tagAnalThreeway with Victoriaslice

Threeway with Victoriaslice


Paula's sexy brown knees were so close to my face and as I remembered our times out fondly, I started stroking her soft skin and she looked back at me, not saying anything but reaching out and stroking my hair.

I started to kiss her knee and it was so erotic that I started to lick her thigh. She was so beautiful and she sighed deeply, her long dark hair fell from her shoulders and rested on her breasts which were barely covered by her cotton top.

She still said nothing but threw her head back as I opened her legs and lifted her skirt to reveal the soft tufts of dark hair on the top of her pussy. As I pushed her skirt further up the opening of her pussy was very pink, and completely shaved and well maintained underneath.

She looked good enough to eat, her fleshy lips parted to expose her soaking wet hole. I knew she wanted me to lick her out and I couldn't help thinking of Richard as I licked eagerly up her thighs and eased my tongue on to her pierced clit remembering how sensitive it was now that she had been pierced.

At first I licked her whole cunt in long slow sweeps much as I would lick an ice-cream. She loved feeling the softness of my lips and moaned easily with pleasure as I teased the clit ring with my lips and teeth.

The vibrator we had talked about earlier was within easy reach and I grasped it, licking it and sucking it and then fully immersing it into my mouth until I spat on it as I pulled it from my mouth and started to press it into her arse hole gently.

As I pushed it in and out of her anus the thick white arse hole cum flowed over the vibrator and she started to ride the dildo easily with great pleasure which made her clit rock on my tongue. My skirt was short and I remember thinking how nice it would be to have an extra hand to wank me thoroughly.

The music seemed to come up rather loud but the glasses of wine we shared earlier were making us deeply absorbed in the pleasure of cunnilingus. I felt a hand on mine and without being startled I looked up to see her boyfriend Richard prompting me to move away from Paula. Richard got down on his knees and licked her pussy. She took his head in her hands and ensured that he continued eating her out.

I was soaked watching them and for a moment felt a bit left out, there was a closeness between them I had never seen with any married couple ever. She held his hands tightly and he responded holding gripping her too. She looked at me asking if I was alright, I nodded and took off my clothes and spat on my fingers and rubbed it into my already slippery pussy.

She told me that I should sit on her face and I climbed onto the back of the sofa and eased my cunt down to her mouth. I opened my arse out so that she could tongue me there too and she lapped it up willingly. Her lips were soft and the touch of her delicate face made me highly aroused.

Facing out towards Richard I could see him opening his trousers and wanking his cock, as he kneeled before her. I was so aroused and curious to know if he would slide his cock into her pussy or if it was all about just 'playing around'

He climbed onto her body as she pleasured my clit with her mouth. He licked her nipples making them hard, I could tell he knew exactly how to satisfy his girlfriend and she knew how to do the same for him.

Watching him wank over her body as she writhed in pleasure was getting me close to cumming. Then he eased her legs open further and pulled his cummy foreskin down as he slipped his cock into her pussy and fucked her like a good lover should.

He leaned in and licked me out at the same time as she did, the two tongues worked in unison to give me the hardest cum ever. I spunked into her mouth and down her chin, she loved licking it up. They didn't stop there and continued to lick my sensitive pussy until I was on heat again.

I looked on amazed as he sodomized her arse with a thorough hard pumping, she loved it. He pulled his large cock out of her arse and climbed up the sofa still wanking himself, the purple head bulged full of cream as he rubbed the tip of his cock into my clit squirting his cream in eight long pumps from his balls onto my cunt and down into her mouth. I came hard, quickly and easily too. I will have to pop over to Paula's again one evening.

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