tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 03

Three's A Crowd Ch. 03


It was three days before Mel and I exchanged more than five consecutive words. Danny got the cold shoulder too. If I wanted to go for a swim, I went to my own private place. Mel wasn't allowed to go off on her own, so there was no swimming for her at all. Yeah, I was acting like a stupid jealous kid, but Mel had attained sex goddess status in my mind and I was pissed as hell that she was getting it on with my best friend.

Mom and Dad went to their usual governance committee meeting at the church after dinner, leaving Mel and I at home on our own. My sister and I still weren't speaking and I headed off to bed as soon as our parents were gone, to get out of her road. I had been sulking in bed in the dark for almost an hour when Mel came to my room. She was wearing her thick home-made cotton pyjamas and lit her way with her flashlight.

Yes folks, a flashlight! If we had to get up and go to the bathroom in the night, we had to light our way with a torch. We weren't allowed lights in our rooms as these were deemed to encourage sinful activities, like reading in bed. So, you undressed in the dark, or left your door slightly open so that the hallway light bled in, or undressed in the bathroom.

She made me shift and give her room on my narrow bed by sitting on the edge and banging my hip with her butt. I feigned indifference as I moved over, but her pervasive warmth and the pressure of her flank against mine as she lay down on top of the counterpane beside me set every nerve in my body on high alert. Especially the big fat nerve at the base of my belly!

Mel turned her light off and we lay silently in the warm darkness for what seemed like ages. I could hear her gentle breathing and smell the clean shampoo scent of her hair. Oh yes, I wanted to turn and put an arm around her, or something, but I was damned if I was going to make the first move.

Her voice made me jump. "You're angry because you saw Danny and me the other day, aren't you?"

I didn't answer.

"We waited for ages for you, you know. I was going to come home, but Danny persuaded me to stay. You know what he's like. And then one thing led to another…"

I blurted out, "But you didn't have to let him touch you 'down there'!"

"I couldn't help it. I wanted him to stop, but I get so 'on edge' after I finish."

"After you finish what?"

"After my period, silly! Why else do you think I didn't go swimming with you and Danny for over a week?"

All I knew about periods was that both Mom and Mel got quite bad tempered for a while every month and they bled and carried little packages off to a secret place for burial. Apparently, whatever these contained was not allowed to go into the septic tank.

"But you didn't have to do it to him afterwards!"

"I felt so warm and 'generous' after he made me cum; it seemed like the right thing to do. He wanted me to touch him properly, but I said no. "

"I saw that…why?"

"I was scared of what might happen if we got it out of his shorts."

"So you didn't…you know…after I left?"

"You thought we…?"

Mel whacked me hard in the stomach with the heel of her flashlight. I didn't see it coming in the darkness and it shocked and hurt me twice as much as it would have done normally. I suppose I deserved it for my evil thoughts.

"No Joel! We didn't 'do it'! In fact I left straight away and looked for you here. But Mom said that she thought I was swimming with you. She was a mad as anything that I had been by myself. She didn't know that I was alone with Danny, of course. That would have got me a strapping from Dad!"

We were silent for a while again while I digested this information and nursed my sore belly. Then Mel shifted on the bed beside me. I don't know why, but I got the impression that she had put her hand inside her pyjama bottoms and was touching herself.

"Joel…" she murmured softly.

"Are you still there?"

Did she mean me personally, or my dick? She must have known I'd be hard with her lying out beside me like that.

"Yep!" I answered. Both cases were true.

"Tell me that you touched yourself when you watched Danny touching me."

"I masturbated while I watched Danny get you off with his hand between your legs inside your swimming costume."

"Oooooh!" she breathed.

I thought I heard a faint, squishy, liquid sound. And I caught a tantalising whiff of a heady, sea-surf-on-hot-rocks odour. Is that what girl's smell like 'down there'? I wondered.

Mel's movements were making the bed shake. "Tell me you made yourself cum!" she moaned.

"I came at the same instant you did."

"I just knew it! It made me cum much harder than I'd ever done before!" She moaned loudly again, then asked me in a trembling voice, "Joel! Would you like to see how I make myself cum?"

