tagNon-EroticThrown Into A New World

Thrown Into A New World


Sean smiled at Cortney as he ordered a chicken burger, and a bottle of water,

"What time are you free?" He asked.

"I'm working!" She tutted, "Do you have any idea-"

Sean rolled his eyes, and interrupted " Yeah yeah, I can see that."

He smiled as she scrambled around, trying to not draw attention.

"Um, could I have that in a bag, to go?" He asked as he payed for the food.

He lowered his voice to a whisper.

"Listen, I know it's been a while. But we really need to catch up.."

People turned their direction, as Sean's voice carried volume even when he whispered.

He sighed as he felt his face flush red. "Listen.. Can.. Uh, meet me when you get free off your shift work..?" He managed to stammer out.

She smiled and gave him a nod.

"Go home and eat, before it gets cold."

He swallowed hard, feeling his mouth go dry as he nodded in return, and left the building.


"One moment" He said as he unlocked the door to let Cortney in.

"So what was all that about? "

She asked as he went to the bathroom.

"Hm? Oh yeah, that, well.." His voice trailed off as he fussed with his hair in the mirror, and thought of how he should say it.

"Some shit has been going down with me lately, and well, let's just say I've gotten new friends and companions because of it."

"Oh? What are you talking about..?" She looked at him, puzzled.

"Alright, I'll stop being vague."

He motioned for her to sit down, and he did as well.

"Where do I even begin..." He thought for a moment.

"I've come to terms with who I am, and my outlook on everything has changed because of this."

He watched her face to gauge her reaction, as he played with his crystal in his left hand.

She frowned at him.

"Is that all you wanted to say? Why couldn't you say that at the resterau-"

she stopped as he closed his eyes and shook his head.

He continued:

"But, one sentence doesn't do justice to the events that have taken place over the last four or so months."

She met his gaze. And his eyes reflected a deep, deep knowing and wisdom beyond his years.

She let out a sigh.

"Alright, this will take a while won't it?" She shifted in her chair and leaned back, trying to get comfy.

He gave a slow nod, and she returned the nod.

Sean inhaled deeply, and then let out a soft chuckle, sensing the serious tension in the room.

She frowned, caught off guard by his randomness, then smiled.

"So?..." She prodded.

"Alright," Sean started, "My interest in the supernatural, has caused me to "walk along the edge of how the world thinks" he did the quotey motion with his fingers,

"and well, doing this and trying to understand, and deeply wish to interact with supernatural beings, must've given off some sort of "glimmer" from inside me."

He looked at Cortney and paused a moment to let what he had said sink in, and she nodded.

He went on to say:

"So, one morning, I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and singing, and I thought "how peaceful ", and well, I must've smiled or something."

He thought for a moment as he gazed into the channeling/ transmitter crystal he was fiddling with.

"So, I listened to the birds as I slipped back into sleep."

He took a deep breath, then looked straight into her eyes, almost as if he could see into her.

She shifted her gaze away from the intensity of his stare.

"Sorry, I haven't learned to fully control that yet." He said, and oddly his words echoed in her mind as he said that.

"Control what?" She asked, looking back into his eyes.

He tapped his forehead and between his eyes, earning him a puzzled look from Cortney.

"But still, miss, you're a vampire, and while you may not be the kind that's out for blood, this stuff shouldn't surprise a psi- vamp."

He stated with a cheeky smirk.

"Whuuu..?" She muttered.

He took another deep breath, continuing,

"But in my dream, I was still in my room, laying on my back on the bed, ..but I couldn't move."

She tilted her head as she asked,

"Well why couldn't you-"

Cutting her off, he went on.

"So... I watched as, above my feet, on my wall, some kind of computer program that was projected onto the wall by a projector or something, started doing stuff on it's own."

He bit his lip as he thought for a moment.

"Then I was like, was terrified and filled with dread- that's an understatement by the way"

He looked at her as she raised her eyebrows and then tilted her head.

"And, well, I just *knew*, that whatever was being projected onto my wall, was everything so fucked up, so twisted and demented, dark, it was everything horrific, that I did NOT want to see, so I ripped my gaze away from the wall, and by this time in my dream, I clearly knew I was under attack."

He sighed, and she placed her thumb over her lips and nodded slowly.

"So let me get this straight. You were attacked, in your own dream." She said, somewhat skeptical.

