tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThresholds Ch. 07

Thresholds Ch. 07


After work I did some shopping then went back to my apartment. I stripped down and spent the rest of the evening wearing nothing but a pair of leopard print satin panties I'd purchased earlier. Compared to the contents of the envelope You'd had delivered to me at work they were really pretty conservative but I felt very comfortable in them. Once again I didn't bother pulling the shades down.

I was getting increasingly frustrated with regard to needing some sexual release. You had instructed me not to play with myself and quite frankly I didn't at that point really have a clue as to where to start. Sure, I'd fiddled with myself when I was a teenager, but I'd never orgasmed, so the whole process was more frustrating still. But feeling the sensation of your stiff cock in my mouth and then the feel and taste as you filled it with your man juice made me long for something stiff and throbbing between my legs, rubbing against me and then entering me, filling me up. I wanted to feel the hot gush of fluid inside me, I wanted your tongue inside my mouth, your hands on my breasts, playing with my nipples.

But all I could do is wait for the next day and anticipate what might transpire. I fell asleep on the sofa and had crazy dreams.

Around two AM I awoke. The complex was hushed and next to no lights burned. It was still quite warm. I felt an incredible urge to take a dip in the pool. Summoning up a little dose of courage I grabbed a towel, wrapping it around myself and headed out the door, down the hall, out the vestibule and across the lawn to the pool. The lights were all out but I could hear the sound of water gently splashing as someone swam in the dark.

Approaching the gate to the pool I realized that it was a couple having a late night dip. Taking a deep breath I let myself in and then draped the towel over the chain link fence, in the process baring my breasts to air. A couple weeks earlier I'd never have considered standing there wearing nothing but a pair of panties like that. Now I was doing so without even having to be instructed to do so by You. I imagined that You would likely be proud of me. I truly had crossed a great many thresholds.

One by one I traversed the underwater steps at the shallow end of the pool, lowering myself into the tepid water as I did. The sound of the swimmers had subsided somewhat considerably but now I could hear giggling instead. I realized that I'd intruded on a private little interlude and suddenly was a bit embarrassed, both for myself and for them. Dropping down to my shoulders in the water I decided to just keep as low a profile as possible, possibly even just turn tail and leave right away.

However, keeping our distance from each other they and I stayed put for the next fifteen or twenty minutes before they made their way by me just a few feet to my right then climbed the steps out of the pool. In the dim moonlight I could just barely discern that they were both naked and that he was sporting a distinct erection. Once out of the water she grasped his member and led him across the concrete deck toward the gate. They stooped to pick up towels that I'd not noticed on my way in, then disappeared into the thick and humid night air.

Soon after I too exited the water. Feeling emboldened by the couple's brazeness, I peeled off the now soggy panties, squeezed as much water from them as possible, then left them hooked over a fencepost to dry as much as they might given the humidity before wrapping my towel around myself and heading back to my digs. This time I crawled naked into my bed and slept soundly until dawn.

I'd left the envelope in my desk drawer, assuming that we would be getting together at lunch time. Sure enough my phone rang around ten. My heart raced upon hearing your voice at the other end.

"How's my favorite little cunt this morning?"

I have no doubt that I must have turned beet red. I may have bought into You referring to my genitalia as a pussy, but your use of the C word still seemed crude and shocking. At the same time I was delighted to be referred to as your cunt.

"I'm just dandy today. How's my favorite cock?", whispering the second sentence into the mouthpiece.

"Ha Ha! Touche!" was the response. "Your vocabulary is finally begining to expand a little bit."

Continuing to whisper I countered "Yes, your little cocksucker is learning something new every day."

"Indeed. Did you receive the envelope yesterday?"

"Yes, I did. Shall I assume You would like me to wear that today?"


"Oh well, guess You won't have the opportunity to see the cute little pink panties I bought yesterday."

The response from the other end of the line was a chortle followed by "Another time, another time."

At noon you were outside waiting for me. Sliding into the passenger seat I deliberately let my short beige linen skirt ride clear up to my waist so that you would catch a glimpse of the tiny patch of turquoise fabric.

