tagLesbian SexThree Years, Two Months, One Week..

Three Years, Two Months, One Week..


Part three of Erin and Kate's story:

The third and final part of the story for these two characters.

I appreciate it's been a fairly long wait for this but I'd like to thank you all for your patience. My only hopes are that you enjoy this final part...and of course, that I've done Erin and Kate justice.

Reading part one (Nine Months...) probably isn't a necessity for this to make sense but I would recommend you give part two (Two Years, Four Months...) a read before starting this last story.

All the best

Three Years, Two Months, One Week and Roughly 22 Hours

Chapter One:

Unchartered Territory:

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will shortly be starting our decent into Vancouver International Airport."

I jump a little as the pilot's voice comes over the intercom into the cabin and interrupts my train of thought.

"Please ensure your seatbelts are fastened..."

My stomach churns with nerves and I don't hear the rest of the speech, a huge part of me still can't believe I actually got on the plane. What the hell am I doing here? I must be insane...

As we fasten our seatbelts and fold our tray tables into the closed position I can't help but sink back into the flashback of my life a few months ago and the events that occurred before I got that fateful phone call from Elaine.


The day I found out Kate had cheated was the worst day of my life to date, my whole world fell apart in a matter of minutes.

I knew she been desperate to talk about what had happened, she had practically begged me to be there when she came home from work but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't look at her, I was in shock. I couldn't close my eyes without seeing Nina all over her, that bitch was lucky I'd turned and walked away when I did...I wanted to wipe that smug look off her face and I wasn't above doing so in front of whoever might walk past to witness it.

Instead I had somehow calmly typed up the notes from my meeting, gone home, packed a bag, grabbed Wilbur and his things, written Kate a note and gone to Sara's. Sure enough the hurt and humiliation Kate had caused was there, bubbling beneath the surface but it was as though my brain was trying to shut that information out.

I had broken down completely the second I stepped through the front door at Sara's, I was still sobbing hysterically when Lucy came home, she thought that Kate had died...in a strange sort of way she had...the Kate I loved would never have done this to me.

I left Wilbur there with Sara and went to a hotel for the night. The following morning I called work, cancelled handing in my notice, took some annual leave and made camp at a different hotel by the coast, ignoring the rest of the outside world until I knew Kate had left for Canada and I could go home without having to face her.

September 8th.

The day I should've flown out to Canada.

I sat for hours on the end of the bed the night before staring between my suitcase and the space where Kate's clothes should have been in the wardrobe.

I remember I had been beside myself with indecision. At one stage I had actually thrown a pair of shoes in the case, but the thought of seeing Kate again only brought back painful memories of the day my world fell apart and instead of packing I ended up laid in bed staring at the wall with a stream of pathetic tears rolling down my face.

I was distracted all morning at work that day and as I watched the flight go from scheduled to departed on the airport website the tears started again. I was no use to anyone in the state I was in, I couldn't focus on my work and couldn't keep myself together emotionally. After the second bout of tears, my manager, who knew what had happened between Kate and I, took pity on me and sent me home.

That afternoon I tried everything I could think of to distract myself from thinking about Kate, but none of it worked. I went shopping, cleaned the house, tackled the massive pile of ironing I'd been putting off doing and even caught up with the Netflix series I'd been watching.

I had lasted about five minutes after switching off the tv before breaking down completely...my decision to not get on the plane had become a sign of the end for my subconscious. It might have taken a few hours, but my conscious mind finally caught up that night. I sat on the edge of the sofa and sobbed, I knew Kate was gone, I knew she had cheated and broken my heart, but that never stopped me from missing her every second of each day that passed.


The next morning things were still far from ok, I called in sick to work and took myself on a long walk to try and clear my head. I thought a lot about leaving the house, Sara had offered me her spare room before I went away and Wilbur would be more than welcome, but I couldn't do it, even though the house was full of memories of mine and Kate's life together and it often hurt to relive them, it was still my home and I loved it. I did however decide to leave the hospital, a new start surrounded by new people sounded like exactly what I needed.

I tried dating again and went on a couple of dates with Rebecca (a girl my sister's best friends knew) she was fun and light-hearted. Things were starting to look up...until I received a letter from Kate.

