Tie Me Up!


It is Wednesday morning, November, somewhere in the Southwestern United States. I am 40, married, blonde and voluptuously attractive in a sultry sort of way. There is a glint of mischief in my eyes and the soul of a pervert lurks deep within me. However, I am married to a most conventional man, a boring sort. Good-hearted but dull in every way. The marriage is good in many ways, as we have grown together for years and he knows me well. We have a life together...but something important is missing. And I know what it is, only to find it has become an endless quest, a near Holy Grail of sorts.

You see, what I am seeking is my Sexual Master...the one Man with the ability and skill to possess me completely, to take and own and to control me and all my dark desires. I dreamt of him again last night - he is so close to me in fantasy, I can nearly feel him in reality...he is tall, dark and unconventionally handsome...with the kinkiest mind and the most perverted sense of dominance and ownership imaginable...and I will know him when I find him, as he will own me totally.

I am at a stoplight, running errands when my car is tapped lightly from behind. As I curse and turn to look behind me at the offending party, I notice a man with glasses, greying hair and a slim build behind the wheel. I angrily burst from my seat, flinging my door open in haste, running to the rear of the car to look for damage. There is none, but my adrenalin has just shot through the roof and my heart is pounding loudly in my chest. The offensive man gets up out of his seat and slowly opens his car door, almost lazily crawling out. As he does, I notice the height of him, he must be about 6'2" and has lovely curling greying hair and behind his glasses are the largest brown eyes I have ever seen. He is soft-spoken and seems very nonchalant and easy-going about this entire ordeal, but as he apologizes to me, all I can see is his mouth and his lips and in my mind I can feel them upon me...his hands are large and he gestures with them while he speaks to me, and my eyes drift lower down to take in the view before me...and I stand transfixed by the sight...he is wearing faded blue jeans and the outline of his cock is evident. And he is hard. It is all I can do to restrain my thoughts, I am stammering and not making sense with the babble coming forth. He is murmuring something about getting insurance information and doing an exchange and I am nodding, ready to do anything he suggests...

He tells me to follow his car and he will drive to a place where we can exchange information. I get back into my driver's seat and start the ignition and my hands are shaking so that I can barely grip the wheel. That cock is forefront in my mind and all I can see is the vision it made, the outline of its proud defiant hardness in those tight blue jeans as it strained hard and full against the cloth. My pussy is wet and leaking cum juice now and my clit and tits are hard at the thought. All of a sudden I realize I am driving, following his car, not caring where he takes us, just knowing that I will not lose sight of him...

We drive to a gated community and he uses a code to open the gates. I follow along and as he parks in his garage, I pull into the driveway behind him. I am scared and a little fearful, but the thought of that cock and those brown eyes and that full sexy mouth propel me onward. I open my car door and get out and follow him into the house through the garage, which he closes with an automatic opener. We enter his home, it is light and airy and has a clean feeling to it. There are some women's things there - he must be married, I am thinking. There are 2 very friendly large dogs.

In the kitchen he asks me to sit down, he brings me some water. I open my purse nervously, remembering that we are to exchange information and that the only reason I am here is that accident earlier. For a moment I have my senses back, and then he turns to walk towards me there in the little kitchen and his cock is at my eye level, hard once again and straining against the cloth of those tight jeans, and I have a very overwhelming urge to reach out and open his fly, to get on my knees and to suck him off. I raise my eyes to meet his downward gaze, he has caught me looking at him this time, and he knowingly takes both his hands and places them on the sides of his groin, pushing his pelvis forward to meet me as he pulls the cloth back harder against himself. I can see the entire outline of him now, he is fully hard, Good God it must be at least 8 inches and very thick, and my mouth is watering at the sight. He moans low in his throat, he knows that I want him, and he says in that sexy voice....'Do you want to see my cock, Baby?... Well,....take it out for me, then'...and with trembling hands and no control of my own, I follow his orders and unzip his fly.

Suddenly his huge cock springs forward and out, and I am transfixed, I could gaze upon him forever, as this is the Perfect Cock, the one I have always dreamt of finding for my own. He moves his pelvis and contracts his muscles and the huge cock bobs up and down deliciously. In a hot throaty voice he says...'Go on Baby, taste it...I know you want to suck that cock...Go on'...

