tagBDSMTie Me Up And Confess Your Secrets

Tie Me Up And Confess Your Secrets


Wife ties her husband to the bed for an unsuspecting surprise and to confess her dirty secrets.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Julie," I said to my wife giving her a kiss and a hug.

Before she said it, wished me a Happy Valentine's Day, I wanted to be first to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day. I needed to show her that I didn't forget. To prove that I didn't forget, like I did last year, boy that was a nightmare, a big bouquet of flowers greeted her when she opened her eyes.

You should have seen the surprised look on her face. It was worth the trouble I went through to put the flowers in place without her knowing they were there. She was so happy that I had bought her flowers, a gesture as inexpensive as that meant a lot to her and I felt really bad for not remembering her last year.

Only, I was busy working at the office. There had been a lot of layoffs and everyone was trying to make up for the slack by covering more than one job. It wasn't easy, but this year proved to be a better year, now that the economy was showing signs, albeit slow signs of recovering and after rehiring back some of people who were let go.

I had waited until she had gone to bed and was sleeping before I snuck in the vase of flowers and placed them on the night table beside her. I'm glad it didn't get too cold outside because I had picked them up after work and had them sitting on the floor of my car. Fortunately, they still looked okay.

This was going to be a better Valentine's Day than last year, when she didn't talk to me for a month for forgetting this special day for lovers by not buying her anything, not even a card. In hindsight, I can see now that I had been insensitive. Sometimes, when I get too wrapped up in my job and in work, I'm such a thoughtless dope.

I was lucky I didn't lose her over that. She's sensitive and insecure in that regard. She was so hurt and mad at me that I had forgotten Valentine's Day. It wasn't so much the gift, as it was the thought and I proved that I hadn't been thinking about her.

It didn't matter that I went out and bought her flowers, chocolates, and a Valentine's Day card the next day, at half price, I might add. She was still pissed and she didn't forgive me until I went out and surprised her with a diamond tennis bracelet for her birthday a month later. Boy, that was worth the month's salary. You should have seen the surprised look on her face.

Look at her, just look at her, even when she's sleeping isn't she gorgeous? She's so beautiful. She's amazing. She looks like an Angel. She is my Angel. I truly love her and there's nothing, nothing, that she could ever do that would make me not love her.

I don't know what it is about blondes, real blondes, but Julie does it for me with her long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, perfect, model like body, and peaches and cream skin. There's nothing bad that I can say about her. Proportionate to her body, I love her long, shapely legs and her natural breasts are just big enough without looking phony. She's a beautiful woman and she's mine, all mine.

If there's one thing that I know about my Julie it's that she's faithful to a fault. A virgin when I met her, I'm the only man she's ever been with and with that comes a huge responsibility. Being her first sexual partner, I have to be everything for her, her friend, her lover, her husband, her teacher, her confidant, her protector, and her stud. That's okay, though, with someone who looks as good as she does on my arm and in my bed, I'm proud to be her man, her only man. It gives me a sense of self-satisfaction to know that no one else has had the pleasure of her body.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Tom," said my wife to me and throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me, as if it was our first kiss all over again.

"Wow! It's only seven o'clock in the morning, what's with all the passion?"

"It's Valentine's Day silly and I have a special surprise for you."

I wondered if she bought me the watch I had been looking at with her in the jewelry store window. I wondered if she bought me a new set of golf clubs that I had been hinting about. Maybe she has plans for a long, romantic weekend somewhere. I couldn't imagine what her surprise could be. I was excited, really excited to find out what it was.

Then, she looked and saw the flowers. She made me wish I had my camera poised to take her picture because she was so surprised, shocked really, that I hadn't forgotten another Valentine's Day. Her reaction made me feel bad that I had disappointed her last year.

"Ooh, you bought me flowers. They're so beautiful. Thank you, honey," she said giving me another kiss and a hug.

When she hugged me like that, I could feel her boobs pressing against my chest and I couldn't help myself from reaching down to cup her sweet, shapely ass. Julie has a perfect ass. If Michelangelo lived today and needed a woman to model her ass for him to paint or to sculpt, he'd pick Julie. The likeness of her ass would forever be housed in a museum.

Woe, wait one minute. This is too good to keep to myself. This compliment is way better than any Hallmark sentiment I ever read. I need to tell her and score some points big time with this compliment.

