Three Wishes


Three Wishes .....The virgin wishes to be taken, the prince wishes to take her, and the Fairy Godmother grants all wishes!

The handsome prince and the fairy godmother had finished binding the slightly-tipsy fair maiden firmly to the bed. The virgin pulled against the cuffs and whimpered into the gag, but she had been rendered completely helpless. Worse yet, she felt herself becoming aroused! The prince and godmother stood smiling over their lovely captive, and then the prince set out on his quest.

He slid his young, muscled body languidly up the length of her taut, lean form, still covered in the black satin gown, til his whole body was covering hers and his raging manhood was throbbing against her virginity. He pulled the gag out of her mouth and kissed her deeply, feeding at her mouth as she lost herself in his kiss and moaned softly. The prince replaced the gag in the maiden's mouth and proceeded to kiss and lick his way down her body, stopping to bury his face in the satin covering her small breasts. Then he pulled down the front of the gown and began to suckle her nipples, as she moaned softly into her gag.

The prince slid his hands under the maiden's body and stroked the slippery satin down her back to her little bum, at the same time sliding his own body downward until it rested between the virgin's wide open legs. She began to squirm as he lightly rubbed his cheek over her satin-covered loins, pushing his face down into her womanhood and smelling her lovely fresh aroma. The poor virgin was thrashing and pulling on her bonds, her moans becoming louder as her handsome prince worked his way closer to the fulfillment of both their wishes....


Maggie and Crystal unlocked the door to their hotel room and spilled inside, still bubbling with animated conversation about the play they had just seen. The two women, though 30 years apart in age, shared a passion for the theatre, and had become good friends when both were cast in a community theatre production of "The Rocky Horror Show." The show had been great fun for the outrageous Maggie, who had played the naughty maid Magenta, and quite an eye-opener for the more naïve and inexperienced Crystal, who had played the naïve and inexperienced Janet. Maggie had taken young Crystal under her substantial wing and set out to corrupt her innocence (but in a GOOD way!).

Now they were in Chicago for a weekend of regional theatre, museums, great restaurants, and of course, shopping. Earlier that afternoon, they had visited a wonderful high-end lingerie shop, from which Maggie had emerged with a mysterious package that Crystal had not even seen her purchase. They were taking off their coats and preparing to get comfy and enjoy an evening of screwdrivers and girl talk. Maggie had bought the vodka and orange juice, also during their afternoon shopping trip. Crystal had been 21 for a month now, but was often mistaken for a high school girl, so it was just easier for Maggie to buy the alcohol. Maggie, at 53, rarely had trouble obtaining ANYTHING she wanted!

Crystal had removed her dress, shoes and stockings (she rarely wore a bra), and was about to slip into her oversized T-shirt and Hello Kitty flannel pajama pants, when Maggie brought forth the mystery package from the lingerie shop.

"Wait just a minute, young lady!" she said, assuming a stern motherly tone.

She opened the box, which was beautifully printed with the store's sophisticated logo in shades of mauve and lilac, and carefully took out a shiny black satin nightgown. Maggie ceremoniously handed the gown to the younger woman.

"This is for you, sweetie. Now that you are 21, it's time to start looking like a woman!" (Maggie frequently spoke in exclamation points.)

Crystal's bright blue eyes grew large with surprise as she carefully held the gown and examined it, then let the luxurious satin slide over her head and down the full length of her body. As she stood in front of the large mirror, she laid her black-framed glasses on the side table and released her girlish ponytail, shaking out her shoulder-length brunette hair. She was amazed at the transformation! Still wearing her evening makeup, her face no longer looked like that of a little girl. She ran her hands over the satin from her shoulders, across her small breasts, and to her slightly flaring hips. She was petite and lithe, but the gown was cut and draped perfectly to give the illusion of womanly curves.

In the meantime, Maggie had slid into her own new satin gown, in a deep teal color trimmed with black lace. Where Crystal needed the illusion of curves, Maggie had curves to spare. As she moved to the mirror next to her young protege, she smiled at the way her own gown wrapped around her plus-size body emphasizing her luscious breasts and hips while graciously downplaying the less-perfect parts. She also appreciated how the color complemented her green eyes and the mahogany curls with streaks of silver that fell halfway down her back. As Maggie ran her hands down her shoulders and over her breasts, her very large nipples hardened and became quite prominent sitting in the underwire cups of her gown. Both women giggled as they compared their similar height, milky skin and perky noses, and contrasted their very different body shapes.

