tagIncest/TabooThunder Ch. 02

Thunder Ch. 02


Karen, already dressed for the day's work, stood over the kitchen stove, stirring the eggs she was scrambling for breakfast.

Two plates with fried bacon, home made hash browns, and biscuits, sat on the counter next to the stove.

Karen's thoughts kept drifting back to the previous night's storm. She couldn't believe she'd let Benny make love to her.

Karen had accepted what they were doing the night before. But as usual, the morning sun reminded her that what they had done is considered taboo, and would be littered with consequences if they were found out.

Karen had awakened that morning feeling horny as hell. She had wanted to roll over and make love to Benny. But the second she saw her nephew's sleeping face, the image of her sister popped up. Karen had slid out of bed, feeling disgusted with herself.

To make matters worse, Benny had cum in her during her most fertile time of the month.

Being a rancher, Karen knew that didn't necessarily mean her nephew had made her pregnant. But still, she had willingly taken that risk. She had allowed a blood member of her family, her Sister's son to cum in her fertile vagina not once, but three times during the night.

Karen didn't know what to do. If she turned up pregnant with Benny's child, it would wreck her relationship with her older sister.

Benny slipped up behind his lovely aunt, and slid his arms around her trim waist. He leaned over and kissed her on the side of her neck.

"Good morning pretty lady," Benny crooned into her ear as he rubbed her tummy with the palms of his hands.

The feel of his hard young body pressing against her back drove the thoughts or possible pregnancy from her mind. "Good morning Darling. I hope you are hungry."

Benny ran his fingers along the crotch of her shorts, as he leaned close to her left ear. "I want to have your sexy body for breakfast."

Karen shook against the fingers, and moaned. "That feels so good. But there will be time for that later. Right now we need to eat breakfast, and then begin inoculations. We have a thousand head of cattle to inoculate and move into the breeding pastures in the next six days."

"How many bulls do you have for stud this year?" Benny asked, momentarily forgetting his libido.

"I have six bulls; all of them prize winners. We should get a good stock of beef cattle out of this year's breeding."

"I take it the bulls' testicles are loaded with baby makers?"

Karen nodded. "These bulls have more than enough sperm to get the job done. Soon their sperm will be swimming towards the eggs in the heifers' wombs. Then the calving process will begin. The pastures should be full of calves by next March."

Karen's thoughts flashed to Benny's sperm swimming around in her womb. She forced the thought out of her mind. It was too late to do anything about last night. She would just have to hope she isn't pregnant, and start using precautions from now on.

The drive to town and the pharmacy would take about an hour. After working all day she wouldn't feel like making the trip, but Karen knew she would have to buy condoms if she and her nephew were going to keep making love.

The lovers worked throughout the day, stopping only long enough to eat lunch. By six thirty that evening, they had inoculated and relocated the last of the first day's batch of heifers.

The bulls were already busy impregnating the heifers when they drove back to the barn.

As Karen sat by her nephew in the cab of the pickup, her thoughts once again returned to the previous night. She struggled with her feelings. Even though she knew it was wrong, Karen felt more alive with her nephew than she'd ever felt with her late husband. The rancher did indeed love her husband. But making love to Benny was just so much more exciting.

Benny had turned his lovely aunt into a trembling, sexed up slut by the time they'd fallen asleep in each other arms.

Karen knew she could never turn back the hands of time, and undo what they had done. She also knew she didn't want to undo their dirty deed. She would just have to be more careful from now on, and not allow Benny to cum in her unprotected womb.

Aunt and nephew spent the next half hour in the barn, cleaning up the livecalf head holder, and scooping out the droppings from the inoculation area. Soon they had everything ready to start over the next day.

"One hundred seventy five inoculations in one day," Karen said in satisfaction. "I believe that is almost a record." Karen rubbed her growling stomach. "I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. What do you say we go eat supper?"

Benny put away his shovel, and approached his pretty aunt. He slid his arms around her waist, and pulled her to him. "Right now the only thing I want to devour is you."

Benny began nibbling on his aunt's neck.

Karen squealed and half heartedly resisted her turned on nephew. "Stop it. There will be plenty of time for that later."

