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Tia on the Phone


Note: The following story was suggested by a Literotica reader.

Tia emerged from the bathroom wrapped only in her towel. Her long jet black hair hung wet down her back from her hot shower. The skin of her body glistened with a clean sweet scent and she tingled all over.

She walked around to the other side of the bed and looked in her drawer for some lingerie to wear. She tossed a nice lavender bra and panties onto the bed and jumped just a little in the air turning around to lightly bounce onto the bed with her butt as she landed. Her tiny Asian American feet bounced in front of her as she sat on the bed.

Tia was feeling sexy and alive. She let the towel fall from around her torso. The small perky breasts jiggled slightly when the towel released them. She used one hand to slide over the tops of her mounded breasts and lightly rub across first one then her other nipple.

The light touch from her and the feeling of life she retained from the shower caused her nipples to pucker and harden. She felt small pangs of arousal move through her breasts and down between her legs. She moved her hand next to the damp mat of black hair above her pussy and let two fingers slip into her wet slit one on each side of her clit.

Tia let her finger rest nearly still but she had to move them slightly as if to caress her clit enough to let it know she cared about it and intended to give it the attention it was craving. She felt her clit respond almost as if it was part of someone else and the feeling of gratitude ran back through her body from her groin to her tits the other direction. Tia closed her eyes.

She lay back on the bed and pushed the towel off of her completely. The fingers moved and she closed her eyes imagining a woman's mouth gently pressing on her intimate flesh. Tia's eyes darted from side to side under the closed eyelids. She opened her mouth just enough to breathe in. Her puffy lips parted to let the life giving air a chance to refresh her as she felt a woman's pleasure in her own touch.

"Oh My!" Tia said softly to herself as the image of a woman friend danced through her mind. She used a hand on her breast to lightly caress one of her nipples and imagined her lover suckling her tender hardened nipple when the phone rang.

Tia jumped and stopped playing with herself. The scooted her butt off of the bed and landed her tiny feet on the floor. One step put her in front of the nightstand which held the ringing phone. She picked up the cordless handset and pressed the button. The receiver went unconsciously to her ear and she said "Hello."

"Hi lover, whatcha doin?" Cheryl said through the phone.

"Uhmm, nothing." Tia said feeling guilty at being caught but delighted that it was Cheryl calling. She liked having sex with Cheryl and Shelia. They really enjoyed each other. The thought that they could be together on this day nearly overwhelmed Tia and she asked "Is Shelia there too?"

"Yup. She's listening, I've got you on the speakerphone at work." Cheryl said.

"Hi Tia." Shelia said loudly from across the room.

"Hi Shelia darling." Tia replied.

"We wanted to know if you were free for lunch." Cheryl said.

"I am free all day. I worked very late last night and am taking the day off." Tia replied and pulled the drawer of the nightstand in front of her open revealing her toys inside.

"Do you want to come here for lunch? We can send out for sandwiches." Cheryl suggested.

Tia picked up a large rubber dildo that she liked because it was long and double ended. She lay it on the bed next to her panties and used a little lube from the bottle to slip over the rubber surface.

With one hand she closed the lube and dropped the bottle back into the drawer. She held the phone in between her chin and neck and used both hands to hold the rubber cock and spread the lube around one end of the pleasure toy.

"What time?" Tia asked.

"Duh,... lunchtime." Cheryl said sarcastically. "Wake up girl!"

Tia raised one foot up to rest it on the edge of the bed frame and slipped the slick end of the long dildo into her pussy. She held it there for a moment letting her insides get used to it and sighed into the phone.

"What are you doing? You sound distracted." Cheryl said.

"She sounds like she is getting fucked." Shelia said from across the room.

"A girl has to play." Tia said naughtily into the phone as a reply to her naughty playmates.

"Tell me what you are doing?" Cheryl asked.

"I'm using that long double ender on me." Tia said and started moving the rubber cock in and out of her sweet pussy. She lay down on the bed and used her feet to move her body back toward the middle of the bed. She kept her feet on the mattress and her knees wide as she used one hand to guide the dildo in and out of her pleasure spot. The phone was becoming a problem.

