tagFetishThreshold of Desire

Threshold of Desire


Part 1 -- A fetish exposed

We had been lovers for less than a year when I unwittingly discovered your fetish for panties. It was a pair of satiny black panties in a rather old-fashioned full-cut style that ultimately proved your undoing. Back then I couldn’t possibly have known the consequences of my decision to expose your fetish, that it would unleash my own deeply buried and very dark passions. And that it would commence an everlasting dance of seduction and surrender that would change our lives forever.

It began innocently enough. I had noticed you stealing peeks at me whenever I changed my clothes in your presence, usually after work, getting ready to go out to dinner. Certainly normal enough behavior for a man, but it puzzled me how you always seemed to restrain the intensity of your interest, and take such pains to conceal its depth.

It was the bedroom mirror that betrayed you. I would glimpse your reflection in the dresser mirror as I wriggled out of my snugly tailored work clothes and into something elegantly casual but tastefully provocative. As you beheld me in just my lingerie you thought you weren’t being observed and let your guard down. For brief moments I would see such a mesmerized look on your reflected face – a look I could only describe as aching adoration. I knew now how powerfully it affected you to see me like this, and in more than a physically sexual way. There was something more there that intrigued me, and I was curious about the degree of power that I could have over you, and that I might choose to use for our mutual delight.

I actually found your stolen glances quite flattering, and had taken to having you keep me company when I changed clothes, seating you on the corner of my bed while I put on little shows for your surreptitious enjoyment. I didn’t even have to look to feel the sweet hunger of your eyes on me. I knew that later that evening, you would be particularly attentive and tender when we made love, and especially so whenever I wore a pair of my classic style full-cut panties. When I wore those you often expressed a preference for me to keep them on during our extended sessions of foreplay, and couldn’t keep your hands off of them, caressing and stroking my bottom in an entranced state.

Over time I had begun to escalate the teasing. My motivation was not just that it was fun – I had always enjoyed teasing men – or that it enhanced our lovemaking. Rather, I became more and more obsessed to know what you were feeling and why you were so guarded about it. I had to plumb your depths and find a way to make you reveal yourself to me. And so I began taking advantage of more opportunities, and becoming more boldly provocative, but always obliquely, never direct or blatant. I could play a game of hidden intentions, too.

Finally, I had decided to force the situation and confront you. I chose a time and place where we were sure to be alone and uninterrupted. We had spent a lovely day together, and the promise of intimacy had been with us all day. I had worn thigh-high hose and a garter belt under my skirt, and had specially purchased a pair of silky black panties for the occasion. They were full cut, and made of an exquisitely soft and silky material called bridal satin. I had teased you with little leg shows throughout the day, so that you would know that I was wearing stockings, and had even given you a few fleeting panty peeks. I knew that I had kindled a strong desire in you and the anticipation of things to come had kept my pussy wet all day.

I invited you into my bedroom, and had you sit on the bed as usual while I started to change, facing away from you, but watching your reaction in the mirror. When I removed my skirt, I heard you let out a little gasp. I saw that you could barely conceal your transfixed yearning. I took my time, smoothing the panties over my bottom, feeling their lush silkiness and letting the moment develop. You looked at me so intently, more transfixed than ever before.

Then I turned around abruptly and confronted you. "Are you staring at me, darling?"

You looked away suddenly, trying not to be caught. "No, no, I wasn't staring."

I stood right before you wearing my delicate blouse, panties and stockings with my hands on my hips, "Well, it looked like you were staring at me."

I had never confronted you quite like this before and you were caught off balance, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare." You were clearly embarrassed and avoided looking at me. Your mouth had gone dry. I stood so close I knew that you could smell the natural scent of my body, and I knew how much that enticed you.

When you didn't respond right away, I said, "I know that you have been sneaking peaks at me. I think that it’s a bit rude, don’t you?”

“I honestly didn’t mean to stare at you or be rude, really.”

“Well I think that it’s a bit dishonest of you to leer at me behind my back like that. I hope that you’ve got a good explanation."

"I'm sorry, I really can't help it. I can't help but stare, you look so beautiful when I see you that way."

"What way is that, darling?"

"Dressed like that."

"Don't you mean 'undressed’ like that? I’ve seen you staring at me when I’m half dressed."

"Well, yes, I mean in your underwear like that. It’s so sexy. Are those new?”

"They aren’t undies, dear, they are panties. And yes, they are new. Do you like them? “

“Oh my, yes, they’re really stunning! I’ve never seen you wear anything quite like those. I’m sorry, if I seem rude, it’s just that I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you!"

