tagIncest/TabooThrough My Oldest Son Ch. 03

Through My Oldest Son Ch. 03


Challenged! How could I perform quickly? I had just butt fucked my hard assed son, shoving my cum deep in his ass. And my ass had taken all he had to offer. But if I could get hard first, I got to fuck his girlfriend Maria's ass right now! "Get hard dammit," I whispered out loud. I laughed to myself. Wouldn't that be a neat trick? Voice command erections.

My mind wandered. With one tit in my mouth, I glanced at Eric, still biting Maria's other nipple hard. His tongue extended to wet her tit flesh, his teeth grabbing her taut nipple, holding firmly as his tongue thrashed over her slick flesh. I grinned, watching him. My son! My first male butt fuck! My body shuddered. Damn, I had fucked my son's ass as his girlfriend spit on my cock, and masturbated in front of us. I had repeatedly slammed my hips against his hard, muscular ass, our flesh slapping loudly as I buried my 9 ½ inch cock balls deep in my son's ass. My hip muscles flexed slightly, making my cock chub. I bit down harder on Maria's nipple. Grunting, she pushed her tit deeper in my mouth.

"Why Daddy," Maria grunted. She pulled me hard to her tit, shoving more flesh into my mouth. She growled deeply. I reached down her torso, my fingertips sliding between her lips. Wet, slick, I moved up and down her slit slowly, pushing my middle finger into her hole. I could feel her, her body arched, her legs splayed slightly as she hissed, "Yes." My thoughts turned to getting rigid. I wanted to be hard, to drive my cock deep into this vixen's body. I wanted to feel her scream as I drove deep, followed quickly by my son in the remaining hole. I wanted us collectively to fuck this young woman, to drive our cocks hard into her lithe body, to piston together, alternating on occasion to stretch her holes, to fill her womb and ass with our family juices. My cock grew harder as I pictured us flailing at her body, slamming our flesh against hers, our cocks filling her body, stuffing each orifice with our cocks, then spitting forth enough cum to choke a horse. I grew harder still. I chewed harder on her nipple, shoving my finger completely into her wet cunt. I thrashed my finger in and out, round and round, opening her, spreading her hole wide.

I wanted to fuck her ass, have her lay on me, buried deep in her private hole. As she slid down, I wanted Eric to watch, see her cunt open, move forward, and impale her, sandwiching her between us. I wanted to make her scream!

"Fuck I'm hard," I grunted out loud. "I need your ass now!" I groaned.

I moved quickly, lying on my back, my rigid cock standing, waiting for her crab walk over me, offering her ass to the engorged head. She moved quickly as well, grabbing my cock, sliding it up and down her slit. Finding her cunt, she slammed down once, twice, grinding her hips against me. Pulling up, she pushed my cock to her rectum, and slowly lowered her body. Pressuring her tight ring, the head exploded through as she humped down on me. Arching her hips, she lifted, slammed down, and repeated as I held on for dear life. Grunting, slamming down, she ground her ass flush against me hips, my cock buried deep.

"Eric, stick your cock in my cunt," Maria growled. Rotating her hips, she ground my cock deeper as Eric approached, his stiff cock rigid, standing from his body. Shuffling up the bed, he lined his cock to her closed hole. As he pressed forward, I could feel his cock slide along my buried cock. "Fuck!" shouted Maria. "Hard!" she screamed. She humped back and forth, legs lifting high over Eric's hips, giving him direct line to fill her. I humped my hips upwards, shoving as much cock as I could into her ass. I could feel Eric pushing down on us, his cock sliding into her body. As he buried his cock, we got a rhythm going, each pulling back, slamming forward again. I think our minds met like thoughts, to fuck this vixen hard, use her to meet our sexual needs. As we pounded her, my mind lost all alternative focus. Lost in this moment, this ravaging of Maria, I became my cock, fucking hard, shoving every inch into her ass over and over as Eric pounded her wet cunt. Our grunts grew louder, our moans stronger as we became a fucking entity only to fulfill our carnal desires. My cock, completely engorged, somehow grew larger as my nuts filled my sac that instant before spewing forth my cum.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed, my hips arching hard, holding as my orgasm triggered. Thrusting hard, my balls spit forth, sending jet after jet of cum into my shaft, my muscles squeezed hard, spitting forth deep into her ass. "Yes!" I grunted with each contraction of my orgasm.

Although first to reach my orgasm, Eric followed instantly thereafter. "Argh!" he grunted, slamming his cock forward, driving it deep beside my pulsating cock in her ass. We fucked her hard, slamming our bodies against her, thrashing her holes unmercifully, repeatedly. I was holding her hip bones, slamming her down on my shuddering cock, Eric pulled hard on her shoulders as he humped forward, pulling himself deeper into her cunt.

