tagGroup SexThreeway on a Bet

Threeway on a Bet


It all starts on a warm Summer night. The children are in Ohio for a couple weeks visiting family. I suggest we go out of town for a weekend away. I know how much you love to go out and spend time as adults. We have a nice dinner and you have a couple strawberry daiquiris. It's early and the night has just begun. We decide to find a bar, shoot pool and have a good time. You begin drinking purple peon's and long island ice teas. It's so unlike you to drink this much, but you seem to be having fun. I think this is the first time I have seen you tipsy. After beating me at a couple of games of pool, you begin to get cocky and offer a wager. Whoever wins the game gets one wish. We play three more games with me winning two and you winning one. So, I get two wishes and you get one.

For my first wish......You have to go to a strip club with me. I can't believe you agreed to go. Either you are having a really fun night or your just a little drunk. When we arrive at the club, I choose a small table toward the back of the place. Quickly, you grab my hand and head for the stage. "If I am going to have to be here, I might as well see what it is really all about." You then guide me to the seats by the stage. Through several songs, I watch you get braver and braver with the strippers as they dance by you. Although you were very timid at first, you are now putting dollar bills in their panties and even accepting the occasional kiss on the cheek. You are normally very bashful and sexually repressed. This behavior is incredibly hot and I am in a constant state of arousal. I have seen glimpses of your passion, but you usually pull back. You always stop yourself from expressing fantasies and desires. Every time I look over at you, you're talking to the strippers and even the young guy sitting next to you. This is so hot and so unlike you! Tonight you seem so free and liberated. It is almost like a switch has been flipped. I am sure it's the alcohol.

You and the young guy next to you, Steve, seem to hit it off. He is tall and slender and in his early 20's. You tell me that he has a really goofy self-confidence that reminds you of me when I was younger. As the night goes on, you and I take turns handing dollars to the girls. I tell you that you have never been sexier than right now.

For my next wish.....You have to get a lap dance with the stripper of your choice. You choose Destin. She is very petite and has very small perky breasts. She walks around the place wearing a small schoolgirl skirt and lace bra. As we go to the private dance area, Destin sits you on an oversized chair. She begins to dance to the music, moving back and forth in front of you. As the music gets going, she begins grinding her ass across your legs. Within moments, she is completely naked. As she moves her body against yours, I notice your hands caressing her ass. I can't believe what I am seeing! I am ready to cum in my pants and you haven't even touched me yet. Destin spreads her legs and rubs her hand over her pussy, spreading her lips. As her soft skin moves against your body, I see what I never thought I would. Your hand moves down and a finger slides into Destin's pussy. At first, there is a look of surprise in her face. She then lets out a little moan and allows you to play with her pussy for a brief moment. As the song ends, you get up and wrap your arms around me. You look into my eyes and I can see pure desire.

You then tell me that you know what you want for your wish. "I want a threesome tonight!" I can only imagine the expression on my face. Immediately, I begin to imagine all the things you and I will do to Destin. But, will she be receptive? Then you look at me and say, "I want Steve to come back to the hotel with us. I want him to fuck me and I want you to watch." My heart sinks. I can't believe what I am hearing. You then remind me that a bet is a bet and that you have honored your end of the deal. Reluctantly, I agree, secretly hoping that Steve turns the request down. You then walk up to him and whisper in his ear. I notice your hand is stroking his dick through his jeans. No surprise, Steve jumps up and off we go!

You are very, very horny. I turn on the radio and get behind you and start to bump and grind with the beat of the music. Instantly, you begin rubbing back. Then, Steve walks up and begins bumping and grinding you from the front. You almost lose control as you guide both of us to the bed. Then, Steve shocks me and you, by unzipping his pants and pulling his engorged cock out right in front of your face.

You take his cock in your hand and begin to open your mouth. You turn your head and look at me. And then, you, my beautiful, faithful, shy wife, say something I will never forget, "Do you mind?" "If this is what you want, then go for it!"

Then, you begin sucking Steve's cock right in front of me! You suck his dick for a few minutes. It is obvious that he is enjoying this. His dick is a couple of inches longer than mine, but very thin. I guess tonight we will see if it is size or girth that makes the difference.

You are so ready and begin removing your pants instantly. I move around the other side to help you remove them. Your jeans and panties come off at once. I then watch as you grab his dick and slide it in your pussy. You then lean forward so Steve and I can pull your shirt off. As I reach around to unhook your bra, you and Steve begin to kiss. You are kissing him deeply at first, then pulling and giving away to touching tongues, flicking each other playfully, ending in moans escaping your lips.

I begin kissing your neck. It is weird to kiss your neck and feel the vibration from your moans, knowing that a man is fucking you right in front of me. I reach down to feel your wet pussy, only to find that Steve's cock is still thrusting inside you. You then push Steve off of you and tell him you want to ride him.

As you slide your cunt down on his dick, you let out a load "Oh!" You look at me and tell me you can feel every inch of his cock deep inside you. You are obviously enjoying this strangers prick. I hate to admit it, but it is a rush to see your glistening pussy riding up and down on this guys cock and to see his hands grab your ass, spreading your cheeks, and rubbing his finger to the rim of your ass. I watch every motion and begin stroking my cock. By now, I have undressed and have the largest hard on I have ever had! I walk over to you and put my dick in your mouth. You suck on me with wild abandon. I am stroking my cock and moving it in and out of your mouth with wild abandon. Just when I think this blowjob couldn't get any better, you explode with your first orgasm. Your body becomes flush and your screams of pleasure can surely be heard by the people in the next room.

You then lay down and continue sucking my cock. I can't take this long and soon will be cumming. Steve climbs between your legs and begins eating the pussy he just fucked so hard. You can't help but to breathe hard and the moans start again. Your eyes then fly open with utter surprise. "He just put his tongue in my asshole!" You can't describe the feeling and you begin to scream again. You tell Steve to lay down again so you can ride him once more. As you lower yourself you guide me behind you. You then look at me and tell me you want it in the ass. I can't believe this! I slowly push the head of my dick in your tight little hole. With a sudden release I am inside you. You now have a dick sticking out of your pussy and one up your ass.

I can't take it anymore! I begin to fuck your ass. The feeling of two cocks is almost too much for you to bear and you begin screaming in pleasure. You start screaming "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me harder!" And after only a few seconds of fucking you from behind I can't hold back anymore and cum deep in your beautiful butt.

Completely spent, we say goodbye to Steve and settle in for the night. We decide to relax on the balcony and watch the stars. As we sit there, you rub my leg and we casually pet each other. I can't help but feel horny again. You and I spend the night making love. It isn't until the next morning that you reveal to me that you were drinking virgin drinks all night and were not drunk at all.

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