tagIncest/TabooThrown Out, My Niece Comes to Stay

Thrown Out, My Niece Comes to Stay


My phone rang, waking me, and I picked it up, still groggy and confused.

A woman's voice that I didn't recognize asked, "You're home?"

"Yes, of course." Not only was she talking to me on my land-line phone, it was after 2 in the morning.

"I'm coming right over, so don't leave." She hung up, not giving me a chance to ask who it was or why she was coming over so late at night.

Forty minutes later, I heard a loud banging on my bedroom window. I have a ground-level apartment in a multi-unit building that is part of a large complex.

After I buzzed the door and waited in my apartment's open door, my eighteen-year-old niece came down the hall. She was crying.

When I saw her, I placed the voice on the phone. It had been her mother, my brother's ex-wife.

I hadn't seen her niece since my brother's divorce five years before, when she'd been thirteen. My brother is a top sergeant in the Army, in Afghanistan.

So far as I knew, my niece still lived with her mother. "What happened, sweetie? Where is she?"

I let her in and she sat on my couch. I sat next to her. For a long time she just cried. I put my arms around her.

Once she'd calmed somewhat, I repeated my question. "What happened? Where's your mom?"

"She drove off. She only got out of the car to bang on your window and to pull me out of the car. She just drove off and left me here. I was crying and she was so angry."

"What's wrong? Have you two been fighting?"

"She called me names."

"What names?"

"Slut, whore, tramp."

"What happened, did she catch you with a boy?" They were very religious. So was my brother.

In spite of her tears, my niece giggled. "She caught me with Fred."

"Fred is your boyfriend?"

"No, Fred is her boyfriend."

"Caught you doing what with him?"

"He was in my room. She was asleep, was supposed to be asleep."

I felt a flash of anger and fear. "He was molesting you?" I love my niece.

She didn't answer.

"Was he touching you?"

"Yes. He makes me take off everything. He fingers me and makes me suck him, makes me swallow all his goo so that there'll be no evidence." She stressed the last word.

She went on, "He even makes me open my mouth to show that I swallowed it. He said that I couldn't tell anyone because no one would believe me without evidence. And now that mom caught him, she blames me, as if I seduced him!"

"That's terrible, sweetie." I felt rage.

She giggled even though she was still crying. "Like I'd want him, want Fred. He doesn't bathe and he smells even when he does. He says nasty things when he drinks and gets so angry. He hits her, but she loves him. She makes excuses for him all the time. She met him at our church, one of the brothers. They are going to get married."

I knew that my former sister-in-law went to church every Sunday and spent a lot of time there during the week too. My brother was very religious too.

I didn't know what to say. I imagined beating Fred's head with my ball-peen hammer until his blood and his brains oozed out of his ears.

"Can I stay here?" she asked.

"Of course, sweetie. I can sleep on the couch, and we can see if they have a two-bedroom tomorrow."

My unit only had one bedroom, and we were sitting on the couch.

"No, uncle Mike, I can sleep on the couch, and we don't need to find a more expensive place."

"The couch is pretty lumpy." I knew because I sometimes fell asleep on it while watching TV. I have a small TV next to my bed, but I seldom watch it.

"So you shouldn't give up your bed for me."

I laughed because we were already arguing. I'd never had any children, so I had only imagined what it would be like to have teenagers.

She was still clinging to me, crying.

"Did your mom leave you any clothes?"

She laughed again and tried to swallow her tears. "No. She yelled at me when she caught Fred in my room, and Fred went out, banging the door, and got in his car and drove off. She told me to get dressed and then just dragged me out to the car and made me get in. She was yelling at me and calling me filthy names the whole time."

"Maybe your mom will come to her senses and throw Fred out and take you back."

"I don't want to ever go back, even if Fred is gone for good."

"Okay, you can stay here, as long as you want, if that's what you want."

I sat there holding her while she cried. After a long time, she seemed to fall asleep. I tried to get up, to go into my own room, go to my bed, but she woke when I tried to disentangle myself from her arms.

She wasn't crying any more, but she still clung to me.

"I need to lie down, sweetie, and you need to lie down too."

"Can I sleep next to you tonight?"

"Sure, honey."

We went into my room. I have a queen-sized bed. "You want to wash up or something? You can wear one of my tee-shirts. I can call in to work tomorrow to take a personal day, and we'll go shopping for you in the morning."