Once the blanket was spread out at the beach I peeled off my skirt then stood there for a moment in my blouse which still managed to barely cover my crotch before slowly unbuttoning it and then removing the salmon pink satin bra I'd worn and which matched the panties I'd removed in order to don the tiny little triangle of turquoise I then stood in the bright sun wearing nothing more than.

A turquoise string ran up the cleft between my ass cheeks and connected to similar ones that ran from the other two corners of the patch that barely concealed my genitalia. Clinging tightly to my now clean shaven crotch it nestled slightly into the slit there and left virtually nothing up to the imagination.

To my surprise, when You peeled off your jeans I was treated to a truly exquisite sight. Rather than your customary speedo, a dark navy thong graced the contours of lithe and sinewy frame. Never before had I really noticed how nice an ass You possessed but there it was, bronzed as the rest of you, almost as totally on display as was mine. The thong also clung to your luscious package of manhood, the contours of your cock and balls clearly defined.

That day we chatted, we strolled, we held hands, and we proudly showed off our bodies for anyone who wanted to see. Margaret actually rose and approached us, her pendulous and deeply bronzed breasts wobbling obscenely as she did. The gay boys couldn't keep there eyes off You and every other male that crossed our path was practically drooling as they ogled me. It was marvelous, the only detractors being a couple of women we encountered with attitude or self image or who knows what problems.

That evening I retrieved my leopard print panties from the fencepost, opting to do so while the sun was still up and there were still lots of neighbors sitting around with drinks in hand or grabbing an end of the day dip. I strolled in wearing a T shirt that just barely concealed that I was wearing scalding red panties. My nipples were on high beam and I had purposely elected to wear the sandals with high heels so to ensure that my tits would jiggle as much as possible. The net result was a lot of attention and I loved it.

The next day was more time at the beach, but this time with me in canary yellow and You in black. Our tans were getting darker and darker by the day. Nothing much different happened that day other than at one point You totally completely caught me off guard when You bent over to kiss my right nipple.


Around seven that evening my phone rang and it was You inquiring as to whether I'd be home around ten. I told You I had nothing planned

"I'll stop by for a few minutes at that point then."

"OK, see You then."

Nine fifty-eight my bell rang and I buzzed You in through the vestibule. When You knocked on my door I answered it wearing only the stockings and heels from the day of our raincoat escapade. I could tell how pleased You were by the grin on your face as well as the devilish sparkle that filled your eyes. You were dressed in a black cotton T shirt, paisley silk boxer shorts, and sandals.

I'd turned out all the lights and instead lit several candles as well as a stick of incense. Immediately after the door closed You slid the sandals off as well as removed the T and boxers. Your cock was standing proudly at full attention with absolutely no assistance from either me or yourself.

I immediately sank to my knees and took it in my mouth. It was becoming like an old friend at that point. I knew what it was going to feel like before even wrapping my lips around the thick shaft. In it went and I did my best to make you want to release your load into my mouth, sucking and slurping away earnestly, staring up at you as I did, my hands firmly gripping your ass. Finally I gently fondled your testicles and ceased sucking briefly.

"Cum for me. I want your cumjuice."

Your response was immediate. I think the fact that I had used the language I had pushed You over the edge. An immense geyser of ejaculate blasted against the roof of my mouth. Again and again your hot, thick semen gushed. This time I didn't gag and this time every drop stayed in my mouth until I greedily swallowed it.

I cleaned your shaft first with my tongue, then with a moistened washcloth I fetched from the bathroom. Much to my surprise You then held me closely for almost half an hour naked flesh pressed against each other. Just as I was about to suggest that we go for a swim you announced it was time to go and proceeded to slip the boxers, T, and sandals back on. You held me again for a few minutes, carressing my asscheeks and finally kissing me deeply and hard, with lots of tongue.

A wave of exhaustion came over me once the door closed behind you. After extinguishing the candles I kicked of the shoes then peeled the stockings from my legs before sliding into bed. That night I slept marvelously.

