tagIncest/TabooThree's A Crowd Ch. 10

Three's A Crowd Ch. 10


"Will you, Norman, have this woman to be your wedded wife, to live together in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others keep thee only unto her so long as you both shall live?"

"I will."

"I wonder if he realises what he's getting into?" Danny hisses excitedly.

"For God's sake, Danny! Shut the fuck up!"

Mt words echo around the church like a gunshot. Everyone in the congregation turns as one and stared at me. My father moves as if to leave Mel's side to come and deal to his errant son, but Mel holds onto his arm and stops him. My mother is crying.

It started off, like most things between Mel and Danny, as a challenge.

"I bet you wouldn't dare to get underneath us again while Joel and I are having sex in the doggie position!" she taunted.

Of course, Danny was going to do it! There was no way he would give in to Mel on anything like that. Besides, I had a sneaking feeling that Danny got really turned on by watching my tool sliding in and out of my sister's pussy.

Having got him there, Mel's next challenge was: "I bet you're too chicken to lick my clitoris while Joel is making love to me!"

Now this was a bit more daunting, for both Danny and myself. I did not want him licking my dick any more than he wanted to lick it! No matter how accidental it might be! But, again, the combative nature of Danny's relationship with Mel won out and he raised his head from the grass to find the target area.

Just to make sure that my dick would be well out of the way, and my balls would not come near Danny either, I shifted my position behind Mel so that only half of my shaft was inside her. As well as that, I didn't thrust into her as deep as I had been previously.

Everything seemed to go all right for a minute or two, when Mel suddenly sucked in a sharp breath and hissed, "Oooooh! Stop for a minute, Joel, I've got to pee!"

I heard Danny mumble something about Mel not having the guts to see it through. Which of course got Mel's dander up and caused her to tell me not to bother stopping, but to carry on. A minute or two later, Mel visibly relaxed and muttered that her need to pee had gone away.

Since I was avoiding Danny and not pushing as deep into Mel as I would normally, the head of my cock was only moving back and forth by about half or maybe an inch at most. And because of my position, my shaft seemed to be somewhat bent, exerting unusual pressure inside Mel's sheath a short distance in from her pelvic bone. It wasn't uncomfortable for me, but not the way I customarily liked to feel myself inside her.

Mel unexpectedly let out a hoarse moan and muttered, "Oh yes, Joel, just there!"

A few seconds later, she said it again, but this time with a good deal more urgency in her voice. Even Danny noticed something unusual in her tone and stopped trying to lick her and let his head fall back to the grass.

Mel started 'growling' softly in her throat and bearing down even more on my shaft so that I was now moving no more than a quarter of an inch at a time. "Oh Joel! It's happening! Oh! It's soooo beautiful! Oh my goodness! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooooh!"

I felt a sudden rush of wetness against my legs and heard a loud "Aaaaaargh!" of protest from Danny, "You bitch, Mel! You've pissed on me!"

Mel let out a wail of horror and tore away from me. Sobbing wildly: "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she scrambled to her feet and ran to the river with her hand clasped tightly to her crotch.

Danny yelled after Mel that he was going to get her for pissing on him and then grabbed her towel to wipe his face and chest with. I looked at the fluid Mel had splashed on the front of my thighs. It didn't look like urine to me. Urine is clear gold- coloured liquid, this was a thin, milky-white. I collected some of it on my finger and tasted it. It wasn't at all bitter like pee would be; it was almost tasteless with a faint sweetness.

Danny got a warning with my clenched fist under his nose, never to call my sister a 'bitch' again. Then I told him, "I don't think she peed on you. I think Mel ejaculated this stuff when she came!"

"Don't be bloody daft, Joel! Girls don't cum like us! She pissed on me!"

Just then, Mel interrupted our discussion, taking her towel from Danny to dry her body on, then picking up her clothes and dressing quickly. All the time, she sobbed and cried, and told Danny how sorry she was for wetting him like that. Mel paid no attention to me when I tried to tell her my theory about what had happened, and before I knew it, Mel was running off home.

"Danny, I swear I'm right! Mel ejaculated!"

"Look Joel, I know you think the world of your sister, but what you're saying is fucking stupid! Come home with me and we'll get on the Net and I'll prove it to you!"

Danny had to eat crow. At first, we got nowhere with our search. And then I insisted that he type in the keywords 'female ejaculation'. Bingo! There were hundreds and hundreds of pages! Some of them with pictures, but most of them scientific papers and discussion groups and 'How To make It Happen' instructional sites.