"I don't want to be any trouble."

"You're not, sweetie."

"I need to pee, and I guess I should wash my panties for tomorrow. Mom didn't even give me time to put on a bra."

I'd never liked my sister-in-law.

I realized that my niece was going to sleep next to me in just a tee-shirt, with nothing on under it.

"Sure, honey, you can leave your undies to soak in the sink or hang them up in the tub."

"That won't bother you?"

"No, of course not."

"Mom didn't like that, me leaving my undies hanging in the bathroom."

"I'm not your mother. Besides, what else can we do? It's too late to use the washer and the dryer." We were not supposed to use them after 9 P.M. or before 7 A.M. so as to avoid bothering other tenants.

She giggled. "I guess you're right. Can I take a shower?"

"Sweetie, my home is your home now."

"Thanks, uncle Mike."

I laid down while she was in the bathroom and pulled the covers up over me.

I'd put on my sweatpants after I'd gotten the mystery call. I normally sleep naked, other than a tee-shirt.

I lay there, while she was in the bathroom, listening to the shower run. I'd left the light next to my bed on, so that she could see her way in the unfamiliar bedroom.

When she came back, she had the towel wrapped around her hips. Her pert, teenage b-cup breasts were bare and bouncing slightly with each of her steps. I realized that she'd not taken one of my tee-shirts into the bathroom with her because I'd forgotten to tell her where they were.

My eyes widened, but she didn't say anything. But she sort of smirked at me.

I pointed and said, "My tee-shirts are in the second drawer from the bottom."

She went and got one of them, and, with her back to me, dropped her towel and slipped the tee-shirt on, but not before I got a good look at her round, sexy, eighteen-year-old butt, as well as the rest of the back of her naked body. She even bent over for a few seconds.

She came and crawled in bed with me and snuggled against me and put her arms around me. Her body felt warm and soft, and she smelled wonderful.

I put my arms around her. She clung to me and began to cry again. After a long while, she said, "Thank you, uncle Mike."

"Sure, sweetie, no problem. You're my favorite niece."

"I'm your only niece."

I laughed, but she didn't. Within a few minutes, she was asleep, but I couldn't sleep. She was far too distracting.

I awoke with a start during the night. Her head was on my chest, and she had slipped her hand into my loose-fitting sweatpants. She was holding my hard cock. She was snoring lightly, so I knew that she was asleep.

I gently pulled her hand away from my penis and out of my pants. I got up and went into the bathroom, peed and then jacked off. I washed up and slipped back into bed with her.

When I woke up in the morning, she was holding my cock again, and it was hard again. She was still asleep.

I lay there wondering what I should do. I decided to let her wake up and discover for herself where her hand was, if it was still there when she awoke.

It wasn't easy, but I fell back asleep that way, with her holding my erect penis.

When I woke up, she was cooking us breakfast. She'd put on her clothes from the night before.

I called into work and took the day off. I told her that there was a washer and a drier in the building. She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower running again. She came out in just her lavender panties, with her apple-sized teenage titties staring me in the face.

My eyes popped again, and she giggled and asked, "Does it bother you? I don't have anything to wear."

I stammered that it was okay, and repeated that my house was hers, and said that she could put on another tee-shirt if she wanted, and added that that I could wash her panties too.

I assumed that I'd have to wash her her few things since she coludn't go to my building's common laundry room in just a tee-shirt.

She surprised me again when peeled her panties off right in front of me, so that she was completely naked. Her pussy was bald.

I was looking too, probably with my mouth open. "I'm sorry, uncle Mike. I guess I'm used taking my stuff off in front of Fred when mom wasn't around. He made me do it, made me shave down there too."

"It's okay, my house is your house now," I repeated, felling like a doofus for saying the same thing over and over. But I couldn't think about anything but her breasts, her bald pussy and the rest of her naked body.

A girl in just her panties had always excited me very much, and her little body was both beautiful and sexy, and now she was completely naked.

She went in my room and came out in a tee-shirt. I watched her naked round little butt wiggle back and forth as she walked away until she went into my room.

Once I had washed and dried her stuff, along with some towels and some my own clothes, she took them into my room and came out dressed as she had been when her mother dropped her off.

We talked about my taking her to school to register for the high school in my town.

