I walked up to their door knowing exactly what I wanted. I opened their door and yelled "throat!". Instantly I heard shuffling in the bedroom. I took my time. I got a drink from the fridge, put my work stuff down, and started to undress. I knew what was waiting for me in bedroom. I slowly walked in to the bedroom and saw my sexy, naked girlfriend laying on her back with her head hanging off the side. I walked right up to her, grabbed her tits, and slammed my dick in her throat. She gagged so hard and immediately tears came in her eyes. I loved doing this to her. And I loved that she was submissive to me alone. I quickly withdrew my long, 8" cock and slapped her face for a minute. I leaned down and spat right on her face and rubbed it in with my fat cock head.

She loved the feeling of his cock in her throat. How submissive it felt. Every night at 6 she can't wait for him to come home and yell what he wants that night. She gets immediately horny when she hears the door open. He's slamming his cock in my throat again. He quickly bottoms out and stays for 30 seconds. Then he'll start to really go at my throat. I can barely breathe, but I love it. Giving him pleasure gives me pleasure. I open my throat for him and try to control my gag reflex. You'd think my throat would be used to this by now. He's going in and out in and out calling me dirty names the whole time. I can barely get any breath around his thick cock, but I can handle it for as long as he needs. I am his cum receptacle.

I'm really giving it to her now, telling her she's a "dirty slut" and "cock whore" for letting me use her however I want. I'm punishing her throat over and over barely letting her breathe. I can see her eyes rolling back into her head so I let up for a couple of seconds and plunge back in. "this throat is mine!" I yell, while watching her throat bulge obscenely in this position. Her face is covered in spit and tears. She looks so beautiful like this. I pull out and give her a break. I lean down and kiss her mouth. I start to twist her nipples and slap her tits until they're red.

She loves when he plays with her boobs. It gets her even more horny. While he's doing this, she's sucking on his balls giving them proper treatment. He hit her boobs one more time then slowly brought his dick back to its rightful place. He slowly went all the way down letting me feel every inch.

When I bottom out I start to give short, quick jabs to the back of her throat. When I pull out there's thick saliva stretching from her mouth to my dick. I quickly pop back in and pinch her nose shut. She starts squirming, but she knows I don't care. She is purely my source of pleasure. I told her after a month of dating that this is what I wanted: an obedient woman who knows what she's good for. I hold her down for a bit longer and pull out again.

Oh my God he went for so long that time she thought. It's so sexy when he uses her like that, showing her that she's to worship his cock with whatever orifice he wants. He starts to build momentum again hitting the back of my throat and pushing through to bulge my throat.

I feel myself start to tense from her tight throat so I pull out and cover her face with my cum, shooting 6 huge loads in her hair, eyes, and nose.

I'm gasping for air when he finally pulls out, then I feel a warm liquid splatter my nose. I'm choking on his cum, but he shoots even more on to my face and hair. When he's done he plunges base deep one last time for a solid 40 seconds just to show me who's boss. His dick feels so giant in my throat, but it also feels right. I get sad when he pulls out, but am grateful he's letting me breathe again.

I pull out slowly letting her breathe again. I slap her face and rub my cum all over with my hands. One by one I slip my fingers into her mouth to clean me off. I step away and tell her to "make me some dinner, slut". She can cum tomorrow when I take that ass.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/10/17

Both comment #1 and #2 are correct

Alternating POVs is a legitimate literary method. It often creates a more complete and in depth story.
The first comment is valid in that the way the alternation was handled in this story weakens it.more...

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by Anonymous09/09/17

I disagree with the last comment. It was not confusing at all. Its a writing tactic that is used in many books and classic literature. Maybe if the last commenter read something besides bad smut, theymore...

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by Anonymous09/09/17


The POV and narration changes are confusing. What you're saying is interesting. Look forward to reading more.

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