tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 05

Three's A Crowd Ch. 05


There is a small but dense coppice of woodland adjacent to the school grounds. One summer's day, years ago when I first started school, a teacher thought she spied a man hidden there with his trousers around his knees and something in his hand, watching the girls doing their PE class on the sports field. The police set a trap and caught him a couple of days later. It caused quite a stink in the community when it was revealed that the culprit was one of our most respected church elders. I was too young to understand what it was all about, but four children suddenly left the school and their family moved out of the district. I learned years later, from Danny's mother, who 'knew everything'; the school would not lay any charges and this was the deal to avoid the man going to jail.

My resolve to make friends again with Danny got a jolt when I saw him and Mel disappearing into the same trees one school lunchtime. Apart from upsetting me, she was playing a dangerous game if one of the teachers saw them as well. In an Adventist school, all the teachers were of the faith. I didn't follow, feeling that I would be crushed by what I would find. Mel got the 'Ice Man' treatment that evening though.

It just happened to be church governance night and Mel, as usual came to my room. The daylight was starting to last well into the evenings now and we didn't need the flashlight any more.

I lay stiffly on the bed, feeling rotten for doing it, but ignoring all Mel's efforts to be friendly. Eventually, she gave up and started to leave. She paused in the doorway and snapped, "You don't own me you know!"

"You must think I'm just an amusing toy!" I snarled back. "Be nice to Joel one minute, then kick him in the nuts the next!"

"Oh, grow up Joel! We didn't do anything! Not what you're thinking anyway!"

"Yeah, sez you!"

"I'm on my period, nitwit!"

That revelation put me on the back foot. But I could not let things alone, "So, you and Danny did nothing at all then?"

"Well…" Mel wouldn't look at me. "I did make him cum with my hand…I was hoping to do the same with you…"

That shot me down in flames. I was now in the position of having to beg.

"Oh, blow it, Mel! I'm an idiot!"

"Yes you are!"

"Will it help if I grovel?"

"It might…oh, don't bother. D'you want me back?"

"Yes please."

She didn't jack me off; well, at first she didn't. All we did was cuddle. She said I couldn't touch her because her boobs were too sore and she had a woozy tummy. I told Mel that if it couldn't be reciprocal, I didn't think it was fair to expect her to help me out. She didn't respond to that one for a long while. And when she did, it was with a nudge from her nose on my neck.

"We've just gotta sort something out," I muttered. "Seeing Danny by yourself is too dangerous. Not just if you get caught; he's too much of a wildcard."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, what did he do to you a couple of weeks back?"

Mel gripped my prick briefly; yeah, I had a hard-on! "And you're not dangerous, brother of mine?"

"Gotcha!" I admitted.

"What are you suggesting? That I only see Danny when you're around?"

"Something like that."

"Could you sit back and watch him touch me, and me do things to him, without you being involved?"

"That would be the hardest thing to do in the whole world!"

Mel shivered, "So, if Danny and I were making out, you would want to join in?"

"I can't deny that."

She shivered again, "You have no idea of what you have done to me 'down there'! But, Joel, if I really wanted it to be just Danny doing it to me, could you back off?"

"At a pinch, if I knew beforehand. Does the idea of a threesome; you, me and Danny, really turn you on?"

Mel didn't have to answer with words, another sharp shiver told me the story.

I slid my hand inside her pyjama top and stroked her tummy lightly. "Do you want a hand?" I asked.

"I'm bleeding."


"It'll be messy?"

"I don't mind."

"I'll get my towel!"

Mel leapt off the bed and ran to her room. She returned seconds later carrying a large, thick bath sheet. "I sleep on this in case of 'accidents'," she explained, spreading the towel out halfway down the bed and lying down with it underneath her lower half.

I gently placed my hand back on her tummy, guessing how tender she must be feeling.

"Hold on a minute!" she gasped, and pushed her pyjama bottoms down to her knees. She had her knickers on. Of course she did stupid!

I slipped my fingers under the waistband, immediately meeting her pubic hairs.

"Are you sure?" she asked, grabbing my hair and twisting my head, forcing me to look into her face. "Are you really, really sure?"

"You bet I am!" I beamed. "Now, let go of me, I've got things to do!"

As soon as Mel released me, I dived down and kissed her pubic thatch. Her sex smell was different from the week before, and quite strong.

"Oh no! You can't!" Mel bounced on the bed and tried to push me away. In the process, she opened her legs a little way and I seized the opportunity to push the crotch of her panties, and the stiff pad that seemed to be stuck in them, out of the way and kiss her further down. She tasted very salty.

I looked up at my sister's horrified face and grinned, "I just did!"

