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His fingers tickled her lower spine as they entered the cleft separating her buttocks. They wandered down the cleft, enjoying the soft, warm, feel of its walls. They searched for her anal opening. They found it but the opening was closed.

"Use the lubricant," a soft voice whispered.

He reached across her to the open night table drawer. The jar of lube was waiting; open for his anticipated reach. He dipped two fingers and a thumb before returning to her anus.

First, one finger entered her; then a second. She flinched a little. In and out, his fingers probed. She uttered a soft "ahh" and "ohh" in rhythm with their movements. His thumb sought, found, and penetrated her vaginal opening. His fingers abandoned her anus.

His thumb exited her vagina as he rolled her onto her back. His knee separated her legs. His erect penis pointed the direction to her now lubricated vagina.

His rigid arms supported him as he hovered over her. His hips pushed his penis near to her opening; her hand guided it inside her. He pushed. As she felt the penis enter her, her mouth said, "Aah," and her legs wrapped around his thighs.

He thrust vigorously. She said, "Aagh."

He thrust again. She said, "Aah" and straightened her legs to slow his thrusts.

"Let me go," he said. She released her grip on his thighs.

He pumped. Two, three, four times, he didn't know. She didn't know. She felt his penis throbbing inside her.

"That was a good one," she said.

"Yeah," he said as he rolled off her.

"Now, let me sleep. Our baby will wake up in an hour and I'm the one who will have to nurse her."

"Tell baby to save some for me."

The twenty-four year old couple drifted off to sleep. The baby slept through the night for the first time.

Father awoke to wife fondling his penis.

"Baby slept all night. There's warm milk for your breakfast," she whispered.

As he fondled her breasts he said aloud, "So round, so firm, so fully packed," Silently, he thought, "I hope they're free and easy on the draw."

Knowing he had his wife all to himself, he drank slowly and gently from her breasts. He wanted her to invite him back tomorrow; and the day after, and the day after that. She hovered over him and rested while her husband enjoyed his wife's milky body.

The infant stirred. The infant's father had sated his appetite for breast milk. The infant's mother said, "I have to nurse the baby. You go shower while I feed her."

When father returned from the shower, mother was just finishing changing baby's diaper. "You'll have to get yourself off to work. I haven't even started feeding baby yet."


Father dressed, kissed mother and baby, and, as he left for work, said, "I'll get a coffee and a bagel at the doughnut shop. Today's Thursday. I'll be the usual hour late getting home. You know, extra hour every Thursday."

"I'm planning a roast beef supper for you. Try not to be extra late - as you often are - on Thursday. I love you," His wife said as he left their apartment.


His day at the office was routine. At five minutes past five o'clock, his secretary - his first wife - his former wife - entered his office.

"Everyone is gone and I've locked the main door. The cleaning crew won't be here until after seven."

"Good," he replied as he stood to take his secretary's hand. He led her to his office sofa. Together, they opened the sofa into its bed.

She spread a sheet over the open sofa and fluffed up two pillows.

When she stood up and turned around to face him, he quickly slipped his hands under her jacket collar, into her sleeve openings, and, with a flick of his wrists, her jacket was on the floor.

She kissed him.

His busy hands un-tucked her blouse.

She hugged him.

He put his arms around her. His hands searched for panty lines on her skirt.

She knew what he was looking for. "I didn't bother to put my panties back on the last time I went tinkles."

"You know I like to take your panties off you."

"I thought I'd make it easier for you."

"You're supposed to make it harder for me." Both, he and she smiled with his play on words.

They stepped back from one another and undressed. She folded and placed her clothes neatly on his desk. He dropped his on the floor knowing she would bend over and pick them up.

"You shouldn't drop your clothes on the floor like that. What if your new wife wants to know why they're messy?"

When secretary bent to pick up his clothes, she deliberately turned her back to him so that he would see her bare ass.

As she anticipated, he commented on the beauty of her ass. He placed his left hand on the small of her back stopping her from straightening up. With his right hand, he searched the cleft of her fanny looking for her anus. He found it lubricated as he had directed her to do an hour earlier. He entered it. Other than expelling a comforting "Ohh," she said nothing.

"On your knees, wench" he commanded.

"Yes, master," She said as she dropped to her elbows and knees, the position she knew he preferred. She knew she had complete control over this man who thought he was her master.

Without ceremony, he guided his rigid penis into her rectum and fucked.

"Thank you, master," is all she said.

He spilled his come into her bowels. She arose, took his penis in her hand, and led him to the washroom. She washed his penis.

They put their clothing back on. He went to his desk, opened a drawer, and took out an envelope.

"Here's your child support, your alimony, and a little extra for 'working overtime.' Give your husband my regards and take good care of our son," he said as they kissed goodbye, and left the office; each to go home to their waiting spouse.

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by Anonymous

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by gmann5707/14/18

That happens more than you think

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by chytown07/13/18


What a waste of space.

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by 26thNC07/13/18

Loving wives

Maybe. But no loving husband. Would wife #2 be ok with #1 working so closely with husband?

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by theoutcast07/13/18

Thank you for your comments

I deliberately left the choice of colors, size, weight, etc.to you the reader. Just picture your friends - or enemies -in the situation. "Alimony" should have been in quotation marks - maybe "payoff"more...

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by oldbearswitch07/12/18

Sorry to be flat or negative, bit meh.

No tension, not erotic, no one to root for.

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