Without waiting for an answer, Mel thrust her flashlight in my direction. When I finally got hold of it and found the on-switch, I saw that she had her left hand inside her pyjamas, working frantically between her legs, while she desperately tried to push the heavy material down over her bucking, heaving belly and hips with the other. Now I knew what Danny meant when he described her body movements were 'as though she was fucking someone'!

Always the perfect gentleman, I used my free hand to help her!

Mere words cannot describe the torch-lit revelation of Mel's firm, flat belly; the dark, damp-flattened curls of her bush; her fingers moving rapidly among the plump, vari-pink, glistening folds; the flex and roll of her muscles as she moved, and the full aromatic force of her sexual arousal!

I scrambled out from under my bedcovers. Together, we pushed her pyjamas down her jerking legs, past her knees. Then she spread her legs as wide apart as they would go, showing me everything and hiding nothing. Not even the brown-pink puckered entrance to her bottom!

With the moisture-slick fingers of her left hand, Mel pulled back the distended 'tent' of skin just above the moist, slightly gaping, shiny pink entrance to her womanhood, to reveal a hard, fiery red, knob among the bright pink folds. It looked to me like an extremely stubby, minute dick!

"This is my clitoris,' she murmured breathlessly.

Mel began to flicker her fingertips lightly across the tiny nubbin, so fast that her fingers were a blur.

Then all hell broke loose! Mel told me afterwards that us being alone, and me watching her from such close proximity, freed her from all inhibitions. In the meantime, I was totally unprepared for the wild, humping, writhing, groaning, and shaking build up to her shrill, earth-shattering climax. It was a darned good thing that the Franklins, our nearest neighbours, lived three miles or so across the valley or Norm would have come running to her 'assistance'.

It took Mel about ten minutes to make a dewy-eyed recovery. She was breathing so hard, I thought she was about to start hyperventilating – we did that at school once, breathing into a big paper bag, as part of a class biology experiment, so I know what hyperventilation looks like. Then she sat up and announced, "Your turn to show me properly!"

I protested, "Oh heck, Mel! I can't match that…no way!"

"Why not? Are you scared?"

"No! Boys just don't get all intense like that…"

There was no escaping her. "Show me!" she demanded.

It was no hardship; no pun intended! I was as stiff as a flagpole and just about ready to burst anyway!

I rolled onto my back, thrust my pyjama bottoms down my thighs and kicked them off onto the floor. Yes, I was forced to wear the same nightclothes as my sister, but I refused to wear the jacket once I was in bed. In concert with me, she finally totally rid herself of bottoms as well. Mel aimed the flashlight beam at my crotch, gently biting the tip of her tongue and watching me take my stiff shaft in my fingers and start stroking up and down my length.

Mel knelt beside me, sitting on her heels with her legs parted, openly displaying her dark crowned, still blood-suffused genitalia. The hood-like tent that hid her feminine 'dick' stuck out between the plump lips like a beacon. I tore my eyes away and watched her fingers move to her top; she still had it on. Mel slowly began to undo the buttons. She watched my eyes follow her every move. She parted the cloth, showing me her proudly erect breasts and nipples. She shucked the garment right off and raised her arms, offering her entire nakedness for my admiration.

All the while I didn't stop stroking my shaft. The vision of my sister's perfection filled me with an indescribable longing. I think I expressed my feeling for her with a tortured moan that rose from deep within my belly. Why is it a sin to pay homage to such exquisite beauty?

"What does it feel like?" she asked.

"There's only one way to find out," I answered thickly, pointing the head of my cock at her.

Mel reached for me. Her hand moved incredibly slowly. It seemed as though she had to fight her way through a vat of treacle.

"I meant how you were feeling inside," she muttered, "But, seeing as you offered…"

When she gently pushed my hand to one side and took hold of me, my whole body felt as though it flowed and nestled into the palm of her hand. I was hers to do whatever she wanted with me.

I thrust my pelvis at her as Mel stroked the full throbbing length of me with her firm, farm girl's grip. The rapturous tension began to build in the area below my balls. I thrust hard in her hand. My whole body quivered rigidly. She clasped me upright with my foreskin tightly drawn back, wondering at the sudden extra heat and stiffness in her fist. My first thumping spasm produced nothing. The next two shot my pearly-white sperm in the air. And then my hot jism boiled out of my tip and slid in thick, sticky globs down my shaft and over her fingers.