She said, "I feel shy about going around in public in a tee-shirt with no bra," so we talked about going out to buy her some new clothes.

I got her one of my leather jackets, a bomber, and she put it on and zipped it all the way up. It was very big on her.

We went shopping, and I bought her clothes, letting her pick out what she wanted.

Her mother has always dressed her conservatively, and, despite her complete immodesty around me, she chose long skirts and long-sleeved shirts for herself.

She asked if she could get her undies in Victoria's Secret. She giggled and said, "Mom never let me shop there. She called the Victoria's Secret models whores."

In the Victoria's Secret store, she asked me what I thought of each thing that caught her eye. "Do you like this?" "Do you like that?" "Do you think I'd look cute in this?"

With her wearing some of her new clothes, including a bra, I also took her to my town's high school, to enroll her. I live some distance from her new school, so they told her where the bus stop was. It was already past 1 PM, and we told them that she'd be starting tomorrow.

Once home again, she set out to clean my apartment. I'm fairly neat and more than fairly clean, but she wasn't satisfied. She even rewashed all my dishes and pans, and she washed the inside of fridge and the freezer.

I heard her happily singing songs from her church as she cleaned.

I took a shower before bed, and went into my room.

Right before I did so, I said, "You have school tomorrow. You should hit the hey soon."

"I know. I'm just going to take a shower."

I lay there listening to her shower again. Unlike the night before, she sang in the shower, more songs from her church. She hadn't bought pajamas or a nightie. I was hoping that she'd come into my room again with just her towel around her waist again, to get a tee-shirt, so that I could see her perfect titties again.

Instead, she came into my room naked. "Can I borrow another tee-shirt?"

Her chocolate nipples looked hard and pointy. Her areolae are about the size of the old Kennedy half-dollars. I could see just the top of the bare gash between her legs. Her belly was flat, her waist narrow, and her hips swelled very nicely and her legs were long.

"Sure, sweetie, you can always help yourself. You wearing them saves me money on p.j.'s for you."

She giggled and went over to my chest of drawers. Still completely naked, but with her back to me, she bent over and rummaged in my drawer and put on one of my black tee-shirts. I'm over six feet tall, so it went down almost to her knees.

"Fred made me sleep naked, so that he could sneak into my room to finger me or just look at me whenever he wanted." She came along side my bed. "That couch is lumpy. Can I sleep with you again?"

"I guess, but I usually sleep in just a tee-shirt too, so I better put my sweatpants on."

She said, "That's okay, uncle Mike. You know that I saw Fred, even had his nasty cock in my mouth like dozens of times, so you ain't got nothing I ain't seen before."

"You sure it won't bother you, sweetie?"

She was still fixated on Fred and the things that he'd made her do. "He even made me show him my pussy too whenever mom wasn't looking, made me lift my nightie to show him." She lifted her tee-shirt and opened her legs to show what her mother's boyfriend had made her do. "I hated it. He'd look at me with this creepy look on his face."

I was looking at her bald pussy.

"He even made me flash him my tits." She lifted her shirt even higher, showing me her breasts.

She giggled and dropped the hem of her tee-shirt and crawled into bed next to me.

I asked, "Does it bother you when I look at you?"

"No, you don't look at me all creepy like Fred did, and besides, I love you. I guess that if it bothered me I'd cover up. But with all the stuff he made me do, it's like we could do anything, even have sex all the time, and it wouldn't bother me."

I started to speak, but she interrupted, "I mean you and me. If we fooled around, it wouldn't bother me at all, since he made me do it so much with him, and I love you so much."

I didn't know what to say to that, so I only said, "I want you feel at home here and feel so comfortable with me."

She snuggled against me. "I like this, uncle Mike. Can I sleep with you every night?"

"I guess so, sweetie. I sure like it too."

"Good." I laid back on my back with my head on my pillow, and she put her head on my chest and her hand on my stomach. I put my arm over her.

She said, "This is so nice."

"Yes, it is."

"I don't want to go back to mom's."

"I understand. You can stay here as long as you want."

"I hate her."

"You shouldn't talk that way about your mom."

"Fred snuck in my room every night for over a month. How could she not know? "I don't know, sweetie."