It sat unopened on the kitchen table for days after I received it. In then end Sara grew so sick of seeing me staring at it that she opened it herself.

"It's not that bad." She had said as she passed it to me.

"Really?" I had asked hopefully.

"Well no, it's fucking awful actually. But at least it's honest."

She hadn't been lying. Kate had detailed everything she could remember about what had happened that night in London, how at first, she had pushed Nina away and then woken up next to her, how she had tried to keep it all from me by covering the scratches on her body and saying she was ill...and finally just how sorry she was it had ever happened...and how much she loved me.

Sara stayed with me for two days after that, I needed her to keep me from slipping back into the hole I'd been in when I'd first found out that Kate had cheated. She pushed me out the door for work, made sure I ate and washed and sent me on more dates with Rebecca...when more letters started arriving from Kate I threw them in the suitcase in the wardrobe and left them unopened.


By the end of January, almost four months later, I was still fighting a losing battle with myself trying to get over Kate.

I was still seeing Becca, although we never stopped at my place and she had never been anywhere near my bedroom. It somehow felt wrong to have her there and when we did have sex it was ok...but Kate had set the bar incredibly high and she just wasn't the same. I'm sure she must have known I wasn't 100% in our relationship and a part of me wished she would've just let me go, I felt guilty for wasting her time but whenever I had hinted I wanted to end things she had clung on tighter.

Things weren't great, but they were ticking along at least. Sara and Lucy had announced their engagement and being involved a little with their plans helped to distract me...until I had a phone call from Elaine.

Kate had passed out at work and her appendix had burst, she was in a bit of a state. She was working herself into the ground, not taking care of herself, she had given up. Everyone was really worried about her...could I please call her...or come and see her.


I thought about just calling, I really did, but when I tried to think of what I'd say my mind went blank.

I thought about it some more for a few hours and then decided, what the hell? I had some holiday to take and I'd never been to Canada. I could briefly stop in Vancouver to see Kate (Ira and Elaine had offered me a free stay with them while Kate was in the hospital) and then head off somewhere new.

Getting a plane ticket had cost me my relationship with Becca, she had finally reached her limit and called round while I was packing my bag to tell me it was over, I couldn't blame her, I liked her yes, but I wasn't in love with her and deep down I knew she wasn't in love with me, in the end I actually just felt relieved that we were done.


I switched on my phone with shaking hands as the plane taxied to the terminal, Ira had messaged to say Kate's brother Liam would pick me up at the airport, I hadn't met Liam before but I knew he was Kate's favourite of her three brothers.

I recognised him instantly as I walked out into the airport, he had Kate's eyes and easy smile, I could definitely appreciate why he was as popular with women as Kate had said he was.

"Erin?" He asks as I walk over to him.

"That's me," I smile, "You must be Liam?" I hold out my hand to shake and instead he pulls me into a hug.

"Thanks for coming," He says, squeezing so tight I can barely breathe, "I know you didn't have to but believe me, we all really appreciate you flying out."

"I'm not sure what I'll be able to do." I gasp.

"Trust me," he smiles, letting go of me, "you just being here will make a difference."

"Even if we end up on worse terms than we are now?" I raise a questioning eyebrow.

"Can things get any worse?" He laughs and his smile widens.

I can't help but laugh a little too.

"Do you wanna head to my parents place first to drop your bags off? Or do you wanna just get it over with and go to the hospital?"

"I might change my mind if we go home first." I reply nervously.

"Hey," he grips my shoulder, "if you don't want to see her, no-one will force you."

"No, no, it's ok," I smile, "I'm just a bit nervous...last time I saw her was when...you know..."

"I know." He smiles sadly "How's this, we'll get in the car and head to the hospital and if, at any point, you need to take a break, you let me know and I'll take you to my folks' place?"

"That sounds good." I nod.


Liam talks non-stop as we drive to the hospital, he's definitely the product of Ira and Elaine, but he's polite and friendly and I'm incredibly thankful for the distraction.

"Hey," he says as we start to pass signs for the hospital, "did you hear about Nina?"