The following day at lunchtime we played on the beach again, this time me in a hot magenta colored minithong and you in deep grey. It was a scaldingly hot afternoon so we both took a dip in the lake. Although quite warm for the lake it was nevertheless far more refreshing than the pool had been.

On Friday we both took the day off from work and arrived at the beach much earlier, then stayed for close to four hours. Your selection of attire for me that day was yet another tiny thong but this time the fabric was comprised of horizontal black stripes a quarter inch each that alternated translucent and opaque. Up close one could quite clearly discern the slit of my pussy but from anything over five or six feet away nothing was evident. I don't know which was more obscene, the sheerness of this or the manner in which the previous few days' attire had clung to the contours of my crotch and shaved pussy.

Normally we stuck to one end of the gentle arc that stretched for over a mile but this particular day we walked the entire length and back. Every time we passed a male they checked me out pretty thoroughly and undoubtedly were able to discern my slit. I really enjoyed the thrill of being ogled like that. By one we headed out, having had more than enough sun for the day.

While driving back into the city You asked if I would like to join You for dinner. I liked the sound of that, partly because it would most likely be air conditioned.

"I'll pick you up around six so that we can do a little shopping for beforehand."

"OK" I countered, wondering what on earth that might involve.

"Be dolled up like you would to go out to dinner, but don't worry too much about what to wear. That's what we'll shop for."

Again, "OK" seemed to be the only response I was capable of.

At six I answered the door in a white blouse and short black skirt. It looked almost like a waitress outfit. My hair was all done up and piled atop my head and the shoes I'd chosen were strappy little black stilettos. I had opted for a matching black lace bra and panty set underneath and the outline of the bra was clearly visible through the white blouse.

We embraced, kissed, and for the first time, had some tongue to tongue contact before heading out. It was a totally luscious feeling, almost as good as having your cock nestled in my mouth. I was hoping that I would have the opportunity to service You that way that evening. I yearned to again feel the throbbing of your fat mushroom head against the roof of my mouth just before you let loose a torrent of hot gooey manjuice.

Once again your smile of approval at my appearance induced that wonderful mushy sort of feeling which was amplified immensely when You lifted the front of my skirt and then, still holding me close, guided your hand between my thighs to cup my lace clad crotch. I seriously thought I would melt standing right there like that. Your hand remained there, unmoving, for several moments before you withdrew it.

"Let's go." You announced, and out the door, down the hall, and out to your car we headed. It was a brand new sports car with beautiful pale grey leather upholstery and very difficult to sit in with any degree of decorum. The only thing that helped was that my skirt was both pleated and full enough that it didn't ride too far up my thighs as I sat. The straight cut burgundy one I had decided against would definately not have been compatible with the seating position of the low-slung vehicle.

After driving to the biggest shopping mall in the area we parked and then headed inside. You looked striking that evening as we strode across the asphalt, dressed in a soft grey suit that had been expertly tailored for your lean frame. A black dress shirt, open at the collar, and black shoes completed the outfit, and oh yes - the shades, your seemingly omnipresent black aviator sunglasses. Whenever we were outside You wore them. They were so cool looking on You but I so wished I could see your eyes, catch the little glimmer that happened when I did something that pleased You. That glimmer could send my heartbeat racing a mile a minute.

Inside, You wasted no time, heading directly for Victorias Secret which was only a few shops down from the mall entry we had arrived through. Seeing You in your suave and manly ensemble inside the frilly girly environment of the store only enhanced the effect. There were only a half dozen customers in the shop but every one of them checked You out. You seemed perfectly at home in the pale pink and ivory decor, but then You seemed to be like that anywhere we went.

A tall and very shapely blonde approached us and asked if she could be of assistance.

"Certainly Greta," You replied "How about bringing out the little number you set aside for me this afternoon?" It seemed that, as usual, You had planned everything out in advance. Greta disappeared and returned shortly, a padded clothes hanger with a dangle of silk on it in her hand.

"I assume that you're "Miss C," Greta purred "He's absolutely right, this will look great on you." and led me off to the dressing rooms.

