Tia on the Phone


"Fuck." Jerry or Jeremy said.

His cock was fully hard now and Tia felt it go completely down into her throat with each stroke he made toward her face. She was occupied with his forceful cock in her mouth and Melody's loving knowledgeable tongue and fingers in her pussy. Every now and then she could feel Melody's mouth press harder on her body when Todd slammed his cock into her forcing them all to move.

Melody moved her hand over and slipped three fingers into Tia's tunnel. She pressed downward and slipped the fingers from side to side to press hard on the walls of Tia's vagina. She then moved her hand back over and used only two fingers to thrust into and up against the upper wall of Tia's vagina.

The pleasure of Mel's fingers on Tia's g-spot sent vibrations through Tia's throat into Jerry's or Jeremy's cock as she moaned as loudly as the cock in her mouth would let her.

"Fuck!" Jerry or Jeremy said.

Tia began to feel even more naughty than she had so far and had a devilish thought run through her mind. She lightly rubbed along Jerry or Jeremy's thigh with her hand and slowly moved up to place her tiny fingers at the rosebud of his ass. She gently pressed into him and he started to jerk faster with his cock in her mouth as her finger entered his ass as far in as it could go.

"Fuck" Jerry or Jeremy said.

Tia smiled inside and pulled out the one finger only to reinsert two fingers into the man's ass. He convulsed this time as she found his depth with both fingers and the load of sperm which filled his balls jumped through his cock and down her throat. Spurt after spurt of his sperm landed in her mouth and he backed out of her throat enough to let her suck the sperm and the head of his cock until he was empty.

Tia's mouth now full of sperm was delightful. He removed his cock and left her with the strong taste of him in her mouth as the orgasm she was going to get from Mel's tongue and fingers pushed her over the edge into sexual oblivion.

Tia quickly swallowed all of the sperm and gasped for air as the g-spot orgasm started to move all through her body out to her fingertips and toes. She shuddered and pulled at Jerry or Jeremy's rectum with her hand. He was forced to put his softening cock back down on Tia's face. This time he was limp and wet. She let the cock nestle in her neck as she pulled on his ass with the two fingers still buried in his body.

"Suck my tits." Tia demanded.

They all were taken aback for an instant as she spoke for the first time. He responded and moved around to get his mouth on her lovely small breasts. The fingers she had in his ass slipped out as he positioned himself over her on his hands and knees with his chest on her face and his face on her breast.

She held his head as he sucked and tasted the cum from the other men and himself on her skin. His saliva mixed with the dry cum and made it come alive once more.

"Oh fuck!" Melody said as Todd had her coming from his cock.

She removed her mouth from Tia and the fingers inside stopped moving as the orgasm Mel was having gathered all of her attention. Todd groaned and it was clear that he was going to come.

"Not inside me. Do it here." Melody said.

She stood up and Todd's hard cock fell out of her pussy. She stepped aside and he could see she was pointing to Tia's tummy. Todd stepped up and jerked on his cock with his tight fist. The sperm shot out of the cock onto Tia's softly rounded tummy and gathered around the black bush of pubic hair she had between her legs.

"Fuck." He said.

Melody pushed him out of the way. Her mouth hungrily gathered all of the cum from Tia's tummy and bush. The tongue went back into Tia's snatch and wiggled against the clit. Tia couldn't help herself and put both hands on Melody's head to hold it in place as she convulsed with orgasm.

Jerry or Jeremy finished using Tia's tits and got off of the bed. She hated to see him go. She was enjoying herself so much. Melody stayed with her for a few more moments and let the orgasm satisfy Tia. When she could tell from Tia's body language that it was alright to stop she removed her tongue and patted the little pussy with her hand.

"Sweet!" She said and stood up. She picked up her panties from the floor and put them in the jacket pocket of the blazer that she wore.

Tia almost saw her face but Melody was much too quick and leaned over Tia to give her a kiss. She crawled up and wrapped her mouth around Tia's puffy tender lips. They exchanged a tender kiss.

"I'll see you again." Melody whispered into Tia's ear. She implied from the tone in her voice that she had no intention of bringing the men back with her and slipped off of Tia's naked body.

Tia turned her head only to see the long auburn hair and dark blue blazer leave the room. The long skirt Melody was wearing hid all of her charms and Tia looked longingly as her lover left her house. Tia had no real idea what Melody looked like and wondered if she would recognize her if they met again.

The tiny voice still shouted from the receiver of the phone. Tia continued to toy with her breast as she picked up the phone. She lay flat on the bed still naked from all of the fucking. She no longer felt clean and certainly didn't feel tingly from her shower but she still felt very much alive.

"Are you still there?" Tia said into the phone.

"It's about time!" Cheryl said "I had to put you on hold for a few minutes there. We had clients in the office a couple of times."

"I got fucked. It was wonderful." Tia said breathlessly into the phone.

"It's lunchtime already. We ordered. We didn't' think you were going to make it over here." Cheryl said.

"Sorry. Something came up." Tia said and they both laughed.

