tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 07

Three's A Crowd Ch. 07


Two naked young men kneel opposite each other at the edge of a large beach towel. Long, stiff, fat phalluses rise urgently from the curly forests of hair at bases of their bellies. The young men are a study in contrasts. One is pale, with freckle-dusted skin and flame-red hair; the other light olive toned with dark locks, like the girl lying between them. Equally naked, she is spread like out a starfish. Her eyes are closed. She smiles blissfully, transported by the myriad of strokes and caresses, nibbling kisses, and searching probes from tongues and strong yet gentle fingers in the erogenous nooks and crannies of her form.

The girl writhes sensually, lifting her body, breasts and thighs to gain maximum enjoyment from every touch. She orgasms: rigidly shaking and uttering mewling cries of ecstasy. Not once, not twice, but three times in rapid succession. Finally, shining eyed with extended rapture, she gives each young man a sweet kiss of gratitude; reserving the longest and most tender kiss for her sibling...

Mel turned onto her side and reached for Danny's shaft. He is circumcised and looks a lot bigger than me. But it is an optical illusion; we are in fact the same lengths. Although his cock is thicker than mine is. He groaned with anticipation as her fingers circled him and began their delicate massaging travels up and down from mushroom crown to fragile, hairy balls.

I felt I had to tell Danny and Mel that this three-way arrangement was 'Ok' with me, although privately I would be pleased if my sister never went near him again. If she had formed a relationship with anyone other than Danny, I might have shrugged and treated it as inevitable. But Danny was my best mate.

I leaned over Mel and murmured, "Why don't you do to Danny what you did to me the night of your period?"

She stopped stroking Danny's dick and turned to see if I meant what I was saying.

"Are you sure?"


Mel smiled happily and gave me a fleeting kiss. She urged Danny onto the towel and made him lie flat on his back. Then she crouched on her knees between his thighs and took his cock into her mouth. My own cock jumped and tingled when I saw my sister begin to suck and lick my friend like that.

Danny huffed and thrust his pelvis at her, making Mel gag. She took her mouth away from him and scolded, "Do that again and I'll bite you!"

Danny spread his hands wide apologetically and Mel lowered to him again.

Mel licked and kissed Danny's member from top to bottom, even down into the sweaty, pungent area behind his balls. Mel had never been so bold with me and envy invaded my heart. She took his mushroom-shaped head deep inside her mouth and massaged his most sensitive parts with her tongue while she stroked his shaft. She teased him for more than thirty minutes, arousing him to the trembling brink of spurting, and then letting him down again. Danny was totally 'out of it', grinning like a maniac with his eyes closed.

I saw Mel making flapping movements in my direction with her free hand. It took me a few seconds to get the message. Then with my heart thumping madly in my chest, I moved in behind her.

Mel felt my arrival and lifted her bum high in the air. Her fingers caught hold of my dick and fed it straight into her juicy channel. Again, it appeared that she just sucked me inside. Grasping her gyrating hips, I plumbed the depths of her tight, hot, clinging satin tunnel. My steady lunging thrusts moved her body and thus her mouth on my friend's shaft.

The miracle of intercourse with Mel was so new to me that I could not hold my explosion back for long. The sharp, warning tingle began somewhere deep up inside my core. I fought it off for as long as I could.

Over her shoulder, I saw Danny's balls clench once more in their sac. His shaft began to jerk and quiver and I heard Mel noisily swallow his sticky, salty load as he pumped it into her mouth. I gave in to my soaring need. But, before my first spasm could spill my semen, I pulled my shaft from its gloriously warm, snug, clasping abode. Mel moaned a desperate cry of loss, sending Danny into paroxysms of after-shock pleasure.

Finishing myself off with my hand, I held the head of my pounding, spurting shaft close to Mel's vaginal entrance, coating her the crevasse of her buttocks, her clitoris and her pubic thatch with my copious, glistening cream. She searched for me with her sex, trying to reclaim me, but I knew that would be most unwise.

Mel rolled onto her back beside Danny. His chest was heaving as he made his way down from his orgasmic high.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked him, smiling wickedly.

