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Three Wishes



The glow from a singular candle fills our private alcove at my favorite restaurant. I look across the table and into the crystalline blue eyes of my love as he stares right through me. I can't help but soak in the moment looking around at the lush burgundy color palette and rich fixtures. This place brings back such good memories. We've been here plenty of times over the last few years, coming back to East Lansing fairly often for business, but to me this will always be remembered as the spot we had our first date. Back then we were two young, hungry college kids eager to grab hold of the proverbial brass ring. He'd brought me back to where it all started in our college town to celebrate. Funny to think back on that now that we've come so far.

I inhale deeply, close my eyes, and blow out the candle sitting atop the most elaborate confection I have ever seen. The smell of the warm black forest cake with fresh mascarpone cream and brandied cherries assaults all my senses. I peer up at him, hesitantly. Those blue eyes are smiling at me before it even reaches his lips, and I feel like giggling but think better of it. I break eye contact before I completely ruin the moment. As long as I can remember, he's had this power over me that cannot be described. It just is. I can command a boardroom in my sleep, but when he assumes that posture I'm completely his. My body betrays me and willingly succumbs to this hulk of a man. I will do anything for him to keep looking at me exactly like that.

Can I really follow through on this? The mixture of desire welling low within me, and the wetness of my panties tells me I definitely want to.

"You want this" he says, in that low rumble that tells me he's affected by this just as much as I am. No shit. His body language tells me all I need to know even though I still haven't made full eye contact. How long will he let me avoid the inevitable spark that will ignite when I finally look up and drink in his spell? The game is up. The cards are on the table and I've declared 'all in'. This is going to be the ride of a lifetime, quite literally I hope.

I scoop the still warm cake into my mouth making sure to wrap my lips seductively around the fork. I snake my tongue out to prevent a single crumb from falling. I'm startled with a low groan from across the table. Oh shit, he knows my game. Four years into our marriage, I shouldn't be so surprised he caught on so quickly. He can read me like cliff notes to my favorite novel. The jig is up as I peer at him through hooded lids, my lips still wrapped around the warm fork.

"Amelia darling, I'm prepared to dish out a birthday spanking if that's what you're looking for."

My mind screams hell yes, but my body warns me to be careful what you wish for. I simply nod and return to savoring the moment. Eyes downcast, I smile as I think back on the day.

That morning, I walked into the living area of the hotel room in my usual comatose pre-coffee state. I stopped dead in my tracks. Sitting at the small table, fully dressed, Johnnie looked absolutely edible. He still takes my breath away. He gave me that knowing Cheshire grin as he handed me my morning ritual. What is he up to?

On the table next to a mouth watering breakfast was a small blue box with a beautiful white bow. I squealed with delight and looked to him for approval to open it. Inside was a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. "Happy Birthday sweetheart, how does it feel to be 30?" he said with a smirk knowing that I wasn't exactly thrilled to be yet another year older. He leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms. I felt the air in the room change as he held me in the grasp of his stare. He has been naturally dominant as long as I've known him, and no doubt in this moment, he wanted the undivided attention of not just his wife but his sub. "I have something I want you to consider as my birthday gift to you." Oh shit. The tennis bracelet is from my husband, but this gift is from my Dom.

"Three wishes, no restrictions."

I sat straight up at full attention as the words left his mouth with absolutely no hint of sarcasm. If I had seen anything but desire pooling from his gaze, I might have laughed thinking this had to be a joke. He stated it so matter-of-factly with extra emphasis on the word 'no', I could only help but think he had quite the adventure in mind. After a long pause, he finally offered me a bit more explanation. We had discussed in depth over the last six months, the possibility of one day extending our kinky fun to include other partners for me. I always allowed him to lead the conversation, never bringing it up myself, for fear he might think I wasn't entirely content. That was definitely not the case, but once he introduced the possibility, I must admit, it was playing a big role in my late night fantasies.

This wasn't something we wanted to rush into and definitely not something either of us took lightly. Am I ready to take this step? I was understandably apprehensive. It's one thing to talk about one day having some kinky fun and another thing completely to commit to doing it. He did tell me I had time to think about it. My husband would never pressure me into doing something like this, but make no mistake my Dom would gently nudge me into doing what he knew I wanted but was too scared to admit.

