tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThresholds Ch. 09

Thresholds Ch. 09


On Monday my period began. It was a bit more extreme than usual but I've had that severe in the past on occasion. I called off our planned excursion to the beach that day and suggested that we cool it for a bit. As it happened, it wasn't until the following Monday that the last bits of spotting were over.

I took a couple of days off work and visited my mom in Ohio. She noticed a difference in my demeanor as well as the manner in which I dressed. The compliments had always been few and far behind with her and the visit was no exception. She thought that I should cover up more. She also thought I was a fool for deserting my ex and wasn't very sympathetic. I cut my visit short and returned, pouring myself into my duties at work to get my mind off how badly I wanted to find out what the next threshold would be. By the end of the week I was dying to feel You inside me - in my mouth, in my uterus, either one I just wanted to feel your manhood inside me and I wanted to be the reason You peaked and then ejaculated. I wanted You to need me as badly as I was needing You.

That next Monday was a beach day. My assigned attire was a lime green G-string, You wore a deep navy thong. Mine clung snugly to me creating a distinct indent while yours displayed your manhood quite nicely, every contour telegraphing through. We munched on tacos, soaked up sun, and took a nice walk.

At one point we bumped into someone that You knew. Jerry was tall and carried quite a few extra pounds. His eyes wandered across my nearly naked body, paying my crotch in particular a great deal of attention. Just to torment him I proceeded to finger the nipple of my left breast as we stood there. Poor Jerry was in a terrible state as he adjusted his trunks to alleviate the condition that I'd induced. After we headed along I asked how You knew him and You explained that he was your CPA.

"His eyes were all over me!"

"Who can blame him? You look way beyond simply hot today. And when you started tweeking your nips like that I think you made it very difficult for him to concentrate on anything else."

"Yeah, I noticed that his conversation kinda drifted off."

Soon after that we headed back to work. I'd gotten to the point where I really didn't like having to put clothing back on and return to "the real world". If it was warm enough I wanted to be able to wear as little as possible. That afternoon I went both bra-less and panty-less at work just for my own pleasure.

In the evening You stopped by. Per request I answered the door in stockings and heels. I also wore the garter belt which seemed to please You. The jeans and T You were wearing were off in a flash. Underneath You had elected to go commando and as usual your cock was already rigid, begging for attention. Sinking to my knees I wrapped my lips around the head then drew it in slowly until I could take no more. My control over my gag reflex was continuing to improve and this time I was able to hold it there for quite a while before needing to back off.

We ended up in a sixty-nine position on the floor, You on top with your face between my thighs, driving me crazy with that wicked tongue of yours. At the same time You pumped your shaft in and out of my mouth. It was an interesting change of pace, to be kissed and tongued between my legs while receiving your thrusts in my mouth. I peaked within a few minutes and as soon as I did, You let loose a torrent of semen in my mouth. I savored every drop and clung to your thighs, refusing to let you go, savoring the still swollen shaft that filled my mouth.

After a bit we disengaged our bodies and each took a turn in the bathroom. You had gone first, leaving the door open so that I heard clearly. When it was my turn I too left the door open, hoping that you might enjoy the sound of my tinkling as much as I had the sound of You releasing a stream of relief as only a man can.

I opened a fresh bottle of chardonnay and we enjoyed it in the near darkness, me still in the stockings, garter belt, and stilettos, you still naked. Occasionally one of us would run a hand over some part of the other's anatomy. For some reason I was infatuated with your calves and thighs and the haze of short soft dark hair on them. You paid particular attention to my breasts that evening, cupping and fondling them, kissing them all over and finally of course sucking on the nipples, swirling your tongue over them, nibbling, gently biting and in general tormenting them into a state of extreme sensitivity where I quivered simply from the feeling of your breath on them.

Your hand wandered down between my legs. I was very very wet there and it was no challenge for You to slip your middle finger between my vulvae and deep inside. I twitched a bit as You did so and when You saw my reaction You pressed me back to the floor, this time on all fours whereupon You took me from behind again, squatting over me as You thrusted away. When I moaned how good it felt You suggested I keep my eyes closed, that the intensity would increase if I shut off my visual feedback loop entirely.