Karen remembered that she needed to buy condoms. "What do you say we get cleaned up, drive to town, and eat dinner at a nice steakhouse?"

"That sounds good to me. We could save time if we showered together."

Karen broke the hold her nephew had on her. "Sweetheart, I want to make love to you. But every time we make love without using protection, we run the risk of one of us getting pregnant. "Let's wait until we get back from town to make love. We can buy a box of condoms while we're in town, and then we can make love as much as we want."

Benny blanched at the idea. He hated condoms. To the eighteen year old it was like trying to have sex with a raincoat wrapped around his penis.

Benny started to protest, when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He saw a smaller calf head holder set up near the back wall. He noticed that the holder was too low for a full grown cow. Having worked on his aunt's ranch several summers over the years, he deduced that the calf head holder was probably made to hold calves. A devious thought popped into his young mind. Pretending not to know what the holder was for, he asked, "Karen, why is that calf head holder set so low to the ground? And why is the neck hole so small? A cow can't put her head through that hole."

"That one is for young calves," Karen replied as she turned her gaze to the second holder.

"I thought the regular head holder was designed to hold calves?"

"It will, but not as well. I bought this one because it holds the calves' smaller necks more securely. The bigger holder sometimes lets the younger calves pull their heads free. This one won't."

The young man suppressed the devious smile that threatened to break out onto his face. "How does it work?" He asked, doing his best to sound innocent.

Karen stepped into the small holding pen, and gestured at the stock. "It works just like the regular head holder, only instead of closing across the sides of the calf's neck with a steel bar it closes entirely around the neck with a padded stock like the old fashioned pillories that jailers used to hold prisoners back in the sixteen hundreds. It lessens the chance of the calf panicking and hurting himself."

Benny stepped around the side of the holding pen and stood next to the closer bar. He gazed down at the ground on the other side of the holder. "And what does that thing do?"

Karen couldn't figure out what the young man was talking about. "What does what do?"

"That thing there, what does it do?" He asked again pointing at the ground.

Karen bent over at the waist, slipped her head through the neck slot in the head holder, and looked where Ben was pointing. "What are you pointing at?"

Ben quickly grasped the closer bar, and closed the head holder around Karen's neck, trapping her in place.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Karen exclaimed in surprise.

Her nephew stepped around the device until he stood directly in front of her trapped head. He gave her a playful grin. "I'm just making sure you don't get away is all."

"Benny, this is not funny. Let me out of this thing right now, or you will be in trouble young man."

He gazed down at his sexy aunt. She looked so vulnerable and helpless with her head sticking through the hole. "I'll let you out after I've had my way with you."

Karen noticed the bulge in her nephew's jeans. She could tell that his cock was beginning to get hard. Karen suspected she was about to experience something new with her young lover. "What are you planning to do to me?" She asked nervously.

Benny spotted a short piece of rope lying on the ground nearby. He picked the rope up, and walked around the device so he was standing behind Karen's bent over form.

"What are you up to?" She asked suspiciously.

Benny laid the palm of his hand against her lower back, and gently pushed down.

Karen took the hint and knelt on the muddy barn floor. Her knees and shins were instantly covered in mud. "Benny, this floor is muddy."

Her nephew ignored her complaint. He took hold of her wrists, and pulled them behind her.

Karen quickly realized her nephew was about to tie her up. "Benny, we need to go to town for condoms. We can't keep taking chances."

Benny quickly tied his aunt's wrists together, leaving her completely helpless. He then slid his fingers along the crotch of her work shorts, causing her tremble with desire.

A low moan escaped her lips. "You are such a bad boy."

Benny then returned to the head of the head holder and took in the sight of his lovely aunt's face and head sticking out the end. He reached down and ran his fingers under her chin. "You look so sexy, all tied up and helpless like this."

"Benny, I know you're young, and full of raging hormones, but we have got to buy condoms before we make love again. Making love without protection is too risky."

He unbuttoned his blue jean shorts, and let them drop to the barn floor. His half hard cock popped up inches from Karen's face.

Karen stared at the beautiful hunk of meat before her. The memory of the previous night's passion drove all thoughts of condoms from her mind. She took a deep breath, and then slowly let it out. "Darling, if you're planning to stuff that lovely cock into my pussy, shouldn't you be kneeling behind me?"