My face flush, I quickly snap back to the present. Not knowing how much time had passed in my absence, I glanced up to see a smirking Johnnie. He's no idiot. He knew exactly where my head was. He had gracefully let me escape there while sipping the last of his wine and taking care of the check.

"You didn't eat much dessert," I tell him, wondering if he's enjoying himself. I sure hope he is, "Not yet I haven't, Amelia." Oh fuck, as if my panties weren't already soaked enough from my little flashback.

We headed back to the hotel hand in hand where Johnnie proceeded to make love to me in the most tender of ways. Completely sated, I was curled up in Johnnie's arms as a lone tear rolled down my cheek and landed on his chest causing him to stir and ask me what was wrong. "Amelia babe, talk to me." I took a deep breath. It was now or never. "Can I tell you my first wish now?" Immediately I felt my entire body blush at the thought of admitting my deepest desires. Even after all that he had introduced me to sexually, I still felt shy when talking about it. His chest rose as he inhaled deeply no doubt anticipating what I would say. I know he would be open, or at least consider, anything I wished. He was always so supportive of me when I chose to step outside my comfort zone in any way, knowing that it was never easy for me. That went for all things business, personal or otherwise.

I gathered my resolve and pushed forward. At least it was dark and he couldn't see my face aside from the dim moonlight that filled the room. "I want you to fuck me outside my old high school." Whew... that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. He was quiet and I just laid there hoping he didn't barrage me with questions.

"Okay," he answered with hesitation, as if he was proceeding cautiously. "I'm always into fucking you in the great outdoors babe," he said with a chuckle. "We have a couple more days here and it's only a few hours' drive. We can go tomorrow."

What have I gotten myself into? I wrapped myself in him in an attempt to calm my nerves as he held me close. I fell fast asleep.


He was quiet the next morning, no doubt plotting in his mind what the day would entail. Before I knew it, we were on the road in a sleek black convertible he had commandeered just for the outing. Taking back roads whenever possible, we made our way to my small hometown stopping for a late lunch at a hole-in-the-wall burger joint. It was Sunday after all, and the sun was shining overhead with bright white wispy clouds filling the sky.

I lean my head back, soak in the rays as the years play back in a matter of moments.

We met back at Michigan State University. I was a sophomore and he was a senior. We ended up in the same corporate finance class that year. I always sat up front since it seemed I had to work extra hard to make the same grades many others earned effortlessly. I felt the connection to him long before we ever spoke a word to each other. Always the cool and collected one, he sat in the back of the room. I didn't even have to turn around to know he was there. On the rare occasion I had the guts to meet those blue eyes of his, they would burn right through me.

I recall many days where I barely made eye contact with anyone much less struck up a conversation all on my own. Once insecurity and shyness grabbed hold of me in grade school, it never let go. Until him.

I'll never forget the day we ended up paired for a debate project. Why couldn't I be partnered with someone more like me? He waltzed up to my desk and struck up the conversation first. What was it about him that drew me in? "You ready to go up against me?" he said in that challenging tone I would come to know very well in later years.

Meeting at his off campus apartment, we worked through the debate and unbeknownst to me, he gradually instilled confidence in me. With the quiet way he addressed each scenario and the open dialogue he created for me to defend my thoughts, I started to come out of my shell.

On the day of the actual debate in front of the entire class, I was nervous. We had practiced enough times, but this was the real thing. I had splurged and purchased a new outfit from Forever 21. I looked good in my tight black pencil skirt and bright blue scoop neck blouse, with jacket. My body was curvy and I was not yet at peace with my above average height, but as I looked in the mirror, I think I looked pretty damn good. Did I want him to notice me? I shook off the thought. If I had any doubt about how I looked it vanished as soon as I caught his gaze. He eyed me from head to toe painfully slow, taking it all in.

"You ready Amelia?" he said, almost as if he was working to shake off any remaining thoughts. I didn't quite know what to think.

