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This story has its roots in an article I read years ago which described how in Puritan North America there were public beatings for wrongdoers. It said that if an attractive young woman was ever fastened in the stocks then the men would happily line up to punish her. The inevitable result was a lot of highly aroused men hurrying home to fuck their wives.

I've no idea what evidence there is to support this piece of sexual history, but it did seem to make an ideal starting point for a fantasy.

* * * * * *

Massachusetts 1779

Joseph grips Matthew's arm.

"Have you heard? The elders have convicted Amy Portlow of theft. She will be placed in the stocks on Wednesday."

"Yes, Adam told me. He said that she is an unfortunate young woman and we must be prepared to administer our share of the punishment."

A cool smile appears on Joseph's lips.

"That was exactly my thought. When she is bent over with her backside presented for chastisement she will regret her wrongdoing."

* * * * * *

Martha returns her cup and saucer to the table. She glances across at Abigail and Elizabeth.

"I assume you have heard that the Portlow girl is to be punished on Wednesday."

"Yes, that information has reached me."

"Well it is quite right that she should be punished and of course the men will have to administer it. But I think we must be aware of the consequences -- we do not want a repetition of the events of 1775."

Abigail nods her agreement. 1775 was the last time a young woman had been punished and it resulted in an alarming outbreak of sexual activity where the men seemed to be intent on grabbing anything that moved. Martha continues.

"I understand that Joseph, Adam and Matthew will be attending and of course that is their right. I suggested to Joseph that it was not completely necessary, but he said they have their positions in the community to consider and he felt they were obliged to attend. I pointed out that they had not attended the recent punishments of Matthew Dawkins or Abraham Losey, but he said it was exactly because they missed them, that they must attend on this occasion."

Martha pauses, her lips forming a thin line.

"If they must attend then I suggest that as their wives we should all stay here for tea and companionship until well after nightfall."

She looks away and blushes slightly.

"That way we may escape the worst consequences of any after effects from our husbands exertions on behalf of the community."

Elizabeth and Abigail nod their agreement. Martha was obviously desperate to avoid a repeat of the events of 1775. The punishment had been at midday and Joseph had returned at one o'clock. Passers-by hearing her alarmed cries had been witness to Martha spread across the kitchen table while Joseph thrust excitedly between her legs.

Abigail looks at Martha, who is a handsome buxom woman in her early thirties. She and Elizabeth are happy to help as Martha has been a good friend to them. Abigail was twenty seven, medium height and an attractive brunette. Elizabeth was a year younger and with the sort of blonde good looks that made man look twice.

Elizabeth's husband Matthew was probably the least assertive of the three, so Abigail makes a suggestion.

"Perhaps we should meet at Elizabeth's house on that day. It might prove most acceptable to our husbands."

"That will be fine by me. I will mention it to Matthew."

"It's probably best not to bother him with details like that, he will not be interested," says Martha smoothly. "Once the men have left home I suggest that Abigail and I call round to see you."

* * * * * *

Wednesday at forty-five minutes past midday. Joseph, Adam and Matthew head down the main street. Joseph is the oldest and the leader of the trio, he has a natural air of authority which the others respect.

"There is no need to be there at midday. Last time I had to queue behind eight other men. Hopefully the queue will have dispersed."

"Amy is a handsome young woman, I hope we can correct her ways," says Adam.

"Indeed," observes Joseph. "Her future husband will thank us for today's work. She has a fine body, it would be sad to see her fall into wickedness. Let us hope we can redeem her."

Joseph thought of Amy walking down the street. She moved with an easy gait, her breasts swaying with each step. All morning he had felt a pleasurable tingling in his loins at the thought of that young woman. A vivid image kept flashing into his brain -- Amy bent over, naked from the waist downwards, her pussy pouting wetly. If only that could be the case! She would in fact be fully clothed, but he would get to chastise her and then return home and satisfy his lust on Martha.

He glances at Matthew. He is the youngest of them and not a strong character, but Joseph has to admit that he has an attractive wife. Elizabeth's small breasts do not compare well with Martha's ample chest, but her blonde good looks and neat figure often led Joseph to daydream about the pale bush and tight pussy hidden beneath her dress.

Adam was lost in his own thoughts. He had sensed some disapproval from his wife Abigail over his participation in the punishment, but like Matthew he had missed the events of 1775, so he was determined not to miss out this time. He remembered a drunken campfire conversation when some of the men had talked with vulgar wistfulness about the events of 1775.

They reached the top of the main street, continued west past the church and Amy soon comes into view. She is bent over with the stocks fastened around her neck and wrists. No one else is about.

"Hello Amy," said Joseph. "Ten more minutes and you will be free. It seems that it will be our role to complete your punishment."

