tagGroup SexThree's For Me

Three's For Me


"Follow me! Careful, there's a wall there!"

"Ouch!" Tom reaches his hand up to his forehead and touches the spot where he just bumped into the wall. He brings his hand in front of him to grab Grace's hand as she leads him blindly through the house.

"Don't you dare take that blind fold off, mister!" Grace giggles as she leads Tom ahead. Tom brings his other hand up to guide himself and hopefully not bump into anymore walls. When they got home, Grace turned to him and told him that she had a surprise for him. She blindfolded him and has been leading him into the house.

"Where are we going? OUCH! Stop walking me into things!" Tom says angrily as his bumps his shin into what feels like the living room coffee table.

"Oops! My fault!" Grace says as she pulls him along. "We're going up the stairs now so get ready. Here's the first step." Tom steps up and ascends the staircase. He knows where he is now and makes his way up to the landing without tripping. When they get to the top, Grace stops and tell him to wait here for her. "And don't take off that blindfold!" she scolds as he hears her voice become farther away. Tom hears the glass doors to the deck slide open and close. He waits patiently for her and after only a minute, Grace returns.

"What's going on Grace?" Tom pleads when he feels himself jerk forward as Grace grabs and pulls his arm. "Careful with the goods!" he laughs. Grace leads him through the kitchen, then the dining room and to the sliding glass doors. Tom doesn't bump into anything because he knows where he is, and where he is going. He steps down on to the deck. The cold wind hits him and he shivers.

It is only a few feet to the next doorway. "Take a step up," Grace says gently as he climbs the few steps up and into a blast of warm air. Tom knows where he is; he is in the game room above the garage. It is a huge furnished room that is a perfect square. There is a pool table to the right of the door and a hot tub straight across from the entrance. Against the right wall, there is a fire place, two glass sliding doors that lead out to the wrap around deck, a flat screen TV, and a sofa. The wall to the left of the entrance is all windows and faces the driveway and the street.

Grace leads him through the room and sits him down in a chair. "Now stay there! Don't move a muscle." she whispers in his ear and plants a soft kiss before walking away. Tom hears her move away and then the lock clicks. Her light footsteps come closer and he feels a rough but playful tug on his wrists. "We don't want anyone getting too touchy-feely, now do we?" Grace asks slyly as Tom feels the ropes tighten around his wrists behind the back of the chair. Tom smiles and Grace ask, "If I take off the blind fold, do you promise to behave?"

"I promise".

The blind fold comes off roughly and Tom is blinking in the bright light of the room. He's sitting on a chair in the middle of the room facing the windows, between the hot tub and the pool table. When he sees Grace, the corners of this mouth curl up into a smile.

Grace stands in front of him, grinning seductively and gives him those "fuck me" eye he loves so much. Her blue eyes cannot mask her lust for him. Her black silk top hangs loosely around her large D-cup breasts and her shoulder length brown hair clings to her cheeks. The dark skinny jeans she wears look as if they've been painted on to her wide hips and firm ass. She is barefoot and stands at five feet, four inches with one hip cocked to the side. "Are you ready?" Grace asks him, leaning down to rest her hands on his knees and parting his knees slightly. From this angle, Tom can see straight down her shirt to her firm tits. He feels his dick twitch inside his pants.

"Yes, I'm ready," he manages to gasp out. Grace pushes off his knees and turns around. She grabs a small remote off the pool table, presses a button, and sensual music begins to fill the warm room. Still facing away from him, Grace's hips begin to swing from side to side. Her arms trace up the sides of her body slowly and rake through her smooth hair. She tosses it back and turns to wink at Tom. Her arms come across her body and slowly begin lifting up the sides of her tank top. Tom cannot control himself and instantly becomes hard watching his sexy girlfriend strip in front of him. Slowly, painfully slowly, he watches her shirt rise to her bra line, exposing the red lace underneath. But then Grace stops. Her shirt falls back down to her hips and she turns around with a quizzical look on her face. She pushes her hip out and looks at Tom with her arms crossed.

'Something's missing," she says matter-of-factly. "I think I need some help." Just then, there is a knock at the door. "Oh good, my help is here." Grace waltzes over to the door, peeks through the curtain, and then opens the door. A blast of cold air rushes in and with it comes Grace's "help".

The woman standing in the doorway is stunning. -Have I died and gone to heaven?- Tom asks himself. The woman is about five feet, five inches tall with waist length red hair like fire. Her face is petite with small but sharp features and bright green eyes. There is a small black hoop on the right side of her bottom lip. She's wearing a tight black leather dress with a plunging neckline that hugs her curves and shows off her perky breasts. Her feet are fitted with simple black stilettoes and a black leather jacket. She and Grace hug and the two women turn to face Tom. "Tom, this is Aimee. She will be spending the evening with us."

"Pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine," Aimee replies with a crooked smile as she places her large purse down on the pool table. Tom watches attentively as Grace turns to Aimee and smiles. Aimee smiles back and brushes a hair behind Grace's ear. The two women lean in and Grace presses her lips gently against Aimee's. Grace's arms come up to Aimee's arms and slowly pull down the leather jacket and toss it back on the pool table. Their kisses become more passionate, hungry for each other's mouth. Tom watches the smooth movements of the pair as Aimee gently runs her fingers through Grace's hair and Grace reciprocates. It's almost painful how hard Tom is watching this spectacle.

After a few minutes of this, they part lips and turn to Tom with flushed faces. Aimee's gaze drops down to the bulge in Tom's pants and says, "I think someone's jealous." Grace and Aimee saunter over to Tom. Grace straddles him as Aimee stands behind him. Grace grabs Tom's face and forcefully plants her mouth over his. Tom is straining against the ropes to taste every bit of her mouth. As Aimee begins massaging Tom's neck and shoulder, he can feel the pre-cum oozing from his painfully hard cock. Grace's hands make their way from his face, down to his chest, and stop at the waist of his pants. Her fingers dip in the front of his jeans and Grace can feel herself starting to get wet. She starts grinding her pelvis eagerly into Tom to the beat of the music. Her mouth moves from his lips to his right ear and nibbles gently as her hand begins to work the button on his pants. Her mouth explores his ears, his neck, his throat, and his mouth. She pulls back and stares him right in the eyes as the button pops open and his fly slides down with the pressure of his throbbing dick. Grace gets up from his lap and he gives an annoyed sigh when her hot wetness leaves his lap.

Aimee continues his massage as he watches Grace start to dance in front of him. She swivels her hips and tosses her hair wildly. She gets on her knees, swings from side to side, and stands back up. With the swaying of her hips, her shirt rises and she sensually removes it. She turns back to Tom and beckons to him. He tries to stand up and then remembers he's tied to the chair. Aimee's hands leave his neck and she walks over to Grace.

Aimee starts moving slowly in front of Tom as Grace unzips Aimee's dress. She pushes the leather straps off her shoulders and pulls the dress down the floor. Tom's eyes widen at the sight of Aimee's naked body. She is wearing a leopard print bra with matching lace thong. Along the right side of her rib cage there is a long and twisting tattoo. It is a rose vine with red and pink roses that follows the curve of her rib cage. There is a phrase in another language written in script along her hip bone. A small stud sticks out of her belly button. Aimee turns to face Grace and slowly unbuttons and unzips her pants. She pulls them down slowly and Grace steps out of them. Tom is mesmerized by the sight of the two women as Aimee's ass sticks out in front of his face. "I think someone has too much clothes on," Grace whispers to Aimee.

"I agree. We should do something about that." Aimee responds. Grace walks over to Tom and sits on his lap again. Aimee bends down and works on Tom's shoes. Grace's panties are damp and instantly soaks through the thin boxers. She slides back and reaches down to stroke him. She stands up, still straddling his lap, and Aimee says, "Lift up your sweet ass, honey." Tom lifts himself up as Aimee rips off his pants. Grace moves her hands so his dick can rub on her clit through her panties as she rides him. She gets off his laps and sits on him with her back facing him. She slides up and down and all around, getting herself hot listening to Tom moan in pleasure. She gets up from his lap and turns around. The next thing he knows, Tom's boxers are off and both girls are kneeling on the floor in front of him. Grace runs her hands from the tops of his feet up the sides of his legs then down the insides of his thighs and back down to his ankles.

"Tell me what you want." Grace whispers to Tom.

"I want you and your slutty friend to suck my cock," Tom half moans and half commands. At that, Grace's hand closes around his shaft as Aimee's hand begins to softly massage his balls. Grace's hand starts slow and moves faster and faster until she can see his face twisting into an expression of pleasure. "I said, suck my fucking cock, bitch!" Grace brings her mouth down to his member and takes almost the entire thing deep in her throat. "Ohhhhh, yes baby! Suck my huge cock!" Tom moans and thrusts his cock deeper into her mouth. Grace's head bobs up and down, sucking like a pro while Aimee uses her hands to touch his balls. Grace brings her head up and sucks on the tip. She drags her teeth lightly over the head and flicks the tip with her tongue before diving back down onto him. Tom feels Aimee's mouth come to his balls as they both slide in and out of her mouth. He looks down and sees both girls kissing up and down his cock, flicking their tongues all over him. At the sight of this, he knows what's coming. "I'm going to come and I want to come on both of your tits."

"Just tell me when, baby," Grace says before she swallows his dick whole.

"Oh god," he moans as he throws his head back, "Now!" With that, Grace pulls him out of her mouth and jacks him off as Tom watches himself blow his load onto his hot girlfriend and her sexy friend's huge tits. Tom sits back into the chair and smiles in ecstasy.