To which he just smiled, and met her eyes, and she caught a somewhat.. Jaded, empty, and aged, but amused glimmer in his eyes.

He leaned back on his chair and continued,

"So, I turned my gaze to my doorway, and was reduced to a grown man crying for his mother."

She watched him think for a second, and then continue,

"I expected her to come, I tried yelling "Mooooomm!"

But I couldn't even make an audible squeak,"

He looked up, recollecting the memory,

"I blinked.

And in my doorway, was another being. A living body of shadow and darkness."

"Holy fuck, " she muttered, " you've been attacked by not one being, but two?"

He responded with a gaze that contained no emotion, but was incredibly intense. He went on,

"It was breathing like it had water stuck in it's throat, kindof like strangled gargling, if you can picture that."

She furrowed her brow, her eyes widening, and Sean kept going,

"It seemed to say mentally: 'your mom can't save you now..'

And I was so, utterly, helpless."

He bit his lip.

"Go on..." she said.

"This body of shadow chanted something, like it was weaving a spell.. I know whatever it chanted, was something I should've remembered, but I was horrified and shaken up to my core, so I chose to forget.."

His eyes seemed distant for a moment.

"Sean?" Cortney asked after a longer that normal silence.

"Oh, sorry, I zoned out."

He said gently, and shook himself a bit as fresh energy surged through his body, then went on to say,

"And in that *instant* I started kicking the entity on my wall, as hard as I could fuckin' muster."

He smiled a bit, and proudly added;

"Not light kicks, it was the kind of kick with the power to make a man go rolling backwards. I felt the impacts of like 15 consecutive kicks."

She shook her head, and smiled,

"You know, if I weren't a psi-vamp, I would be calling you bat-shit crazy right now?"

He flashed her a smile,

"Which is why I'm telling you, ms. Fangs." He teased, then went on as she laughed,

"And I woke up, like the snap of a finger.

I broke free of the sleep paralysis,

*and my legs weren't kicking*"

He stated excitedly,

"Both entities were gone, and after, I just rolled over onto my left side and sobbed quietly, knowing that I'd never want to drag anyone into what just happened, and I was pissed at myself for trying to yell for help."

He let out a soft sigh.

"Normally one isn't suppose to be able to break free of sleep paralysis" she stated.

"I know, which is what made it interesting." He said in return.

He stood up, offering his hand to Cortney,

"Come on, let's take a walk as I tell you more." He said with a kind smile.


He watched his feet as he walked,

And took in a deep breath as he stretched the stiffness out of his body from sitting too long.

After a while, he looked up to meet Cortney's gaze, who was eyeing him curiously.

"How much more is there?" She asked.

He chuckled as she watched his eyes watch the sky... No.. He was watching stuff fly around *in* the sky.

"There's a lot more," he said, looking to her and meeting her gaze,

"...uhh, what?" He frowned at the strange look Cortney gave him.

"What are you watching?"

She asked, looking up at the sky then back at Sean.

He just smiled, and tapped his forehead between his eyes again,

"I'll get to that. But first, I'll get on with telling you more of what's happened recently"

He took a deep breath, smelling the air, playing with the crystal in his pocket.

Cortney felt her phone go off, and said "one second," as she responded to a text, and put it away, then nodded at Sean, cueing him to continue,

"You didn't have to wait, you know." She added.

He smiled and shrugged, and thought for a second,

"I started meditating, developing my third eye," he said as he looked at her, tapping his forehead between his eyes, and gave her a smirk,

"So I knew at that point I'm in a get tough or die situation..."

"So you're telling me, that you're developing your third eye?"

She questioned.

He nodded.

"Everyone has it, they were just never told about it. So, they're kept ignorant of it, and become indoctrinated from a young age,"

He paused for a second, recollecting his thoughts,

" let me show you how early the indoctrination starts,"

He looked at Cortney, and she was frowning back at him,

"What does one plus one equal?"

He asked.

"Two, why, what does that have to do with anythi-" she started asking, with a puzzled look on her face.

Sean interrupted her,

"Why does it equal two?"

He observed her as she thought for a moment,

Cortney sighed as she shook her head,

" because it just does.."

Sean shook his head as well, smiled, and then softly said,

" no, one plus one is two, because you are told to believe that. "

He watched her face as a shocked look of confusion lit up her face.

She looked at him, her eyes wide.

"Holy shit. You *have* gone bat shit crazy,"

She smiled, teasing him as he laughed.