It was only the second time I'd had sex in this position but it was rapidly becoming my favorite. Every time You shoved forward the head of your penis slammed firmly against my cervix. With my legs close together it kept my uterus more tightly clamped so that with every stroke whether in or out, the the ridge around the head of your cock rubbed solidly against my insides. I had several small orgasms, trembling each time before You then drove deep into me one last time and I felt the throb of your orgasm and the flowing warmth that accompanied it.

After You slipped out of me I peeled off the stockings and belt then curled up in a fetal position on the carpet. Just before You left You draped the lightweight blanket from my sofa over me and knelt to kiss me gently on the cheek. I awoke around midnight feeling wonderfully spent but also feeling vaguely vacant between my legs, as though something was missing, something that should be a part of me wasn't where it should be but then I woke further and realized that it was your member that I ached for.

Tuesday was rainy and overcast, but still warm and muggy. By noon it started to drizzle, disrupting our plans for lunch at the beach. Instead You invited me to come to your place that evening around eight. I asked what You would like for me what to wear.

"Come barefoot and wear your raincoat with nothing under." You replied.

Like the obedient little slut that I'd become, I splashed shoeless through the puddles at seven thirty on my way to my car. It was about a fifteen minute journey and just for kicks I opted to unbutton the raincoat and drive like that, the coolness of the air conditioning playing across my body, stiffening my nipples, making me feel very very aroused. Reaching between my legs I checked and yes, it had gotten a little damp down there. The drizzle turned into more serious rainfall while I drove. When I arrived at your place it had become a steady soft rain and I was grateful that I wasn't trying to negotiate my way in high heels as I ran from my car to your door and the shelter of the small porch.

I rang the bell and a moment later the door opened. You were completely naked and semi hard. Extending your arms, You drew me close and we embraced like that, right in the open doorway. If anyone saw us they didn't see too much, as my raincoat clad body was between your nakedness and the rest of the world but it would have been pretty easy to figure out what was going on. You unfastened the belt and unbuttoned it as well so that You could press your bare flesh against mine. You now were sporting a raging erection and I loved the feel of it's hardness against my bare belly.

After a bit we moved inside further and pulled the door behind us, my raincoat dropping to the floor once it shut. Taking me by the hand You guided me to the rear of the house and outside onto the deck which overlooked a golf course. Gentle rain was still coming down but it was quite warm and actually felt rather delicious, especially when pressed against you. I imagine that during the day there are plenty of golfers on the course but then there was no one in sight.

My first orgasm that evening arrived with me standing and You kneeling between my thighs, two fingers inside me, wiggling in unison with your tongue which was busy tormenting my clitoris. After that You proceeded to bend me over the deck railing and enter me from behind. We carried on in that position for a bit before You pulled out and guided me down to a crouch so that I could receive your cock with my mouth.

I slid my lips up and down the length of your glorious shaft, attempting to make You last, to take You right to the limit and then back off, but I guess I still needed some work in that department because in no time at all You exploded, this time not in my mouth, but all over my face, surprising me as you did. The gentle rain was warm but your semen was by comparison hot, splashing off my cheeks, my lips, and my chin. It slithered over my rain soaked body, between my breasts and belly, the hotness dissipated by the time it trickled over my smooth crotch and dripped off between my legs. The drizzle largely rinsed it off, but You showed me an outdoor shower tucked into a corner of the deck and I gave myself a more proper rinse as You headed inside.

By the time you returned, a glass of wine in each hand I was on all fours, chest pressed against the boards and my posterior stuck up in the air, my vagina tauntingly on display for You, dying to be filled. Moments later I got what I wanted as I felt the head of your member press against my lips, then slide deep into my uterus. The raw animalistic quality of sex in that position was only enhanced by the fact that we were outdoors and the rain continued to come down, now more forcefully.

I squealed it felt so damn good. You rammed away, positioned part straddle, part crouch, every stroke slamming hard into me. I could feel your testicles slap against me and your hands gripped my hips firmly. I came several more times, squealing louder as it went on. Finally I felt your body go stiff and inside me your cock go still more rigid before pulsing intensely several times.