Stepping out of his shorts, Benny took a small step forward, letting the tip of his cock come to rest against his aunt's lips.

Karen felt the beginnings of pre-cum smear over her lips. Gazing up at Benny, she slipped her tongue out and licked the juices from her lips and the tip of his monster. She felt excited and more than a little nervous.

Her late husband was never into oral sex, so she'd never had a cock in her mouth before. "Darling I must warn you that I've never given a man a blow job before." Her voice was low, and filled with desire. "I have wanted to for years, but your uncle found the idea of having his wife or any other woman sucking his dick repulsive."

Benny was delighted that he would be her first. He took hold of her red pony tail and eased his cock head firmly against her lips. "Open your sexy mouth, and taste your first cock."

Karen smiled up at her nephew and opened her mouth wide.

A second later she felt her nephew and lover ease his cock into her waiting mouth. "Be careful not to bite," he quietly instructed his aunt.

His monster forced her to stretch her jaws wide open. It was all she could do to take the head and part of his shaft into her mouth.

Karen moaned in pleasure as she felt the tip of his dick touch the entrance to her throat. The feel of the warm, throbbing meat in her mouth made her whimper in pleasure. Karen gazed up at her nephew once again. Lust shone from her eyes.

Benny released Karen's ponytail and gently gripped her face. He slid his cock almost all the way out of her mouth, and then eased it back into her oral cavity again. Over and over he repeated the stroking of his cock in her mouth.

Karen moaned lustily. The feel of the thick, hard snake moving back and forth in her mouth was making her horny as hell.

Benny suddenly stopped fucking his aunt's mouth. He began to stroke his aunt's puffed out cheeks.

Karen lifted her eyes to see what was wrong. What she saw worried her.

Benny's lustful expression had turned into a devilish smile. "Do you think you can take the whole thing?" He asked softly.

Karen's eyes grew wide with surprise and fear. "No," she tried to say. But all that came out was a muffled moan. She had no doubt that if Benny tried to shove that thing down her throat, he'd end up ripping her tonsils out.

He gently stroked her cheeks with his hands. "I promise to go slow. I won't make you take more than you're able to."

Karen mewled in protest. The thought of having her throat stuffed with the monster that filled her mouth was overwhelming.

Benny continued to gently caress his aunt's face. "I promise to be gentle."

Karen knew she was helpless to stop him. She thought about biting the young man, to get her point across, but she didn't want to hurt him. The lovely redhead decided to trust that Benny would be gentle. She closed her eyes, and gently nodded her head.

"Karen, you need to relax your throat muscles. It will take a little time, but your throat will open up."

Karen gently nodded again. She could feel his cock head touching the roof of her mouth with each nod of her head.

Benny slowly slid his dick out of her mouth until only the tip of the head was left inside. He then eased his member forward again.

Her soft lips caressed the skin of his manhood as he slid into her sexy mouth.

Karen felt the head come to rest against her gag reflex. She felt like she was going to choke on the monster. Her mouth was so full she actually became worried that she might indeed bite her teenage nephew's wonderful cock. Yet at the same time the feel of her mouth being stretched by her nephew's hardened meat was thrilling to the trapped woman.

Her late husband was a very straight laced man who would never do something as kinky as trap her neck in a calf head holder, and then try to put his cock down her throat.

This was definitely a first for the lovely redhead.

Benny held his cock deep in her mouth for a minute, giving her time to adjust to having her gag reflex touched. The feel of her lips being stretched around his shaft was almost more than he could take. He was tempted to shove his dick down her throat, but didn't want to destroy her trust in him.

After a bit, Karen began to become accustomed to having the head of her nephew's cock pressing against her gag reflex.

Finally, and reluctantly he eased his cock back away from his aunt's gag reflex. "Now take a breath."

Karen expelled the air from her lungs, and then took a deep breath. She looked up at her lover, and waited for his next move. Being tied up and helpless was beginning to have an effect on the rancher. Her pussy juices were beginning to soak through her panties.

Benny slid his manhood back into the back of Karen's mouth, once again pressing the tip against her gag reflex.