Maggie gave Crystal a big warm hug and couldn't help noticing how deliciously their twin layers of satin slid against one another. She also found herself unconsciously caressing Crystal's satin-clad back, and came to her senses just at the moment her hand was slipping toward Crystal's tiny ass.

A bit taken aback, she moved away from Crystal and said, "Why don't you get out the glasses, vodka and orange juice, while I get us some ice?"

"Maggie!" Crystal cried in dismay. "You're not going out in the hallway like THAT, are you?"

"Of course, hon!" the older woman laughed. "You never know who you might meet!" With that, Maggie tossed her hair, gave Crystal an evil smile, and swept out the door.

Crystal was one of the legion of young people that Maggie thought of as her "theatre kids." Her own daughter had moved to New York City more than ten years earlier, to pursue her own career in theatre. So Maggie had become a sort of "fairy godmother" of the theatre—always there with a smile, a kind word, a hug, a tissue to wipe away tears—and a raunchy story. Many young actors of both genders had received their rudimentary sex education from Maggie's bawdy backstage stories, and yet she was also the person you could trust to answer your questions about sex that you wouldn't dream of asking your parents, to pat you on the back when you lost your virginity, or to give you a hug if it didn't turn out to be all you had hoped for.

Since Crystal had shared a dressing room with Maggie during "Rocky," she had learned a lot from Maggie. And what Maggie had learned from Crystal was that Crystal was still a virgin. The younger woman wasn't entirely innocent—she could talk sex just like the big girls. But somehow, she had just never managed to HAVE it. She had spent so much time in shows that she had little time for dating, and the few boyfriends she'd had proved themselves to be losers before she felt ready to sleep with them. Now that she was 21, she considered her virginity to be something of a nuisance, but hadn't quite worked out how to dispose of it. She and Maggie had discussed the topic at length.

Crystal had even quipped, "I almost wish some handsome prince would come along and take me against my will, just to have it over with!"

Unbeknownst to Crystal, Maggie had arranged this whole trip to grant that wish, and the wishes of two other people as well.

As she returned down the hall from the ice machine, Maggie stopped to very lightly tap on the door of the room next door, which also happened to adjoin the room she shared with Crystal.

The door opened a few inches and Maggie whispered to its occupant, "Go ahead and get everything set up. I'll get a drink into her and then signal you."

The person behind the door shared a delighted smile with Maggie as he closed his door. Maggie walked to the opposite end of the hall to fill some time, and then returned to her room.

Crystal had everything ready when Maggie came in the door with the ice, and Maggie set about making the drinks. She made a weak screwdriver for herself and a strong one for Crystal. She had not observed the girl drinking any water since they had returned to the room, so she hoped that Crystal would be thirsty and take several gulps before she realized how strong her drink was. Maggie felt slightly guilty because she knew that Crystal got tipsy easily, but she reasoned that this would help her relax during the major event planned for the rest of the evening.

Maggie handed Crystal her glass, raising her own in a toast. "Here's to two lovely ladies enjoying the big city!"

She clinked her glass with her young friend's and was pleased to see that Crystal did empty half of her drink before stopping to cough and giggle.

"Wow! That's strong!" the girl said, but she continued to sip at the drink as they both giggled and told each other funny stories about drunken escapades. They were having so much fun that between stories and fits of laughter, Crystal had quickly drained the rest of her drink.

She slammed her glass down on the table, exclaiming, "Woo! I gotta take a piss!" and stumbling to the bathroom as she laughed loudly at her own crudeness.

Maggie stood as if to help Crystal walk to the bathroom, but even as Crystal was closing the bathroom door, Maggie rapped softly on the door between theirs and the next room. The doors opened on each side, and a stunning young man wearing nothing but silk boxers stepped into the room. Maggie kissed him playfully on the lips and hugged him, one hand squeezing his tight young ass. As he pulled away, he took the opportunity of grabbing one of her ample breasts and running his thumb over her responsive nipple.

"Mmmmm..." Maggie sighed, "I think we shall have a lovely time tonight!"