"Nope," I shake my head, "what happened?"

"Well, you know how she was fucking Kate's new boss..." he glances sideways at me, then realises his mistake and smiles "sorry, of course you didn't know that. Well, anyway, apparently his wife found out and hit the fucking roof, came down to the hospital shouting and swearing at the top of her lungs. Then Nina walks in and the wife damned near knocks her out she hits her that hard."

I don't even try to hide my grin.

"I know right." Liam grins back "Jamie said they should've sold tickets. Once Nina got her head back on straight it turned into a proper catfight, scratching, biting, the lot! They had to call security to get them all out of the lobby.

Course, Kate's boss and Nina were fired on the spot. Meant a lot of extra things for Kate to sort out but I'm sure you'll agree it was well worth it." His grin widens even more and suddenly all I can see is Kate, her smiles lights up her face in the exact same way...

Liam goes quiet as we pull into the hospital car park and find a space, perhaps he thought he'd upset me...I don't know. My stomach starts to churn once more as we climb out of the car...too late to turn back now...


Walking through the hospital my breathing starts to become rushed and unsteady, my heart starts to race and my palms feel sweaty as I sense the colour draining from my face. If Liam wasn't walking right by my side I'm not sure I would've made it this far.

He pauses when we reach the door to Kate's room.

"You good?" He asks, noting my shaking hands and white face.

"Yeah...yeah...I will be...I-" I stammer as the door opens.

"Erin sweetheart!" Elaine exclaims, pulling me into a tight hug the instant she steps out of the room "How are you honey? Thank you so much for coming, it means so much to us all."

Liam rolls his eyes at me over his mum's shoulder and I smile a little feeling my breathing steady and my body becoming more relaxed the longer Elaine hugs me.

"Would you like to come in and see her?" Elaine asks quietly.

I nod slowly and follow her into the room.

My breath catches in my throat when I see Kate. To say she looks dreadful is an understatement. Elaine wasn't exaggerating when she said she wasn't taking care of herself. Apart from the enormous dark circles under her eyes, her skin is so pale she seems to be glowing under the lights. Her lips are a light grey-blue colour and god does she look thin, if I didn't know her face so well I'd almost think she was an imposter.


Perhaps fifteen minutes or so later, Kate stirs a little as we stand in an awkward silence around her bed. Ira, Elaine and Liam to one side and me alone on the other.

"Hey there Katie-Kat." Liam smiles at her as she blinks groggily.

She tries to sit up but Elaine steps in:

"Don't move sweetie," she says, pushing her back down, "your appendix burst, you need some time to relax and recover."

They talk a little more between themselves but I can't stop looking at Kate, I'm completely transfixed by her.

"Try to sleep Katie." I say surprising even myself as the words come out.

"Erin?" Kate croaks as she turns to face me, her hand reaches for mine.

"It's me sweetheart." I whisper.

"Erin..." tears spring from her eyes and she laces her fingers as best she can through mine "Honey...I'm so sorry..."

"Shhhhh." I whisper again as I move some hair back from her face and tuck it behind her ear "Go to sleep."

"But I...I..."

"Shhh Katie, go to sleep."

Slowly her grip on my fingers loosens as she relaxes back into sleep but I find myself unable to let go of her hand, Ira slides a chair across to me and together he, Elaine and Liam back out of the room leaving me alone with Kate...

Chapter Two:


Two days had passed since I arrived in Canada and once again I found myself sitting outside Kate's room talking with Elaine. Even though I'd been here at the hospital as often as visitors were allowed since I'd arrived I just couldn't bring myself to go back into the room and sit with Kate again. I knew I still loved her but I was shocked at just how quickly those strong feelings had come back when I'd seen her on that first day.


I sigh inwardly, I can hear people talking further down the hallway as I sit there with Elaine, bits of medical conversation, doctors discussing patients, relatives visiting their loved ones.

"Ira cheated on me once you know," Elaine says suddenly, with the air of someone throwing caution to the wind, "we'd only been married a few years, Nathan was just a toddler and I was six months pregnant with Liam, I thought my life was ending."