"Julie," I said, "If Michelangelo was still alive today--"

"Still alive? Eww, he'd be like a hundred years old."

There's a reason why so many comedians make blonde jokes, but you have to love dumb blondes. They are so much fun, especially when they look as good as she does.

"Actually, honey, if Michelangelo was alive today, he'd be older than 500 years old. Anyway, if Michelangelo was alive today and he needed an ass model," I said tracing the roundness of her ass with my hand before giving a little squeeze and a pat. "He'd pick your ass to paint or to sculpt," I said giving her a smile and a kiss. "Your ass would forever be locked in a museum with armed guards and an alarm. They'd charge people money to see your ass."

"Eww, that's so creepy, Tom, I don't think I'd want a bunch of people staring at my naked ass, but thank you anyway. Besides, I wouldn't want to be locked away in a museum."

Gees, what was I thinking? The compliment was better in my head and not so good when I verbalized it to her. I'll know better the next time.

"Never mind," I said. "This is for you," I said handing her a card.

"Ooo, this is a surprise," she said giving me a snide little smile. "You bought me a card this year and on Valentine's Day. Wow, how did I rate this?"

She laughed. She was so much prettier when she was smiling and laughing. I loved her laugh. It was so very sexy.

"Very funny and I'm sorry about forgetting Valentine's Day last year."

She opened the card and a Victoria's Secrets gift card fell in her lap.

"Thank you, Tommy," she said.

"Honestly, after forgetting to buy you anything last year, I didn't know what to buy you this year. Short of Jewelry, I figured a Victoria's Secrets gift card was the next best thing."

"Just so you know, you can never go wrong buying a girl jewelry," she said putting her hand on her hip and giving me a kiss. "You need not forget that diamonds are a girl's best friend."

"Yeah, sure, I'll keep that in mind," I said forgetting it as soon as I said it.

Hey, I bought her a diamond tennis bracelet last year. I'm not a millionaire. I can't shower her with diamonds every year. Maybe I'll give her diamonds on our 25th anniversary, twenty years from now, I said to myself with a laugh.

"So, anyway, I wanted to buy you something sexy, but I didn't know what to buy you. I figured, this way, with the gift card, you could pick out whatever you wanted. If you left it up to me to buy you something sexy, I'd buy you a selection of thongs, bras that are too small, and corsets and bustiers," I said with a laugh.

"How much is it for?"

"It says it right there, doesn't it? Two hundred and fifty dollars. That should be enough to buy you something sexy. Right?"

"Barely," she said. "I'll shop the sale counter to see if I can buy something marked down," she said with a sigh and a shrug.

You're kidding? How much does woman's lingerie cost? What a racket? I buy 3 pair of BVD's for $5.99 at Wal-Mart. Give me a break.

"And I have a Valentine's Day surprise for you, too," she said stripping off her nightgown.

"Oh, baby, that's some surprise. I like this surprise," I said immediately fondling her tits.

Forget about the watch, the golf clubs, and the weekend romantic trip, Tommy boy is having sex, hot sex, on this Valentine's Day. It had been a long dry spell after I forget her last year.

"That's not all," she said pulling down and pulling off my boxer shorts.

"Now, we're talking," I said fully expecting she was going to give me my favorite gift, a gift from the heart, a gift that is always appropriate, whatever the occasion, and a gift that never goes out of style and one that is always the perfect fit, a blowjob.

Then, she opened the nightstand drawer and took out four scarves. She kneeled on the bed in between my legs and took my arm and tied my wrist to the bedpost.

What's this? This is a new wrinkle. She's never tied me to the bed before. I mean, I've always wanted to tie her to the bed, but with her being a virgin when we first met, I didn't want her to scare her. I didn't want her to think that I was some sort of pervert or serial murderer. Wow, with this being her idea, this opens up a whole new dimension of sexual activity for us to explore. Oh, baby, let the games begin.

"Kinky," I said. "What's this? Since when are you into bondage? Do I get to tie you up, next?"

Then, she tied my other wrist to the other bed post. Before she grabbed my ankle she gave my cock a stroke, a kiss, and a long suck.

"That's just a little demonstration of what is to come," she said flashing me her sexy smile.

Now, she tied one ankle to the bed post and then the other. Looking much like a pinwheel, to be honest, I didn't particularly enjoy being tied to the bed. It made me feel helpless, claustrophobic, somehow, but not wanting to ruin her Valentine's Day surprise and her good time, I went along with it. I was already beginning to get an erection in anticipation of what was to happen next.