"Yes sir," says Amy. She knows the hopelessness of her position and the uselessness of protesting.

Joseph picks up the cane, draws his arm back and delivers a stinging blow to her backside. Amy jumps and gives a sharp yelp. In fact beneath her dress her bottom is thoroughly padded and protected, but her mother has told her to cry out and pretend it really hurts so the men don't suspect anything.

Joseph delivers two more blows. What a pity you were restricted to three, he would have liked to administer more. Reluctantly he hands the cane to Adam.

Already fully erect Adam takes his turn to chastise the unfortunate Amy. Each cry from her lips is answered by a tremor of excitement in his groin. All too soon he has to pass the cane to Matthew.

Matthew takes it with trembling hands. He had thought his wife was the only woman he would ever want, but this heady experience has driven her from his mind.

He thrashes the cane down, bringing the same cry from Amy each time. That sound evokes memories of the rare occasions when his thrusts had inflamed Elizabeth so that she lost her usual control and cried out. He imagines Amy making the same sort of cries as she rides his throbbing manhood. His cock strains to bursting point in his trousers.

His three blows complete he puts the cane down. A few more blows and he would have been in serious danger of coming in his trousers and that would not do. He looks at the others.

"Home to our wives."

It is a statement, not a question, and they head purposefully back in the direction they have come.

* * * * * *

Joseph strides angrily out of his house. Where is Martha? He told her he would be back just after one o'clock, but there is no sign of her. This is intolerable.

He sees Adam stood in the doorway of his house, a questioning look on his face. The two men meet in the middle of the street.

"Both of our wives are absent. This is not a coincidence, something is taking place," declares Joseph scowling. "Let us find Matthew."

They hurry down the road and rap on his door. Matthew answers them.

"Is your wife missing?"

"No indeed not," says Matthew surprised. "She is here, all of our wives are here."

"All of them! What on earth for?"

"It is some sort of social event. I must admit I was sorely disappointed when I heard it would last till nightfall."

"Till nightfall! What nonsense is this? Why have you not dismissed them?"

"I did suggest that, but they said it must be concluded."

"A man is master of the house," snaps Joseph. "I will end this".

He pushes past Matthew into the house and the others follow him. He steps into the parlour and an atmosphere of manners and respectability.

"Martha you are wanted, come immediately!"

"Husband we have important business and I promise I will come as soon as we are finished."

Joseph is furious at this unprecedented disobedience.

"Come, madam," he says holding out his hand. Martha steels herself.

"We will conclude our affairs, then I will join you promptly."

Joseph is furious, but manages to control his temper. He nods curtly to Matthew and Adam and they withdraw from the room.

The women stare ashen-faced at the closed door. Martha's hands tremble as she considers her defiance of Joseph.

Stood in the dining room Joseph looks at the others.

"Amy Portlow is a poor girl who stole some food. Our wives are respectable women who are trying to steal our place as head of the house. Their offence is far graver and we must nip this in the bud or our stature will be forever diminished. They must be chastised in a similar fashion to Amy."

"We cannot place them in the stocks!" exclaims a shocked Matthew.

"Of course not. But I fancy this dining room will serve our purpose. The table is big enough to accommodate three women bent across it. We will have to dispense with canes, anyway our hands will suffice, but their dresses will be pulled up and their undergarments removed."

"It will be on the bare?" asks Adam, feeling his cock stir.

"Indeed," says Joseph fixing a cold stare on them both. "Are we in joint agreement on the need to chastise our wives, even though it will mean exposing them to the intimate gaze of someone other than their husband?"

Adam and Matthew exchange a look and then nod their agreement.

"Very well. Draw the curtains Matthew while we move the chairs out of the way. We will have privacy from prying eyes."

In the parlour the women exchange alarmed looks at the muttered voices followed by scraping sounds as chairs are moved around. Something is afoot, but they have no idea what.

Seconds later the door bursts open and their husbands grab them by their arms and pull them roughly to their feet. They are pushed through the doorway into the dining room.

"What are you doing?"

"We are going to correct your errant behaviour."

Three wives are pushed face down across a long wooden dining table. They cry out in alarm as their dresses are pushed up around their waists, then there are more cries as their undergarments are ripped away.

"Stop, stop," Martha yells in panic.

Joseph pushes her back into place. His hand cracks down. Within seconds the room is full of the sound of flesh on flesh as the women receive a sound spanking. Finally they are laid submissive and sobbing, while their husbands look at each other. Their anger is spent, but their lust is not.

In the dim light of the room Joseph surveys the three women laid in front of him. He can just make out the rosy blush on Martha's opulent backside. Next to her is the perfect shape of Elizabeth's pert buttocks. He can see the dark cleft between her legs and wisps of blonde pubic hair. It is as wonderful and entrancing a sight as he has ever seen.