And Maria. Her head thrashed back and forth, her hair flying as we pounded her petite body. I could feel her body tense, her muscles contract, her hips flailing up and down, taking each cock as best she could. One hand on my wrist, her nails dug into my flesh. Her other arm draped over Eric's shoulder, I assumed, her nails scratching his back. Several minutes passed, our bodies slowing penetrations, each cock growing limp. Our ragged breathing was now returning to normal. Maria had thrown her head back, over my shoulder beside my head.

"Best orgasm ever," she repeated huskily over and over to no one in particular. "Oh fuck! Oh my god!" she continued. I could feel her squeeze her legs, flex her ass as she lay between our sweaty bodies. I could finally breathe, form words.

"My god," I whispered. "That was incredible," I continued. Eric's head lay on her shoulder, his body limp.

"Fucking unbelievable," he whispered. I felt him push his hips down against Maria. Nothing said, just humping her flesh softly. As the pressure built slightly, I arched my hips, trying to keep my deflating cock in her ass. My cock slipped from her ass. I rolled to my side, pushing both bodies off me. Flopping on my back, I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with fresh air. I did not want to see my cock, concerned it might be coated with. My mind turned to other thoughts. I rolled over, jumped up and headed for my shower.

After adjusting the water for a quick, hot shower, I entered my steam shower alone. I washed my body thoroughly. I pictured Eric, his naked hairy ass high before me, my cock pushing at his asshole. Looking beyond him, I saw his mom underneath him. I froze! I wonder if his mother would join us? I wonder if he could fuck her, his rigid cock plummeting into her wet depths as I fucked his ass? Would she be grossed out? Would she think it hot as Maria did? I shuddered, knowing I had fucked this vixen again. I stroked my cock, pulling the chubbed flesh firmly. "Damn," I muttered out loud. I was horny again. I finished my shower, dried myself off, and exited the bathroom. I walked back to Eric's room. Not surprisingly, I heard them before seeing them. I found him standing beside the bed, his rigid cock buried in Maria's ass, pounding her hard, his hips slapping her flesh, filling the bedroom with the sounds.

I noted her hand buried between her legs, masturbating furiously as he hammered her. It would not be long before she reached orgasm again. God this young woman was sexy. I jumped on the bed, rolled over to offer her my ass. I wanted licked! She knew, and quickly buried her face between my cheeks. Her tongue danced over my clean asshole. She growled deeply, pressing forward against me with each thrust from Eric. Her tongue did magic on my body. I felt her orgasm, her hesitation in licking was evident as her orgasm passed through her body. As it diminished, Eric exploded in her ass. Her moans were almost enough to cause an instant orgasm on my part. Eric pounded her ass for several more minutes, her lust growing with each thrust. My cock rigid, I rolled to my back, hoping she would mount me and fuck my brains out.

As Eric pulled out of her ass, she moved to my thighs, her lips kissing me softly, her hands stroking my aching cock and overworked balls. Kissing her way up, she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. Driving down hard, she devoured my cock, forcing her face flush to my skin as my cock reached completely down her throat. Pulling up, she offered my cock to Eric.

"Come share Daddy," she offered. Eric moved quickly to lie beside her, each wrapping a handful of fingers around my rigid cock. First one, then the other would swirl their tongues around my cock head, then watch as the other slammed my precious meat down their throats. They each nibbled up one side of my cock, meeting over the head to give a sloppy kiss, my cock head, their tongues, and lips all playing in the mix. My balls churned, wanting to erupt once more. While I did not care who swallowed my cum, I really wanted Maria to suck my balls dry. So I willed my cock to orgasm, wanting to erupt with her turn. My next several minutes were "on" and "off" depending who was sucking my cock. When Maria's finger dived into my ass, I lost it. It was time to cum just as Maria slid over me, impaling her face. I grabbed the back of her head, forcing her down deep on my cock. My balls exploded, jettisoning my cum up and into her mouth. Several spurts later, my cock was done, totally overworked for the morning. No juices left, and quickly deflating.

Maria reached to Eric, opened her mouth, showing a mouthful of cum. Eagerly, Eric kissed her hard, sharing my fluids. I almost gagged. I was done. I did not want to think about a male sexual encounter at the moment. Returning to my room, I dressed and headed down stairs. I heard the shower start in the hall bathroom, and assumed they were finishing the morning off with a shower fuck. My little brain took over, and again, my weary cock chubbed. "God I love sex" I muttered under my breath, reaching to adjust my cock.