"Come back up here!" she ordered. "Honestly! I don't believe you! Now, where's your handkerchief?"

"Why?" I asked.

"You look like a vampire…you've got blood all over your chin!"

Mel cleaned me up and admonished me, "Now behave yourself!"

"No way!" I murmured, insinuating my fingers back into her pants and down inside the pad.

Mel was sopping wet, wetter than ever before. I supposed it was the blood. I found her hot spot and she spread her legs and jerked her pelvis convulsively.

"Go inside me with your finger, Joel!" she gasped. "I want to feel you!"

The tight elastic waistband, plus the thick wad in her panties, made her difficult to reach. "Just a minute!" she panted, and pushed her knickers partway down.

To slide your finger inside a woman's body at any time is so amazing! If you are a virgin, like I was that evening, it is the most indescribable sensation imaginable! Every detail of the heat, the wetness, and the silky clamping of Mel's walls around me are burned for all time in my brain.

And then Mel bore her pelvic bone down on my finger, clamping her inner muscles at the same time. She shook in ecstasy and gasped out her joy.

I asked her, "Can I look?"

"Aaaaagh, if you want to, yessss!" she moaned.

My finger was only inside her half way and Mel was trying to rub her clitoris against the pad at the base of my finger. Dark blood was everywhere, matting her pussy hairs and smearing the insides of her thighs. I began to wonder if the towel beneath her jerking abdomen would be protection enough for my counterpane!

I could not desist. I burrowed between Mel's thighs and found her pleasure spot with my tongue. She howled her pleasure and lifted up her sex so that I could access her fully. My finger slid into her as far as it could go, encountering strange, inexplicable parts of her insides. And Mel dissolved in paroxysms of rapture, grasping the back of my head and pressing me to her, and anointing my entire face with her combined menstrual blood and love juices.

"My, you are quite a sight!" Mel murmured contentedly about ten minutes later, "like a tribesman from Papua New Guinea…you know, the ones that daub their faces in red clay…in the National Geographic at school?"

I nodded my understanding. My mind was still trying to cope with the maelstrom of feelings coursing through me, because of the astonishing things Mel and I had just done.

She started to move off the bed. "Come on. We had better get you cleaned up."

Entirely without me noticing, Mel had pulled her panties and pyjamas back up.

I asked, "What about you?"

"A mess, but a situation not too far from normal on my 'heavy' day. Mom won't notice anything unusual."

We got off the bed together. Thankfully, her towel had captured everything. Taking me by the hand, Mel led me to the bathroom. Humming softly under her breath, she cleaned my face with warm soapy water. Then she shooed me out, saying that she had to spend a minute on the toilet.

When Mel returned to my room, she was so 'scrub-faced and freshly-tidied hair' that a person not in the know could never guess what had transpired between us such a short time before. She approached me from the foot of my bed. In one movement, she stripped my pyjamas from me, murmuring at the same time, "Now, what do we have here?"

She pushed my legs apart and knelt on the bed between them. She examined my stiff member in minute detail. She delicately took my nuts in her fingertips and rolled them together in their sac. She pulled back my foreskin and smeared my flowing pre-cum around the sensitive underside of my glans. She traced the bulging veins on my shaft. And finally, with exquisite precision, lightly scratched a fingernail down the length of the tube on the underside of my dick that delivered my sperm to the outside world, all the way down to my balls.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the leaping sparks induced by her feather like touches. But, my eyes smashed open again when I experienced a warm, wet sensation that I had never met before. My sister, Melissa, smiling beatifically with her eyes closed, held the head of my cock inside her mouth! She trailed the circle of her fingers lightly up and down my shaft. The electric tingle behind my balls suddenly shrieked its warning.

"Mel! I'm going to cum!" I moaned.

She ignored me. My sperm leapt from my body. Mel kept holding me in her wet warmth. She didn't try to swallow, but let it dribble from the corners of her lips and drip onto my belly. When she sensed that I was almost finished, she released me. Gulping down what was left in her mouth, she murmured, "Thanks for warning me, Joel."

Like a snake she slid and covered me. I caught the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and held it back so that that her soft, bare belly-flesh pressed on mine. Post-cumming flashes of pleasure made me twitch uncontrollably. I spurted tiny streams of jism on her bare skin and she wriggled her tummy, spreading it between us. We kissed deeply. I tasted my sperm on her mouth, but it didn't bother me.

We broke our kiss. Mel stared into my eyes. She rubbed her fingertips across my lips and insinuated them into my mouth. I laved them with my tongue. Her eyes devoured me.

"Oh…how I wish…" she sighed wistfully.

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