The young man grinned and responded, "Yes, I believe we shall!"

They heard the toilet flush, and stepped back into the frame of the adjoining doorway and waited gleefully for Crystal to exit the bathroom. As the door opened and she giggled and stumbled out, she stopped dead in her tracks, mouth hanging open, as she saw the young man. And he WAS a sight to behold! Right at 30 and not much taller than herself, he had a lean but well-muscled body, shoulder-length golden hair, deep blue eyes, a strong and regal nose, and gorgeous full pouty lips which curved into a radiant smile when he saw Crystal.

"Omigod!" Crystal blurted, "It's a real handsome prince!"

Maggie put her arm around the still-stunned girl and began to guide her into the adjoining room, saying, "Well, not quite dear, though he has played a few of them on stage. This is my friend Matt. We did Shakespeare (and a few other things) together back when he was in college, but alas, after graduation he came here to Chicago to make his living as an actor. And Matt, this is Crystal."

"She's perfect!" he muttered conspiratorially to Maggie as he took the girl's hand and kissed it.

Poor overwhelmed Crystal could only sputter, "Um...hi."

As they made their way into the room, Maggie smiled appreciatively at the king-sized bed and noticed that Matt had followed her instructions and attached the furry cuffs to the bottom corners of the bed, and the other set to the middle of the headboard. This boy was thorough! Crystal, on the other hand, was still completely flummoxed.

"But....why...? What....?" she stammered.

She stopped in the middle of the room and shook her head gently to try to clear the alcohol fog, but still had no clue what was about to happen.

Maggie carefully tightened her grip on Crystal's shoulders and nodded to Matt, who moved in and put his arm firmly around Crystal's waist from her other side.

"Well, you see dear," Maggie began in her most soothing tone of voice, "I asked Matt to join us tonight so that all three of us could have a specific fantasy brought to life. Happily, our three separate fantasies fit together like puzzle pieces!"

"Fantasy? What fantasy?" Crystal asked, looking from Maggie to Matt with a growing sense of trepidation, suddenly realizing that Maggie had taken up position directly behind her, and Matt was standing directly in front of her.

Matt moved in closer, and placing his strong hands on the sides of her sweet face, kissed Crystal deeply, passionately, while at the same time pushing her backward into Maggie's sturdy body.

"Don't you remember, sweetie?" Maggie said, as she wrapped her arms around Crystal, pinioning the girl's arms to her sides. "You wished for a handsome prince to appear and make your virginity disappear!"

Matt broke the kiss but moved his lips to the stunned virgin's ear, whispering, "And my long-time fantasy is to deflower a fair maiden just like yourself."

"Isn't that lovely?" Maggie cooed.

It took a few moments for Crystal to comprehend the meaning of the words, but when she did, she tried to wriggle out of the four arms holding her. But she was firmly sandwiched between Matt's muscular body and Maggie's cloud-soft one.

"No!" she screamed, though she was beginning to feel that warm little twitch between her legs.

Maggie clamped a strong hand firmly over her mouth, saying calmly, "Now, I don't want to hurt you dear, so please let's just relax and enjoy, okay?"

Meanwhile, Matt had produced Maggie's favorite training ball gag. Maggie removed her hand from Crystal's mouth, and just as the girl opened her mouth to scream, Matt thrust the gag into her mouth and Maggie quickly fastened it in back. Her cries now muffled, the young man held her small hands tightly and stretched them over her head, so that the older woman could run her hands first down the front, and then down the back, of Crystal's satin nightgown. Maggie then wrapped her arms around the girl, fondling her small breasts as she rubbed her own satin-draped body (and large breasts) against the back of Crystal's body, satin to satin. Though she wasn't inclined toward sex with women, the girl shivered under her older friend's experienced touch.

Then Maggie and Matt easily dragged her small, struggling body to the bed. Maggie also could feel herself becoming aroused, and she smiled at Matt as she noticed the growing bulge in his shorts. They had reached the bed, where Maggie brought Crystal down on her back and lay on top of her, the older woman's considerable weight subduing the girl's struggles.

Maggie took advantage of this quiet moment to place her lips close to Crystal's ear and whisper, "Oh yes—and my fantasy is to watch a woman tied up and well-fucked!"

