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Thunder of the Gods


My story, THUNDER OF THE GODS, is a product of my imagination, although knowledge of certain aspects of the tale come from my experiences. In its entirety, it is ~ 45,000 words long, so I have chosen to release it in several parts, constituting a total of 19 chapters. This third part, Chapters 4-8, continues the story, with ever increasing erotic situations. The story's evolving sexual situations build towards a bizarre denouement at the end.

Chapter 4

Reluctantly leaving Lake Catemaco and the Tuxtlas, Lacee and Philip were soon in the lowlands surrounding the mountains. By mid-morning they were nearing the port of Coatzacoalcos, which Philip had first visited twenty years ago when it was a busy, but still quaint, seaport town. With the advent of a rapidly expanding oil industry in the mid-seventies, Coatzacoalcos had changed overnight into a filthy boom town, complete with unhealthy air and paralyzing truck traffic. They chose to avoid most of the city, skirting it on the new highway headed for the oilfields of Tabasco. Soon they passed the turnoff to La Venta, once the site of a major Olmec ceremonial center, but now greedily disinterred in the rush for oil.

Philip irately said to Lacee, "the Mexican government proudly proclaims about the relocation of the huge heads and structures from La Venta to a park in the city of Villahermosa, failing in their myopia to realize the travesty involved. The sad part of it is that most tourists are too ignorant to realize what has been lost. They might as well go to Disneyland and look at some sanitized corporate vision of history."

They arrived in Villahermosa in the mid-afternoon, and again Philip was amazed at the transformation of a once peaceful Mexican town into a crazed, sprawling megalopolis. The only good development was the existence of a modern highway that enabled them to traverse the city as quickly as possible. Once beyond Villahermosa, they traveled southeastward through recently deforested lowlands until they reached the small town of Palenque. Until lately accessible only by rail or a dirt road, Palenque, and the famous Maya ruins of the same name, were now serviced by a good paved road, opening the region to thousands of foreign visitors each year. Lacee and Philip took a room in a small, picturesque hotel in the center of the town. Palenque had yet to lose the charm that used to characterize most Mexican towns, and after dinner they wandered about the streets and through the quiet plaza before finally returning to their room for the night. Both were relaxed and exhausted by the day's drive, and they settled gratefully into bed.

"We're in Maya country, now", Philip murmured drowsily as he drew Lacee to him.

"I know", she replied, "I already feel differently. Almost as if we've been welcomed here by the spirits".

Awakened early by the sounds of boisterous street vendors selling an array of tropical fruits, Lacee and Philip lazily stretched and caressed one another before bounding out of bed. Anticipation of their visit to the intriguing ruins propelled them through a shower and breakfast. A short drive of about five miles brought them to the edge of the foothills of the mountains of Chiapas, where the ancient center of Palenque spread out with its back to the rainforested hills. In front lay a panoramic view of the lowlands of Tabasco stretching away to the Gulf of Mexico. It was still early in the day, and at this time Lacee and Philip had the ruins virtually to themselves. They carefully made their way through the various temples and structures, examining the hidden passages and rooms and marveling at the detailed stucco sculptures. They returned to the entrance around lunch to replenish their growling stomachs, afterwards enjoying a short siesta in the bed in the camper.

By mid-afternoon they were back in the ruins, having saved the most famous structure until now. The Temple of Inscriptions, backed up against the rainforest, consisted of nine levels, surmounted by the steep steps that characterized Maya architecture. Nestled inside at the bottom of the pyramid, and reached by a series of once-hidden steps, was the tomb of Lord Shield Pacal, a ruler of Palenque in the sixth century A.D.

Philip explained , "this magnificent tomb was not discovered until 1952, and since then it's become famous for Pacal's ornately carved sarcophagus and the treasure buried with him".

Lacee and Philip made their way to the bottom of the slippery stairs to view the tomb through an iron grating, necessary to prevent vandalism by modern barbarians.

Philip whispered to Lacee in the dim light, "the glimpse of the tomb that I had at Akbalcab reminded me very much of this tomb".