We kicked ass on the debate, and I felt like a million bucks afterwards. We had classmates stopping us on our way out and telling us how good it was. Right in the middle, when I was arguing my point, I looked up at him and nearly lost my focus. The sparks were undeniable. Pure electricity. There was definitely a chemistry that I had chosen to ignore during our month of preparation. Was it always there?

"Want to go celebrate?" he asked as we walked out of the building and into the cool crisp afternoon air.

"Sure," I said quietly, the single word leaving my lips before I had the chance to filter it. What on earth was I going to do now? The confidence I had only moments before had vanished. He actually looked excited to spend time with me. Me? But why?

"I get the feeling you need to learn how to let go and have fun Amelia. You're going to do that tonight." He said it as though it was already a matter of fact, and just like that, I was taken.

We went our separate ways with plans for him to pick me up later that evening. I remember fretting over what I would wear, finally choosing a simple vintage summer dress with a cardigan. It was almost summertime, but the nights were still cool enough to warrant the need for a sweater. Plus, I liked the idea of being able to cover up and hide a bit. I had just enough cleavage peeking out to make me nervous. Secretly, on some level, I wanted him to be attracted to me. I left my light brown hair down in light waves around my shoulders. He looked lick-worthy when he pulled up in his sleek black Dodge Charger, looking like something out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue. He eyed me up, and I shuddered. Opening the door for me, "Let's go have some fun," he said sounding very enthusiastic.

That night he took me to Baker's Steakhouse, a family owned, five-star and dare I say quite expensive, landmark in our town. Interesting choice for a first date in my opinion. Was this a date? I didn't even know. What guy takes a girl to a steakhouse without even knowing if she likes steak? "I hope you eat meat," he smiled, as he said it not even looking in my direction. Such a guy! I just giggled and shook my head responding honestly, "Of course I like meat." My best crack at flirtation, and it included the word 'meat'. Lovely, just lovely.

The atmosphere inside was quite nice. High end, but in a laid back kind of way. Conversation flowed easily over dinner. It always seemed to with us. I wasn't shy about ordering my favorite filet with all the trimmings. He just smiled to himself when I ordered, and I could tell he was happy I hadn't held back. We talked about the debate from earlier that day and laughed about a few things we screwed up, hoping nobody else had noticed.

I had rattled on with nervous chatter for far too long, so when the check came, I felt relieved for a change of scenery. "Up for something different?" he asked as we walked out of the building. He ended up taking me to the local planetarium just outside the city for a stargazing event. It was the perfect night for it with no cloud cover to speak of. I had never seen anything like it. I must say, I was completely surprised at his knowledge and obvious interest in the subject. By the end of the evening I think my face hurt from smiling so much. He took me home and with a kiss on the cheek and a squeeze of the hand, said goodnight at the door.

With no talk of a repeat and no expectations on my part, I just chalked it up to a fun evening and that was that. We saw each other in class of course, and always said 'hi' and chatted. Slowly I felt more confident around him. What was it about him that made me feel like I was worthy of holding my head up high?

Before I knew it, summer had flown by and we were entering the fall semester. We had gone out a few times to the local pub with friends and grabbed a burger once or twice. We just had a comfortable, easy friendship. More and more, he would see me home and hang a little closer to me during the evening. Oddly enough, I felt relaxed around him, and even though I always felt those little butterflies, I couldn't help but feel settled when he was nearby. One evening close to Christmas break we hung out a little late and instead of walking home, I caught a ride with him. He walked me to the door and our eyes connected as this magnetic pull grabbed hold. I was done for. His lips met mine and it was like heaven on earth. Warm and tender, soft yet forceful, taking what he needed from me, while I willingly gave.

I opened the door with the one hand that wasn't snaked up the back of his neck and almost fell inside. My legs were so wobbly and weighted with lust. He ignited something in me that only one other had ever come close to tapping into. Barely finding the time to close the door, we ripped at each other frantically; both of us caught in a spell as I led the way to my bedroom. I needed him. Had to have him. At that moment, the shy girl was long forgotten, and I was all but begging him without uttering a word to make me his for the night. Landing on the bed he took control, gently orchestrating my body. Completely naked with him hovering over me, I think I stopped breathing. That look. Nobody had ever looked at me like that before. His boxers, the only clothing item remaining between the two of us, did absolutely nothing to hide his erection. His power stood fully erect, long thick and hard. I shuddered at the thought of him filling me.