I got Danny to print off a page that had very clear directions on what to do, backed up with letters from both men and women about how wonderful the orgasms are and what an amazing experience it is to make one's partner 'squirt'. Leaving him to carry on looking, he found a site with extremely graphic pictures, I ran all the way home to tell Mel the good news. But she wouldn't even speak to me, let alone look at the printout I had brought home.

It took me two days to convince Mel that I was on her side and that I would prove it to her on our next 'governance meeting night'. In the meantime, I memorised the instructions from the website and, as was stressed in the notes, made sure that my fingernails were cut very short and smooth. Just before Mel came to my room, I scrubbed my hands and nails to make sure they were completely clean. She raised her eyebrows at the number of towels I had laid out on my bed, but I told her that they might be necessary.

We cuddled for a long time while I gained her confidence and aroused her; then I got Mel to lay on her back with her knees drawn up. I knelt and sat on my heels between her thighs and told her that I was going to put two of my fingers inside her vagina and was going to press my fingers up inside her against the 'front' wall, just behind her pubic bone.

"If I do it right, you're going to feel as though you want to pee, just like you did the other day, but relax and ignore it. You can't pee during sex; the feeling will soon go away. And while I am doing all this, I want you to bear down on my fingers and push as if you are a little bit constipated."

Mel nodded uncertainly, but bit her lip and told me to go ahead. We almost had a disastrous finish in the first few seconds, because Mel, to her mortification, broke wind the first time she bore down on my fingers. Luckily, I was aware that this could happen and was able to reassure her that it invariably happened like that the first time.

I curved my fingers and pressed firmly upwards towards the inside of her pubic mound. Almost immediately, Mel sucked in a sharp breath.

"Want to pee?" I asked her.

She nodded furiously.

"That's good! Relax and it will wear off soon."

It happened just as the notes said it would. A tiny hard lump seemed to pop out of the wall of Mel's vaginal sheath. I carried on 'beckoning' with my two fingers and pressing quite firmly against it. Mel visibly relaxed. She became less tense and the worried frown on her brow cleared.

Suddenly, she smiled, "Joel! It's happening again…that amazing feeling! Oh! I wish you could feel it too! It is so, so beautiful!"

Mel started moving with the pressure of my fingers. She inhaled and exhaled deep shuddering breaths. A dark red flush crept over her upper chest and neck. She uttered tiny sighs and gasps of wonder. And then Mel arched and cried out my name.

A stream of warm, white fluid shot forcefully from her genital area, soaking the front of my legs, my belly and my crotch. Mel groaned with ecstasy and arched again. Another stream splashed me; and then a third, and a fourth. In all, Mel squirted more than seven times in diminishing amounts. And all the while she mumbled and sighed how phenomenally deep feeling were the orgasmic tides rolling through her.

I collected some of her fluids on my fingers and we shared the taste together, convincing her also that what she ejected was not urine. She demanded that I make love to her and said she didn't care that we had no protection. She felt so wonderful, she just wanted to feel my penis inside her and be one with me.

Mel held me tight in her by my buttocks and burst into floods of tears when I released my sperm. And she held and held me until it was time for us to break apart and clean up before our parents caught us out.

The next evening, I had just taken a shower to clean of the sweat and dust from working in the market garden with my father, and was coming downstairs on my way to dinner, when I heard Mel on the telephone. She was softly saying, "Ok then…goodbye…We'll see you tomorrow…Bye."

Something was wrong. The telephone was only used for family emergencies and church work. Mel and I were certainly not allowed to call anybody, and young people of our age rarely called us. I raised an enquiring eyebrow, but she just looked straight through me as if she had huge things on her mind.

We sat at the table in our usual places, with Mel opposite me, and Mom and Dad on each side of us. She pressed her foot on mine, as she often did, and I was reassured. As usual, Dad asked God for a blessing on our meal. Then Mel calmly announced that she had just accepted Norman Franklin's offer of marriage and that it would take place in a little more than a month's time.


"Will you, Melissa, have this man to be your wedded husband…"

I cannot bear to hear Mel say the words 'I will'! With my eyes glazed with tears, I push past Danny's legs, knocking over a stack of prayer books on the way and rush for the doorway out of the church.

I hear Mel cry out softly "Oh, no!" But I am gone.

Danny follows me outside, but I turn and threaten to kill him if he comes any further.

And then I run, and run and run…until, as if drawn by a magnet, I find myself at the swimming hole.