My mouth falls open, I had no idea Ira had ever cheated, they had always seemed to happy and solid to me and Kate had often described them as being unbreakable.

"Does Kate know?" I ask.

"No, she doesn't." Elaine continues "None of the kids know," it's clear from her facial expression just how much this memory still haunts her all these years later, "but my parents knew...and I made damned sure Ira's parents knew too, the beating his father gave him, I don't think their relationship ever fully recovered afterwards." She sighs and pauses a wave of relatives walk past us. "I know it still hurts Erin, believe me I do. She did a stupid, selfish, hurtful thing and I'm in no way condoning it...but there's not a day that goes by where I regret giving Ira the chance to make it right... we wouldn't have had Jamie or Katie if I hadn't..."

"It was different for you though," I whisper, still reeling from the shock of hearing this story, "you had Nathan to think of, you were pregnant, you had a family to keep together. I just have myself to take care of an-"

"And is denying yourself what you want taking care of yourself?" Elaine interrupts.

I don't answer, my chest starts to feel tight as my heart thumps harder against my ribs.

"She needs you in her life sweetheart and you need her in yours, I never thought I'd see her happy until I saw her with you. We'd met girlfriends before of course, but I'd never been enamoured with any of them and I think if she was being honest Kate wasn't either, they were just a way to keep me quiet."

I can't help but smile I little when I hear these words, remembering how Kate had once told me that was precisely why she brought girls home.

"But then you came along and she was different, she was in love, head over heels in love with you, Ira and I were so happy..."

I feel my eyes start to burn and tears forming as another crowd of relatives walk past. Elaine pauses again before speaking.

"All I'm saying honey, is that people make mistakes, some bigger than others, it's just human nature. But it's how they learn from them that makes all the difference in the world. She loves you so much Erin. Please come in and sit with her again for a while."

I shut my eyes and desperately try to supress the tears rolling down my cheeks, I know what Elaine is trying to say, I know her intentions are pure, but it doesn't take away the hurt and anger I still feel about what Kate did.

"I'm just going for some air." I stammer at Elaine as I stand abruptly from my chair.

"I'm so sorry Erin," she tries to hug me, "I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's fine, honestly." I say, moving out of her reach "I'll be back in a while."

I get roughly half way down the stairs before I'm unable to hold the tears back any longer and I end up sat crying alone in the stairwell.

I know Kate still loves me, in spite of the medication I could see that the instant our eyes had met when she'd first come around two days ago and seeing those genuine tears falling down her cheeks had broken my heart. But the pain she caused was still there too, burning away in a corner of my heart, getting harder and harder to ignore.


Slowly I begin to get my breathing back under control and compose myself, I need to get away from the hospital for a while, a few hours at least. I head back upstairs to let Elaine know I'm gonna make my way into the city and find that she's in Kate's room. I hesitate outside the door as I hear voices coming from inside;

"...and she won't come in?" I hear Kate say.

"It still hurts too much Katie." Elaine replies.

"I know it does..." my heart stops as Kate starts to cry "I love her so much mom...I ne...need her to come see me so I can...I can explain..."

"Oh sweetie," Elaine whispers, I chance a glance round the door and see her gather Kate in her arms, holding her close, rocking and shushing her like she would a child who'd had a bad dream, "I tried for you honey, I really did. But you know what? She's here, I called her, said you were in the hospital and she got on the first flight out here. That counts for something right?"

Kate nods as best she can against Elaine's shoulder and I back out of the doorway again. Leaning back against the cool wall in the corridor I feel my own tears start to drip off my chin once more.


I avoid the hospital over the next few days...Elaine tells me that Kate has managed to get herself out of bed and walking round the room, they're hopeful she can come home soon, other doctors and nurses she knows from around the hospital have visited...but she asks about me first every time anyone new arrives.

Still unsure about how I feel about Kate at the moment, I politely nod and try to avoid her eyes.


The following morning I make my way down for breakfast and catch the end of a conversation between Ira and Elaine.

"...you can't keep trying to interfere Elaine!" Ira says firmly "I know you mean well...and believe me I want them back together just as much as you do...but guilt tripping Erin into staying won't help."

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