And I take the head of it into my hot wet and hungry mouth, savoring the feel of his hard manflesh, the skin taut against the pounding blood, I can feel the throbbing veins along the shaft and I am eager to suck him to completion. Below, my own wet pussy throbs endlessly and I take a hand and finger myself underneath my skirt, there on my knees in his little kitchen. I start to suck him in earnest now, I can feel my own cunt cumming off soon, there is no turning back for me, I moan deep in my throat and all I want is to CUM, and suddenly his cock in my mouth is my only reality, the room is spinning out of control, I am seeing stars and my entire body is contracting with the spasms of my own orgasm. I feel my pussy cream leaking down my thighs.

I can taste the precum at the head of his cock, he is moaning now way back in in his throat, it's a groan almost, his hands are on my head and he is thrusting in and out of my mouth with all his strength. I can sense the completion in him, he is straining now towards the cum he needs so badly, and in that moment I am nothing but a mouth, the mouth of fulfillment for this man, this Master who is so needy, and I am there to serve him fully...he explodes deep inside my throat, I can feel all the pulsing streams of cum, he is moaning loudly now, saying...'Take me ALL, that juice is YOURS, suck me you SLUT, you know you want it'...and as I swallow it all and savor his taste, he pulls his cock from my mouth and lifts me up from my knees into his arms, ripping open my shirt and freeing my breasts to his gaze, his appreciative hands are upon me now as his hot wet tongue invades my mouth, begging me for a taste of his own cockcream...and I eagerly share it with him, sucking his tongue into my own mouth and tasting him all...

He grabs me by the head and I feel his hot mouth and lips as his tongue invades me, it feels like he is turning my entire mouth inside out, his sucking mouth and tongue feel so masterful and possessive. Both his hands are tangled into my hair and he is rubbing his still-hard manhood against my pelvis. My pussy aches with need, dripping away there in the kitchen...I can feel my insides contract and pulse with hunger for his cock. He is groaning now, moaning again in that throaty voice, telling me to 'Take off your clothes and follow me now'...and I do as he tells me and we are walking towards a bedroom in the back of the house now, shedding our clothing on the floor as we go. I wonder if there is another woman there, but as soon as we reach the bedroom doorway, he turns and once again takes possession of my mouth with his own and I am no longer wondering about anything.

He pushes me back onto his big king-size bed and pulls my cunt open to inspect it with his hands and eyes, moving closer to me, licking first my thighs and then my pubic mound. His mouth feels hot, wet and demanding as he moves in closer to my clit and pussy lips. By now I am begging him to continue, thrusting my hips up off the bed, arching my back and reaching for his head with both my hands. Finally he pulls away from me, denying me my gratification. I moan in frustration and he says, 'Wait, Baby...I'll take care of you very soon...Let me get you ready for me'. At this, he reaches up over my head into the headboard area of the bed and pulls out what looks like a blindfold. Shivers run up and down my spine as I realize that he intends to use it on me...he places it over my eyes and around my head, securing it and blocking out the light, telling me to 'Relax...I won't hurt you, I will give you the greatest pleasure you've ever had, if only you trust me and allow me to use you properly'...and I am quivering with a mixture of fear, dread, and total anticipation.

Once he has me blindfolded, I hear him reaching back into the headboard cabinets again and I feel something rough and raw around my wrist, it feels like rope. He is tying me to the bed! As I realize what is happening, I grow scared and he once again soothes me with that voice...then he kisses my mouth again, taking possession with that tongue and technique, and I once again become relaxed and let him continue. He ties both my wrists to the headboard area. I feel his weight shift on the bed and realize that now he is at my feet, and I feel him bind first one ankle and then the other. He pulls my legs apart, spread-eagle style there on the bed, and he moves up and off of the bed for just a moment. The entire time he is telling me how gorgeous I am, how turned on he is getting by doing this to me, and telling me all the things he is going to do with me now that I am his. My poor cunt is dripping with hunger for orgasm and I am begging him to start...please begin now...

I hear a camera being used, the clicking sound of him photographing me in my humiliation and submission. I am being treated like a whore for inspection and he is enjoying me. He tells me how beautiful I look tied up like that, how much he wants to fuck my pussy and suck my clit, and how hard his cock is from the sight of me there at his mercy. He tells me my tits are big and hot and soft and that he loves the way they look, 'Big fuckin' tits...just right to suck'...and then he starts to tell me what he is going to do next...he tells me he is going to let a neighbor come over to watch us fucking and that there is nothing I can do about it. I beg him to consider my feelings but he says, 'I am the Master and you are the Cunt, and I make the rules and you follow them'.