Lacee felt strange viewing Lord Pacal's sarcophagus, and both found themselves anxious to undertake their trek into the Belizean rainforest. Emerging from the tomb in the late afternoon sun, they were pleased to see that the crowds of midday had subsided, leaving them once again almost alone in the ruins. They had visited most of the structures during the course of the day, but they had bypassed the House of the Jaguar, located in the forest on the hill behind the Temple of Inscriptions.

Pointing to it on their map, Lacee said, "this name intrigues me, Philip. Can we visit it before we leave?"

Philip acquiesced, saying, "we should have enough time, and it does have a very special feel about it. I think you'll find it interesting".

As they climbed the steep trail through the forest, Philip noticed that Lacee had once again shed her panties from beneath her short skirt. He couldn't blame her, as his crotch was cool and uninhibited beneath his light khaki shorts and had been all day. The House of the Jaguar proved to be a small temple still in the grip of rambling roots of forest trees, but the stairs and rooms had been partially restored by archeologists. Barely visible in the semi-darkened room at the top was a large carved representation of a recumbent jaguar, its back flattened to form a bench or altar. Slightly winded after the steep climb up the stairs, Lacee and Philip settled down on the jaguar to rest.

As he relaxed with his back against the jaguar's upraised, snarling head, Philip pulled Lacee backwards to rest her head in his lap. Their eyes gradually became accustomed to the gloomy interior and they became aware that they would be invisible to anyone outside the temple, even in the unlikely event that other visitors should arrive. Lacee's short skirt had remained around her waist as she slid downward on the altar, and now exposed an inviting patch of her ebony triangle.

"I don't think anyone is going to bother us here this late in the day", she whispered huskily.

The cool and smooth carved rock beneath her felt strangely erotic, and she spread her legs open in response. Cognizant of Lacee's changing demeanor, Philip's recumbent organ began to respond beneath his shorts. Lacee gradually became aware of the growing force beneath her head, and soon turned sideways to view his salivating snake, now forcing its way out beyond the leg of his shorts. Eyes glowing, Lacee laid her head alongside Philip's thickening member, licking its tip lightly with her tongue.

Philip began to moan, "why don't we get rid of these clothes and leave Palenque with some fond memories".

"This altar looks like the perfect place," Lacee replied as she stood and deftly dropped her skirt and blouse to the floor.

She quickly reached over to help Philip rid himself of his shorts and T-shirt. Once unencumbered by clothing, Philip reclined again against the jaguar's head, his legs bestride the animal's body. Lacee joined him, her legs astraddle Philip's as she faced him in the musty dampness of the temple. He began to gently fondle Lacee's hardened nipples, while she grasped the pole now jutting above her open thighs. Moving one hand to her inviting crotch, Philip parted her sable down to insert his fingers into her inviting slit, now well-lubricated with juices of anticipation. Their faces came together to exchange messages from their tongues, while their hands continued to conduct separate symphonies on one another's aching organs. Not wanting to rush this pleasurable interlude, the two of them continued to investigate all eager orifices with fingers and tongues, while the watching chamber echoed softly with the sighs and groans induced by their explorations.

At last, Lacee told Philip, "I feel like a female jaguar in heat." As she stretched out face down on the altar she purred, "take me from behind like a male cat."

Philip's mind raced as he viewed Lacee's upthrust buttocks crowning the end of the altar, and grasping his swollen manhood he stepped forward to salute her beckoning cleft. As she thrust her bronzed globes to him, Philip's vision was of jaguars he had watched mating at the Belize Zoo and he played his role by plunging his shaft deep into Lacee's heated tunnel. Although neither of them was aware of it, the chamber soon resounded with growls of passion as they alternately thrust and pumped in a primitive coupling ritual. Just as twilight fell outside, Philip gave a resounding roar and his surging organ poured forth hot cream into the depths of Lacee's grasping cavern.

"Philip!, Philip!", she cried, "I can feel your heat in my brain, and I know that we are one."

His turgid shaft still oozing ivory balm, Philip withdrew and laid it on the inviting crack of Lacee's rear, where he proceeded to anoint her burnished spheres with the remaining lotion. Lacee lay gasping over the altar in complete exhaustion, her tingling nipples crushed against the unyielding stone of the jaguar. Philip slid her gently backwards to position her pouting sanctuary off the end of the altar, where dropping to his knees he proceeded to apply his eager tongue to lick it clean. In her fatigued state Lacee dreamily imagined that the rasping of her satiated vulva felt just like the tongue of a cat, an illusion that filled her with inexplicable pleasure.

