tagInterracial LoveTIA: This is Africa Ch. 02

TIA: This is Africa Ch. 02

byA Cracker Slut©

Miranda Harkens smoothed her black knee length skirt down, was it a little tight? She had an appointment with Amanda for drinks and she was keen to make a good impression. They were going to some smart hotel Amanda knew for lunchtime cocktails, the decadence of it all, the expat wives lifestyle was one that Miranda could get used to quickly. She was secretly a bit excited about the meeting as it was the first time she'd had a chance to catch up with her neighbour and ask her about the passionate lovemaking she had inadvertently listened in on the other night. Initially she was a bit worried about broaching the subject but it was 2010 and they were both fully grown women, what harm could it do?

A polite but insistent knocking at the bedroom door snapped her out of her reverie, she still hadn't chosen a blouse and was just in her skirt and bra. It must be Joseph, the last thing she wanted was for him to see her in her underwear, she smiled to herself, no man other than Robert had ever seen her in such a state. The thought of her domestic seeing her in a lacy white bra through which her nipples were clearly visible made her stomach tighten in a way she couldn't satisfactorily explain.

"Joseph hang on I'm not decent."

She blushed, flustered now as she realised what she was saying, she had grown increasingly accustomed to having a man in her house during the daytime, a black man at that but some situations still threw her. She felt her cheeks flush anew and a flood of warmth between her legs at the thought of Joseph bursting into the room and taking her on the floor like a wild animal.

"Mrs Peterson is here Mrs Harkens."

Already, was she early or am I late? Miranda willed herself to calm down, she was feeling increasingly horny and wondered if the heat was something to do with it, her mind was wandering.

"Please make her comfortable Joseph I'm just deciding what to wear."

Miranda blushed further, too much information, the colour tingeing the skin of her neck and chest slightly only serving to add to her flustered and aroused appearance. Joseph grinned to himself behind the closed door, he would be only too happy to make Mrs Peterson comfortable.

"Take as long as you like, Ill keep your guest company."

Amanda Peterson admired herself in the mirror in the hallway as she waited patiently for Miranda to get ready. At five foot three she was small but perfectly formed, as she often joked. She could best be described as shapely having large breasts and womanly thighs all squeezed into a fetching summer dress, her hair was brown and tied back into a ponytail that swished along behind her.

Back in England she had often been teased for her fuller figure and had gone out of her way to hide it away in baggy sweaters and loose skirts. She had quickly discovered that in Africa things were wildly different. Within minutes of arriving in the airport she had been aware of the eyes on her, she noticed heads moving as she walked past, eyes on her breasts not even bothering to look away as she caught them ogling. The porter in charge of her luggage had made no effort to conceal his obvious fascination with her fulsome figure a fact that had aroused her beyond belief, he was so blatant not at all worried she might be offended, how refreshing. Amanda had generously tipped him for putting all her luggage in the taxi and then stood stock still, amazed at his cheek and aroused beyond belief as he had cupped her breasts in his hands lovingly kneading them and tweaking her engorged nipples, in broad daylight grinning all the while. It had been almost too much for her, her knees weak under her, then as soon as he had started he was gone again leaving her on the verge of a massive orgasm.

She had slumped into the waiting taxi only to be immediately aware of the driver staring at her breasts as they heaved inside her dress, beads of perspiration slowly, maddeningly trickling down her cleavage. She hadn't raised any objection as he slipped his hand under her dress and into her sopping panty covered cunt, she had orgasmed three times by the time they approached her new house. James, Amanda's husband, had met her as the taxi pulled into the driveway he had noticed his wife looking particularly flushed, with a strange look in her eye and had thought nothing of it at the time. It was a look that would become all too apparent to him as his wife discovered her latent sexuality.

