Through a glass darkly

byadam applebiter©

She relaxed, letting his tongue ease fractionally into her, feeling her ring yielding to the soft insistence of his caress. She knew he liked her to make him work hard for his candy so she lay passive, letting Francis do all the work. All she had to do was relax and let him tunnel his way into her ass, which Helen didn't mind one bit. She enjoyed being rimmed and Francis predilection for more penetrative tongue work was quite stimulating. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to reach for her clit and make herself come while Francis had his tongue stuck inside her but she was saving herself for after.

Once Francis tongue had eased her sphincter enough for him to push perhaps an inch into her, she decided it was time to let him have his candy.

As she squeezed internally, Francis felt her tighten around his probing tongue and knew what was coming. He loved the sensation of being pushed back out of her, displaced by the mainly melted chocolates Helen expelled, one by one, into his open mouth.

Eyes closed, in ecstasy, Francis chewed and swallowed the hard centres. Somewhere in the dark corners of his imagination, Christabelle was doing this but in the real world, it was Helen's ass pressed against his mouth and it always had been. He'd never played this game with anyone before her... She'd been only the third prostitute he'd tried as a surrogate for his daughter. She'd seemed to understand his needs from the start. Now he knew why. Another chocolate took his mind off Parry and Helen, right back to Christabelle and him. Oh Christabelle...

Helen popped out the last of the chocolates then relaxed again so that Francis could lick out the melted traces of his treat.

Francis' pushed deeply into her ass hole, tasting the bitter dark chocolate there. His lips, making contact with the sensitive skin around her puckered sphincter, felt like the most tender of kisses and made Helen want to kiss him back.

She tensed, tightening around his tongue to urge him back out then quickly turned to kiss him properly. His mouth still tasted strongly of chocolate and his lust was palpable in the frenzied assault he made on her mouth.

"Fuck me." She implored, more than ready to be taken forcefully. "Not Christabelle... Fuck me!" She didn't want him 'making love' to his daughter in his head right now. She wanted Francis Deerborne's cock hammered into her rectum until he came. She wanted him to remember all the harsh words of last night and to vent all that rage on her now. "Fuck me like the filthy little whore I am." She turned her back on him again, burying her face in the pillows and wiggling her ass in invitation.

Francis didn't need much encouragement to get rough with Helen. His palm contacted her butt cheek hard, making her rear up.

"Oww!... Don't fuck around... Just fuck me in the ass." Helen didn't really object if Francis wanted to spank her. It wouldn't be the first time and she quite liked how passionate men got after they'd reddened her cheeks and made her cry.

Francis shuffled closer and forced the hot hard head of his rigid cock against the ring of her anus. Helen relaxed as much as she could and waited for him to push on through. A moment later she got what she wanted. Francis slid deep into her rectum until his hairy balls tickled her smooth labia.

"Oh yes... That's what I need..." She gasped as his shaft sank into her.

"Bitch..." Francis croaked as he pulled back and slammed forward as hard as he could.

"Yes... I am... What else?" Helen wound him up gently, wanting his best game.

"Whore..." Francis slammed in again, a fraction deeper this time, making Helen moan with lust. They'd forgone lube: He'd noticed but didn't care. A part of him wanted her to hurt a little for her sins.

"Oww..." Helen knew he wanted her to not enjoy this, so she played up to his desires like the good whore she was.

"Slut..." Francis withdrew completely, watched her asshole slowly contract then thrust back in with all the force he could muster.

"Yesss..." Helen hissed. Her hand surreptitiously found her clit and strummed it quickly, feeling that familiar churning in her abdomen that meant she'd be coming soon.

"Filthy...Depraved...Harlot..." Francis fucked her hard and fast, punctuating his efforts with further imprecations through his clenched teeth.

"Oh yes... Stick it in my mouth." Helen felt Francis accidentally pull back too far and dislodge himself. She knew how much he loved watching her do the ass-to-mouth routine: Him, Eric, her father and quite a few other guys. She Rolled onto her hip and twisted round to suck his cock, streaked with dark brown traces of Belgium's finest. It actually tasted really good and Francis surely loved the sight of his cock sliding into her mouth after it'd been so far up her ass. She deep-throated him twice – easy enough because Francis was thick but not very long – then quickly got on her back, pulling her legs up by her breasts.

Francis knew what to do. He lifted her hips up until her feet nearly touched the wall, then eased his cock back into her ass, looking down at Helen's beautiful face, with just a trace of chocolate on her upper lip.

"Now stop fucking around and just fuck me in my ass... Please!" Helen implored, knowing the effect her potty-mouth would have on Francis. She also used two fingers of one hand to spread her slick labia, holding herself open so that, looking down, Francis could see the juices bubbling in her pussy while he delved into her bowels. With her free hand she rubbed her clit hard, squeezing the tiny, engorged bud between her fingers for a moment then using four fingers, held flat, to rain quick slaps onto her spread pussy, making herself gasp.

Francis pounded her ass as hard and as fast as he could, all the while watching her stretch and rub and slap her pussy, spreading her juices liberally around her crotch, making it shiny and slickly obscene looking.

Helen moaned and sighed, not entirely without just cause. She would have made a lot of noise anyway, knowing Francis liked her to be vocal, but she was on the brink of an orgasm and it took none of her prodigious theatrical talent to sound like she was having fun: She was. She stopped rubbing her clit and stuffed three fingers right into her pussy, pumping them as aggressively as she could, letting the heel of her hand keep her clit in the game as she curled her fingertips inward, striving for her G-spot.

