tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThresholds Ch. 04

Thresholds Ch. 04


The next steps in my summer saga from a few years ago. Once again, I hope this does not get re-classified as BDSM


The weekend seemed interminable. Not being permitted to see You for over forty-eight hours was torture. We'd only just met a few days prior but I was already hooked. I craved that raspy silken voice, those deep brown piercing eyes, and your teasing occasional touch. I wanted to see more of You in your speedo, your genitalia all bundled up in a big bump in front, the outline of your penis just barely discernible. And I also now felt the need to display myself for You. Just a week earlier I never would have believed I could derive so much pleasure from exposing myself in the manner I had under your guidance.

It was warm enough that not much clothing was necessary, so Saturday I spent the morning in my teddy doing some cleaning and tidying up around my apartment. After a light lunch I decided to go out shopping and ended up at a cute little lingerie shop just off Park. Mandy, the propriettesse, was a good sized girl, very effervescent and made me very comfortable immediately. She wore black leggings and a white lacy tunic top that only half covered her ample derriere and was cut low in front displaying some cleavage. She smelled nice. In fact the whole shop had an intoxicating aroma about it.

As I explored the lacy confections hanging on the racks I had the feeling that she was eying me over. I'd decided to wear a pair of daisy dukes that day along with a simple white T and no bra. To add a little sass, I'd gone for a pair of bright red pumps with three inch heels. Maybe it was a little over the top, I don't know. It was a little weird to be ogled by another woman and yet at the same time flattering that I could attract that sort of attention. I'd felt before that men were undressing me with their eyes, but never a woman. It was less threatening feeling, but still kind of odd.

I found a rack of teddies and was immediately drawn to several. Mandy noticed and offered her opinion on them all, pointing out that the black one would more than likely not fit me well, that even though it was available in a small and b cup, the construction favored "a more well endowed woman". I had pretty much eliminated it myself as it was an underwire construction and I was looking for something more comfy. She held the others up to me, commenting each time on how she thought I would look in them. As she was holding a royal blue number, her hand came into contact with my left breast, just grazing it, but nevertheless eliciting a response from my braless nipple. Nothing more came of it, but I'm certain that things might easily have gone further had I been so inclined.

I settled on a pale apricot number, very simple with tiny flourishes of white lace at the legs and decollette. Mandy complimented me on my selection and as she rang me up kept chattering away, telling me that she would be getting a shipment of camis and thongs in shortly and that I should be certain to come back for a peek.

"I'm sure you'll look absolutely divine in that teddy. Thanks for stopping in honey."

As I left the shop I thought about how I must appear to her from the backside as I walking away. I felt just a little trashy and I found I liked the feeling. I was glad I'd worn the heels as they made me walk in a much more deliberately sexy manner. My breasts wobbled away, nipples grazing against the rough cotton fabric and my thoughts returned to You. I wished You could see me. I wished I could feel your hands on my breasts. I suddenly wanted to feel You kiss and suck on my nipples. That mushy feeling started in my crotch again.

I spent the rest of the day running errands. When I arrived back at my apartment, I wasted no time stripping down and taking a shower then donning the new teddy. It felt luscious and when I regarded myself in the mirror, it seemed to me that I looked damn fine. After preparing a salad and breaking open a baguette to accompany some nice gooey brie, I settled in with a book, a glass of wine and some soft music. Before long I'd fallen asleep.

When I awoke, it was aroung 3 in the morning. I was totally disoriented even though I was in my own apartment. I wasn't in my bed and there was a soft breeze wafting over my body. I slowly remembered the eveing before I realized I was lying there in the new teddy. The sliding glass door to the balcony was open.

Rising to close it, I instead slid it open and slipped out into the fresh night air. It felt cool and luxurious and I stood at the railing enjoying the trace of a breeze play across my body. Thinking about You, I wished You were there touching me, fondling my nipples through the thin silk cladding them, sliding the tiny straps over my shoulders and once the teddy was a puddle at my feet, reaching between my legs to tantalize me further.

