tagIncest/TabooTia Outsmarts her Step Mother

Tia Outsmarts her Step Mother


Tia was just turning nineteen. She was moving out of her dad's place because she couldn't get along with her step mother. She was truly the evil witch that was portrayed on television and in movies.

The last straw had been earlier in the week when Miranda had demanded Tia return her father's credit card and start paying her own way. Her father hadn't said a word, he'd just walked out of the room. She couldn't take this anymore. She'd always been daddy's favorite until now.

Miranda had married her father when she was fifteen and they'd been in constant competition for his attention ever since. If Tia wore something sexy, Miranda sent her to change. Later she'd be wearing the same outfit to seduce her father. Tia truly hated her.

She'd been thinking of a plan for weeks. This plan she'd come up with guaranteed that her step mother would truly hate her too. It was risky and she was sure she'd be kicked out for it. That's why her plan began with moving out first.

Her daddy always went to the club to play golf and then hit the sauna afterward. Then a few beers with his buddies before heading home for loud evening sex. Her step mother was always in the bed, naked and waiting when he got home. She'd heard their countless evenings of loud, over the top love making.

Around three on Saturday, Tia pulled up in her car. She loaded the last of her things into the car, then pulled it around the back of the house. She was hoping to surprise her father when he came home from the club.

She went back up to the kitchen, dropped her keys on the counter and went looking for her step mother.

She found Miranda in the bedroom, prepping her latest outfit for daddy. Tia's tiny red thong bikini bottoms with the matching top. The thin fabric that covered the nipple area was heart shaped. She had out a black pull over cover up that was netted and see through. Thigh high fish nets and black stillettos completed the outfit.

Barging into the room, Tia put her hands on her hips, "What the hell do you think you're doing with my bikini?"

Miranda looked up, startled, "Your father doesn't like you to dress in these kind of clothes. You should respect his wishes!"

Tia laughed, "How do you know he doesn't like it? He hasn't ever seen me wear it!"

Miranda's face grew red, "He shouldn't see you in those type of clothes, you're his daughter, not his wife."

Tia's smile grew, "My body's way hotter than yours you old bitch! If he saw me in it, he'd want to rip those clothes off me and fuck me instead!"

Miranda's anger grew, "You little slut! He's your father, why would you even say that? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Tia lunged at her step mother, tackling her to the ground. She pinned her shoulders down with her knees and slapped her hard across the face.

"You're the one that's a slut! You were sleeping with daddy the first time you met him. One drink was all it took to get your clothes off, whore!"

Miranda pushed her off, as Tia tumbled backward, she grinned more.

"Guess you don't like the truth do you?"

Miranda's screamed at her, "Get the hell out of house you tramp! I don't want to see you again!"

Tia made her way across the room, this time, backing her step mother against the wall. She grabbed her arm, pinning it behind her back. Knocking her to the floor again, she was able to get her face down. Struggling, she got the shiny silver handcuffs out and clipped them on Miranda's wrists.

She kicked her feet, "Let me go you fucking tramp! Wait until your father gets here, you're going to regret this!"

She left Miranda on the floor, face down, while she got her father's chair from his office. She pulled Miranda up, slamming her back into the chair. She quickly used the roll of duct tape she brought to tie Miranda's legs to the chair.

Then she released one arm and taped it to the chair too. Then, the other arm, before removing the handcuffs.

"What the fuck are you doing Tia? Are you insane?"

Tia's grin was huge now, her plan was working out well. She'd been able to take her step mother down without a problem. She left the tape off her mouth for now.

"I'm not insane, I'm just going to prove that I'm always going to be daddy's favorite."

She tugged the chair, lugging it to the closet. She leaned over to Miranda's ear, whispering, "Wait until you watch me fuck him, nothing you can do will stop it either."

Miranda's eyes grew wide with horror, "You wouldn't! You little slut, you wouldn't sleep with your own father!"

Tia went to the bed, slipping out of her clothes before carrying them to her own room. She walked around the room naked, showing off her toned, tan body. "Just wait mommy dear, Daddy's not going to be able to resist this!"

She ran her hands over her breasts, feeling her nipples perk up. The swollen nub of her clit was tingling already. She was ready to be fucked already!

Lying back on the bed, she spread her legs toward the closet, opening herself wide. Her step mother screaming at her to dress and to get off her bed. She just found her swollen sweetness and rubbed. Giving herself the first orgasm of the day.

"Wait until daddy makes me cum. I'll be screaming out. He'll probably bury his face in my sweet cunt. You can watch, he won't here you at all."

Miranda wiggled and tried to free herself. Tia had did everything so tight, it wouldn't budge.

Tia slipped into the bikini, rubbing her body all over with lotion. Her skin was glistening. She pulled the fish nets over her knees and tugged on the stilettos. She walked around wearing just the bikini before she pulled the cover over her head. She posed in front of the mirror before picking up her step mother's cell phone. She snapped a nice photo of her full length body minus the head.

She showed the photo to her step mother, before sending it to her dad. It didn't take long for him to reply. His text read: You look like you've been working out. Can't wait to get home to see for myself!

She responded with: What do you want to do to me?

His next text said it all: EVERYTHING!

She showed her step mother the texts, laughing, "See, I told you! He thinks I'm hot and wants to fuck me!"

Miranda laughed, "Yea, because he thinks you're me. He's not going to sleep with you whore, you might as well give up!"

Tia smiled, "You'll see bitch!" She slapped a piece of tape over Miranda's mouth and flipped off the closet lights. She closed the door far enough so that her father wouldn't see his wife, but she could watch daddy's performance.