We both collapsed and lay there on the deck for a while before sharing the shower, caressing and holding one another for another twenty minutes or so. Indoors again You furnished fluffy white towels then I retreated to your bathroom for a pee and to mop up the semen that was now leaking down the inside of my thighs. Mission accomplished I made my way back to retrieve my raincoat.

"Wait." You said, then disappeared, leaving me standing naked in your foyer. When You returned You handed me an absolutely exquisite pair of black lace panties. I held them up for review, checking out the tag in the process.

"LaPerla!" I exclaimed.

"I picked up some things for you while I was in Chicago last week."

Slipping them on was heavenly. Its absolutely amazing how special really nice lingerie can make a girl feel, especially when its the only thing she's wearing. I'd drooled over LaPerla in their Manhattan shop once, unable to justify the obscene price. I guessed I probably had on a hundred dollar pair of panties. The fit, the feel, the pricetag all made me feel very special. The fact that I'd just had wild animal sex outdoors in the rain made me feel very satisfied. I could get used to this.

For a variety of reasons, the next day didn't work for either of us. I was disappointed, I wanted to feel You inside me. I would catch myself often at work drifting off thinking about what new threshold You had in store for me. As it turned out I was to find out the next evening. You called me in the morning instructing me to meet you at a bar on the west side of town. You would have my attire delivered around the time I would be returning from work.

Seven o'clock in the evening found me handing my car keys to a car hop as I slithered out of the driver's seat wearing nothing more than a mocha colored silk camisole with black lace at the neckline accompanied by barely opaque cocoa brown nylon tights and my highest black stilettos. I garnered a fair amount of attention as I strutted across the lobby of the hotel to which the bar was attached. My breasts jiggled away merrily inside the attenuated little top, brushing constantly against the soft thin fabric. I was glad that the lighting was dim, as the tights barely concealed the detail at my crotch, a single seam running front to back. Midway across the space I was once again amazed at what I was doing, and doing simply because You had instructed me to.

As I entered the bar I felt a hand on my bare shoulder. Turning, I expected to see You but instead found a silver haired gentleman in a dark suit who steered me toward a dimly lit corner table where You awaited. As I approached You stepped forward to greet me, embracing me and simultaneously fondling my ass. Our lips touched briefly and we turned to the table.

The table was tall and rather than chairs, there were a pair of backless stools, which meant that I was forced to sit in a position that displayed my legs and barely clad physique to the fullest. The maitre-de vanished and out of nowhere a cocktail waitress appeared, clad in a short little skirt, black hose, and a bustier style top. Ironically, she had more on than I. She deposited a Cosmopolitan in front of me before vanishing.

"I took the liberty of pre-ordering for you."

"How did you know for certain I'd be on time?"

You merely smiled and raised your half finished martini. We clinked and I sipped the concoction in front of me. It was wonderful and exactly what I needed at that moment. I was feeling a touch of awkwardness at being out like this dressed in what was clearly undergarments.

You asked me about my day and as I talked and the alcohol began to have its effect, I relaxed considerably. My thoughts began to drift off and I found myself wondering if your penis was hard or flaccid. Finally in a hushed voice I asked.

"Do You have an erection?"


I couldn't believe it, but I thought I had caught You off guard.

"Do You have an erection right now?"

"Why don't you find out for yourself?"

I wasn't prepared for that answer. You just smiled intently at me and took another sip of your martini. But I wasn't going to have my bluff called now that I'd gone this far out on the limb. Sliding off the stool I sidled over beside You and surreptitiously ran my hand across the crotch area of the dark slacks You were wearing. Much to my surprise, not only was it clearly evident that You had an undeniable erection, but it also appeared that You once again had no underwear on.

I have no idea why, but that just really got me aroused and before I realized it I found myself sliding my hand under the waistband of your slacks, oblivious to the rest of the world and in particular to the approach of the waitress who appeared just as my fingers closed around your swollen shaft.