"Oh, jeeez, yes!" came Danny's shuddering answer.

"Was it worth waiting for?"

"Oh, Mel!" was all he could say.

She bit his earlobe, making him jump. "Well, Daniel," she murmured, "it's almost time for Joel to take me home or our parents will be looking for us. But, before he does, I want some more fun. And I want you to do it to me...just you. Joel can watch if he wants to, but if it's too much for him to cope with, he knows what to do."

The last part was directed at me: put up with it, or go away! Fighting off my natural inclination to leave them to it, I moved a few feet off to an old tree stump and, using my towel as a cushion, sat down to watch.

Danny turned onto his side and reached for Mel's crotch. She caught his hand in mid-air. "No! I want you to kiss me down there. And make me cum with your tongue!"

Danny breathed, "Sure Mel! Anything..." and rapidly moved down her body. But, when Mel spread her legs and he saw the sticky gobs of my sperm stuck to her hairs and painted on the insides of her thighs, he pulled away with an expression of disgust on his face. "But..."

Mel propped herself up on her elbows and looked down between her breasts at him. "Daniel," she said sweetly, "if you want to have me, you are going to have to share everything...and I mean everything!"

It didn't take Mel long to cum. Danny took her with his finger as well as with his tongue. Her orgasm was spectacular in its noisiness and the shaking, wracked contortions of her frame. I looked on, nursing a massive erection, but unwilling to use my own hand. Not now!

Still in the gasping throes of pleasure, Mel called Danny up to kneel astride her face. He too was massively erect again. "Make love to my mouth," she panted, "But be gentle. And don't try to push it down my throat!"

The hot corrosive acid of jealousy boiled in my entrails again as I watched my sister holding Danny's long shaft in her fingertips while he lunged rhythmically between her soft lips. She had gone down on me for sure, but had never afforded me the privilege of having intercourse with her mouth. And when I saw more, then more of his cock disappearing, and realised that she was in fact taking him in her throat, I was ready to kill them both.

To my vicious delight, the telltale signs of Danny's impending explosion arrived long before his flame-red thatch reached her nose. Mel sensed it too and pushed hard on his belly so that when he started spurting it would be into her mouth and not her oesophagus.

Mel let him finish, then pushed Danny away so violently that he tumbled to the grass. She scrambled to her feet and marched over to me, where I sat. I guessed what was coming, but realised that this was her way of testing me also. I stood up to meet my sister and accepted her kiss. The mouthful of Danny's sperm she spat into mine did not taste too bad after all. It was just the idea of it that made my stomach squirm.

With bare breasts swaying and jiggling magnificently, Mel strode over the Danny and aimed a kick at his stomach. "Now you and Joel are even, you pig! And he showed twice as much courage about it than you did!" She aimed another kick at him, but missed. "And I told you, not in the throat! Don't you ever listen?"

Danny wasn't prepared to concede anything, "Well you seemed to enjoy it! I don't recall you trying to stop me!"

"That's not the point!" Mel shouted. "You've blown it, buster! Completely blown it!"

Danny laughed, "More like you have, sweetheart! And you did it so beautifully!"

Danny's remark seemed to infuriate Mel even more. She aimed another kick. This time she connected, and it looked like it was a bit too close to Danny's nuts for comfort. He rolled away clutching at his lower belly.

"Maybe next time you'll listen!" she spat.

"So there'll be a next time?" he groaned hopefully.

"Perhaps...but never, ever forget that it's my body! And I will tell you what you can do to it, not the other way around!"

I recognised that this demand was for my consumption as well.

Then Mel turned her back on Danny and I saw that she was desperately trying to suppress her laughter. She had appreciated the sharp humour of his riposte after all. She tilted her head in the direction of the pool. It was time for us to clean up.

Danny joined us, bent over like an old man. Mel must have made better contact with her foot than I thought she had! He kept well away from us in case Mel attacked him again. Danny stayed in the pool cooling his aches, while Mel and I donned our costumes to wet them to maintain the illusion that we had been swimming. And then we left.

While Mel and I walked, I suddenly blurted out, "Where did you learn how to make it last as long as that with Danny? And how come you let him do it in your throat? Have you two been up to more than I know about? Or have you been with somebody else?"