Soon after that Amanda had succumbed to the attentions of the domestic and then the gardeners, who quickly recognised her new found needs, all of them revelling in her full figure. At first James had been thrilled at the sudden change in his wife, every day when he got back from work she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth within minutes, before literally dragging him into the bedroom. Initially he had put the change in his wife down to their new surroundings but as time had gone on he had become suspicious of her new found sexuality and found himself increasingly unable to satisfy his insatiable wife. Not long after this realisation he had returned home from work early one day only to discover his beloved wife, respectable church goer and member of the parents committee being rigorously fucked by one of the gardeners in the hallway of their house.

James was stunned, speechless, as his eyes had met those of his wife he had seen the look that she had the first day she arrived and then he knew, he knew that her recently discovered lust was caused by the attention his wife was receiving not from her husband but from complete strangers, black strangers. Amanda's makeup was smeared, mascara running down her cheeks to her saliva soaked mouth. She was on her hands and knees facing the door, dress bunched around her waist knickers cast aside on the floor. Behind her the gardener, Choko, was thrusting away, making her gasp with each push, not missing a beat at the unexpected arrival of the master of the house. James had just stood there mouth agape cock throbbing as his prim and proper English wife writhed on the floor like a bitch in heat. All the while Choko just grinned at his master as he ploughed into his wife, his arrogant look cowing James immediately, the hierarchy had changed from that day, Choko knew he was now the real Master of the house despite all outward appearances.

The next few months had been a whirlwind, the gardeners used Amanda whenever they wanted to during the day, James returned from work to often find his wife asleep on the sofa exhausted after the days activities, her underwear in tatters, her skin covered in bite's and cum, a smile plastered across her sleeping face. His work had started to suffer, he found himself spending more and more time obsessing on what his wife was up to during the day and less time concentrating on his work. He felt somehow uninvolved and decided to take charge as best he could. By now Amanda was hopelessly addicted to the rough fucking that she was experiencing giving it up was out of the question for her, James for his part wanted to watch, to share the experience with her as best he could, he felt that somehow it might make them closer.

James had started returning to the house for lunch, tentatively at first, he would often stand in the garden amongst the flowerbeds watching on through the bedroom window as Amanda was serviced on their marital bed. His cock throbbing despite the hurt of the humiliation as he watched her behaving like a complete whore for her various lovers. Before long he began feeling unsatisfied with his voyeurism, he wanted more, to be near his wife, experience her passion albeit second hand. By that time they had settled into an uneasy agreement the subject of her activities was not discussed, just accepted as part of their new lives. The frank exchange that followed led to a new phase in their lives a chance for both of them to participate in Amanda's sexual awakening.

Within a week James had witnessed first hand the power the domestics had over his wife. The first time he had watched Amanda being set upon by Choko he had realised that she was little more than a plaything for him, another white wife submissive to his needs and those of his friends. Amanda had eagerly performed all manner of deeply humiliating acts in front of her husband showing him a side of her he had dared not even believe existed. His cock throbbed continually but he was too scared to touch it or play with it in case he was mocked by domestics for its relatively small size. However James soon learnt that if he wanted to watch he had better get used to the idea that he would have to get involved.

It had been Choko who had suggested that James warm his wife up before watching her get fucked, he had been roughly pushed between his wife's outstretched legs and told to get her nice and wet for her black lover. The black gardener had made James ask him to fuck his wife, to tell him how small his pathetic white cock was and how he needed his wife looked after by a proper man. James had gone along with it all as he knew he had no choice. As time had gone on though the other domestics, pushed on no doubt by Choko had started to realise that James was just another submissive white wimp desperate to have real men fucking his wife. Once this realisation had been made it didn't take long for things to turn for the worse for the broken husband.

Amanda awoke from her reverie, she had been deliberately early knowing full well that Joseph was about, now was not the time for daydreams, however erotic! Joseph had told her to take the new girl out for drinks, she wouldn't tell her new friend what else he wanted her to experience on their little trip out but she would find out soon enough. Amanda knew roughly what he had planned, she had been through a similar experience herself when she was new too, she tingled at the thought and hoped that she might get a little action today as well.

"Lift that dress."