"I hope you're not tired," Aimee says with a sly smile as she wipes his semen off herself with a tissue.

"Yeah, we haven't even had any fun yet," Grace whines back with a sad but playful expression.

"Don't worry ladies, I've got a lot of flight left in me." Tom reassures them. "But please, get me out of this chair so I can get my hands on you."

Aimee gets up from the floor and goes around to untie Tom from the chair. The minute his hands are free, he lunges at Grace, picking her up off the floor and devouring her with his mouth. "You're absolutely amazing, Grace," he whispers in her ear. He carries her over to the pull-out sofa and lays her down on the bed. He kisses softly down her neck and shoulders and pulls down her bra straps with his teeth. His left hand picks up her heads and holds it while his other hand effortlessly unclasps her bra. He pulls the bra off and her breasts tumble out. He cups them with both hands, pinching her nipples, massaging and kissing them.

"I want you so bad, Tom," Grace whimpers. He lifts his head and stares into her eyes and presses his mouth to hers. He can feel himself getting hard again from her need for him. He feels nails on his back and realizes its Aimee.

"Let me help you," Aimee whispers to Tom. Her nails run down his back and stop at his butt. She brings her hands around his waist and slowly tugs off Grace's panties. The instant the underwear come off, Tom is rock solid from the feeling of Grace's dripping wet pussy against his cock. Grace can feel it to, but she flips Tom over and gets on top of him. She is kneeling over his lap, his rock solid member resting at her yearning opening. He can see Aimee behind her, squirting something on her hands and rubbing them together. Then she comes over and begins to run her hands over Grace's back and breasts.

"This is what I want," Grace demands. "I want you to fuck me while she massages me." Before Tom can even respond to Grace's request, she pushes herself down onto Tom and his dick slides all the way into her tight pussy. She begins to move her hips in circles while Aimee plays with her full breasts, which are now glistening with lube. "Oh yes! Yes!" Grace screams out as she starts to bounce on his cock. Aimee's hands on Grace's back and shoulders fondle her and hold her down, forcing his cock as deep as it will go. Tom is so amazed by the sight that he's surprised when he hears Grace saying, "I'm coming Tom! Please, don't stop!" Aimee pinches her nipples and Grace's orgasm rocks her body. She collapses onto Tom and he lays back with her on top of him. Aimee walks away and goes into her bag. Tom sees her pull something black out and start putting it on. Grace is panting but sits up and says, "My next request: I want you to fuck my mouth while my bitch fucks me in my other two holes."

Tom is sitting with his mouth open when he realizes Aimee is wearing a harness with a bright blue double headed dildo attached to it. "I want to fuck your mouth with she fucks your pussy and ass. I want to watch you get fucked by another woman." Tom replies. Grace leans over Tom and kisses him. He grabs her ass and pulls her close to him as he kisses her mouth. Aimee comes over and to Tom's surprise, she pulls Grace forcefully up and plants a hard kiss on her mouth. She then pushes her face away and spins Grace around to face Tom.

"Are you ready for me?" Aimee asks in her ear. Graces nods with a smile and Aimee bends her in half so she is open for her dicks. Aimee comes up behind Grace. She runs her hands over her ass and slaps her hard. Grace bites her lip so keep from crying out but Tom knows she likes it. Aimee grabs Grace's hips and presses the dildo to her pussy and ass. She grabs the lube and squirts some on the dildo and slowly pushes herself into Grace.

"Oh yeah, baby. Just like that." Aimee starts slowly, working her holes and closing her eyes in pleasure as the G-spot stimulator works Aimee in all the right places. "Give me your cock, Tom," Grace moans. Tom scoots forward on the bed and places a pillow underneath his hips to raise his nether regions to meet her mouth. She takes him all the way in her mouth and moans, sending shivers from his toes up to his head. He grabs Grace's hair and plays with it, pulling her up and then pushing her back down.

Aimee works Grace from behind and Grace works Tom from the front. After only a few minutes of fucking, Aimee slaps Grace's ass again and cries out in orgasm. The pumping of the dildo stops and Grace screams back at her. "Don't you dare stop, bitch! I'm so close!" With that, Aimee rams into Grace, causing her to scream out. Tom watches as Grace and Aimee orgasm together. Tom grabs Grace's hair and starts thrusting into Grace's mouth because he knows he is close. Grace moans on his cock again and with that, Tom's body shutters and he releases his second load deep into Grace's throat. She swallows every drop. Aimee pulls out of Grace and Grace lets Tom's dick out of her mouth. She smiles and crawls up on the bed and lies down next to Tom. Aimee takes off the harness and curls up under Tom's other arm. The three lay in a pile of naked bliss in front of the fire.

"Thank you, Grace," Tom whispers as he places a light kiss on her forehead. Grace just smiles and snuggles a little bit closer to him as they all breathe deeply and drift off into sleep.

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