Thumb Drive


This is a story is about and dedicated to Andrea. I won't use the last name, but she will know it's about her soon after reading this story. It begins at a local community college. My job is working with all the computers and interactive classrooms equipment at the college. While taking care of the computer lab I found a thumb drive in the computer. For anyone who does not know what that is, here goes. A thumb drive or USB drive goes in your computer USB port, so people can store pictures and documents in this tiny (thumb size) drive. It can then fit in your pocket, keychain, or small purse.

Because it is so small, people often forget it is attached to a college computer until they have left the campus. I find these all the time, and have even started a collection. It's amazing what some people (girls) will leave on their thumb drive. Some of the pictures were of girls topless and in sexual positions. Most are left by younger girls who show the nude pictures to their boyfriends.

The one I mentioned finding above was very different. It was all filled with picture folders and short video clips. They showed a woman in her early thirties with a great figure and natural blond hair. These last to facts were evident because the first picture folder I opened contained this women having sex with several men. She was being passed around by two large men holding her up for another guy to fuck. She was lying back, with a huge smile on her face. The rest of the pictures show her in every position and they were using every hole. One shot had her on her knees riding a huge cock, taking one in her mouth and another in the ass. The last pictures show her surrounded by men as she is eating and taking loads of cum to her mouth and face. She looked like a perfect slut in the last one with all the guys' cum in her hair and all over her face.

Well sure enough, she entered the lab about a day later. I could instantly tell it was her, she looked just like her pictures and video clips. These clips if I haven't mentioned it were even more graphic than the pictures. In one clip, she was giving a blow job to a younger man while an older man was taking her from behind. She would shout between mouthfuls, to "Fuck me harder, and shove that cock in me!" Obviously, I was smart enough to make copies of everything on the drive.

As she asked me about the thumb drive, and I just had to give a great big smile. It must have given me away, because she asked if I looked at the contents. I then told her I did to see who owned the drive so I could return it to them.

I told her, "These drives are not password protected and anyone could have stolen or MADE copies of this portable drive". I emphasized the "made" very heavy. She stopped and looked at me for just a second, sizing me up. Finally she smiled and asked if I could help make sure that didn't happen. She said she was married, with a couple of children, and could I make this easier on her.

I told her I was the only one to see the drive and her secret would be safe with me. This didn't seem to ease her disposition, but she finally said "OK thanks for your help". I hardly felt I earned this praise, but knew I at least had some great material to rub one off with. She said thanks again and left the lab.

I didn't see her in the lab until two days later. She gave me a knowing smile, and sat down by the computer. She must have realized that I would look at all the pictures and video clips from her drive. This woman was a real slut. She was also very cute, with shoulder length blond hair, 38D chest, and an ass that would turn all the heads of the men when she entered the lab. She sat down and started her work on the computer.

After about 15 minutes, she called me over to help with her computer. She said she was having problems with her thumb drive, and could I look at it for her. I leaned down and whispered into her ear that "I already saw them all". She then leaned into me so no one could hear, and asked me "Which one gets you the hottest?" I pulled up a chair and sat beside her. The computer she picked was one that was facing away from the rest of the room. No one but us could see the screen. I clicked the folder named "Halloween Party". She laughed and said she had a great time at that party. The pictures also said she did.

The first picture was of her semi nude on a couch giving head to a masked man who was totally nude. She was leaning forward from the couch to grab and suck his 8" cock. The next set of pictures must have been taken just a little later. She was now kneeling backwards on the couch, with her ass in the air and her face towards the back of the couch. This picture I should mention also had one guy in a Batman outfit by the back of the couch getting a great blow job from her, while the guy in the mask was grabbing her hips to insert his big cock. The pictures progressed until she was one of two girls being fucked and sucked by 5 men. The last picture showed her and another girl sitting on the couch with their legs spread. The guys fucking them were all shooting cum all over their bodies.

While I had eyes only for the screen, I felt a hand start to rub my cock straining to be free. This young woman (I didn't know her name) was still looking at the pictures almost in remembrance of that night. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking at us. We must have looked normal, but I felt anything but. She started to really rub me, and I asked her if she wanted a break. She must have been as horny as me, because she said her car was right out in the parking lot. I told her this could be my job if I got caught, so I told her to meet me outside in two minutes. I told my co-worker I'd be going to an early lunch and would be back in about an hour.

I meet her in the hall and we walked without saying a word until we reached her mini van. We entered her van and went right away to the back seats that folded down. I told her I had cum while watching her pictures the last two nights. She told me she knew I would, and that's why she gave me a few days to get hooked. I looked at her when she said this word, and she laughed. "I knew you wanted me even before you came over to me this morning!" She said this in a matter of fact way. She stopped talking, and started to undress. Her body live, in the back of a van naked was even better than my imagination had pictured it. She had a great shape, with tits and ass to match. Before I stopped staring at her she was starting to take my clothes off. Well I finally woke up from my dream, and started doing what I came there for.

In no time were naked and in the 69 position. She started out slow and easy. She then started to speed up and was going off on my cock while I licked her pussy with all the tongue I had. She came first, and started to grind her pussy into my face. I let her relax for only a minute, and told her I wanted to be inside her now. She switched into her hands and knees to offer her pussy to me by sticking it up in the air.

Before I entered her beautiful shaved pussy, I told her how hot she looked. She said "fuck me hard, but don't get hooked". I was starting to see what she meant.

The thought of fucking this hot woman made me instantly hard. She reached down and spread her hairless pussy lips. I must have jumped on her (who could blame me) because I pushed the breath out of her. She quickly recovered and I started to get a good groove going. She responded to all my movements in just the right way. She was awesome, and I now knew what she meant about being hooked. Everything I wanted to do she would move with me. She let me pound her harder than I have ever done before, and she would come back for more.

Well all this stimulation and the sight of this hot naked lady spinning at the end of my cock became too much. I pushed in hard one last time and buried my cock deep inside her pussy. My cock was still not empty even after two minutes of cumming. Finally, I stopped after about 4 minutes and almost passed out. She laughed, and told me I was great. I just looked into her eyes, and started to understand what she said about me being hooked. I really wanted this woman, and in every way. My mind then went to her husband and kids she told me about. I felt a little guilty, but would not have traded it for the world

Finally we got dressed and went back to the computer lab with her. I entered first and went to my desk. My co-worker said I looked out of breath when I walked back in, and I said it was because of running up the stairs instead of using the elevator. He looked at me funny, but said nothing. The women then entered the lab and didn't even give me a look. I wanted this woman again anytime she wanted. I felt hurt in a way by her paying me no attention, but tried to remember she was still a stranger. I still didn't even know her name.

She worked on her school computer project for about another hour, but I didn't dare to go over to her. Finally she packed up and got ready to leave. She called me over, and gave me a piece of paper folded while she was leaving the lab. The paper had an address and a name "Susan" scribbled next to it was this small note:

"I know you were hooked when you found my flash drive. This Friday at 8:00pm will be another 'Halloween' type party on the address above. Tell them Susan said you were OK! Hope we can be HOOKED up soon. And by the way, I'm divorced with no kids. I just said that to try and get the pictures back the other day."

"P.S. Bring a camera so we can have something to look at in the computer lab."

She was right, I was hooked!

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by sas644601/09/18


Just fucking sick! Husband and kids at home and she's nothing but a fuck slut! God knows what she'll take home to her family! ...And the ass-wipe geek....he should be castrated!

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by ju8streading12/10/17

how does that tag fit this?

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