"Can I get you another round?"

I must have jumped a mile. I know I wanted to crawl in a hole. It had to be rather obvious at close hand just what I was up to. You simply gave her one of those devilishly beguiling smiles of yours.

"I think we're just about done here."

"Alright, I'll bring your tab." She said before vanishing again.

Slowly I released your rigid member and with as much grace as I could muster slipped my hand back out of your pants. I looked at your face and that devilish smile was still there. Partly out of nervousness and partly from relief I burst out laughing. You did as well and we both were still chuckling when the waitress brought the tab, giving me a real eyeing up one side and down the other as she did. You squared up in cash and then one hand grasping my elbow, steered me out of the bar, through a back entry that led us past the pool, outdoors across an empty patio and back into the hotel.

The lighting of the corridor was considerably brighter and I immediately again felt under dressed. But then I remembered the last time I'd been in a hotel corridor with You and things dropped back into perspective. My heart began to race remembering the many thresholds crossed that night.

You carded us into a ground floor room and the next thing I knew your hands were all over me, gently squeezing my breasts first through the lightweight camisole, then directly as your hands wandered to my waist and then back up again, sliding in underneath the silk and lace confection. My nipples were played with and gently squeezed.

Pausing, you withdrew a small black velvet item from your pocket. It was the blindfold You'd had me wear the first time I gotten to suck your cock. It also reminded me of the evening a bit over a week earlier when you'd suggested that I close my eyes and just get lost in the moment. I asked what we were up to, but the only answer I received was a simple "shhhhh.....".

Once the blindfold was firmly in place I again felt your hands all over me, squeezing my breasts and buttocks, groping between my legs, stroking my thighs. At one point there was a swift smack across my ass that I had no idea was coming and although it both startled me and stung, was somehow arousing. I wanted to feel it again, but then I have no doubt you knew that and taunted me by not doing so.

The shoes came off, followed by the tights. Your fingers now explored my pussy with nothing to hinder their access. My labia were gently tugged and I felt a finger enter my now sodden vagina. I almost came right then but managed to hold off until You had fingered me for several minutes, my body convulsing as I leaned against the bed, my feet on the floor, hands on the edge of the mattress.

Still in that pose, my legs spread wide, I felt nothing for several minutes as I recovered. The next sensation was a soft gentle kiss on my labia and then your tongue exploring, dipping between the folds. I could tell that your face was at my pelvis and that you must be on your back on the floor. All that made contact with me was your lips and tongue.

¨Guess what I´m doing with my hands" You queried.

¨Are You playing with yourself?¨

¨Yes, I´m stroking my fuckpole as I lick your cunt.¨

The crudity of it was both scintillating and shocking. Not being able to see the actual event forced me to visualize it, making things all the more erotic. I imagined You naked with your head between my legs, my backside poking skyward and my breasts dangling but still concealed by the skimpy cami. Your penis was being grasped with both hands, stroking away as You lapped at my pussy. The stimulation of the imagery was eventually overwhelming and I felt the surge of another orgasm approach but You must have been able to tell as well and suddenly You were gone, no more tongue at my crotch and I wondered what would come next.

Then I felt it, that wonderful sensation of something pressing at the entrance to my womb. I spread my legs wider in acceptance. I wanted that ¨fuckpole", as You so crassly referred to it, buried deep in my "cunt". I wanted to ride it until I came and came again and then made You do so as well. I wanted to feel your hot viscous seed inside me.

I got exactly what I wanted. I was filled with engorged maleness and then expertly fucked. Very quickly I came, my vaginal walls convulsing around the driving rigid shaft as I did. The thrusting continued like a locomotive piston. On and on I rode crescendo after crescendo, losing all sense of perspective in the process. All my mind seemed able to process was the marvelous sensations emanating from my pelvic region.

Something pressed gently against my lips and I instinctively parted them. Deliriously, I felt my mouth filled by a fat throbbing form. It was your magnificent cock in all it´s swollen glory. I reveled in the form, the bulbous mushroom head, the firm shaft laced with throbbing veins. Slowly and sensually I began to suck.

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