Suddenly I realized that I was standing there naked with my left hand playing with my right nipple and my right between my legs cupping my more than merely moist sex. Anyone that lived on the other side of the complex who might be awake at 3 am on a sunday was getting a helluva show. Things were getting a little out of control.

But then, You knew that would happen, didn't You? Embarassment and vulnerability took over and I stooped to pick up the teddy before darting back inside. After putting away the remnants of the wine, brie, and now stale bread I headed for the toilet and then my bed, slidng naked between the sheets for a few more hours of sleep. There were more dreams of flying naked but now instead of the beach, I was flying down the canyons of city streets and people were waving and smiling at me. At some point You appeared, riding atop me, steering like a horse, but without reins, You were naked as well and I could feel your manhood against my lower back as well as your legs to either side of me urging me on, guiding my course.

It was almost ten o'clock when I next awoke. Padding around my quarters in the nude as I fixed coffee and felt very natural whereas a couple weeks prior I would have felt too exposed. The blinds were tilted half closed so that no one could really see in. After a bit I put the new teddy on again and snuck out onto the balcony, coffee in hand and relaxed in the cheap chaise. the sun was just starting to work it's way deep enough into the recess of the balcony that it began creeping up my legs.

By noon it had crept all the way up my legs. Heading back inside for something cool to drink, I heard the buzzer blare it's irritating tone. Next to the wall phone was an intercom and I pressed the reply button.


"Delivery." It was a male voice, it sounded young.

"Just leave it there. I'll be down in a bit to get it."

"I need a signature."

Hmmm. I really didn't want to get dressed just to go downstairs just to sign for a package.

"Just a minute." I headed for the bedroom to grab my short kimono robe.

But when I got there something came over me and instead of the robe, I reached for the high heeled sandals I'd worn the first time I met You. Strapping them on I then walked straight out of my unit, leaving the door open as I did. At the end of the hall I took the stairs down to the entry foyer. On the other side of the glass door stood a cute kid in bike shorts and a T shirt emblazoned with the logo of a local delivery company.

His eyes popped wide open as I swung the door open and joined him in the vestibule. Mutely he handed me a clipboard then stood there slackjawed, eyes roving all over my body, soaking in every detail, from the lace at the legs of the teddy down my legs to the pink painted toenails peeking from the shoes that held me in an erect and chest out pose, then back up the legs lingering at my crotch hoping for a glimpse of something more before drifting further up to where the shapes of my nipples were making themselves known. When his eyes finally returned to my face he turned bright red.

"Pen?" I queried.

Fumbling, he produced one from a sheath on the side of his backpack. I signed, handed it back to him and was rewarded with a small box wrapped in brown paper, maybe three inches square by two inches thick. I recognized your writing and my heart skipped a beat.

"Thank you." I smiled at the still bewidered young man before turning to exit the vestibule. This time I walked the entire length of the first floor corridor to the stair at the far end just so that he could enjoy the show a bit longer. No one else appeared in the halls before I closed my door behind me and focused my attention on the little box.

Slowly I peeled the tape back form the edges of the brown paper. It weighed almost nothing, I couldn't imagine what it might hold. Once all the paper was removed, another layer of lear tape needed to be negotiated this one sealing the four edges of a gold foil box lid to an dark umber shell. It took forever it seemed. Finally I was able to lift the lid off. Inside was another layer of wrapping, this time a layer of crisp white tissue paper with an overprint of metallic gold.

Unwrapping the contents reminded me again of the thresholds I was confronting almost daily now, sometimes more than once a day. Each time I crossed one, I was rewarded with a distinct and fresh thrill that took my breath away for a moment or two and usually took me a little while to adjust to. But with each new experience it seemed I was left craving the next one.

Folding back the layer of tissue revealed a panel of satiny black fabric. Gently grasping an edge defined by tiny stiches of black thread I removed a what turned out to be a small triangle of cloth, barely a couple inches across the top and maybe four down each side. Small, half inch wide straps of the same fabric ran from each point of the triangle and joined together at a common point several inches away. The fabric was soft and stretchy.