There has been an unusually early snowfall in the nearby mountains followed by a rapid thaw and the river is running high. Utterly regardless of the danger, I tear off all my clothes and throw myself into the turbulent water. I nearly lose my footing a couple of times with the force of the current, but I am beyond caring. My body becomes numb with the cold. I could easily let myself get swept away, but a saner part of my nature yells at me that no matter how devastated I am by her marriage, it would not be fair on Mel to burden her and Norm with my death.

I stumble out of the icy cold and use my shirt to dry myself as best I can. I put on my underpants and trousers then sit trembling on the riverbank staring at the river and allowing the late afternoon sun to warm me through. The endless swirls and eddies in the water mirror the turmoil of memories in my mind.

Her shadow signals her arrival before Mel herself sits beside me. She is wearing her going away clothes. She and her new husband are spending three days at his aunt's beach house and then coming back to live in a small cottage on his father's property.
"I knew I would find you here," she says quietly. "I can't stay long. Norman is waiting for me in the car."

Mel draws her knees up to her chest and rests her chin on them. I can see the backs of her thighs and the bulge of her pussy lips and mound inside her virginal white panties. Mel knows I am looking at her, but makes no effort to cover up. I feel her put her arm across my shoulders and start toying with the hairs on the back of my head with her fingers.

She sighs, "I wish I could feel your tongue on me there and then your lovely man opening me up…one last time. But Norman would know."

"I suppose you're right," I mutter.

"It's not easy for me either, you know… You won't be here when I get back, will you?" she asks.

"I doubt it."

"Where will you go?"

"Anywhere away from here…earn some money…head off overseas…"

"And never come back?"

"I will be here in late January. I made someone a promise. After that, who knows?"


"Yes. How did you know?"

"I didn't…I just guessed…" Mel pressed her cheek on my shoulder, "She will lead you on a wild and merry dance, but you will be good for each other. I envy her."

Mel sighed and looked around the glade. "I don't suppose I shall ever come to this place again," she said wistfully. She then made a rueful smile, "I don't think I am doing my new husband a disservice, but I don't think I shall ever cum again either…unless I find somewhere private and do it for myself… Yet, I shall always remember the amazing times I have had here with you."

"And Danny…"

"Aaaaah! Daniel Connor Delaney! Believe it or not, I don't really like him very much."

"Then why…?"

"Danny was just a body, an object to use to satisfy a need that even now I can't explain fully, not even to myself. But you… Oh Joel, I love you so much…!"

'I love you so much.' Her words lance through me to my core. For some crazy, unspoken reason, Mel and I always stepped gingerly around declaring our deepest feelings for each other. We both knew that our caring for each other was far greater than brother-sister love and I think it scared us both in a way. For my part, I almost blurted out words like that many times at special moments in our lovemaking, but now it is too late to say it to her…far too late.

"Norman Franklin is a good man…a kind man. Although he has no idea of what you and I have shared or how deeply we feel for each other, he understands that you are down at losing me. He felt lost when his older sister got married four years ago, but not for quite the same reasons I imagine. It was his idea to stop and let me say goodbye. Norman will look after me. He will never hit me or do anything to hurt me. I know I will never love him as much as I love you. But I do know that one day I will bear him children and that he and I will become wonderful friends, and that will sustain our marriage."

"But, if you don't love Norm, why did you marry him? And so quickly?"

Her warm, firm-soft pillows press on my upper arm as Mel nudges her nose against my neck; then she gets to her feet and starts to leave. Halfway across the clearing, she stopped and turns to face me, smiling tenderly. Her voice is soft and steady, belying the tears running down her cheeks: "Promise me you won't hate me, Joel."

I can never hate her, no matter what. Even as pain rips through my entire being at my loss, I can say it at last; "I love you, Mel…I shall always love you…always, for the rest of my life."

My sister, my lover, smiles again and holds out her arms for me to go to her. We cling desperately to each other with our bodies pressed tight. Our salty tears mingle as we kiss as lovers for the very last time.

Mel's voice shakes with emotion: "Thank you my darling…we shall always be together in our hearts…"

She took a deep breath, "Joel, my love, you should know that when a woman cares for her man as much as I care for you, she knows in her heart the instant it is going to happen. And then, last week I missed my period…

"A month ago, straight away after we made love, I knew what I had to do. I had waited for it for so long!

"Joel, please try to understand…I had no choice. Mom and Dad wanted me to marry Norman…now I had I had to marry him…to protect both you and me, and the wonderful gift God has given us…

"Norman will make a very good 'father' for our child."

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