Greta waited while I undressed. Once I was down to just my lace panties she slipped the first item from the hangar, holding it up for my review, deep navy blue chemise of silk that shimmered slightly as light danced across it. Taking it from her I was struck by how weightless it was and I suddenly realized that You intended me to wear it tonight to wherever it was You were taking me. Once again I got the flutters and once again I thought about how the evening would involve another threshold. I slipped it over my head, down my arms and onto my torso.

It was like the lavendar teddy had been, a perfect fit and caressingly soft and silky. Looking in the mirror I saw that it did little to hide much of anything. Yes, it was opaque and nothing showed through, but it clung to every inch of me, including my nipples which created sharp little peaks in the shimmering blue silk. I frowned as I noticed that my panties also were clearly evident and as I turned and looked over my shoulder into the mirror even more so from behind.

"Here, try these." Greta said. I turned back to find her holding aloft by the waistband a matching navy silk thong. Off came the black lace panties and on went the thong. As I pulled it on Greta got a quick glimpse of my now hairless crotch and I blushed. She just smiled a little devilishly, winked, and simply said "Nice!"

I checked things out over my shoulder in the mirror again and this time could discern no trace of panties. "Much better." I said.

"Why don't you go see if it meets with his approval?"

It seemed very natural to saunter amongst the display racks of luscious little lace and silk delicacies wearing such a minimal little confection. As I passed one particular display I recognized the brilliantly hued thongs that you'd had me wear on previous visits to the beach.

I even spotted the sheer striped black one I had worn just hours earlier.

Not finding You where Greta and I had left You, I made a second circuit around the store to locate You. By the time I spotted You at the wrap desk, Greta had beat me there and was ringing up a sale. For the second time that evening I basked in the glow of your smile of approval. Your sunglasses were parked in your breast pocket, allowing me to enjoy the full impact of both the smile and the accompanying sparkle in your eyes.


"It feels delightful."

"Let me see the view from the back."

Spinning around for your review I felt very proud that I met with your approval. I also thought back to the feeling of your hand on my crotch earlier and half wished You had decided to repeat the act right there in front of Greta. I also found myself wondering if she had ever seen You naked or You she.

"I put your other things in this bag sweetie." Greta said to me as You signed the charge slip.

"Thank you." I replied and then suddenly realized that I would be walking out of the store "dressed" in nothing more than a scant few ounces of navy blue silk. My heart jumped and I took a deep breath. Of course, at the same time my nipples went rock hard, only making matters worse.

Noticing my trepidation You placed your left hand on my left shoulder and drew me close. You grabbed the bag in your right.

"Lets go have a nice dinner."

Greta chirped "Enjoy!"

Exiting the shop into the mall I felt an intense rush come over me. There were only a handful of people around but I felt very much on display. My breasts were jiggling merrily as I walked along. You removed your hand from my shoulder and instead held mine as we strode the hundred yards or so to the doors out of the mall.

Once outside You paused, releasing my hand long enough to put your sunglasses on before taking it again and leading me along to the car. Holding the door as I did my best to slide in gracefully You commented "Lovely, absolutely lovely."

It was to be the first of many compliments that evening. You told me how nice my legs were. You told me how pleased You were with the manner in which I continually adapted to the situations You presented me with. You commented on how nice of a tan I had developed. And you told me how much you liked the manner in which my nipples poked at the thin fabric draped over them as You reached over and gently carressed one of them.

Before I realized it we were in another parking lot, this for one of the swankier restaurants in town. We arrived at the curb in front of the entry and You popped out and around the car to open the passenger door for me. Extending your hand You also gentlemanly shielded me from view as I then attempted a graceful exit.

Once I was upright and on the sidewalk next to You, You again took my hand with your left as You relinquished the keys to the valet parking kid. To my dismay he seemed more interested in the sleek black vehicle than in my barely dressed presence. The doorman however was an entirely different story, giving me a good twice over as he swung the massive portal wide for us to go in. I felt as though he peeled off what little I had on to reveal every inch of my flesh and I had to admit I rather enjoyed it.

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