About an hour later, Maria bounded down the stairs, fully dressed. She moved quickly to me, grabbing my crotch and stroking my flaccid cock. "Thanks!" she whispered in my ear, hugging me close. "God I love your cocks!" she stated, leaning to kiss me. "Gotta run," she finished, turned and headed out. "I get you again," she stated as she turned to throw me a kiss. "Do you think Mom would join us?" she threw out. She disappeared quickly.

I sat somewhat stunned. But why not? If we could introduce the thought to Mom, why the hell not? She could use a good fuck! Maybe the thought of fucking her son would trigger some latent desires. Maybe she would have us committed. Somehow, we were going to find out.

The next several days were interesting. Several times, Eric would grin ear to ear, lick his lips, and tease me. Getting even bolder, he walked around the house in his boxers one morning, grabbing his breakfast, and heading back to his room.

"What's got into your son," his mother asked me in passing later that morning? "He should be more concerned about his nakedness," she continued. I noted the movement of her eyes, the look gave way to other thoughts she was having. Having studied mannerisms, I knew she was visually reviewing the memory triggered by the comment she made. "I think he had an erection," she said absentmindedly. "A big erection," she muttered further. "What do you think?" she asked pointedly.

"I think," I drew out the words. "I think we should go fuck our brains out!" I offered, walking over to the counter and pressing my cock to her ass. I humped her as she tilted her waist, driving her ass to my crotch.

"Oh Baby Baby! I want your big cock!" she whispered, teasing me. "Oh yeah baby," she continued, mocking me.

"Mine or Eric's," I asked?

For that instant, her eyes again betrayed her thoughts. I saw her look in her mind, picturing her stud son, grabbing her hips, slamming his cock in and out of her mothers cunt. An devilish look crossed her face.

"Both Baby!" she growled. "I'll take door number 2," she laughed grinding her hips harder against me. I could not believe what I heard.

"Let me see what I can arrange," I stated, swatting her rump as I moved away.

"Yeah right!" she responded, moving to wash the dishes.

"Come to our room in 10-mins," I dared her.

A look of total panic crossed her face, her mouth opened, but no words escaped. Her mind was turning my comment over in her head at 100mph. She knew I was kidding.

I headed upstairs quickly. I wanted to grab Eric, head to our room, and be ready for Mother. My mind raced, how should we be as she entered the bedroom? I wanted to be buried balls deep behind him, fucking his ass hard as she entered, both stark naked, our bodies rippled, Adonis bodies, fucking hard. I wanted Eric's cock rigid, dangling for his Mother to see. I wanted her breath to be sucked from her body as she watched me hammer his sweet ass. I wanted to instruct her to crawl under him, take him deep in her mouth and throat as he tasted her nectars. I wanted her screaming as he brought her to her first of many orgasms with us.

But then reality hit. Maybe a slightly slower approach should be used. Maybe we should both be naked, me kneeling at the bed, his rigid cock sliding in and out of my mouth as she entered the room. I would have Eric look to her face, watch her, see her mouth gape, her tongue extending. I would have Eric pull me up, offer his cock to her. I would watch her move quickly to us, kneeling with me, slowly taking her son's cock in her hands, moving to take him into her wanting mouth. I could almost feel her excitement as she touched him, licked him, and devoured him. I would move to share him, kissing around his shaft as she sucked him, maybe take his hairy balls into my mouth. I could feel him arch to us, driving his cock into Mom's face.

And then I knew what I wanted. I wanted to fuck her doggy as she first tasted her son's forbidden fruit, sucked his juices into her mouth. I wanted to pound her cunt to submission hard, pulling forcibly on her hip bones, pounding forward as she sucked his rigid cock deep into her mouth. I wanted to feel her pulse, her cunt squeezing me, pulling me as she lost all thought sucking her young son, wanting to taste him, swallow his sweet juices. Yes, we would be on the bed, his rigid cock standing between splayed legs, his cock and hairy balls on display for his Mother as she entered the room. I would be the side show, my cock standing, rigid, but her focus would be on her son, a new, forbidden taboo act.

I explained to Eric want we were to do. He moved at lightning speed with me, wanting to share his Mother as much as I wanted her shared. My balls ached, my cock was so fucking hard I could have fucked a steel post. We jumped on our bed, adjusting Eric's angle so he was totally displayed as Mother entered the room.

We heard her coming up the stairs. She hesitated, knowing a big joke was coming when she entered the room. "Ha ha," she muttered as she stepped through the double wide doors. She stopped in mid step, seeing both Eric and I naked on the bed. "What," she grunted, stopping in mid sentence.

