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Tickling Heather


(After reading the great submissions this is my first atrempt. Enjoy it I hope)

Sitting on the sofa my niece comments on how long she's known me. Her mother married my brother like 11 years ago (she was 7); I always tried to be a "good" uncle. Holidays, birthdays and such I made sure they were pleasant. She was a little "plump" when she was younger but I made sure to give her as much attention as to any one else, thankfully she grew into those pounds real well.

"Remember when I was 6, you used to tickle me until I cried uncle?" Laughing, and a little embarrassed I admitted I sure did. She was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, a TOM BOY as ever. When she was younger she was a bit prissy and sickly, I used to say over protected, not allowed to get dirty. Eventually she enjoyed helping me with the yard work and on the cars (my brother and her mommy didn't like it either).

"Yeah you yelled uncle a lot too if I remember," sipping a beer. I had to struggle to keep my eyes off her body as we talked, remembering, as she was a cheerleader and what she'd wear to help. Although she was dressed modestly her tight body and long blonde hair made my mind race.

"Well you loved it Unc~," she laughed walking into the kitchen. Yelling for her to get me a beer while there, she surprised me to bring in two, sipping the second. "You won't tell will you?" Handing me one her knee knocked against mine teasing. I let her sip a few times in the past, always sure to limit it.

Since she wasn't expected anywhere, "Well I guess if you're good." Letting my hand playfully slap her thigh she surprised me by collapsing on my lap. Thankfully my drink was on the table, my hands were free on her. Immediately I tickled her lightly apprehensively since it's been so long. Giggling she sipped, than offered me her bottle, as my hands traced a path over her firm belly. As I took a drink her hand was on my chest, fingers trying to tickle my ribs. Grasping that hand I was able to tickle her in honest, than placing the beer on the table.

"Want to make me say uncle again?" she laughed. My reply was to grab her hips, facing her towards me. Straddling my lap hands on my shoulders, my fingers made paths up and down her ribs.

Her ribs, thighs, and belly were bait as I tickled, her giggles turned to moans and squeals. Rocking side-to-side blonde hair covering her face, trying to grab my hands. Not deterred, "Say uncle."

"Oh no!" squealing. "Got to do more than that!" Hands going to her neck, knowing her weak spot beneath her ears still she struggled, although not as hard as I'd have expected. Her shirt was open to the second button, not enough to see but enough to entice me, my hands returned to her hips as the one on her thigh rounded to her tight ass.

"Well?" as I grabbed and tickled questioning. In response she bounced a little and again tried to tickle, me. Emboldened I kneaded her ass, letting my fingers roam from her cheek to the crack and back again. This went on a few more seconds, my cock rose and I tried to push her back slightly. That was when she wrapped her arms around me.

"No you don't, I can feel it!" Her breath was on my neck as my hands froze in place, "You've had it hard before, I know. Please don't stop tickling me now!" Slowly my hand grasped her ass again as my other ran a path up her spine "Hmm..."

This time I pressed a hand beneath her shirt still tickling just at her ribs but not as hardily as I let the other enjoy her firm but. She pressed against my chest, giggling, and "Haven't said uncle yet!" Moving the fingers up slowly watching for a reaction all she did was laugh and squirm. I than realized one of her hands was down the back of my shirt and the other was on my thigh, no longer struggling. Up her spine until I reach her bra strap I let it drop again, unsure how far to go. Both hands were on her waist now tickling again.

Leaning back she smiling she unbuttoned her blouse, "Haven't said uncle yet." Opened but still on I went back to her ribs, not so much tickling as just enjoying her young body. This time I let my hands go over the breasts, softly as she moaned and groaned. The bra was actually plain, but on her sexy as hell, my fingers traced the edges as well as her taut nipples. Rolling side to side, my cock was standing out, her hand finally roaming over it.

"Mmmm," she smiled. "You like this huh?" Slowly she pulled my shirt up, leaning into me slightly biting my neck softly. "Used to love how you tickled me there" as her tongue ran a path below my ear, making me shiver. Her hands were on my chest over my own nipples, imitating the way I was playing with hers. Pulled her shirt off, reaching for her bra, she leaned back and helped. Free of the bra I pulled her close to suck a nipple than the other, my hand returned to her back, to her ass, letting a finger slide into the waist band of the jeans to keep contact with her flesh.

Suddenly standing she opened and kicked off her jeans, than only in her panties she returned to my lap, "Haven't said uncle yet," her hand went to my neck as the other to my cock through my jeans. Tickling for all it was worth, fingers moving up and down her ribs, her ass, and her tits. Giggles became squeals, than moans, as my fingers went to her under arms and her neck. She hugged me, not struggling as all, as my hand went to her ass, than explored under to her wet soft pussy.

"That's nice," she whispered into my ear as my fingers found her slit. Lifting slightly I had access to her, pressing the fabric to her clit. Feeling her breasts against me, her hand tracing my cock through my jeans I became feverish with my movements. Both hands to her ass, the other in her panties maintaining contact with her hot flesh. I finally let the other go to her breast, as I sucked one than the other into my mouth.

My cock was hard as a rock as her hand was massaging it, she leaned back looking down. Keeping contact with her ass, I froze as she opened my pants, a small hand reaching in. Feeling her grasp my cock, but not enough freedom she knelt and helped me remove my jeans. As it stood straight up in my shorts, she giggled and let her fingers trace it. "Can we just play?" she asked. Not wanting to just scare her I nodded as she climbed back on me, keeping a hand on me as I returned playing with her breast and ass.

"Have you ever did it?" hesitantly I asked.

"Not really, I mean..." Blushing she went on, "My old boyfriend made me feel if I didn't do something we'd break up, well we broke up even since I did play with it."

"We'll only do what you want" I honestly said. Reached up to her chin I kissed her forehead, she moved to my lips in a full kiss. Not a kiss from a niece at all. Her tongue was teasing my mouth, I finally opened and let our tongues join. "Mmmm," was my response.

"Maybe later?" as she looked into my eyes questioning. Smiling I kissed her softly, as she ran her hand up and down my cock. This time she pulled her breast to my mouth, a hand to my back as I sucked and softly bit the nipple. My hand reached between us, into her panties feeling her soft skin of her pussy. Her hand into my shorts now, grasping my cock, running up and down. This went on for a few minutes than the phone rang...

"Uncle Mike?" I heard as I groggily answered the phone. "This is Heather, can you help me do the timing on my car?" Sitting up on the sofa all I could to was grunt.

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