It was difficult to hold it and pleasure herself at the same time. She let the phone drop onto the bed and moved her ear close enough to hear most of what Cheryl said. The microphone in the phone was good enough to not have to hold it right next to her mouth. Tia put both hands on the long dildo and started fucking herself in earnest as they talked.

"I'm jamming this big bastard into my sweet quim." Tia said as if she was reading from one of the online stories she liked.

"Oh baby!" Cheryl said out loud. Tia could hear Shelia laughing in the background.

Tia moaned and they could both hear her voice get louder as she became more aroused. Cheryl said something that Tia ignored. She concentrated on her pussy and began to ignore the rest of the world. The rubber cock was going deep into her body. She was going to keep it up until she came. The voice in the phone was secondary to her purpose of the moment and she became unresponsive to it as the cock pleasured her to orgasm.

Cheryl could tell that Tia was ignoring her and both she and Shelia yelled into the speakerphone a few times but their calls went unrequited. Still they stayed on the call. They knew that Tia was an adventurous woman and quickly made a plan to join her in her fun even if they weren't present with her at the time.

Tia let out a yell when she had the orgasmic feelings of pleasure shoot through her body. She could feel a little bit of the sweat on her face drip into the clean black hair which was still wet from her shower.

She could feel the nipples on her breasts cry out for attention. Tia jammed the rubber cock deep into her pussy and held it there with her knees as she used both hands on her tits to pinch her flesh while she trembled all over with her pleasure.

"Oh gawd!" Tia said again and again. Finally she relaxed and breathed more normally. She held the rubber cock inside her with her knees but picked up the phone again with one hand as she kept toying with her breast with the other.

"What?" Tia said into the phone.

"That sounded good." Cheryl said.

"It was but I need more." Tia said.

"Want to play a game?" Cheryl asked.

Tia paused for a moment to think about the possibilities before she answered. She knew that Cheryl wasn't always nice to her but after a moment of thought she decided she could take a chance just this once.

"What kind of game?" Tia asked still cautiously.

"Okay, here are the rules of the game. You do what I say." Cheryl said.

"That's it?" Tia asked just in case there was more to the game.

"Yes. Now what are you wearing? Oh shit, I don't have to ask that. Go to the front door." Cheryl said.

Tia got up off of the bed and pulled the rubber cock out of her. She lay it on the bed lovingly with the intention of returning to it later but followed Cheryl's instructions and went to her front door.

"Okay, I'm at the front door." Tia said.

"Unlock it and go back to the bedroom." Cheryl said.

Tia obeyed and returned to the bedroom. Cheryl had her open the curtains and open the window. The noises of the city street filled the room and the breeze from outside gave Tia a refreshing chill. Her nipples responded by tightening again. She let one hand drop down to her pussy and naturally let her fingers slip just inside.

"Okay, now what?" Tia asked.

"Stand on the bed and get that rubber pleasure stick up your cunt again." Cheryl said.

Tia complied knowing she was going to like this part at least. She quickly complied and could see people walking by outside as she stood naked on her bed. The dildo slipped back into her easily and she had trouble keeping her balance but found a way to stay upright as she fucked herself with the rubber cock.

She noticed that most people just kept looking straight ahead as they passed her window. They didn't seem to want to know anything except what was already on their minds. She kept moving the toy inside of her as they all seemed to pass leaving her unnoticed. After a few minutes she became really turned on thinking how nasty it was to fuck herself with all of the people passing by. She thought it would be nice to do at other times in the future even without Cheryl commanding her.

"Oh gawd!" Tia said out loud not even thinking that her voice might be heard. She just unconsciously said what she was feeling. The rubber cock slipping in and out of her was about to make her cum once again.

Tia closed her eyes and concentrated on Cheryl's voice encouraging her through the phone and the toy inside her. She let herself make a moan or two before she heard a man's voice say something.

"Fuck!" He said almost in a whisper.

Tia opened her eyes and her gaze went directly to the eyes of an older man standing at her open window. He was able to look in and see everything. His mouth was open and his eyes glimmered.

"Oh fuck. Somebody is watching." Tia said into the phone. She was much to close to her orgasm to stop thrusting into her slit with the toy.

"Say this, 'I need a cock.'" Cheryl said.