"Mother," Eric stated. "I have a hard cock for you," he said. She glanced to me. I shrugged my shoulders, pointing to his cock. Eric fisted it, stroking up and down his shaft. "Come here Mother," he instructed her. Moving slowly to the bed, each foot forced to move, she stopped at the side, never taking her eyes off Eric's cock. "Take your clothes off for us Mother," Eric instructed again. Again, she glanced to me. I grinned at her, nodding affirmatively.

She hesitated. "But," she said, drawing the word out.

"Becky, take your clothes off," I offered to her, approving the action. Now quite flushed, her hands moved to lift her t-shirt, pulling it quickly up and over her head. Tossing it to the floor, she reached to unhook her bra, slowing pulling it from her tits. Her nipples were rigid, puffy. I loved her pencil eraser like nipples. Standing so big, so hard, they were just fucking chewable. Her arms crossed over her tits, again looking to Eric. He fisted his cock from the base, stroking upwards, a glob of precum glistening in the eye.

"Mother, get your shorts off. This is yours," he stated, pointing his cock to her. She moved quickly, dropping her shorts and panties to the floor. Bending at the waist as I planned, she slid her hands up Eric's thighs, slowly approaching his cock and balls.

"Oh God," she growled out softly. Her right had grabbed his cock from him, her fingers wrapping around his flesh easily, quickly. She stroked him up and down, bubbling the precum in the eye. Her tongue extended, she poked into the eye as her lips sealed over his cock head. She tasted him, groaning as she did. I reached to her, stoking her back lightly as she glanced to me. Offering encouragement, I pushed her forward, wanting to impale her on his magnificent cock. Her eyes twinkled, lust filling them as her mouth opened, her tongue swirled around the cock head in her mouth, and she slowly slid down his cock. Eric's fingers intertwined in her hair, pulling her forward, driving his hips up to her mouth, lips. As his cock slid into her throat, her body shuddered slightly. Her mouth opened wider around his shaft, she pushed down again, taking him completely into the depths of her mouth and throat.

"Oh fuck Mother," Eric muttered, lifting his hips to impale her. "Yes!" he continued.

I moved quickly, almost jumping off the bed. I moved behind Becky, kneeling on the floor. I put my hands on her thighs, slowly sliding them upwards. Even at her age, I marveled at the shape and firmness of her body. I was so glad we had continued our athletic ways over the years. I moved to her, my tongue licking the crack of her ass. Her body jumped from the touch. Taking each globe in my thumb and hand, I lifted the butt slightly, spreading the cheeks to bury my face deep in her crack, my tongue extending to ream her wet hole. I sloshed around her, her juices flowing hard. Soaking wet, her hips tilted, her feet spread slightly, she offered her cunt to me. I licked her, thrusting my tongue into her hole repeatedly. I shoved two fingers in with one thrust. Grunting, she dipped her hips, forcing me deep. I moved to stand, driving my fingers in and out of her wet cunt. Within seconds, I placed my rigid cock at her entrance, grabbed her hip bones, and pushed forward savagely. My cock exploded through her opening. With three quick thrusts and withdrawals, I was buried completely in her cunt. I fucked her hard, slamming my hips against her.

She held on to Eric, grabbing his hip, forcing her mouth down his cock. We got an acceptable timing in my thrusts, her bobs that was good for all of us. I hammered her, slamming my body against her flesh so hard, the slapping sounds filled the bedroom. And Eric, grunting, gasping for breath joined my loud enunciations as well.

"Yes Mother," Eric was screaming. "God Mother! Suck my big fucking cock!" he grunted. "Swallow my cum Mother!" he shouted, his hips jumping up off the bed. His face winced, muscles flexing hard. I could almost feel each spurt of cum as it bounced against the back of her throat. Her headed thrashed his young cock, her sucking sounds evident as she bobbed her head faster and faster on his cock. Her hands squeezed the base, stroking upwards, getting every drop of cum from his tubes. She growled deeply, her head plastered against his pubs, grinding his cock flesh into her mouth hard. She literally humped his cock with her mouth, thrashing in every direction, her mouth suctioned hard against the deflating flesh.

I slammed forward, grinding my body against her, my cock enlarging. I hesitated as my balls erupted in orgasm. My knees buckled slightly as I thrust upwards, forcing even more cock into her cunt. Spurt after spurt jettisoned into her body. About the second spurt, her body convulsed, her muscles squeezing hard as her body erupted into her own orgasm. I slammed her harder as she chewed on Eric's cock meat. She moved to suck his hairy balls into her mouth, pumping his now flaccid cock as her thumb rolled over the head over and over again. Gasping, grunting, we fucked for the final minute or two of our orgasms. I slowed my thrusts, pulling our bodies together hard, feeling my cock slither in the wetness, the softness of her soaked cunt. Our bodies glistened with a sheen of sweat. I humped her once again, grinding our sexes together.

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