"You'll have to tell me about everything that happened." Cheryl said.

"I'll write you a story." Tia said

"Talk to you later. Bye lover." Cheryl said and Shelia chimed in too say good bye.

They hung up the call and Tia dropped the phone next to her on the bed. She let the soft warm sun shining through the window warm her as her naked cum covered body rested after a busy morning. She dozed off and enjoyed the peace of her home for several minutes before James her husband came home for lunch.

He was still dirty from the jobsite and acted a little gruff when he found her naked on their bed. She looked like she and the bed had been ravaged. James knew he had married a slut and had some idea about some of what she got into. He had no idea what had happened that morning and didn't really want to know.

James stood over her for a few moments and watched her wake up to look at him.

"Hi." Tia said.

"It's lunchtime." James replied.

She knew he didn't have much time for lunch and moved up to support herself on her elbows. She looked at him as he stood at the side of the bed. She saw his cock was already getting hard in his pants and used her tiny foot to toy with him as she smiled and lay on the bed. Her tits began again to grow hard at the nipples. She ran her toes up the length of his cock.

"Want to fuck big boy?" She said.

"You fucking know that I do." James said.

He unfastened his belt and lowered his pants and underwear to his knees. It was only an instant and he was on top of her. Tia used her hand to guide his cock into her pussy. One thrust wasn't enough and James had to back off and try again to pierce his wife's pussy with his cock.

She opened her legs wider and held his cock at her entrance. This time he lay down on her with is weight and the cock slipped into her body with a plop. He could feel that she was dripping wet and enjoyed having his hard member inside her.

He moved his hips and pressed his hands on the mattress to move his head back so he could look into her pretty Asian American face as they fucked.

"Give it to me." Tia said and looked intently into his eyes.

James leaned down and kissed his wife. She opened her mouth and pulled his tongue into her with her sucking. The taste of another man's cum was masked by other tastes still in his mouth from the dirty jobsite. She ran her tongue around his and pressed him close with both her hands as his hips moved to stroke his cock with her wet pussy.

The cum from Tia's vulva seeped out drooling down onto the bed beneath her. There was a puddle under her but neither of them noticed it for the moment. She had stained the sheets and would later find them arousing when she removed them to do the wash. For the moment she was making love to her husband and they held each other tight until he filled her womb with hot sperm.

"Oh lover!" Tia said. She wanted him to know that she preferred his sperm to any other.

James just groaned and held his cock as deeply inside her as he could. His seed he knew was meant for her womb. He was determined to fill her with it at every occasion. This time was no different. He let her take all he could offer. She smiled at him and he kissed her softly.

She felt good about the warm sperm that flooded her body and moaned to let him know she appreciated it. They separated and he pulled up his pants. Tia threw on a light robe and went to the kitchen. In a few minutes she had his lunch ready to serve and he sat at the table and ate in silence.

The cum dripping down her leg felt naughty. She stood near him as he ate and watched him thinking how much she enjoyed being naughty. Her nipples hardened and he could see through her light robe that she was again becoming aroused.

He shook his head from side to side and wondered if she might ever be fully satisfied. Soon it was time to go back to work. James stood and kissed his wife. He left knowing she was going to be back in their bedroom toying with herself before he got back to the job.

Tia watched him go and closed the door behind him. She locked it this time and returned to her bedroom. She needed a shower and felt nasty but liked it. The rubber cock lay on the bed unused and she thought about picking it back up again.

She stripped off her robe and stood naked by the bed once again. The sperm from her husband would likely be enough lubricant for the toy and she thought about how naughty it would be to shove it deep into her body while he was away.

She looked up as a shape moved past the window. The thought of having someone look into her bedroom from the street no longer bothered her. She was getting used to the idea. It was a man's face she saw as he stopped and peered in from the open window.

Tia turned as if to not see the man watching. She toyed with her nipples and caressed the flesh of her breast for him. The hand she favored best dropped to her crotch and slipped through the sperm of her husband into her pussy.

She picked up the towel from the bed and strolled into the bathroom to take a shower all the time knowing that the watchful eyes of a stranger were on her. Tia stood under the stream of hot water happy that she was a woman. She let her eyes close and her fingers wander.

Tia imagined all of the touching that could be done in a single day. She thought about how she had started the morning off well. After her shower she wondered if the rest of the day would produce similar adventures.

The towel which dried her caressed her flesh and she slipped back into her robe. She glanced at the window and saw no person. She closed the window and slipped the curtains closed.

Tia picked up the panties she had laid out on the bed earlier in the day. The thought of dressing and driving over to Cheryl and Shelia's office was a good one. She expected that she would be able to share some pussy licking fun with the two women. The thoughts ran through her head and she planned to get back in time to fix dinner for James.

The door bell rang. Tia jumped and held the panties close to her breast as she thought about who might be at the door. She dropped the panties back on the bed and walked barefooted down the hallway to the entrance. She opened the door and came face to face with a young woman in a blue dress.