Trembling in the leaping throes of ecstasy, I gazed at Mel's face. Her eyes were wide with astonishment at the flow of creamy sap pouring from me. She moved her hand on me again, milking ever more cum from my balls. Sharper, more excruciating secondary pleasure shocks pounded through me, nearly making me pass out.

Inevitably, regrettably, my tool began to soften and shrink and Mel released her hold on me. "Awesome, Joel!" she breathed. "Simply awesome!"

I fished a handkerchief out from under my pillow - one of my secret, private ones that I washed myself so that Mom was not aware of my night-time activities – and cleaned my jism from my dick, her fingers and where it had splashed on my belly.

We turned off the flashlight and lay on our sides facing each other, cuddling in the darkness. Mel's warm naked flesh pressed so close to mine felt phenomenal. I told her and she pushed even closer to me with a happy sigh, crushing her lovely breasts against my chest.

It felt perfectly right and natural to explore each other's body with our fingers while we held each other. It seemed like only a minute or two passed before I began to get hard again, but it must have been much longer. Mel felt me growing against her belly and pressed tighter to me. As if we received some inaudible signal, we began to squirm our pubic mounds together. We panted our gasping breaths into each other's wide-gaping mouths and our excitement rapidly climbed to fever pitch.

With a desperate, sobbing wail of: "I want to feel if, but promise me we won't go all the way, Joel! We mustn't!" Mel lifted her leg across my hip then took hold of my dick and pushed it between her legs.

Clasping each other by the buttocks we mashed, and ground and humped our pelvises together wildly. The back of my stiff pole slid hotly back and forth in the wet, slippery groove of her pussy lips, rasping over and massaging her hood and clitoris. Mel writhed her pussy flesh on me. She let out little gasps and mewling sounds of pleasure and bit my shoulder flesh gently. She pulled her hips back so that the ridge of my crown contacted her pleasure spot directly and held her sex there, making imperceptible, tiny quivering movements. Then she bore down and slid her cleft rapidly and smoothly along the entire length of my shaft several times while uttering harsh, guttural, cries of rapture.

It would have been the easiest thing in the world for me to direct my knob into Mel's warm, slippery sheath with the tips of my fingers. She wouldn't have cared right then; she was so far 'out of it'. But she would have hated me afterwards.

Mel suddenly sobbed, "Oh, oh Joel!" and clung to me rigidly. Her whole body shook in my arms. Somehow, her orgasm sparked mine. My hot flood pounded from my dick all over her vaginal entrance and into the cleft of her buttocks. She cried out "Oh Joel" again, reached between her legs from behind, and pressed her fingers on my tingling, spasm-wrenched glans. For an instant, I thought that she was going to push me inside her, but she just held me and panted into my ear that she wanted to feel me cum.

We lay panting heavily in the darkness, touching, but only just. Slippery sweat and sexual juices cooled on our skins making us shiver. Both of us were stunned at the enormity of what we had done, and how close we had been to committing an even greater sin. But at the same time, neither of us I had any regrets.

"Your bed must be mess!" Mel murmured when she finally regained her composure. "How are you going to stop Mom seeing the stains?"

Taking food to our rooms is forbidden, but desperate circumstances require desperate solutions. "I think I may have to bring some juice up here from the breakfast table and have an 'accident'," I told her.

"Tell you what, you be 'late' getting up and I'll bring some cereal and milk up to you so that you won't miss the school bus! Look, I'd better get going to my own room. I don't want to, but Mom and Dad will be home soon."

I nuzzled my mouth to Mel's and kissed her for the first time since I was about seven years old. Her lips clung to mine, sending a surge of heat through my body. "Mmmmm. I don't want you to go either, but I guess…"

"Will you be all right?"

"Doubt if I will sleep much."

"Me either…" Mel kissed me this time. I had to keep my hands to myself or I would have started all over again. She softly wished me sweet dreams and then left.

I straightened my bedcovers as best I could and climbed back underneath. When I heard them arrive, I crossed all my fingers and toes that neither Mom or Dad would open my bedroom door, because, even though I had the window wide open, the room reeked of sex. Thank goodness, my parents went straight to their own room.

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