A note was nestled in the bottom of the box and again in your handwriting it said simply "tomorrow @11 out front of your office".

I held the garment up again. I'd never worn anything so miniscule. Laid completely flat it was maybe onine inches from one extremity to the other. The stretchiness would be what would enable it to be worn. But even at that, I would need to do some more trimming of pubic hair, this time not only to each side, but at the top as well. In fact, not just trimming, but I imagined shaving as well.

The phone rang and I half expected it to be you, but instead it was my mother. If she only could have seen me as I sat there on the balcony in the early afternoon sun chatting away with her whilst still wearing only the little apricot confection. We blathered on for quite some time. She asked if I was seeing anyone yet and I told her a little bit about You, leaving out the details regarding our little adventures. But as I spoke of You and tried to describe You to her I felt my pulse increase and that swelling feeling in my nipples.

It must have been close to an hour that we spoke and when we hung up I regarded the black thong one more time before drawing a bath and spending the next forty-five minutes in the tepid water. After rinsing with the shower and drying, I went to work on my nest of pubic curls, trimming and then shaving a good half inch off each side and an inch off the top. After regarding my handiwork in the mirror I decide to also trim the length of the remainig hairs so that it didn't appear so much like a powder poof. This time when I looked in the mirror I was pleased at just how sexy I thought it looked. The top of my vaginal slit was clearly discernable whereas before it was largely concealed by the thick brown curls.

After trying on the thong, I was satisfied with my tonsorial ministrations but became very aware of just how brief of coverage it offered. I assumed we would be at the beach again. If so, this would be quite a display.

At eleven the next morning I stood outside the front door where I worked wearing a cream linen shift that was quite short and fell loosely on my frame. A chunky black necklace accentuated the low cut of the dress. Black pumps completed the ensemble, sexy and at the same time supremely ladylike. You pulled up, I hopped into the passenger seat and once again we headed north for the lake. As we drove, I allowed the hemline of the dress to ride further and further up, hoping that You would find it tantalizing. From the smile on your face I'd have to believe it worked.

Once at the beach, I slipped off the shoes and after we had reached the sand and spread out the blanket, I stood with her back to You then asked if you would unzip me.

"It would be my pleasure."

I felt the tiny toggle travel down my back then shrugged my shoulders girlishly. The dress fell to my feet.

You grasped my upper arms and drew me to you. I could feel your swollen manhood through the thin fabric of your speedo as it pressed against my bare buttocks. You ran my hands down further and around to my front, cupping the underside of both breasts, but avoiding the nipples. I felt your breath on my neck followed by a soft kiss.

I had already lost track of the fact that I was standing there wearing only a tiny bit of fabric. Your hands on me and your body against mine standing there in the hot midday sun was intoxicating and feeling of that bulge against my backside was exquisite. But it was not to last for long. You released me and slowly I turned and revealing my breasts and abdomen to you.

You had opted for a black and white striped suit that day, the stripes accentuating the frontal bulge. Much to my surprise, when You turned to spread out the blanket I discovered that it was not exactly a speedo but rather a thong as well. Obviously You were accustomed to such attire as your backside was evenly tanned, as bronze as the rest of your trim, fit body. Furthermore, you had great buns. I wondered what your reaction would be if I were to give them a little pat. It was very tempting, but I resisted the urge - you were the one in control and I liked that.

We sat and ate, then walked, this time venturing further down the beach before heading back, past the blanket and for a ways in the other direction, then back to the blanket. The entire time I felt magnificently on display marching along hand in hand with you, both of us wearing very very little, both of us with little more than our genitals covered.

We napped and basked in the summer warmth. There was a nice cooling breeze which also kept the bugs away. Much too quickly it was time to head along so that I could return to work. As I stood to slip the dress on again, I noticed You glancing around. It was a relatively quiet day at the beach and the closest people were several hundred feet away, not paying much attention to us.

"Take off the thong first." You demanded.