Joseph could be insistent when he wanted to be and Amanda knew better than to keep him waiting as she slowly lifted her summer dress up over her knees until her stockings and panties were exposed to the Africans gaze, her gaze coyly fell to the floor as she crooked a leg to show off her stockings in a better light.

"It suits you better than that pathetic husband of yours."

Joseph nodded at her suspenders, he loved to humiliate her husband and in the past, in collusion with Choko, had made him do some terrible things, things that a women should never see her husband do. It thrilled her in a way, to see him so servile to black men, so submissive, his will broken to the fact that his wife's needs were now beyond him. The last time he had visited the Peterson household he had made Peter dress in his wife's best lingerie and summer dress and serve Amanda and Joseph drinks all night, whilst telling him exactly what he was going to do to his prim and proper darling wife. Peter had then watched his tipsy wife get the fucking she so desperately wanted, all the while his hard cock pressed against the dainty lace of his wife's best panty and suspender set. Later on when Joseph was taking a rest Peter had been sent to the spare room to sleep, he had been shackled to the single bed in stockings and bra with the pretty panties, now soaked in his cum, jammed into his mouth. Joseph had unshackled him the next morning and taken him into the master bedroom, his own bedroom, too show Amanda what a state her "man" was in. Poor Peter obviously hadn't slept a wink, his eyes had bags under them and he had obviously cum several times in the night as he listened in on his wife and her lover. Thank god Samantha had been staying with friends that weekend! Amanda shivered as she remembered, she had been sore for a week.

"Take the panties off, you can leave them with me, I will also expect Miranda's panties by the end of the day."

Joseph's words awoke her from her daydream, she was suddenly aware that she was toying with one of her nipples, blushing she started to remove her own slightly damp panties.

"B.....But how am I supposed to manage that, she's not ready yet."

"I'll decide that, you will just have to think of a way won't you. If you don't manage it I'll make sure you get a spanking you won't forget in a hurry."

Amanda handed her panties over, they were expensive and she knew she would probably not see them again, some whore would probably get them as a present! She didn't mind really Peter earned good money and he wore them as much as she did it just meant she had to go shopping regularly at the upscale lingerie stores that catered specifically for the white expats. These problems were immediately forgotten as Joseph sank a think calloused finger deep inside her making her groan.

"Now be a good little white wife for me today and Ill give you a treat. I know how much you like to go to that bar where all the gardeners hang out, get me what I want and Ill take you there. Let me down and I'll take that darling daughter of yours with me instead."

Amanda gasped, she was not naive enough to imagine her daughter was entirely innocent, she had been living in Zimbabwe long enough to know that she had probably been screwed by some lucky local man, but to hear Joseph talking about her in such a way was crossing an unwritten line. Amanda pictured sweet Samantha, the apple of her parents eye's being mauled and groped by scores of horny Africans in that seedy bar, the fact that Amanda so loved to be treated like a whore there was besides the point. Not for the first time she wondered if the family might ever return to their old normal way of life.

"I'll do what you ask of course, just leave Samantha out of this."

Joseph grinned, if only Amanda knew about her darling little girl, she loved cock more than her dear mother. He decided to keep his own council on that matter, maybe he'd take both of them to the bar, he'd make a fortune!

"I won't be a minute Amanda just getting my shoes on."

Miranda Harkens breezed into the hall all smiles and kissed her new friend on both cheeks, noting as she did so the colour in them.

"Are you ready I'm so looking forward to sampling a local cocktail!"

Amanda did her best not too smirk at her new friends choice of words.

"Yes I'm ready lets go the taxi is outside."

The Harari Hilton was an imposing building set in extensive grounds, a survivor from the days of white rule it had been bought by a delegation of black business men and turned from a faded colonial symbol into a modern hotel able to cope with the demands of a new African power elite. The hotel itself was frequented by a broad cross section of Harare's community, well off whites and blacks conducted public and private matters in its well appointed meeting rooms and comfortable bars. The lunch time crowd consisted of rather more mixed race couples than Miranda was expecting, she noticed the white women all seemed to be very well turned out and often accompanied by a small group of black men rather than in couples. She felt sure she spotted some under the table stroking going on as well the guilty thrill of voyeurism sending a small flush creeping up her chest. She sipped her Gin and Tonic and marvelled at the decadence of it all.