And there in my submission I realize he could show me to the whole wide world and there would be nothing I could do to stop him. I hear him leave the room for a moment and hear a muffled phone conversation in the other room. Then he returns and all of a sudden, I feel something very cold and very wet at my pussy. It's an ice cube! And he is rubbing it all over and around my poor hardened clit! I am writhing against my restraints now, trying to get away from the freezing ice, it's too cold, it's hurting me, and then in an instant I feel something very hot and wet and soft and I realize it's finally his mouth on my clit and he is sucking me so well, doing such a wonderful job, I cum immediately, flooding his face with pussy juice. My thighs are bound and I pull against the restraints, his head caught between my legs. I feel I have died and gone to heaven as he continues to bring me to orgasm after orgasm with that hot mouth. I am begging for penetration, 'Please, I need cock'...but he is ignoring my requests.

The doorbell rings and he leaves the bedroom. I hear another man's voice and then I hear them both, speaking in soft tones. He comes back into the bedroom and I can hear the footsteps of 2 men, but only the Master is speaking to me. He tells me that our 'audience' has arrived and that it's time for him to fuck me very well. I feel his weight on the bed and there is the clicking sound of the camera once more, and I realize that the neighbor must be the cameraman. I am turned on by being displayed and yet still blindfolded...there is no way that this second man can really know who I am...

I feel hands and mouth once again at my cunt as the Master eats me again. I cum about 3 times and then he says, 'Time for your Fuck, Baby'...and I feel him getting over me and the head of his cock is hard up against my cuntlips and all of a sudden he is kissing my mouth, his hands are on my breasts, and then his huge hard inflated cock is penetrating me, one inch at a time, as the camera clicks away...he begins to moan, saying, 'Oh, Fuck! This is one fucking incredible pussy!!! This pussy is the BEST! So fuckin' HOT! So nice and tight! So WET! Oh, Jesus, this is GOOD HOT PUSSY, Baby!!!!'...and the camera clicks over and over repeatedly. The other man is breathing hard now, I can hear them both, and now they are speaking back and forth, the cameraman saying, 'Oh, God, you need to fuck her hard, fuck her good, this is so fuckin' HOT, this is the best fuck I've ever seen, God, she is one sexy Cunt, fuck that Bitch, let me get this on film'...and the Master is groaning, pushing harder and harder into my cunt, bringing me off over and over again, he is moaning as he gets nearer and nearer to his own fulfillment.

All of a sudden, I hear them make a decision to turn me over onto my stomach. The bonds are quickly loosed but their hands replace them, they are stronger than me and I realize to struggle would be futile. I comply and allow them to bind me back into position, but this time they leave my legs free enough for me to get up on my knees on the bed. My hands are rebound together in front, I am in a kneeling position now. I am begging for a fucking there on my knees and I hear a zipper being opened and realize that the cameraman is going to fuck me, too.

The Master gets in front of me on the bed, removing my blindfold and presenting his huge wet and swollen cock to me for sucking. As I suck him gently, he holds my head lovingly in his hands, once in awhile reaching down to play with my tits or to rub my back. I feel a huge hard cock rubbing against my asscheeks now, and I am scared that this stranger might try to take my virgin asshole. I beg them for a pussyfuck only and the Master asks if I am virgin in my ass, and I tell him yes, that no one has ever been there before. He tells the other man that my ass belongs to him, he is the Master, so this cameraman can only have a pussyfuck and to leave my asshole alone. In my gratitude I suck lovingly on his big hard cock and he thrusts in and out of my mouth. The man behind me spreads my cuntlips open with his hands and I feel his wet finger on my clit, rubbing me until I climax again...and as I cum, he thrusts deeply into my cunt, and I explode around his cock. I am really into the scene now, I am being fucked by a total stranger from behind, a near stranger has his cock in my mouth, and I am cumming repeatedly, tied to the bed and loving every moment of this forbidden pleasure.

The Master's cock expands and throbs suddenly and he moans and grabs my face as he cums deep into my throat. I suck eagerly and swallow his entire load, it's every bit as huge as the first one he gave me, and the man behind me sees this and he starts to cum off in my cunt at the same time. I can feel him spurting into me so deep and hard and I also reach my own orgasm, moaning and swallowing, sucking and fucking, all at the same damn time. Every nerve in my body is alive with orgasm, I am made for this, made to fuck, and as we all 3 collapse onto the bed, I turn to look at the cameraman and realize in shock and disbelief that it is my own damned husband!!!

Both men are kissing me deeply, holding and touching and loving me now, and my husband says, 'Happy Anniversary, Darling'..'Would you like to keep on getting your gift?'...and all I can say is a very emphatic, 'YES'!

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