"Come here," she ordered. I guess it wasn't so much an order as a firm suggestion. Whatever the case, I obeyed as if it was a command and stood before her, head down, eyes cast demurely up. She closed the gap between us with a step and I felt the texture of her denim pressed firmly against my bare leg.

My breath hitched when her hand raised, and I watched it carefully. It came down slowly, as if considering it's options, and ended up tangled in my unbound hair. My head pulled back and my lips were covered. She backed me two, three, four steps until I hit wall and her hands lowered to my ass and lifted until I was on tiptoe and she was pressed firm against me. I felt the bulge of latex she had playfully concealed inside her jeans press against me. Only our clothing separated my already pulsing pussy from being filled by her, though my skirt was hitched high enough, and my panties were wet through already. Only a layer of denim separated her from me and I desperately wanted that layer to disappear.

When I reached for her zipper, she caught my hands and my wrists tight. She meant to tease and I moaned my frustration against her neck. She released one wrist, but kept the other pressed tight against me. I wasn't sure what to do with the free hand, so I kept it obediently at my side while she used her own free hand to lift my skirt. Her fingers expertly found the place where I ached the most and she rubbed me through the fabric of my panties and whispered her intentions in my ear.

"Do you want your orgasm now, honey? You can have it. Explode against my hand." Her movements quickened and I tossed my head. My nipples hardened and I felt them pressing against the lace of my bra. She was right. This was exactly what I wanted, and I pressed my hip against her hand in confirmation.

"Or," she continued. "I can fuck you with this." She pressed her own hips forward and I felt the bulge beneath her jeans against my thigh.

"I can put it inside you, and you can scream for me, just as I like. You know how I love the noises you make when I'm inside you. Do you want that?"

As she spoke, her hand had gently slowed and I nodded and gasped until her hand slowed to a stop. "Bend over the table," she ordered, gesturing to the long table that sat behind the couch. I did as I was told. The table was cool against my stomach. I pressed my breasts against the wood and waited.

"Lift up your skirt and lower your panties." I did so immediately and spread my legs as well. I could feel my long hair warming my bare back. My bra, and my skirt bunched around my waist my only barrier between me and her. She studied me for a moment, without touching me, and my breathing slowed, though I felt a blush creeping, her gaze was so intense. Just as I began considering turning my head to see what she was up to, I heard the slow rip of her zipper lowering, and the soft rustle of her big, fake, gorgeous cock being removed from it's confines.

Her hands found my ass first, and she raised me back onto my tip toes. I swallowed and waited. The firm knob of her cock found my clit and rubbed it suggestively for a moment before moving up, to the opening of my cunt. I felt a firm hand on my hip as the other helped guide her cock into me. "Oh my god," I moaned as it entered me.

She took a long time to fill me, letting me adjust to the feeling. I closed my eyes and rested my cheek against the table and let her enter me. When she was all the way inside, she moved both her hands to my hips and pressed her nails into my flesh, an indication that she was through with niceties and I was about to be fucked. I raised my head, tossed my hair over my shoulder, and let out a high, feminine squeal when she pulled back and pressed confidently back into me. Two, three, four more thrusts like that and her body covered me.

I felt her breath on my back as she gathered up my hair into her fists and used them as reigns while her hips thrust quickly against me. My squeals mounted to ecstatic screams and my back arched as she pulled harder on my hair. I was reduced to screams of "yes! yes! yes!" repeatedly, like a chant that worked in time with her thrusts. I was incapable of thought, only sensation by this time. I completely gave in and felt tears fall down my cheeks as my screams grew throaty and my cunt ached. I craved only release, but couldn't imagine not being filled so completely, or covered so fully by her. Then, suddenly, she was no longer inside me and I whimpered for her return.

"Turn around." I turned and she lowered me onto the table. I placed one leg on the back of the couch, she slung the other over her shoulder, and before my mind could fully register that she was no longer fucking me, her tongue was pressed against me and the friction of her sure movements was controlling me. It wasn't a full minute with her mouth against my clit before I clenched my thighs and exploded with one long, pretty scream, just for her. The flutter of my orgasm gradually slowed, until I was filled with a lazy warmth throughout my entire body, and I smiled contently. Every bit of me was pleasantly sore, inside and out, but I longed only to curl up at her side and experience it again as soon as possible. She let me rest for a minute or two before leaning over me, pushing my hair away from my face, and whispering in my ear, "my turn."

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