"So Miranda how are you settling in? I trust that you are enjoying your new life in Zimbabwe."

"Oh yes very much, everything is so different from what we're used to back home. I feel cosseted here more appreciated, special somehow" Amanda nodded knowingly, she had already noticed the way the waiter had been eyeing her companion, the appreciation would increase notably in time.

"And how are you finding the men?"

Miranda tilted her head to one side, what a strange question. She noted the look on her new friends face, and the decidedly smutty grin and decided to play her at her own game.

"Well I have noticed that the climate seems to agree with Robert he's been very affectionate since we got here.......on that subject I couldn't help but over hear you and James the other night. It sounded to me and I hope you don't think me forward, as if he was giving you a good seeing to."

Miranda blushed, that was the Gin and Tonic talking and she suddenly worried that she might have offended her new friend. Instead Amanda rocked back in her chair laughing giving Miranda a good view of her generous chest as it shook within the confines of her summer dress. She also noticed that the waiter was looking in their direction, eyeing the two white women closely, she blushed as he adjusted himself slightly and then her breath caught as she could plainly make out the shape of his cock through his trousers. She tried to stop staring but it was so big, she could feel the heat rising from between her legs, racing over her breasts and making its way to her cheeks.

"No I mean the men, how are you finding the men?"

Amanda nodded her head in the direction of the waiter, winking at a slightly flustered Miranda. Before she knew what was happening Amanda gestured to the waiter to come to the table where he stood attentively while Amanda ordered more drinks all the while his cock was sticking out in a most obscene manner inches from where Miranda was sitting. She couldn't take her eyes off it, it was moving, pulsing within the material of his trousers, aching to be set free. She managed to drag her eyes away ,where had that thought come from?

Miranda could feel her panties getting damp, her excitement from earlier resurfacing in moments. She could feel the eyes of her friend boring into her as well, noticing the fascination with which she eyed the waiters manhood. As he went off to prepare their drinks Miranda tried to maintain her decency under the gaze of her companion, she coughed politely gathering herself, feeling as though she had to say something, to explain her reverie.

"He'd let you touch it if you asked him nicely."

Miranda nearly dropped her G & T spluttering, what on earth was Amanda suggesting? She was a married woman for God's sake not some cheap tart! The colour in her cheeks peaked as she blushed profusely again, part of her shocked and part of her, the more insistent part horribly aroused.

"Miranda this is Africa, things are done a little differently here, the waiters know how things work, they are here to serve and I'm sure he wouldn't be complaining if a delicious older woman stroked his hard on"

"I......I don't know what to say.......I.....I've never touched......"

"A black cock?"

"Oh Amanda how can you talk in such a crude way? I'm a married woman for God's sake and so are you!"

As soon as she had said it she knew she had overstepped the mark who was she to judge, hadn't she been having naughty thoughts about Joseph that very morning? She remembered the filth that had poured from her neighbours mouth that night, how raw and wild she had sounded how utterly at one with her sexuality she had been. Miranda wondered if she might ever be that happy with herself and decided she wasn't in a position to judge anyone.

"Amanda I'm so sorry that was unfair of me, you must think I'm a dreadful stick in the mud about all this, such an old fuddy duddy!"

"Don't be silly, its perfectly normal for someone new to a country to misunderstand how things work in that country, you're not in England any more, with its parochial morals. There is nothing to be ashamed about, the men go to strip clubs with work frequently enough this is the same sort of thing but for us more sophisticated women."

Miranda recalled how vague Robert had been about his night out with the boss and suddenly wondered if he had been to such a club. She immediately felt a bit better and still a little horny.

"Look Miranda as we're going to be friends and neighbours I'll let you into a secret, the other night, when you heard me, I wasn't making love to James."

Miranda gulped the last of her G & T and wondered where the waiter had got too, she suddenly needed the alcohol.

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