His mind is made up. He unfastens his trousers and moves between Elizabeth's legs. With one hand he pins her down on the table, with the other he guides his prick towards the entrance to that sweet hole which he most desires.

Elizabeth gasps as she feels the rubbery tip of a cock nudge against her cunt lips. She thought the men had finished, but it seems not. A spanking apparently is not enough, they will also be taken and with the indignity of being watched. She does not yet realise that it is Joseph's cock which is about to enter her inner sanctum.

Elizabeth's gasps cause Martha to look round. At first she doesn't understand - what on earth is Joseph doing? Then it hits her -- Joseph is going to mount Elizabeth. She pleads with him to stop, but Joseph will brook no interference from his wife.

"Deal with her Adam," he says curtly.

Adam pushes Martha back down and pulls his prick out. Like all of the men, and indeed all three of their wives, he was a virgin when he married and this hedonistic atmosphere has taken him way out of his depth. He has lost all self-control and the morals of fucking his friend's wife do not trouble him. He pushes Martha's legs wide apart while offering his prick to her cunt. A few thrusts and he is inside.

Matthew is watching wide-eyed. High on a mixture of lust and adrenalin he moves behind Abigail. The violation of his wife does not bother him. Abigail is laid quietly submissive - there in front of him is a cunt waiting to be fucked and he will have it.

His prick is hard and there is no need to subdue Abigail. Once the tip is inside her he grabs her hips and commences a rhythmic thrusting action.

Sweet though the moment is for Matthew and Adam, it is sweeter still for Joseph. Long has he dreamt of Elizabeth's blonde cunt yielding to the rigid arrogance of his prick, yet he had never thought it would actually happen. Now she was his and he would soon proclaim his mastery by emptying his balls inside her.

How different she feels from Martha! He grips her narrow hips and marvels at her proud, firm bottom. The contrast with Martha's plump fleshy backside, wide hips and ample cunt amazes him. His lack of experience has left him unprepared for just how different two women can feel.

Of course the key difference is the way her tight cunt grips the full length of his cock. Joseph had an idea she would have a tight slit, but it is almost overwhelming to experience it.

The women are now resigned to their fate. Martha had struggled, but to no avail. Her cries had alerted Elizabeth to the fact that the man moving between her legs wasn't her husband, but by then it was too late. Joseph was inside her and held her down without difficulty.

Laid beneath him Elizabeth does not cry out, but gives a series of fast, shallow gasps. She feels the masculine power of Joseph as he rams in and out of her. His prick is about the same size as Matthew's, but the feelings are not the same. It's impossible to put it into words. Weeks later when Matthew risks asking her what it felt like to be fucked by Joseph she simply says "different" and cannot, or will not, go any further.

Oddly throughout the whole affair Abigail has laid quietly compliant. She made no protests and showed an unexpectedly submissive side to her nature. There were times when she had daydreamed about what it would be like to be taken by a rough, forceful man. Well this was the closest she was ever going to get. Now she feels Matthew's prick swell and stiffen inside her and recognises the unmistakeable signs of his impending orgasm. Then he groans and his prick jerks and jerks and she feels a hot, wet feeling as he pumps his sperm into her.

There is a chain reaction with Joseph and Adam coming seconds later. Joseph wishes he could have lasted longer, but what a sweet triumph it is to give a final extra deep thrust and fire his sperm into Elizabeth's tight cunt.

There is silence for a minute and then one after another the men stand up and adjust their clothing.

The women lie unmoving. It is impossible to tell whether this was a gesture of submission or simply one of shock at what has happened.

Fastening his trousers Joseph looks at the women spread in front of him. His eyes are now thoroughly accustomed to the light and he can clearly see three sets of cunt lips gaping from the fucking they have just received while sperm drips out of them and onto the dining room floor.

He savours the moment and decides to rub his victory home.

"We are going into the parlour. Make yourselves proper and then bring us a cup of tea and do not be tardy about it."

* * * * * *

The men sit in the parlour and the women serve them with tea. Not a word is spoken. The women stand impassively, all too aware of the nakedness under their dresses and the sperm trickling out of their cunts and down their thighs.

The men eye them contentedly, each savouring a conquest that allowed them to come in the pussy of a friend's wife.

* * * * * *

That night Joseph couples with Martha. She lies slack and inert whilst he tries to imagine he is fucking Elizabeth's tight little pussy.

Adam mounts Abigail in what is almost normal lovemaking for them -- almost but not quite. Time and routine would close the gap.

Matthew and Elizabeth begin a sedate, almost formal session, but it rapidly degenerates into fierce lovemaking. Matthew curses and tells his wife what a lovely cunt she has and how fuckable she is. Shocked, but excited, Elizabeth bucks underneath him until they both come passionately.

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