"I was eighteen already then, but she was still supposed to watch out for me. She knew that I'd started sleeping naked, but she didn't say anything. He used to pull me on his lap, with her right there." She started to cry. "Then he started with tickling me when she was in the other room, cooking or sewing or whatever, but then after a while, he'd do it right in front of her, and she'd get up and go in the other room, like she didn't want to see what he was doing."

"Your mom should've watched out for you."

"Sometimes he tickled my butt and my boobies. After a while, he started pulling my nightie up and pulling down my panties to smack and tickle my bare butt like I was a little kid instead of a woman, a girl of eighteen. I giggled and pretended that I liked it. But then he started fingering me. When he started doing that, fingering me, I stopped giggling whenever he did it, and then he started sneaking in my room at night."

She paused and lay there, just crying, and, after a long while, added, "But I hated it, hated him so much, and hated mom too for letting it happen."

"I bet. It's a terrible thing, sweetie." I simply didn't know what to say.

"The worst part was, sometimes, most times, after a while, it felt so good, really really good. I'd never went on a date because no boy ever asked me out, so no guy ever touched me, and in our church you're not supposed to do that stuff until we are married. Every day I hoped he wouldn't do it, but then after a while, when he when was doing it, fingering me, it felt so good that I didn't want him to stop. It hurt at first, he did it so rough, but then I started to like it, even loved it when he was really rough because it felt so good."

She pulled back the covers, uncovering both of us, and pulled up her tee-shirt half-way up her flat belly again and opened her legs, showing me. "See how he even made me shave smooth down here? He used to stick three and even four fingers all the way into me while he licked me."

I was looking again. Her hairless eighteen-year-old pussy was right in my face. She was leaking a white foam.

"I get so wet when I think about it, sometimes." She reached down and touched the foam.

She'd pulled back the covers off me too, and my semi-hard penis was right out in the open. She was looking back and forth between my face and my cock, smirking again.

Her eyes are somewhere between gray and sky blue. Her pussy was a beautiful little thing. Its lips were slightly parted. I could see that she was very wet.

She asked, "It doesn't bother you that I showed you?" She was still holding the hem of her tee-shirt up, with her legs parted, showing me her pussy.

"No, it's okay."

She giggled. "I guess I'm just so used to showing it to Fred."

She said, "I never saw a guy before, other than Fred. Yours is different. It's bigger than his, thicker and bigger, even when you're soft, and the head is different."

"I'm circumcised. Maybe he isn't."

"What does that mean?" she asked.

"Does he have like a sheaf of skin that covers the head?"

"Yes, it does. I hated it, but yours doesn't bother me."

"I'm a guy, so I only know my own penis, but on circumcised ones, there's like a tube of skin that pulls back, I think, to uncover the head."

"His was like that, so that the skin pulled back. He showed me how to pull the skin back." She made a face and giggled. "His sort of smelled like nasty cheese when I'd pull the skin back, and it tasted sour and nasty too. I'd hold my breath at first. I felt like he was using my mouth to wash his penis clean, since after I sucked him until he shot the goo into my mouth it didn't smell as bad."

I said, "A doctor cut that skin off when I was a baby, but uncircumcised guys haven't had it cut off." I didn't really know and had only a vague idea of what an uncircumcised penis was like.

"I kinda like looking yours, but I hated his. This morning, I when I woke up, I had yours in my hand. I guess I reached into your sweatpants when we were sleeping. I even thought about sucking it, thought about what it would be like if you fingered me and how good it would feel." She started to cry again.

I pulled the covers back over us, and she put her head on my shoulder.

I wasn't sure what to say, so I said, "That stuff feels good, but you should only do it with someone you love and someone who loves you."

"I know. Mom never let me talk to guys my age, even at church, so I feel shy around them. Guys your age scare me, because of Fred, I guess, but I love you and I feel safe with you."

"Sometimes girls who that stuff happens to become sluts."

"I know. I'm only gonna do it with someone I love and who loves me."

"Good, sweetie. Just one guy at a time too, one boyfriend at a time."

"I know. I love you, uncle Mike."

"I love you too, sweetie."

"I'm glad. I missed you so much. You used to visit us all the time, especially after my dad went away."

Her father had been in the Army Reserves, but he had re-enlisted in the regular Army after 9-11. First he had been sent to Germany and then to Kuwait. Ten years before that, he had been in the first Gulf War, to liberate Kuwait. After 9-11 he took part in the invasion of Iraq. He was in Afghanistan.

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