tagBDSMThursday's Child

Thursday's Child


***Monday's Child is fair of face, Tuesday's Child is full of grace, Wednesday's Child is full of woe, Thursday's Child has far to go, Friday's Child is loving and giving, Saturday's Child works hard for a living but the Child born on the Sabbath Day is fair and wise and good and gay.***

I remained absolutely still, doing my best to keep my breathing to a minimum. I even wished that I could still the beating of my heart just to please him. My hands were going numb from hanging on the X-frame and my legs felt like blocks of shapely concrete but I remained still. I had heard him enter the room so I knew he was there but I was too afraid to look. I know I shouldn't have been afraid but I couldn't help it. I had attended the Academy of Domination for the full thirteen weeks as my fiancé had requested and today was my final exam. If I did not pass, I would not get to marry the man of my dreams nor would I receive the $5 million dollars that he had promised as my personal dowry.

Justin finally came into my line of sight and I felt my body flush with blood under his discerning gaze. I couldn't help it. Just thinking about all the times we'd fucked set me off. His nostrils flared slightly and he ran a hand through his sculpted black hair. I knew he had smelled my pussy and I could barely stay still when he shoved one of his thick fingers into my canal. I tried to pretend indifference but my pussy sabotaged me, rippling against his fingers and coating them with honey.

"Toshi." His velvety voice stroked my fires just like his hot breath did against my skin. "My lovely China doll." Hearing those words, I was able to relax a bit. That was what I had been trying to do for him, to be his living doll. Response in shape and perfection. He happily nibbled on my earlobe. "My cock wants to be in your pussy. Will you accept me?"

"Always, Master."


I glimpsed that peculiar way that his eyebrow cocked when he was questioning my answer. I stretched my five-foot-two, 105 pound body, letting my uncommonly large breasts rise and fall with my breaths and watched his eyes track the movement. "Always."

Justin moved in front of me, just close enough so that I could smell the sweet scent of the clove cigarettes that he favored and lowered his mouth to my neck. I could do nothing but shiver and whimper quietly as my master put his mark on me, sucking the fragile skin until needles of pain raced through me. He stepped back, licking his lips and seeking connection with my eyes by raising my head.

"You belong to me, my sweet Toshi. Your body, mind and soul are mine forever from this day forward." He nuzzled his nose against mine, holding my chin in his fingers. I trembled in anticipation. "You do nothing without my consent, nothing without my approval. You understand?" I nodded. "You may speak."

"I understand, Master."

"And do you agree to always abide by my wishes?"

"I do, Master."


"Always, Master."

His lips covered mine and I pulled against my bindings, aching to press my body against his but he just laughed, tweaking a nipple as he unbuttoned his shirt. "Today is your graduation day, my sweet Toshi." I watched as his smooth, tanned chest came into view, the flat planes of his muscles begging for the palms of my hands and his sand-colored nipples begging for the touch of my tongue. "I've been given leave by the Academy director to test you before you receive your graduation certificate. If you don't pass my test, our relationship is over. Do you understand?"

"I understand, Master."

"Good." He walked over to a table that held an array of shiny, sterilized utensils and picked up a long set of rubber-encased tubes, held together by a long screw on each end. A shiver ran down my back and I watched as he leaned down and licked and bit on both of my nipples, making them hard as tiny rocks. Using my nipples as handles, he pulled my breasts through the square opening and screwed the clamps down.

I wanted to scream but I bit my tongue, my eyes tearing with pain. Justin carefully watched my face. I wasn't allowed to look at him but using my peripheral vision, I could see a smile crease his features. That made such pride blossom in my chest that I closed my eyes to keep from crying with joy. Next, he applied razor-toothed clamps to my nipples, taking extra time to give them an appreciative lick before positioning them on the super-sensitive ends. Finally, he set five birthday candles in the smaller tubes on the top tube and lit them.

It took several seconds before the wax warmed enough to start dripping and I gasped at the sensation. Searing pain raced through my nipples, combined with the pain from the hot wax and spiraled right down into my pussy. I couldn't help the scream that escaped my lips as Justin shoved a vibrating eight-inch dildo into my aching pussy. I came instantly, whimpering through the smaller ones and tremors, the dildo buzzing within the suction of my cunt.

I opened my eyes at the touch of Justin's fingers on my cheek. "You're doing very well, Toshi. Master is very proud of you so far."

"Thank you, Master." I could barely force the words out of my tear-swollen throat and he heard my passionate restraint because he bent and gently kissed me, opening my mouth with his tongue and sweetly swirling inside. He wanted to say something else but he turned away, blowing the candles out. When he returned, he took the breast clamp off, leaving the nipple clamps and took it back to the table.

"You must do anything I say, sweet Toshi. Anything I say."

"Yes, Master."

Justin reached up and released my hands, then my feet. I flexed each, hissing at the prickles that signaled blood returning to them. He slipped out of his jeans and padded across the floor, getting on his hands and knees on the bed. "Get over here and clean me."

I leaned forward, intending on walking over but found that my legs weren't working too well and I fell onto the floor, wincing as the concrete floor scraped my elbows and the old pins-and-needles sensation set my legs tingling. Justin was glaring at me so I knew that I would be allowed no time to recover. I gritted my teeth and began to crawl towards him, biting my lip as my newly-scraped knees came into contact with the unfinished floor. Justin offered a small smile when I arrived but the mask the Master wore slipped back into place and he looked away.