Only, what happened next was nothing like I had expected. Suddenly, she looked so sad. Then, she started crying.

"Julie, what's the matter? What's wrong?"

"I didn't tie you up for sex," she said. "I mean, I'll gladly give you sex, if you still want me after I tell you what I need to tell you. I need to clear the air and get some things off my chest."

What things? There's nothing she can say to me that would make me not want her and not love her. She's my baby, my precious, pretty baby. It's probably something stupid, something she's fretted about and has blown all out of proportion. It wouldn't surprise me if she broke a fingernail, poor baby. I looked down at her manicured nails and they were all there and in perfect condition. Nope, that's not it.

"What? Tell me. There's nothing so bad that we can't talk about it. You can talk to me about anything, baby, anything."

"Which is why, knowing the temper you have, I needed to tie you to the bed."

Tie me to the bed? My temper? What temper? I don't have a temper. I'm totally calm, only I really hate being fucking restrained like this. Shit! Fuck! Untie me, I wanted to scream, but controlled myself from acting like a maniac.

Suddenly, a dozen things went through my mind. Did she crash the car? My new Mustang? I waited twelve, long weeks after ordering that car to get it. Now, I'll have to be without it, while it's being repaired in the body shop. Only, she doesn't know how to drive a standard. I bet that's it. Fuck. She crashed my new car. Maybe, she only bumped it a little with her car. Shit, maybe she dropped something on it from the shelf in the garage.

Did she forget to pay the utilities again? God damn, it. She's going to ruin my credit. One friggin' check pays the cable, phone, and internet and the only other check she needs to write is for the electricity. I pay everything else, the mortgage, the cars, the heat, everything. No, that's not it, the light is on, we still have power and the television is working. I watched the news already this morning.

Did she buy more shoes? Maybe she maxed out her charge card and is afraid to tell me, which is why she couldn't afford to buy me the watch or the golf clubs. God, the woman has a closet full of shoes. She doesn't wear half the shoes she has now. She has shoes she's never worn even, shoes that are still in boxes. I need to have her pay her own credit cards, that will teach her. We'll be talking about this later, that's for sure.

Is her mother coming for a visit? Oh, God help me, if she is. That woman is such an insufferable bitch. She hates men, all men, especially me. Maybe I can arrange a trip to the Super Bowl just not to be here, while she's here. I'll have to check my calendar. Maybe I can take a business trip somewhere, anywhere.

Is she pregnant? That's not so bad. That's a good thing. Maybe it will be a boy. We can go to games and watch football together. I always wanted a son. I can name him Tom, Tommy Junior, if he's a boy. Shit, what if it's a girl, a blonde girl, who looks as beautiful as her mother. I'll be fighting the boys off her with a stick.

Did she get fired? She only works part-time for pocket money, not even ten hours a week. Did someone at work sexually harass her again? I'll kill the bastard. It is a good thing that I'm tied to the bed. No one, but no one touches my Julie. Son of a bitch, dirty bastard, I can't believe someone dared sexually harass my poor, sweet, innocent Julie.

What? What could it possibly be? Now I was worried. I was in a panic. Fearing what was to come next, I was sweating.

Suddenly, I don't know why, but I imagined her having a hot lesbian affair with our hot next door neighbor, the one who's always lying out there topless by the pool. Wow. Now, if that's what she has to tell me, then I'm more than willing to not only listen but also to forgive her, so long as I can watch the two of them together.

Oh, baby, I can just imagine Julie being with another woman. That would be so hot. Maybe we could have a threesome. Oh, boy. That would be really hot. That's one way to spice up a Valentine's Day.

"Julie, whatever it is, just spit it out and tell me. I promise that I won't get mad, I won't get upset and I--"

"I had an affair."

"What? You had an affair?"

She shook her head yes to reinforce her affirmation. What was cute behavior before was annoying now. I wish she wasn't such an air head.

"I had an affair," she said again, as if I didn't hear her the first time.

Then, I thought, maybe it was with the woman next door. I knew it. Oh, my God. Julie is bi-sexual. Oh, baby, swinging lifestyle here I come. I can't wait to get my hands on my next door neighbor's boobs. She has great tits and a sweet ass. I wouldn't mind fucking her, while she sucked my cock and then watched her and Julie getting in on together.