Pushing me back, as if he wanted me to forget all that for now, his mouth left a lazy hot trail over my entire body. That magical spot on my neck would never be the same, scorched with his tongue and nipped with his teeth. I was marked for life in more ways than one. His hands raked over me exploring every unknown inch as if he was cataloguing each curve. He moved over the tender skin along the side of my breast, the cleft between them, the ticklish spot above my hipbone and the curve of my ass as I squirmed to both escape his heat and dive into it all at the same time. He touched parts of me that had never been explored by another, and I feared would never be the same after.

Propped up on his elbow, his right hand moved slowly from shoulder to toes and back up again stopping at the curve of my back, while his eyes made the same journey. Reaching around between my body and the bed he ran his hand along the top curve of my ass finding that sensual spot where the two globes meet and a slight dimple formed. A groan escaped his mouth, the first sound aside from heavy breathing since we had come to the bedroom, "Fuck Amelia, what are you doing to me?"

I had no answer to that. Surely a simple girl like me could not cast a spell on a man like him. He groaned again as if he knew what I was thinking and was annoyed, his eyes gained what I could only guess was determination to prove otherwise to me. Quickly and with more pressure than he had used before, his hand snaked around and before I knew it, his long fingers were diving into my core. I was soaked and needy and ready for him to take me there.

He took me over that edge into oblivion more times than any of the few before him that night. It was nothing short of magical and marked the beginning of something neither of us had the power to stop.

Music blaring, wind blowing in my hair, Johnnie broke my trance. "Are you ready Amelia?"

Oh how I will never tire of the way my name rolls seductively off his tongue. Truth is I was nervous but more than ready. He hadn't asked any questions regarding my first wish and I didn't offer. "Put your right foot on the dash," he said sternly. I had chosen a long dress with strappy sandals and little did he know his shy girl hadn't bothered wearing panties. I smiled at the thought. Shifting into gear on a long straightaway his right hand moved over and quickly pulled my dress up, his large palm covering my pussy before I knew what hit me. A moan escaped his mouth at the bare discovery. "Mmmmmm, good girl!"

Two fingers slipped effortlessly inside my core, all the while never taking his eyes off the road. "Fuck baby...you are so hot and wet." And I was. Admittedly. How could I not be with that sitting next to me! I had no words to refute his statement. I was soaked just thinking about him fucking me outside my old high school. His fingers began to pump in and out painfully slow curving upward and touching that sweet spot down deep while his thumb traced lazy circles over my clit. My back arched of its own accord lifting my ass off the seat in a silent plea for him to go deeper. He was coaxing my body. Playing the instrument he knew best. All I wanted was to soothe that aching need for him that I felt so desperately. I begged him silently please, please take me over the edge.

"Johnnie!" I gasped.

His fingers disappeared abruptly and I was left feeling empty and achy. I couldn't stop the look of disdain I sent his way as he returned a mischievous smile and looked back to the road. He slowly proceeded to lick each finger, one by one, spending extra time circling his tongue around each digit provocatively knowing I wasn't missing a second of his show.

"This is it right?" he chuckled as he pulled in to the parking lot of the main building. It wasn't a very large school, but I knew exactly where I wanted to go. He parked the car and I hopped out as fast as I could. My body was racing with feelings of anticipation as my mind replayed memories from long ago creating a mixture of sweet and sour. Some of those memories I just wanted to erase and forget. Replace them with newer, better ones. Today would be a good step in that direction.

Shaking off those thoughts, I met Johnnie at the front of the car as he reached out for my hand. Pulling me close he kissed me deeply, wrapping his hands around my body and cupping my ass. He ground his erection against me as his tongue traced my lips and explored the deep recesses of my mouth. Somehow he always knows when I need to be rescued from my inner dialogue. That inner voice of mine is a real bitch. I relaxed into him craving his approval through body language hoping that this was a wish he didn't mind granting.

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