my sports bra with it, leaving me only in my shorts. I reached for her head and with a handful of her soft hair, I pulled her forward and allowed her to suckle first one breast, then the other and finally taking both nipples in her mouth at once. I could feel my own dampness begin to grow as I pushed her back on the couch. Warm soft skin pressed together as we began kissing again and I reached behind Jordan and opened a small drawer, pulling out a blindfold. Silently, I placed this over her eyes and whispered in her ear "trust me".

I got up from the couch and led Jordan into the bedroom, sitting her down on the edge of the bed. I removed her shorts before climbing onto the bed behind her. Pressing in close to her, she could feel my breasts as they slowly massaged her back. My hands encircled her waist and slowly caressed their way up to her sports bra. Running my palms across her breasts, I could feel how hard her nipples were and each time I stroked across them a little hiss of breath would be sucked into her mouth. With my mouth inches from her ear, I asked her if she was feeling good and Jordan said, "oh yes, please don't stop" and with a wicked chuckled I let her know I had no intentions of stopping.

As my left hand continued stroking her nipples, my right hand slid down her body. Jordan's legs parted to allow my fingers to run across the soaked fabric of her panties. Her hips rose to meet my touch and I felt it was time to give Jordan her surprise. Jess, a mutual friend, had been sitting in a recliner in the bedroom silently watching us on the bed. With a quick nod and a wink to Jess she knew exactly where to begin in our plan. As my hands and lips were covering Jordan's body, Jess moved over to the bed and knelt silently between Jordan's legs. She placed her hands on Jordan's thighs and began to slowly caress them. Jordan moaned into my mouth as Jess began to massage the inner part of her thighs and she jerked slightly when she realized now a second pair of hands were on her body.

I could feel Jordan begin to squirm as Jess allowed her tongue and fingers to stroke across the wet panties and felt a bolt of electricity run through her when Jess placed her mouth on Jordan's wetness and began to suck. I asked Jess to remove Jordan's panties as I removed her bra and together we moved her back onto the bed. Jess spread Jordan's legs and bent them at her knees before she positioned herself down between them. I lay down beside Jordan, still kissing her softly and toying with her ample breasts. I could feel the firmness of her nipples as my palms lightly brushed across them. A quick glance down Jordan's body told me that Jess was slowly parting Jordan's lips with her fingers and teasing her clit. Her tongue was licking the inside of her thigh and would very soon be taking long, deep tastes of Jordan's womanly nectar. I watched as Jordan's hips began to rise and fall with each of Jess' strokes across her clit and I took a breast into my mouth and began sucking it with the same rhythm. Soon all three of us were in total sync and I could feel Jordan's body begin to coil, preparing for orgasm.

While nibbling Jordan's nipple, I reached down between Jess' legs, finding her incredibly soaked as well. My fingers parted her lips and I entered her with two fingers, sliding deeply inside her. Her hips pressed into my hand as her mouth ground deeper into Jordan's wetness and I knew soon they would both be coming. Jess slipped fingers of her own deep into Jordan which sent her tumbling over the edge, Jess following very quickly behind her. I could feel her muscles grabbing at my fingers as she moaned her orgasm deep into Jordan's pussy. As they slowed their motions, I removed my fingers and brought them to my lips for a taste. "Mmmmmm she tastes so sweet Jordan, would you like to see" I ask as I move back up beside her. Unable to speak clearly she nods her head yes and I lean forward and let my soaked fingers trace her lips. Her tongue darts out licking the wetness from my fingers, sucking them into her mouth hungrily. I chuckle and ask her if she is ready for more and she sighs "oh gawd yes please".

Hearing her request, Jess begins to slide her body up Jordan's leaving a tasty wet trail along Jordan's body. She moves up to straddle Jordan's head and slowly lowers her wetness to meet Jordan's outstretched tongue, allowing her access to her clit. I lick the sweet trail down Jordan's body and slide between her legs, stroking her clit with my full tongue. She wraps her legs around my shoulders, holding me prisoner between her thighs. I tease her softly as I watch her hands slide up Jess' body, reaching for the small firm breasts eagerly awaiting her touch. My mind can imagine the grin on her face when she takes those hard little nipples between her fingers and begins to roll them back and forth.

Jess becomes very excited by this and begins rocking on Jordan's face. Jordan's tongue parts Jess' lips and dives eagerly into her silky wet folds, her nose rubbing across Jess' clit as Jess presses her deeper inside. My tongue slides down parting Jordan's lips and begins lapping the sweet juices flowing freely from her now. I can't resist but to slide two fingers inside her as my tongue continues its feast. Jordan's hips begin thrusting up to meet my fingers as they glide in and out of her and a third finger is inserted, stretching Jordan's body to its limit. Her hips begin thrashing, driving my fingers deeper inside her as she talks all of Jess into her mouth, sucking and licking her greedily.

I watch Jess as she arches her back and lets out a little scream as her orgasm explodes through her wave after wave. She continues riding Jordan's face soaking her as her body coils for another release. My mouth clamps down on Jordan's clit as she makes one final thrust, soaking my entire face with her juice as she muffles a scream deep within Jess' pussy. I feel the throb deep inside her as she comes over and over again.

Totally spent, we all lay on the bed and I reach over and remove the blindfold. A smile beams on Jordan's face when she recognizes Jess and we all exchange kisses before collapsing on the bed for a short period of rest.

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