"I need a cock." Tia said as ordered by Cheryl. She kept thrusting deep into her with the toy and watched the man turn to walk up the street past her window. It was time for her climax and Tia closed her eyes again.

Tia concentrated on having another orgasm and nearly dropped the phone but liked having Cheryl encourage her as she fucked herself.

"Cum for me baby. You can do it." Cheryl said over and over.

Tia didn't notice that the man who was watching her from the street had entered her front door. She didn't see him come into the bedroom behind her and strip off his shirt and drop his pants and underwear down to his knees. She was much to intent on getting off to be aware of him. The next thing she knew he had grabbed her.

He pulled her over from the center of the bed nearer to the edge and spun her around. She fell in the direction she was pushed and opened her eyes on her hands and knees with her ass facing his hard cock.

She had no choice but to drop the phone and it went flying. She though about Cheryl for a split second and heard the tiny voice coming through the receiver of the phone where it landed near her pillow on the bed.

He grabbed one handful of Tia's flesh right on the top of her ass. He used his other hand to guide the toy into her moving it twice as fast in and out of her pussy as she was able to do for herself.

The toy sent her over the edge and she yelled out when the climax hit her. She shook all over and lay her face down on the mattress of the bed trying to burry her face in the pleasure and shame of coming in front of a stranger.

He tightened his grip on her ass and slapped her on the other cheek as she came. It was an intense feeling and she had no alternative but to let the feeling come out in her voice.

"Fuck!" Tia yelled and brought her head up from the mattress. She turned to see if she could look behind her at her attacker. The only thing she could see was that he appeared to be naked and had a smattering of white hairs on his chest mixed in with the larger number of black hairs.

Tia felt the toy roughly ripped out of her pussy and yelled softly when it left.

"Shit!" Tia said almost in a whisper.

Her pussy wasn't vacant for long. His hard cock slipped into her wet snatch and he dove to her depth on the first thrust. The cock inside of her was already warm from his body temperature. Unlike the toy which she had to warm with her own, his manhood felt warm and comforting to her even if it belonged to a stranger.

"Fucking slut." He said as he started regular movement moving his cock in and out of the stranger's pussy.

"Fuck!" Tia said and moved her hips back toward him as they fucked.

"Tia, Tia, What's happening?" Cheryl's voice came softly through the phone's receiver a couple of feet from Tia's head.

"Fuck!" Tia said and it was all she could say. She was about to come again. This time she was going to come from a real cock and not a toy. She thought about having his sperm inside her and thought she should say something. After thinking about her predicament for a few moments she blurted out the sounds "Don't come inside."

"Fucking slut." He said and that was all he ever said to her. Even after he was satisfied with her and left the only thing Tia recalled him saying was this one thing. She thought about his words and if he was making a statement she had to agree.

"Fuck!" Tia said and closed her eyes again to let him fuck her. She imagined what he looked like and unknowing gave him much nicer looks and a stronger more manly physique than he really had but she didn't know any better for that moment. She could only see him out of the corner of her eye if it were open which it wasn't.

"Wow man." A voice from outside said. "Look at this shit man."

Tia glanced at the open window and saw two youthful faces peering back at her. She couldn't do anything and turned her face back into the mattress. Her imagination when into overdrive and the thoughts that ran through her as she approached another climax included these younger guys and then some. He moved one hand to her breast and held her flesh tightly as she started to climax again.

"Oh gawd! Fuck!" Tia started to yell.

"Turn over fucking slut." He said and didn't wait for her to act.

He flipped her over on her back and pulled on her legs hard. Her body shot toward him on the bed and she found herself between his legs on her back. His cock was over her chest and near to her face. She opened her mouth expecting him to want his cock down her throat.

The orgasm was wracking her body and she felt she had no volition of her own. She was a rag doll for him to do as he wished. She was much too preoccupied with her tingling orgasm to pay much attention to anything else.

The sperm shot out of the end of his cock and spurted over her left eye. She closed her eyes and felt the next jet of hot sperm fall along her cheek, neck and most of it landed on her right tit. Her hand immediately came up to let her fingers slip around in the goop on her flesh.