Having finally recovered their senses and clothing, Lacee and Philip made their way back to the entrance in the descending darkness, enjoying the feeling of mystery imparted to the now-deserted ruins by nightfall.

In a hushed voice, Lacee said, "I don't know what it is, Philip, but I have the strangest feeling that we belong here."

Philip jokingly replied, "maybe the gods are pleased with our offering in the House of the Jaguar," although at the same time he felt a little uneasy himself.

Back in the town of Palenque, they shared a refreshing shower before venturing out on the town for dinner and a late stroll about the deserted plaza. Returning to their room, they gratefully collapsed into bed to prepare for the long drive the next day to the ruins at Uxmal. Late night thunderstorms proclaimed that the rainy season was approaching and prompted them to snuggle closer, secure in each other's arms and legs.

Chapter 5

Having left behind the rampant verdure of Palenque, Lacee and Philip shared the passing miles as they traveled northward into the Yucatan Peninsula. Although the end of the dry season was near, its effects gradually became more noticeable as they approached the state of Yucatan. Impressive rainforest trees had given way to leafless scrub vegetation, generously laced with cacti and spiny agave plants. After a seemingly interminable day, they finally arrived at a converted eighteenth century hacienda that functioned as a twentieth century motel. Dusty and parched, Lacee and Philip gratefully unwound in the tepid shower before settling into matching hammocks for a short rest before dinner.

"I love these colorful Yucatecan hammocks," said Lacee, swinging happily back and forth. "I've been told that they're the best made anywhere." I can remember sleeping in one as a child in Belize, and you see them everywhere."

Leering at her, Philip replied, "I've heard that some of them are capable of easily supporting two people, and I think we should vow to test this claim soon."

Later at dinner the two of them enjoyed plates of the traditional Maya meat dinner, poc chuc, washed down with generous glasses of Bohemia beer. It was now clear that they were in the heart of Maya country, as most of the hotel staff consisted of the short, handsome descendents of the ancient Maya. Among themselves the Maya spoke their native tongue, and hearing this stirred vague feelings of recognition in Lacee. Her mother had sometimes spoken to her in the Maya tongue, and although Lacee could no longer understand the language she felt a deep kinship with these people. Following dinner, Lacee and Philip retired to the veranda, where holding hands between their chairs they watched the lightning show heralding the rains to the southeast.

"Look at that, Lacee," he exclaimed, "Chac is about to send the rains for his people. You can feel the expectation in the air, from people and the animals."

About 10 p.m., knowing that another full day of exploration of ruins was ahead tomorrow, they gratefully joined one another in the large bed, lulled to sleep by the large fan slowly rotating above them.

Early morning found Lacee and Philip at the Uxmal ruins, where they made their way through the restored ancient structures in awe and quiet reverence. They climbed the steep Pyramid of the Magician to gain a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside, remarking to one another about the dazzling sight that must have been visible when Uxmal was a thriving cultural center. Architecturally, the site was very different from the jungle encrusted ruins at Palenque, but the glyphic messages made it clear that the same Maya culture was involved. Philip related to Lacee some of the observations of the famous 19th century explorers, John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, who made Uxmal famous following their excavations in the 1840s. The pair had braved malaria, insects, rain, and hunger to bring the remarkable Maya civilization to the world's consciousness, and however romantic in appeared from a 20th century perspective, Philip could understand how much they had suffered dealing with the hostile environment.

By noon they were at the Governor's Palace, one of the most impressive sights in all of ancient Mayadom.

"I feel a little in awe here," Philip told Lacee, "this is where Stephens and Catherwood made their camp, as they tried to escape the mosquitos. They chose to sleep in one of these dark and damp chambers, choked with smoke from the fire to keep away the insects."

Having brought a lunch packaged by the motel, Lacee and Philip sought shade under a small tree in front of the palace. Both were beginning to feel the effects of the blazing sun, and they were grateful for the suntan oil that Lacee had remembered to bring with them. During lunch they browsed through the guidebook they had acquired at the entrance, and their interest was piqued by the structure labeled Temple of the Phallus, located about half a mile away in the scrub forest.