“Well, I might not find it such rude behavior if I better understood your feelings and intentions. How does it make you feel when you see me in my panties like this? Does it make you all excited?"

You looked away again, very uncomfortable, but obviously still aroused, and said, "It's hard for me to explain it, and it's kind of embarrassing. I don’t think I can really express it."

I moved in closer, placed my hand on your chin and gently made you look up at me. "Maybe I can help you with that. Would it be easier for you to let your feelings out if you were experiencing them a little more intensely? Now, don't turn away like that. Look at me.”

Although I firmly held your chin so that you faced me, you still tried to avert your gaze. What a stubborn boy you were being. I’d just have to press harder.

“You do owe me an explanation. I want you to look at my panties right now and tell me how they make you feel. Don’t pretend to be shy or uninterested, because I know that you aren’t. Go ahead, and look at them all you want."

You couldn't believe that I was directing you now to do what you had been so careful to conceal before, that I was now telling you to openly stare at my panties. You must have thought it was better than a dream come true. But my insistence that you expose your hidden desires was also very frightening, and you sat frozen, unable to move forward or backward, stuck on the fence. Push harder now, I thought, past the resistance.

I placed my hands on either side of your head and firmly directed your gaze downward to what I suspected to be the object of your fetishistic fantasies. I leaned closer and whispered softly but insistently, "Look at my panties now and tell me what you feel."

You stared intently at my panties and let yourself sink into that rapture of aching adoration that I had seen only brief glimpses of before. Your eyes drank in the way the soft delicate silky-smooth fabric snugly enveloped my lush womanly form, the flare of my hips, the gentle swell of my tummy, the urgent bulge of my mons. You were in a hypnotic daze, more deeply enthralled than I had ever seen you before. Finally, it was all too much for you, and the feelings burst forth. Your defensive walls began to crumble now, and your pent-up emotions and repressed feelings tumbled out.

"It makes my whole body feel excited. It isn’t that typical penis-focussed male arousal that I feel, but an overall, whole-being, uncontrollable excitement. It’s so strong, like the intensity of stage fright, or the nervousness of a first date, that it almost makes me feel a little ill. It makes me want to kneel in front of you and feel the softness of your panties on my face. I want so much to smell you and worship you that way."

"What way is that? And what do you mean by ‘worship’?"

"I feel a desire -- an overwhelming desire -- to kiss you all over through your panties. Gentle, passionate kisses, to please and satisfy you."

"Are you saying that you want to 'worship' me with your mouth? By kissing me all over?"

"Yes, I would like that so much. I think about it all the time. It would make me very happy."

My panties were by now sopping with the fragrant nectar of my desire. "You know, I've been wearing them all day, and they are a little damp and a maybe a little strong with my womanly 'bouquet.' Wouldn't that bother you?"

"Oh, no, I would love to smell you. I would love to taste you through your panties."

I still held your head in my hands. I pulled you gently now so that you slid off the bed, onto your knees. Your face was inches from me and my scent had to be spurring on your arousal.

In a soft, low voice, almost taunting, I said, "Is that all you want. You want to be my ‘panty boy’?” It embarrassed you the way I said it, it was a little humiliating to hear yourself called that. But it was what you wanted so you just nodded your ascent.

“Would you really like to smell my silky black panties? And kiss them? And lick them? Is that what you really want? Well, speak up, now. You have to tell me."

It was so hard for you to say it. After a long, silent, internal struggle you finally choked out the words I longed to hear, "Yes, I do. Please, I want to so badly. Please let me smell and kiss and lick your panties. Please let me be your panty boy."

“There, doesn’t that feel better now! Get it all out, now, and tell me more. Go on.”

"Sometimes I feel like I want you to use me for your pleasure, and make me use my tongue to please you in very intimate ways."

"Well! I think we might be able to work something out, especially if you were cooperative, you know, were a good boy about it. If I were to allow you this, indulge you in this way, I would have to expect a lot in return. I would expect you to indulge my desires as well. Do you think that you could handle that?"

"Yes, of course. I would do anything you want."

"Anything? Would you do whatever I want, even if I was very demanding? Or if I had you do embarrassing things, just for my amusement?"

"Yes, as you wish, what ever you want."

So now your fetish was exposed. Soon you would indeed be able to live out your little fantasies. And I would learn to test the depths of your fixation, how much I could have my way with you, and how far I could push your limits. I would also become aware of my own darker desires. Very soon we would begin to explore those forbidden passions together.

© Cuthbert May 1, 2000. All rights reserved.

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