Gazing up at her lover and nephew, she playfully slid her tongue back and forth against the bottom of his shaft. That little impromptu maneuver brought on an unexpected result.

Benny cried out and involuntarily thrust his hips forward.

Karen was shocked when she felt the head of the monster slam past her gag reflex and into her throat. The thirty four year old redhead felt her throat muscles stretch as her nephew's cock forced its way into her windpipe. She became afraid that her esophagus would be split wide open. Once again she whimpered, but this time it was in terror.

Benny gazed down into his Aunt's frightened eyes. He gave her cheeks a gentle stroke. "I'm sorry, Karen. You caught me by surprise with that little trick. I can feel your throat stretching around my penis. Don't worry, you're alright. Just hold still and allow your throat to become adjusted to its new diameter."

Karen wanted to nod a response but she was terrified that any movement would damage her esophagus.

"Karen, you have nothing to fear. The wind pipe is designed to stretch. It will return to its normal size once I've withdrawn from your throat."

Karen could feel the head of Benny's dick deep in her throat. The sensation both terrified her and excited her. She wasn't sure what would happen next, and the unknown began to act like an aphrodisiac to her.

"Now that my cock head is past your gag reflex, I'm going to leave my dick in your throat to give you time to adjust. When you need to breathe, moan, and I will withdraw to let you take a breath. I will then put my cock back in.

Remembering that she hadn't taken a breath since having that sausage stuffed into her windpipe, Karen moaned.

Benny eased his cock out of his aunt's pliable throat. He took a few seconds to let her breath, and then eased his monster back into her throat until she felt the beast sliding past her gag reflex and tonsils.

The sensation of having her throat muscles stretched by her nephew's dick was more than a little intoxicating.

Karen moaned in pleasure as the beast stretched her throat muscles again.

Hearing Karen moan, Benny started to withdraw.

Karen shook her head, and gently clamped her teeth down on his shaft.

Taking the hint, Benny left his cock buried in her throat. Gazing down at her, he asked. "There's about three inches of my cock left. Are you ready to try and take it all?"

Karen carefully nodded her head, loving the feel of the man meat stretching her throat muscles.

Benny slowly eased the monster out of his aunt's stretched out throat, gave her a few seconds to prepare herself, and then began to slide his cock back down her gullet.

Karen could feel her throat muscles stretch as each inch slid into her. She trembled as her nephew reached the very base of her throat. She could feel more of her throat opening up. Then she whined in pure joy as the beast slid into her upper chest.

That morning she'd felt guilty about letting Benny make love to her. But the feel of her nephew's cock sliding into her chest made the rancher feel more alive than ever before. She tugged on her bonds to remind herself just how helpless her sister's son had made her.

Benny watched his cock disappear into Karen's body with great satisfaction.

She had taken his dick faster and deeper than any girl ever had in the past.

His ex girlfriend could only take it halfway down her throat before making him stop. And it took them five sessions before he could get past her gag reflex.

But Karen had taken it all in until his balls came to rest against her chin.

He loved the feeling of having his cock buried to the hilt in her oral cavity. Benny gazed lovingly at his sexy aunt. "Do you have any idea just how beautiful you look right now?"

Karen wanted to laugh, but the appendage in her throat prevented her.

Benny slowly slid his cock out until the head was all that was left in her mouth. He then slid back into her throat and chest.

Once again Karen felt her throat muscles stretch. It was a heady feeling to her. Her pussy juices were flowing freely. She tugged at the bonds that held her. The helplessness she felt was overwhelming.

Benny began to slide in and out of his aunt's sexy throat. With each stroke he picked up the pace a little.

Karen moaned over and over as her nephew worked his cock in and out of her throat. She began to jerk involuntarily against the head holder. Her chin kept bumping against the soft material of the stock.

Benny felt the need to cum rising. He knew that if he didn't pull out soon, he'd fill her stomach with his sperm. And that wasn't where he wanted to deposit his baby makers. The thought of knocking his sexy aunt up wouldn't go away. He began to picture her walking around with a swelled up tummy.

Karen whined in protest as her nephew took his dick out of her mouth. "Why did you stop?"

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