She stared with the puddle of cum on her tit. Before she could move it around and press it into her skin more sperm joined it on her right breast and down in between her breasts on the hard bone of her sternum.

Tia's breathing started to get faster and she nearly climaxed again as the stranger's cock emptied his balls of white juice over her face and tits. She rubbed the hot sperm on her skin and moaned from deep in her throat. She didn't know exactly when he finished jerking his cock but she felt his hand under her arm tighten around the very top of her chest. Tia felt him lift her up in the air and toss her back near the middle of the bed.

"Fucking slut." He said again and this time he said it like he was finished with her.

Tia kept her eyes closed mostly because she still had one eyelid covered with a pool of the stranger's cum. She didn't hear much of anything for a while as she rubbed the sperm into the skin of her tits and neck. After a while she started cleaning up the cum from her face. She licked some of it off of her fingers with her tongue and after she got all of it off of her eyelid she opened her eyes.

Tia looked toward her ceiling and above her were two youthful cocks sticking straight out in front of their owners. They each had a fist wrapped around them and the guys were jerking off over her face. She licked the cum from her fingers and rubbed some more out of her eye as she watched the smiling young men stroke off over her head.

It was then that Tia felt two hands press on the inside of her thighs. She looked down and saw a head of long auburn hair dangling over the face of the woman between her legs. She felt the hair lightly tickle her tummy and thighs as the woman pressed her tongue into Tia's wet pussy.

Tia closed her eyes again hiding the masturbating cocks from her view and gave herself over completely to the tender touch of the tongue on her intimate flesh. The clit she played with earlier was now under the control of yet another stranger. She welcomed this unknown assailant and lightly placed one hand on the top of the head between her legs.

Tia felt the mattress move and suspected the guys were getting onto the bed to be nearer to her body as the woman with them licked her pussy. She opened her eyes for a moment and saw a glob of white sperm coming straight at her face. She closed her eyes and heard the groans from the two men as they emptied their balls on her face and breasts. Tia used her hand to slip around in the cum and spread it over her skin.

They guys bounced off of the bed and Tia felt them watching and making comments as she rubbed their sperm along her flesh.

"Fuck Jerr." She heard one of them say. She assumed the nickname was short for Jeremy or Jerry. At least she could know something about her unknown lovers she thought to herself.

"I want to fuck this bitch Todd." Jerry or Jeremy said.

"No fucking way. She's mine." Said the voice of the young woman between Tia's legs. She paused to reply to her companions and returned to her task.

Tia now knew a full name of one of her unknown lovers. Todd at least was a complete name. The tongue of the woman went back into Tia's slit and this time became more active. There were fingers involved as well. Tia was going to enjoy this she thought to herself. At least the young lady knew what she was doing.

"Fucking come in her mouth then." Jerr said.

"What the fuck do I do then?" Todd asked.

"Get behind me. I could use a cock while I do this." The young woman said.

"Really? You don't mind if I fuck your girlfriend do you Jerr?" Todd asked.

"If Mel doesn't mind then I don't mind." Jerry or Jeremy replied.

They didn't say much after that. Tia listened and felt the mattress move as they positioned themselves for pleasure. She continued to rub the sperm into her skin until it was mostly dry. The tip of Jerry's or Jeremy's cock was pressed against her lips and she opened to take it as she knew she should.

The cock was still soft but with a little licking encouragement it hardened up quickly. Jerr knelt over her head on his hands and knees and began to fuck her mouth just as he wanted.

Tia could feel it when Todd started to fuck Melody. Mel had to be short for Melody since that is not only logical but Tia liked the song Mel was singing between her legs. It was a nice change from being abused by some strange guy off the street. Tia thought of it as a pleasant surprise. She could hear her name being called every now and then through the receiver in the phone. Cheryl was still on the call.

"Tia, that's your name?" Jerry or Jeremy asked.

Tia nodded and kept his cock in her mouth.

"Who the fuck are we on the phone with?" Todd asked.

"Nobody stupid just fuck." Mel said and went back to work on Tia's sweet pussy.

"Tell me how that pussy tastes." Jerry or Jeremy asked.

"No." Came the answer from Mel. Her voice cried out in a normal voice stating firmly in her tone that she was not in the mood for a conversation.

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