Staring straight into your eyes I with no hesitation slipped it down and off, unveiling my new "do".t felt very daring and I of course also felt extremely exposed standing there with nothing but my chunky necklace on. I watched as you scrutinized my trim work and it seemed as though you approved. After I stood there for a few moments You motioned for me to put the dress on. I did, but left the thong off and popped it into the straw bag we had carried the lunch and blanket in.

We headed for the car and back to "reality", another couple thresholds having been crossed. On the way back downtown we talked a bit about the way things were going. You asked how I was feeling about the whole thing.

"I never ever would have thought a couple weeks ago that I would be strolling around out in public wearing nothing more than a skimpy little thong. For that matter I'd never even worn a thong before the other day, even in private."

"You seem to have taken to it well."

"I'd never have dreamed of doing this if You weren't in the drivers seat."

"That's my role here. I'm the master of ceremonies, the guide, just as we discussed during the interview."

"Yes and I love it. I need someone to tell me to do these things otherwise I never would. Now I'm wondering what comes next and as I try to guess I get excited. On the other hand I'm beginning to get sexually frustrated. I want to have sex so badly right now. You're tormenting me like this."

"That's a part of the plan. Once you've experienced total sexual frustration you'll be amazed at just how wanton you can become and all the boundaries that come down as a result."

I fell quiet, watching You as we drove along soaking in what You had just said.

You broke the silence. "You really looked stunning on the beach today."

I know I blushed. I said no more all the way back to her office. Before I slid out of the car You told me I should come to your office the next day.

"Are we going to the beach again?"

"No we will be staying in. Knock when you arrive, but then let yourself in once you do."

When I arrived at my door of your office the next day, I found a note taped to the door that read "Strip before you enter but leave your shoes on." The corridors of the building were not highly travelled but still, someone could easily have come along as I undressed. It was more than a bit unnerving. I'd chosen a black and white paisley dress, fairly attenuated and had also decided to eliminate the black lace bra and panties before I left my office. It took almost no time at all to remove the dress and there I stood, naked as a jaybird once again.

As I reached for the doorknob the butterflies arrived, my nipples hardened, and my heart began to pound. Once again You had succeeded in not merely taking me by surprise, but taking me to another state where I eagerly anticipated the next adventure. I was aware that I was about to cross yet another threshold.

There You sat behind that huge contemporary wooden desk. It must have been easily eight feet wide and was so sleek, polished, and smacked of empowerment. You leaned forward and waved me toward you. Noticing that there was a coathook on the back of the door, so I hung the black and white dress there and proceeded to approach You. I had worn strappy black shoes with four inch heels and the sound they made against the wooden floor made even me more aroused.Click click click. You grinned appreciatively as I neared the guest chairs, just as I had the first meeting, but this time I was already undressed and very aware of it.

You motioned to a small box at the leading edge of the desk.

"For you."

Bending over the chairs to reach for it I felt my breasts dangling ever so slightly and my petite triangle of pubic hair rubbed against one of the backs. The box hinged open easily revealing a black velvet blindfold with an elastic strap.

"I'm guessing this is for me to wear?"

"Yes. I'd like you to put it on now."

Once it was in place and I could see absolutely nothing, I heard the sound of You pushing your chair back from the desk.

"Walk around for me," You said, "I'll tell you when to turn or stop."

Timidly I took a few steps to her right. It was extremely disoriienting to try to navigate like that but I got used to it as you steered me around the space. It was like being led by an invisible leash or directed by a choreographer. I thought about the analogy and then decided it was even more as though You were the director, guiding me through the script, something already determined but not yet apparent to me.

"Stop. Now turn ninety degrees and take ten steps."

I was keenly aware of the click-click-clicking of my heels as I tottered about. The sound bounced off the high walls, seeming to both hang in the air and fill it, the resonance making me feel even more naked in that I became more aware of just how large the space was.

"Do you know where you are?"

"No idea." I replied,quite properly disoriented.

I felt your presense beside me, smelled You despite the fact you wore no cologne, there was no telltale soap scent, just eau de You. The warmth of your breath on my shoulder then told me you were very close.

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