My legs still stinging, I pulled myself up onto the bed and knelt behind him. I knew what was required of me. I performed this duty for my master every night. But tonight was different. I used my hands to spread his muscular cheeks apart and took a long sniff. I always loved the spicy, sweaty scent of Justin's butt crack but it was different tonight. My nose detected the smell of something sweet.

I started by licking the length of his as crack, from the triangular tuft of silky hair at the top to the textured skin of his balls near the bottom. The acrid odor of feces filled my nostrils but I had learned to ignore it. I delicately ran my tongue around the dark pink rim, drawing a deep moan from my master. He loved it when I acted like a neophyte in rimming, like I'd never done it before. I formed the tip of my tongue into a spear and pressed into the thick ring, humming when it opened for me. A strange liquid poured into my mouth, thick and white with occasional lumps. I knew from experience that it was semen.

"Remember Rich?" Richard Dalton was Justin's boss and held my Master's career in his hands. "I stopped by to see him on the way over. You're tasting my wedding gift." The joviality in his voice dissipated like a fog bank in morning sun. "Now clean me."

I pushed my mouth into his crack and wrapped my lips around his asshole, sucking the salty/sweet jizz out of his ass. Justin moaned with each suck, pressing his ass against my mouth. I could see that my ministrations were working on his; his rock-hard rod swung under his belly with his two gravid balls slapping my chin. I licked and sucked, sucked and licked until my jaw ached and finally, he moved away, fiercely fisting his cock and turned to face me. I obediently crawled forward and presented my face, closing my eyes and opening my mouth.

Justin's cum splattered across my cheeks and nose, the ropes looping into my hair and dripping over my forehead. Three more spurts painted my face with precious little landing in my mouth, which I regretted. I adored the taste of my master's cum. "On your stomach." I immediately assumed the prone position, placing my arms behind my back. My master shoved a ball gag into my mouth and secured the ropes around me, encircling my breasts. He tied another rope around each thigh and ankle and connected each line to one of several hooks.

Soon, I was suspended above the floor, hogtied, gagged and dripping semen. My master took a slow circuit around me, admiring his handiwork and satisfied, he went behind me. I moaned as his lips and tongue pumped my pussy, priming my cream pipeline and allowing me to suffer another small orgasm while he pinched my throbbing clit. Justin smiled, running a finger along my cum-covered lips.

"Home stretch, baby."

I heard the door creak open and light footsteps sounded over my shoulder. A slow smile lit my Master's face and he walked behind me, greeting the entrant with kisses. My stomach churned at the idea of my Master sharing himself with another but I remained silent, enduring the aches and pains of my restraints until he stepped into my line of sight again.

"I have someone to introduce you to." Justin reached over my shoulder and grabbed someone's hand. Another handsome man came into view, his sandy hair dropping into his brown eyes. "Sweet Toshi, meet Rich Dalton." The stranger came close and tugged on my nipple clamp, sending spikes of pain through my body and a stab of pleasure into my cunt. He was completely naked, his body close in fitness to Justin's but not as thick with muscle. "Rich, this is my intended, Toshi."

His dark eyes moved close to mine and I caught a whiff of woodsy aftershave. "Hello, Toshi. I have a wedding gift for you." He opened the envelope that he carried and displayed the contents to me before handing the check and documents to Justin. A check for $10 million dollars and partnership papers laid in my Master's hands. "These can be yours if you listen to your Master."

I nodded and dropped my head down, offering my complete subservience to this stranger and my Master gave me a loving pat. "Good girl." I closed my eyes and waited for Rich to take my body with my Master's blessing but after several long minutes, nothing occurred. A door clanged shut somewhere and the peculiar sensation of vertigo attacked me as I was lowered to the floor. Justin untied the ropes and massaged my legs, ankles and wrists, smiling warmly at me.

I wanted to purr; I felt so comfortable but I was confused. "Master?"

Justin didn't answer right away. He continued rubbing my various body parts until I was whimpering with pleasure. He removed the ball gag and clamps, using his hot tongue to calm the anger in those parts. I sighed, pressing my legs tightly together as my pussy responded to his touch. Finally, his mouth moved over mine and warmth spread through my limbs.

"Just because I prefer this lifestyle doesn't mean that I'm going to sacrifice my sweet Toshi." Tears welled up in my eyes, startling him. "Did you really think I'd let him fuck you?" When I nodded, he gathered me in his arms, kissing my forehead and cheeks, still sticky with his cum. "Never, sweet Toshi. You belong to me." He grasped my hands, raising my arms above my head and straddled my body. My legs raised instinctively and I trembled at the touch of the head of his cock at my sodden entrance. "Forever."

My Master slid deeply into me, enjoying every inch that was thrust into my pussy well. I squirmed beneath him, wanting to touch him but held fast by his strong hands. He moved smoothly above me, feeding his thick cock to my ravenous body and his tongue to my hungry mouth. I sucked on his tongue in rhythm to our lovemaking and within moments, we were both cumming, our mouths still locked to each other's.

"Congratulations, my sweet Toshi. You have earned your graduation certificate."

I grinned, kissed my Master's lips, then slipped into sweet sleep.

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