Philip said, "I never had a chance to explore it on my previous visits."

With a twinkle in her eye, Lacee responded, "then we must go there now. I want to see how the ancient Maya compare with you in the phallic department."

As they made their way along the overgrown trail, it was soon obvious that few tourists visited the Temple of the Phallus. After twenty minutes of thorn-impeded walking, they arrived at a small temple, elevated about fifty feet above the forest floor by a modest pyramid. Vegetation was overgrowing the sides of the pyramid, and it was apparent that once it was uncovered and recorded by archaeologists, this structure was being reclaimed by the hungry forest. After scrambling up the crumbling side of the pyramid, Lacee and Philip entered the temple to behold an amazing sight. Illuminated by shafts of sunlight entering through openings in the roof was an immense stone phallus, at least ten feet tall and situated in the center of the room. Apparently carved from volcanic rock, unknown on the Yucatan Peninsula, the huge member was polished smooth in its mammoth, erectile state.

Philip had never seen anything to match this, and he went on to explain to Lacee, "the male member was viewed by the ancient Maya not only as an organ of procreation, but also as a symbol of crop fertility, particularly their all-important corn crop. The rigid ear of ripe corn and the erect phallus were almost interchangeable in Maya hieroglyphic writing, and the depiction of penile ejaculation was often symbolic of an abundant corn crop, the drops of semen representing the grains of corn."

Situated at four equidistant points against the walls around the room were polished stone benches, apparently carved from the same basaltic rock as the stone phallus commanding their attention.

Philip observed, "it's likely that this temple was devoted to the practice of rites to beseech the gods for an abundant corn crop. The stone benches were probably used by the Maya priests, as they deposited seeds from their symbolic ears of corn into recumbent Maya maidens representing the fertile earth."

By this time Lacee's eyes had taken on a familiar glow, and she said with a husky voice, "I think it's our duty to make an offering to the Maya gods to ensure an abundant corn crop this year for the local people."

After first shedding her clothes, Lacee glided silently to the huge phallus, which she fingered lovingly before turning to face Philip.

Watching Philip disrobe, she said, "Philip, please anoint my body with that tanning oil."

Pouring out generous amounts of the rich oil, appropriately redolent of the smell of coconuts, Philip proceeded to massage the heady lotion into Lacee's rich skin, careful to liberally coat every inch of her. Facing the phallus so that Philip could cover her backsides, she began to rhythmically slide her slippery body up and down along the smooth surface of the tumescent rock. As the friction increased on her swollen nipples, Lacee spread her legs slightly to introduce her well-oiled mound to the mammoth lover. Having finished covering her backsides with the lubricant, Philip began to assist Lacee in her mating ballet with the stone phallus by cupping her buttocks in his hands and lifting her up and down as she ground her hungry love nest against the unyielding basalt. The heavy mixed scents of the oil and her musky secretions were making Lacee giddy with pleasure, and she felt herself climax as she rode the stone organ. Alternately groaning and purring, Lacee continued to envelop the rock with her lust, eventually reaching backwards to grasp Philip's love muscle, now rock hard and caressing her buttocks as she slid up and down the obdurate phallus.

Gasping, Lacee begged, "pour more oil down my front," and she shifted slightly to impale herself on Philip's oil-slickened shaft.

With Philip supporting her from behind, Lacee rode his plunging pole as her electrified nipples slid up and down along her stone lover. Her senses temporarily left her, and she let out a piercing growl as her ravished cleft gushed forth her musky honey. Philip could feel his impending release and he enfolded Lacee with his arms as his bucking cock plunged through her fragrant pussy juice. Finally, as he groaned in ecstatic agony, Philip's rippling organ erupted, spewing molten cream into Lacee's grasping channel. Feeling Philip's pounding tribute begin, Lacee turned and firmly clutched his spurting manhood, directing the heavy jets onto the glistening stone phallus. As he slowly sank to the floor in exhaustion, Lacee embraced the anointed rock, rubbing her body up and down it to completely mix their love offerings. This finished, she turned and collapsed on top of Philip, the two of them dropping off to sleep in a warm, musk-shrouded embrace.

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