"Hey, hey, Joel! That's too many questions all at once! First: where did I learn to tease and make it last? I read about it in a book."

"In a book? What book?"

"The one Danny gave me."

"He gave you a book? How long have you had it?"

"Oh, only a few days. I have it hidden in a secret place in my room. I've been reading it by flashlight at night."

"Mom and Dad will kill you if they find it!"

"That's why it's very well hidden."


"Don't be nosy! It wouldn't be a secret place if I told you!"

"So, what's in this book?"

"Nice pictures and instructions on how to do it."

"How to do sex?"

"That's right."

"Dirty pictures?"

"Nice pictures."

"Of penises and vaginas and stuff?"

"Yes, of people having intercourse...close up pictures."

"Dirty pictures!"

"Nice pictures!"

"Why did Danny give the book to you?"

"He said that he'd learned a lot from it and that seeing as him and I are going to...I might find it useful as well."

I felt like a right prat. Here was me coaching him on how to take her to the moon the other day, and that bastard Danny was laughing ups his sleeve at me because he knew more about sex than I did all the time!

"You and Danny are going to do what?"

"Have sex...intercourse...make love."

"So, you've already decided on that then?"

"Yes I have. Look, Joel, what's the problem? I've already done it with you...which is a lot worse than me doing it with Danny, you're my brother!"

"I thought it was something special between us."

Mel stopped in her tracks and spun me around to face her. "Oh, Joel! You are so childish at times! It is special between us! Much more special than you will ever, ever comprehend! And that's why I resent your questions so much! Especially the last ones."

"Which ones were they? I've forgotten."

"You asked if Danny and I have been 'up to something' and whether I've been seeing someone else. The answer to both is no!"

"It just seems like you suddenly know so much more..."

"The book...and womanly instinct...and Mom probably talking to me a little bit more about 'things'. Even she wouldn't let me go into marriage knowing absolutely nothing of what to expect."


"Norman Franklin has approached Mom and Dad."

"Norm Franklin? Shoot! Has he asked you?"

'Not yet."

"Norm Franklin...!"

"Let's forget about that for the moment, it may never happen. You're still not completely happy about Danny, are you?"

"What do you expect?"

"Try to stop thinking about yourself for a minute, Joel, and think about me! What you and I do thrills me more than I ever thought possible. But, before I marry, I have to find out if the same can happen with someone who is not you, my brother. And I will get married one day, Joel; it's inevitable. Maybe it will be to Danny, although Mom and Dad would fight that.

"In the meantime, I want you...and I don't want to lose you, not yet."

How could I respond to a declaration like that without sounding trite? Even a kiss would have been banal. I just took Mel's hand and we walked with fingers entwined until we had to appear in public.

We had a short stretch of highway to negotiate before we reached our property, so had to stop for a moment to let Mel put her tracksuit on. As a male, I could get away with just a shirt. Just before Mel put her pants on she murmured, "There's one thing I know for certain though." Her eyes were downcast, but she had a secretive little smile on her lips.

Warily, I asked, "And what's that?"

With a wicked giggle, she pressed my hand between her legs with both hands and rubbed my fingers on her crotch through her swimsuit; "I really do love sex!"

Mel turned to me when we reached our gate. "And as far as the other thing with Daniel Connor Delaney goes, I read about it in the book. Danny knew I would have when he started forcing me to take him so deep. I felt trapped and angry, but at the same time, I wanted to prove to him that I could do it. Once I got over the wanting to gag, I could breathe around him quite easily."

Did you like it?"

"I can't say that it did anything for me, but Danny sure enjoyed doing it. You should have felt his legs shaking! You'll have to tell me what's so extra special."

The invitation behind her words went straight to my groin. "I wish I could do it right now!"

"I don't, my throat is sore."

"Well, Danny got what he deserved for not listening to you! You were awesome!"

"I hope he's learned his lesson!"

By now, Mel and I were late for dinner, resulting in another 'grounding', this time for the both of us. More extra chores and no swimming for a whole week! Danny would be pissed!

But, Mel and I still had governance meeting night!

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