Tickle Me


"We shouldn't do this," I said. "Why not?" she said, as she leaned forward and kissed me again, slipping her hand around my dick and giving me a squeeze.

My resistance melted away. I reached my hands under her top. We broke our kiss long enough for me to watch her breasts as I lifted her top over her head. They were perfect, full, soft, and the palest white I had ever seen. Her nipples were swollen and erect. I let my hands brush down her arms to her breasts, where I turned my hands over, trapped her nipples, and gently rolled them between my knuckles.

She bent forward and we kissed. She moved her hands up my bare chest, and lifted my robe off my shoulders. I stood and let the robe fall to the floor. She stood, pushed down and stepped out of her bottoms, and sat back on her bed, her knees left open and inviting. I stared at her perfect pussy lips, swollen and red, wet with anticipation. She took my hand and pulled me to her as she lay back.

"Tickle me," she whispered, pulling me on top of her.

I felt my bare hips slide between her widening naked thighs. My fingers found her sides and tickled. She squirmed and bumped her wet pussy into my hardened dick, leaving it cool and wet. I climbed her chest with my lips, stopping to suck and nip at her breasts. I slid up further. Our lips met, then our tongues, then my rod pressed at the entrance to her sopping slit. She rocked her pelvis back, letting the head of my dick slide down to the middle of her opening, then pushed her hips up into me and I felt her pussy lips slide around the head of my penis.

"Ohnhhh..." I moaned.

I wanted to slam into her, but stopped and asked, "Are you... are you a virgin?"

"Yes," she replied, and kissed me.

Before I could do anything, she pushed her hips up hard. She gasped as I slid in deep, deep. She was deliciously tight, but there was no obstructing cherry. She began bumping and wiggling as if I were tickling her. I held her hips, slowing her down, sharing with her a rhythm. Soon she answered my call and rocked her pelvis in tempo with my thrusts, causing us to crash together each time I was fully inside her.

After only a few bumps, she came quick and hard. I felt her cramp around my dick. Then I felt a gush of warm fluid wash over my cock. I thought about all those times I had tickled her until she peed and I felt myself coming almost instantly. I thrust as deep as I could, then stopped, and let me feel myself slide into my orgasm, pulses of pleasure as I offered her my seed. I enjoyed her spasms as she sucked my cum up into her.

We were frozen like this, together, for what seemed an eternity. The first thing I was aware of as I came back was her soft, short breaths against my face and the gentle flesh of her breasts against my chest.

"That was the best tickle ever," she said, giving me a kiss, holding me tight, and never letting go.

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by clitlicker4u08/04/17


So wish I had a daughter to "tickle "

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