I pulled at my ties wishing I were free to hug her. I so wanted to console her to tell her that it was okay that she was bi-sexual and had a lesbian affair.

"An affair? It's okay, Julie. Don't fret. Just tell me all about it and don't leave out any details," while your stroking my cock, I wanted to say, but didn't.

She's so innocent and I didn't want her to know what guys are really like and, specifically, what I'm really like.

"You're such a pig, Tom. You probably think I had an affair with Susan, our next door neighbor."

"Certainly not, Julie. How could you even think that about me?"

Shit! Fuck! I was hoping she had a bi-sexual lesbian affair. If not Susan, then who? Now, I was really starting to worry.

"Because I know you, which is why I tied you to the bed."

"Who then? With whom did you have an affair, sweetie?"

"You're best friend."

"My best friend? Are you fucking kidding me? Which best friend?"


"Michael? You had sex with Mike? I'll kill him," I said pulling at my ties.

"See how you act? Which is why I tied you to the bed."

"Why Julie? Why? Why did you cheat on me with of all people, Michael?"

"I don't know, it just happened."

"Just happened? Just happened my ass. An affair doesn't just happen. Trust me, I know. Did he take advantage of you? Did he get you drunk, drug you, give you a roofie? Untie me," I said pulling at my ties.

"No way," she said. "I'm afraid of what you'll do."

"I promise I won't do anything to you, just to Mike. Now untie me so that I can get my gun and fucking kill him," I said pulling violently at my ties.

"I'm not untying you, Tommy, until you calm down. What if I suck your cock a little," she said taking my cock in her hand and fondling the head of it with her manicured fingers. "What if I give you a blowjob to calm you down before I fuck you later."

"That would work," I said, not one to pass up a blowjob, until, that is, I thought of her with Michael. "Is that what you did to Mike? Did you suck his cock, too?"


Oh, my God. Suddenly, the image of my sweet, innocent wife, with horny Mike's hairy cock in her mouth took control of my mind and my rage.

"How many times?"

"Just once."

Knowing the horn ball that Mike is, I knew once he got his hands on my wife's mouth, he'd never let her go.

"Once, Julie? You have me tied to the bed because you only sucked Mike's cock the one time? C'mon. Be serious. I wasn't born--"

"A couple of times," she said without making eye contact with me.

I knew she still wasn't being honest with me. I can always tell when she's lying. She always makes eye contact with me, when telling me the truth. Yet, whenever she avoids eye contact is when she's lying and she's lying now about only sucking his cock a couple of times.

"Tell me the truth, Julie. I promise I won't be mad. I just need to know, so that I'll know how many bullets I'll need to shoot Michael with."

"Tommy, stop. You're scaring me. You make me afraid to tell you anything. A few times is all that I blew him. Really," she said, still not making eye contact again.

"Julie, if you're going have a confession and then lie about--"

"Dozens of times, maybe even a hundred. Okay? I don't know. I blew him a hundred times, at least, maybe more. Are you happy now?"

"Gees, are you fucking kidding me? Certainly, happy isn't the word that I'd use if you've sucked Mike's cock a hundred times. You gave him a hundred blowjobs, maybe even more than that?"

I was crushed. How could she do that? She was a virgin when I met her. My cock was the first cock she ever sucked, she told me and I believed her. I had no reason not to believe her. I trusted her. Now, it's over. She's a slut. My wife is a whore, a cum slut, and a cock sucker.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"Sorry? Oh, my God. I can't believe it. Sorry, just doesn't cut it, Julie." I looked at her trying to read her.

"Did he cum in your mouth?"


"Did you swallow?"


"Do you love him."

"No," she said making solid eye contact.

Her eyes told me that she didn't love him. Thank God for at least that much. That could have been a mess, a real disaster. We just bought this house. I just bought her a new Miata.

"Do you love me?"

"Yes, I do. I do love you. I love you, Tommy," she said reaching out and fondling my cock.

"Then, why Julie? Why? I don't understand."

"I don't know, it just happened the first time. He came over early waiting for you to come home from work and we were talking, teasing, joking, and having a good time with the sexual innuendoes. Then, after a couple of drinks, one thing led to another. It was the day that you didn't show up. You didn't even call me, until later and when I tried to call you, I just got your voicemail. God only knows what you were doing is what I was thinking."

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