With this Crystal began to squeal and squirm again, but Matt had already set to work securing her hands in the fur cuffs, which he then clipped together and fastened to the headboard above her head.

Maggie's plan was progressing just as envisioned. She straddled Crystal's chest while Matt carefully removed the tiny thong from under the black satin gown.

"Mmmmm, she's nice and wet!" he exclaimed. He brought the scrap of fabric to his nose and inhaled her scent.

Then he set to work securing her ankles to the opposite ends of the footboard, spreading her long, lean legs invitingly. The handsome prince and the fairy godmother stood next to the bed admiring their captive, as the maiden made a valiant effort by resuming her well-muffled screams, shaking her head from side to side and thrashing against her bonds.

Matt grabbed Maggie and kissed her hard, grinding his mouth into hers as she dug her fingers into his firm but full ass, grinding her crotch against his growing and hardening cock. His cock was only of an average size, but Maggie had reasoned that this would make it easier for her little virgin to bear. Still, she knew that Matt knew quite well what to do with it!

When they finally parted, both gasping for breath, they smiled at each other broadly, as Matt said, "And now, on to our fair maiden!"

Crystal whimpered into her gag and pulled at the cuffs as Maggie kissed her on the cheek, positioned and turned on the video camera, and pulled up a comfy chair to sit and watch.

Then Matt moved to the foot of the bed, and on hands and knees, began sliding his young, muscled body languidly up Crystal's taut, lean form. When he came to rest with his whole body covering that of his fair maiden and his raging cock throbbing against her virgin pussy, he popped the gag out of her mouth and kissed her again, even deeper than before, tangling his fingers into her hair and feeding at her mouth. This time, she allowed herself to be lost in his kiss, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth as she moaned softly.

When the kiss finally ended, Matt replaced the gag in Crystal's mouth, eliciting a small whimper of disappointment which soon became a moan of pleasure as he used his talented lips and tongue to kiss and lick across her face, first to one ear and then the other, slowly drawing his tongue up the curve of her ear so she could feel and hear his hot breath.

He began to lick and suck his way down the girl's neck and chest, burying his face in the satin covering Crystal's tiny titties. He rubbed his cheek against her chest, and then bit at her nipples through the satin. Her body tensed and her back arched up to meet his inquisitive mouth. Then he pulled down the front of the gown and began to slowly kiss, lick, suck and nibble on her breasts and nipples, as she moved slightly under him and sighed softly into her gag.

Matt slipped his hands under Crystal's body and stroked the slippery satin down her back to her tight little ass, at the same time sliding his own body downward until it rested between the virgin's wide open legs, with his face rubbing over the girl's taut young belly. She had begun to squirm now, but she was no longer trying to escape. Instead, she was trying to lift her wet, needy pussy to his face, and he obliged her by lightly rubbing just his cheeks at first all around the area of the girl's satin-covered crotch. Then he pushed his face down into her mound, still holding her young ass and pressing it up toward him. He smelled her lovely fresh aroma as he ground his nose and mouth into the girl's cunt lips, still covered by the satin gown. The poor virgin was beginning to thrash and pull on her bonds, her moans becoming louder and more insistent as her handsome prince worked his way closer to the fulfillment of both their wishes.

Matt lifted his head from Crystal's pussy while pulling his hands out from under the girl's ass and sliding them around her hips and over the front of her, pushing the folds of the gown into her pussy lips and then stroking over the satin to her inner thighs and down her lean legs. She was squirming wildly now as his hands slowly began the journey back up her legs, this time pushing the gown up with them. But when he caught his first glimpse of her sweet virgin pussy, he was overcome with need and no longer able to hold his passion in check. Matt forcefully pushed her gown up the rest of the way and dove headlong into her with his lips, tongue and teeth. Startled, she first squealed loudly, then began to writhe beneath him, nearly overwhelmed by the sensations of his ministrations.

Crystal had had a couple of boyfriends who went down on her, but they really hadn't known what they were doing. Despite her relative inexperience, she could tell that Matt DID know what he was doing! He wrapped his mouth around her smooth lips and sucked gently as his tongue quickly parted her folds and immediately found her swollen clit. She nearly screamed into her gag now, as his warm, wet tongue applied the perfect pressure to her love button.

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