"Hi, I got a feeling..." The young woman said.

"Melody?" Tia interrupted and looked to see if she could recognize anything else in addition to the voice of the woman. There were no signs that it was her lover from a few hours earlier but the voice seemed the same. Tia thought it was best to guess. She looked at the woman's hair.

It was pulled back in a long ponytail behind her. The skin on her arms was freckled and very light in color. Her coloring was much lighter than Tia recalled. She began to have a doubt cross her mind when the woman spoke to finish her sentence.

"Yes, I got the feeling you liked women so I thought I'd bring it back for you." Melody said meaning she brought her pussy for Tia.

Tia looked at the delightful young woman and smiled. They met each other for the first time and yet it wasn't. Mel looked all cleaned up and freshly scrubbed. She looked much better than she did that morning.

Tia hesitated just a moment too long and Melody turned to leave. She was thinking that she had made a big mistake and blushed with shame as she turned around.

"Come in. You are right." Tia said.

Melody turned back around and looked into Tia's eyes. She wanted to be sure before she committed to any relationship with the woman she had taken by force earlier.

"I'm not a bitch." Melody said. "I'm sorry I did what I did but I enjoyed it and it kept those two assholes from raping you."

"I'm not sorry. Thanks for being nice." Tia said.

The women stood looking at each other for a long moment. Tia stepped back and Melody took that as a signal to enter the house. She moved forward and Tia noticed Melody's wide foot wearing sandals was very white and the toenails were unpainted. The toes were lady like but large on a woman's foot. Melody walked past Tia and entered the house. She turned and started to speak.

"In the bedroom, you know the way." Tia pointed and Melody walked ahead with Tia following.

Tia noticed that Melody was larger in every respect than she was. Her hips and back looked much more muscular or at least thicker. They walked along silently and when they got to the bedroom Tia stripped off her robe and tossed it onto the end of the bed.

Melody turned and saw Tia strip naked. She didn't hesitate and quickly stepped out of her sandals and dropped her dress to the floor. Melody didn't wear any underwear and was naked as soon as her garment hit the carpet.

Tia noticed the freckles on her arms an legs didn't exist on her very white breasts. The skin of Melody's breasts was tender and young. Tia couldn't wait to get one into her mouth. Melody moved first and lay across the bed on her back. She brought her feet up to lay flat on the bed and opened her knees wide to make room for Tia.

Tia crawled over the opposite side of the bed facing the opposite direction as Melody and gently crawled over Melody's head. Tia took one of Melody's breasts into her mouth and used one hand to support herself as she used her other hand to caress the soft flesh of the other woman.

Melody's face was under Tia's breast and she barely needed to move at all to suckle it into her mouth. The pleasure they shared was tender and sincere. Each of them enjoyed the touch of the other. Their nipples hardened but their breast remained soft and supple. The taste of the other aroused each thoroughly. The slowly moved over to the other breast and pleased themselves with taste and touch equally.

Tia began to gently kiss down under Melody's breast to her abdomen and tummy crawling slowly to a more important and interesting place. The scent of Melody's pussy was beckoning Tia and soon she had her face deep in the red curls of pubic hair that Melody held open for her lover.

Melody took Tia's pussy with her tongue for the second time that day as sweetly and lovingly as she had before. The two of them melted into each other effortlessly. Their intensity grew as they became more aroused but neither of them hurried or wasted any time or motion on unnecessary things.

Their orgasms didn't happen at the same time. Each of them pleased themselves as much as they pleased each other. They came in turn. First one of them measured the feelings of the other and put the attention where it needed to be. Once the climax had occurred they moved their concentration to making the next time special for the other lover.

Time passed quickly and nothing disturbed them. Their juices flowed and they lapped up all that released itself from their bodies and feelings. They cleaned and loved each other. They eventually changed positions slipping under the covers on the bed and holding and kissing each other for a very long time.

Both women felt like it was time to go to sleep. They dozed an caressed each other softly. Tia looked at the clock after a long time and saw it was almost time to fix dinner for her husband.

"I hate to mention this but my husband will be home soon. I have to fix dinner. What are your plans?" Tia asked.

"Do you share him with other women?" Melody asked.

"I would but I never have. He has always taken care of me and not the other way around." Tia said.

"I'd better get going then." Melody said thinking that it wasn't her place to expect too much from the woman she had just met that day.

The two of them got out of bed and Tia stripped off all of the sheets. She got out fresh sheets and they worked together to quickly make the bed. They dressed and Tia took one last suckling of Melody's breast before she let her put it away inside her dress. They walked to the front door and Melody walked out but turned around.

"This was nice. I just live a couple of blocks from her. Do you mind if I drop by again?" Melody asked.

"I'd like that." Tia replied. "But I have one more question."

"What's that?" Melody asked.

"Well, I heard Mel and assumed that was you and your name is Melody, then I heard Todd and knew that was the entire name of that guy but Jerr...." Tia asked and paused for Melody to fill in the blank.

Both women laughed and hugged.

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