She dimmed the bedroom lights, lit candles and pulled the door shut. She had brought up a bottle of champagne and popped the top. Pouring herself a glass, she took a long gulp before refilling her glass. Setting the music to a romantic playlist, she left out a glass of champagne for her father. Propping a note next to it that said, "Wear what's in the bag, let me know when you're in bed! XoXo"

She slipped into the bathroom to freshen herself up and wait.

It wasn't much longer before he was pulled up in the driveway. His cock was hard already, she must have really gotten to him with the photo.

She heard him come into the bedroom, pick up the glass and sip from it. He fumbled around, getting dressed she assumed. Then she heard the bed move with his weight. He called out to her, well, to her step mother, "Come on baby, I need you so bad!"

She pushed the door open before sauntering out in front of him. Her long legs, her bubbly ass, big tits. Everything looked amazing to her, the look of horror on his face was something she didn't expect.

He looked away, "Tia, baby, what are you doing in here? Miranda and I have plans."

She put her hands on her hips, "Miranda's not here, she must have gotten tied up. You look very sexy!"

His face was bright red, "Tia, this is private. Please go."

Tia moved toward the bed, "Your cock seems to say otherwise, it was hard when you walked up the driveway. Must have been the photo you got."

He stammered, "Wh-What? The photo is you?" He picked up his cell phone, opened the message and looked it over, then turned to her.

She climbed onto the bed next to him. On all fours, she crawled toward him, running a finger over the hardness that protruded against the satin thong he wore.

He tried to push her away, but she was persistant. "Come on daddy, we don't have to have sex. Just let me taste that throbbing cock, you know you want me to."

Her fingers fumbled over the material, releasing his monster cock from it. His cock was huge, over ten inches. She couldn't even fit all of it in her hands. She rubbed gently over the base, teasing his balls with one hand.

She lowered her face, licking the head. Suckling it in her mouth, she heard him moan. He relaxed, his body releasing the tension he felt. His hand found it's way to her neck, he held her steady on his dick. She bobbed up and down, deeper and deeper. His cock pounded the back of her throat, choking her. She gagged and her drool rolled down his shaft.

He just pressed on, forcing her to take his entire cock down her throat. She ran her tongue along the base, cupping his balls in one hand. His breathing was heavier, he loved it.

She knew he would, she could just imagine the look on her step mother's face. How pissed would she be when it was over, Tia didn't care.

When he father let her go, his cock was still solid hard. He hasn't cum yet she thought, he might still want sex.

He slipped off the bed, kneeling on the side. He helped her move to the side, peeling her bottoms off. He exposed her bare pussy, freshly shaved and wet. He stuck a finger, then two into her.

She moaned, leaning back on her elbows. She watched his run his tongue back and forth over her swollen clit. She knew he'd make her cum fast, she didn't realize how hard she would cum. He slipped one hand under her cover up and popped her tit out of it's confinement. Tightening his grip on her nipple, he tugged and teased.

His face didn't leave her pussy, he slurped and flicked. Teasing every spot in her. Her first orgasm came soon after, shaking her whole body with waves of pleasure. He didn't let up, he clamped his mouth down on her swollen spot and nibbled and teased her.

She grabbed his hair, pressing him tighter against her. His mouth overtook her, causing another orgasm. She came again, her juices spilling down her legs. Her father looked up at her face, she could see the juices spilling off his chin.

He stood before her, pushing his cock into her mouth once again. He held her head still and fucked her throat. Over and over, his balls filling with sweet cum.

He pulled back, just before he exploded. She lay back, opening her legs and rubbing her clit with her fingers. He leaned against the bed, the head of his cock pushing against her clit.

She pressed up and helped him enter her. His thrusts were deep and hard. He called out her name, "Tia, baby, your pussy is so sweet and tight. Let daddy fuck you all the time."

She gripped his shoulders, digging her nails into his back. He pulled her against him and stood up. She was in the air, her legs around his waist. She rode his cock like a cowgirl. Bouncing up and down. He gripped her ass, pulling it open and banging deeper into her.

He leaned her back against the closet door frame, she gripped the door to make her bounces hard. He was growing louder. "Fuck baby, fuck. You're the best I've ever had. I'd fuck you all night Tia, I'd fuck you anywhere."

Tia nuzzled against him, sucking his neck. When she pulled back, he had a large red mark on his neck. She left a bite mark to remind him it wasn't a dream.

He moved them to the dresser, pushing her face down against it. He spread her legs and pushed back into her. She groaned.

He pumped, harder and harder. Still being dirty with his daughter, "Fuck Tia, daddy's going to fill that pussy with his cum. You want that baby?"

She moaned louder, "FUCK yea, fuck my pussy daddy. Fill me up with your sweet cum!"

His balls smacked against her pussy, she screamed out as her final orgasm shook her body. His body shook too, his cock erupted. Filling her with his cum. He let go of her, moving back to the bed, he collapsed.

She curled up next to him, resting her head on his chest. "Next time, I want you to surprise me daddy!"

He smiled, "Sure will baby." He relaxed back on his pillow and fell asleep. When she was sure he was asleep, she listened to his low breathing before creeping out of bed.

She went down the hall to her room, dressed quickly and went back to her dad. He was naked on the bed, she crept to the closet.

Miranda's face was red and her eyes shot daggers at Tia.

Tia smiled and pointed to her pussy, "See this daddy ate it and I deep throated his cock. Then he fucked me in your bed, on your dresser. Right in front of you. I told you, he'd want to fuck me. He barely even resisted. Now step mother, I expect you to share him with me or I'll take him from you."

She cut the tape on one of Miranda's hands and left her to fend for herself.

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