Sean shrugged, and said,

"Well, after being attacked by two entities that feed off fear, everything I knew just didn't seem real anymore.."

She watched him as he thought for a moment.

"Now, the next lucid dream.."

He said, walking towards the creek pathway,

"I was at like, a social dinner party,

And suddenly, I hear a ruckus out of the only exit to the large room, which is on the 50th floor of a building."

He stopped as he waited for two people to pass before he continued,

"Seven, bulky men, started coming into the room, one after the other,"

He said with a sigh,

"All of them were walking in my direction, and they didn't want a friendly chat, that's for sure."

Sean took a deep breath in and looked at Cortney, who was nodding her head.

"Geez, seven guys were after you?" She said, her eyes wide.

"Yup, " he laughed,

"I watched as they walked through the people sitting, as if they weren't even hindered by the obstacles."

He went on to say,

" two were going left, three straight towards me, and two were going right, they wanted to surround me."

He shook his head, smiling.

"So, I looked across the table,

And saw a blonde, shoulder length straight haired girl, lightly freckled face, beautiful eyes - we locked eachother in a gaze, and I knew that I know her, she was wearing a red plaid shirt, and hnnnnng, oh damnn, that smile!"

Cortney tilted her head,

"Wait, you know that girl? "

Sean smiled with his eyes closed, and nodded, and went on to say,

" I love that girl. I felt my face burn hot and red, and gave her a nod as these seven guys got closer."

"Who is sheee?!" Cortney prodded, curious.

Sean smiled bigger and didn't answer, continuing his story,

"I stood up, ran towards the window, and ran straight through the window with my arms blocking glass from getting to my face. "

He paused for a second,

"Again, I was on the 50th floor...

About four times I slowed down my fall, by slowing my freefall into a levitation."

Cortney let her jaw drop.

"Whoa, so you just went and ran through the window on the 50th floor?!"

"I know, looking back on it, it was a crazy thing to do,"

He muttered,

"But I sure as hell wasn't sticking around to let those guys get to me."

They both laughed.

Sean continued,

"Once I got to the ground, safely,

I quite literally ran like the wind, through crowds of people, across water to some boat.

I escaped."

"I still wanna know who that girl you love is."

Cortney stated firmly.

Sean bit his lip,

"I'll get to that,"

He said, thinking for a second, turning around and added,

"I'll tell you the rest as we walk back home. I mean, I'll walk you home. It's starting to get dark, and yeah."

They walked off the path as Sean threw a rock into the creek, and walked backwards as he watched the water reflecting the setting sun ripple.

Turning around and walking normally, he took a deep breath again.

"So?" Cortney asked, trying to coax him to tell her about the girl.

Sean smiled, and continued,

"And during one meditation, I decided to gaze up into the sky,

With my third eye opened,

And I saw orbs of energy zipping around in every random direction.

It was really beautiful..."

She watched his eyes glaze over as he reminisced about the experience.

"So yeah..." Sean thought for a moment,

"Now, the most recent thing of importance..."

He took a deep breath,

"Whenever I meditate, and like ten minutes into it, I feel this sensation of this vast, immense size, expand from my body."

He looked at her as she tilted her head to show her intrigue, then he continued,

"It makes my body feel like the size of a speck of dust, compared to the size of a house.. Let that size difference sink in for a moment."

He watched her face as he smiled,

then kept going,

"So, remember when you said; "You don't quite seem human, but I cannot tell what you are?"

He quoted, then added as she nodded,

"Cortney. I've learned that, it's very likely that I'm otherkin. A roc. You know those bigass birds? Yeah."

There was a long pause.

"Holy shit. " she breathed,

"What's it like? You know, being a roc otherkin?"

Sean thought for a moment.

"Well, it feels like I'm incredibly strong, a huge sense of nobility, and I feel fuckin' bigger than a house whenever I feel my otherkin form expand from my body, no, I feel big enough to use the cn tower as a toothpick."

He looked at Cortney, who was still awestruck about what he had just said, and added,

"Yeah, Now about that girl you wanted to know about. She's a female angel I'm in a relationship with."

"So," she said after a long pause,

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because I felt that I needed to inform you, and.."

His voice trailed off as he thought for a moment.

"And?" She prodded.

"And I feel like some awesome shit is gunna start to take place."

He said, taking a deep breath as if he was ready to take on the world.

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