"Yess!!!... Yes... Fuck my ass, Francis!... Fuck me like the whore I am... Oh yes... I'mm gonna... cum... Fuck! yesssss!... AHHHHH!" She started to climax, her hand a blur as she frigged herself with fingers three-abreast. Then it happened: She squirted; fluid arcing up and splashing down across her breasts and face. When she was whoring full-time, that had always been a good for a major tip. This morning, it was enough to precipitate a burst of unparalleled enthusiasm from Francis. Fuck! Who knew he had that much energy?

"You... filthy... fucking... whore..." Francis managed to growl. He was on the ragged edge now, moments from coming inside her.

Helen had other plans. She straightened her legs a little, effectively pushing Francis away and so dislodging him again. She was shaky and exhausted by her own climax but, ever the pro, she reached out to him, eliciting Francis' help to sit up, her spread thighs either side of him. She leant right forward, grabbed his twitching cock and closed her mouth around his glans, sucking hard on him. She took him back out of her mouth long enough to say, "Fuck my mouth." Then swallowed as much of his cock as she could at this angle.

Francis grabbed two handfuls of her hair and jerked his hips, thrusting his cock to the back of her throat, making Helen moan, though it was muffled by his very effective gag.

Helen rubbed the underside of his cock with her tongue and pummelled him with her cheeks as he slid back and forth, pulling her head toward his groin with each thrust. She reached around him to probe his ass hole with a couple of fingers conveniently lubricated with her own pussy juice. Pressure on Francis' prostate was like pressure on the trigger of a gun.

Francis went off in her mouth, hosing the back of her throat with semen as he grunted and trembled, his balls resting against her wet chin. Helen massaged the shaft of his twitching cock with her tongue, milking him dry before letting him ease back from her face. When just the head of his cock was still in her mouth, Helen held it gently but firmly with her teeth and roughly lashed the tiny eye at the tip with her tongue, making Francis buck and groan with the almost painful intensity of sensation.

Helen did that to him three or four times before he succeeded in pulling free of her mouth. Only then did she slip her fingers out of his asshole and let him collapse onto the dishevelled, sopping wet bed. He was gasping like an asthmatic and his heart was trying to beat its way right out of his chest when Helen rested her cheek over it and idly toyed with his softening penis.

"One of... these days..." he wheezed, "you're going to... kill me." He didn't appear too worried by the prospect.

"I wonder what it'll feel like, having you die while you're inside me." Helen actually did wonder what that would be like. Would it gross her out? Would it finally be a kink too far? Or would it be a rush, to be someone's 'final resting place' so to speak?

"Lets not find out." Francis, still enjoying that mellowness that only an orgasm can leave a man with, didn't want to think how his daughter would react to the news he'd died in the embrace of a young woman.

"Not yet at least." Helen teased him. "I'd miss tormenting you."

"I thought you were done with that."

"Not hardly! But now you know about me and Daddy, you and I can have all sorts of fun and games."

"Like what?" Francis could breathe normally again. His fingers twined through Helen's hair as he lay looking up at the ceiling. What was she planning?

"Well... How would you like to see what Daddy does to me? I have lots of home made movies, just like the ones I made of you and me."

"That would be... interesting." Was as far as Francis was willing to concede his interest. If he hadn't just come so hard, his penis might have given him away, but it was unresponsive in Helen's hand.

"And I'd really like to get you two together."

"What? Why?"

"To have you both fuck me at the same time." Helen suggested, knowing what Francis would say.

"No... No way. Not ever." Yep, that's what she'd expected.

"It was just a thought." Helen knew it would remain just a thought. Francis had limits and she knew most of them pretty well, last night's prank-to-far not withstanding. "What time do you have to go to work?"

Francis glanced at the bedside cabinet. His alarm clock said he was already late. "About an hour ago. I'm surprised nobody's called yet."

"And I'm supposed to be opening the gallery today. We'd better hit the shower." Helen pushed herself upright and clambered off the bed. "C'mon. Up you get." She pulled Francis by the hand until he too was on his feet, then she led him into his own bathroom.

* * * * *

"I just wanted you to know..." Helen whispered in Francis' ear... via the telephone, "I've taken that butt plug out of the exhibition."

"Thank you." Francis had had a hectic morning after finally getting to his office and hadn't thought about that hateful practical joke on Christabelle until Helen mentioned it. "I hope you destroyed it."

"Don't be silly... But it'll stay in my private collection from now on. I've replaced it with a different plug: A rather beautiful Lalique glass one. We only left it out of the exhibition because we were already showing a couple of other Lalique pieces and Eric thought we should have some variety."

"Well... Thank you anyway."

"You're welcome. And I'm sorry... I shouldn't have done that to you." Helen apologized again for upsetting Francis so much.

"Let's say no more about it." Francis could be magnanimous when he wanted to be. "Was there anything else? Only, I'm keeping people waiting." His secretary had let him know his next appointment had arrived when she put Helen's call through.

"No. That's all. Bye Francis."

"Bye." Francis found he'd already been hung up on. He cradled the phone and waited for his secretary to show Christabelle in. He'd not dared to tell Helen that it was his daughter who was being kept waiting.

"Hello Pappy!" Christabelle looked stunning as she breezed into his office, leant right across his desk and just touched her lips to his forehead. "Oops!"

"Good afternoon, my dear. Oops?" Francis beamed. He was never happier than when Christabelle was near.

"Oops, lipstick." Christabelle moved around to his side of the desk, took the handkerchief from his breast pocket and carefully removed the pink smudge from his forehead.

Francis felt a twinge in his trousers as he surreptitiously admired the view down her top. Thirty seconds in his daughter's company and he was already glad he would be seeing Helen again tonight.

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